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Friday, June 10, 2011


Dear Friends,

I received some questions from Ms.MW (Chinese lady from Singapore):

I have a few questions with regards to what I've read in your book “The True Causes of All Diseases”. Could you please clarify them?


I am a little confused with regards to Marathon runners and leukaemia.

Marathon runners lose plenty of calcium through sweat.

How is it then that they still have lots of calcium to encourage excessive white blood cell growth?

My reply:

The end product of ANY metabolic activity will be ACIDIC.

As for example, if you run even a short distance, your body will become slightly acidic.

If a person runs a very long distance, such a Marathon run, the body will become excessive acidic.

* * * * *

Calcium within the body, being alkaline, will get neutralised by the acidity produced.

However, if the acidity produced is more than the available calcium, then, what remains will be still acidic.

In other words, body would end up being acidic - it will develop hyperacidosis.

* * * * *

Generally, mineral ions, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, etc. can be lost through urination, and not through the skin.

To lose these irons, you have to urinate enough quantity.

Excessive urination (e.g., 15 times a day) will remove from the body most of the above (even wanted ) mineral nutrient ions. As a result, body will show deficiency symptoms, and the person will become skeletal-looking or very thin.

Mediocre urination (e.g., 8 times a day) will remove only the excesses (and not the wanted quantities). So, body will remain in a health state.

Under-urination (e.g., about 3 or 4 times a day) will not be able remove the excesses.

As a result, the excesses stay within the body.

This way, the excessive calcium that had entered into the body through food and drinks (+supplements and calcium-enriched foods), will stay only within the body.

Excessive calcium can get accumulated in the following organs, at ease:

• In the breast tissues (in women), because of the milk-producing glands there.

• In the prostate glands (in men) because that gland is designed to scavenge calcium from all available sources to produce semen.

• Any other organ in the body, such as kidney (as stone), heart (as blockages), blood vessels (as wall thickening), brain (as tumour), colon (as cancer), etc.

* * * * * *

Marathon runs habituates the body to produce excessive sweat.

As a result, even at total rest, a Marathon runner’s body tends to produce sweat. (Of course, he will also be drinking far too much of water). His palms and feet will also be very sweaty all the time. This condition is called Hyperhidrosis.

As a result of the continued sweat, the quantity of water that goes out of the body as urine gets drastically reduced.

As a result, his body will start accumulating the calcium excesses that enter into his body.

This calcium gets utilised by the bone marrow, spleen, and the like to produce the White Blood Cells (WBC).

The WBC are needed to combat infections.

When virus infection occurs, abundant WBC are produced.

When body turns ACID (due to hyperacidosis created by the Marathons), body becomes susceptible for virus infections (see Human Diseases book - the effects of acidity and alkalinity).

This puts up a heavy demand for WBC, and the accumulated calcium becomes readily available for this purpose.

As a result, in the body of the Marathon runners, the WBC count increases. If and when such increases become constant and excessive, along with regular Marathon performances, Leukaemia sets in.

The definition of Leukaemia relates to excessive production of WBC.

Dear Ms. MW., if you have questions digging deeper into what I had explained above, please feel free to ask, and I will either provide a proper answer, or will accept the mistake or even alternative explanations from our friends, without any egoism.

I have with me 3 more of your questions, which I will answer in due course.

OK, bye, and with best wishes,

Dr. Palani