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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dear Friends,
(12.6.2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Ms.MW’s sent me another question through an e-mail yesterday, after reading my reply for her first question. Here it is:

Dear Dr Palani,
Thank you for your reply.
When you say that calcium is being neutralized by the acid state of the body after a Marathon, do you mean that the calcium quantity is reduced? If that is so then how is there still excessive calcium?
My Reply:

Calcium in the body stays in two forms:

• As FREE calcium. This remains in the blood, lymph fluid, in the fluid between cells (interstitial), and the like.

• This free calcium can either get FIXED and become part of the bone, teeth, finger nails, various cells/tissues/organs/blood/ etc. OR can get thrown out of the body* through various sources including urine, faeces, sweat (this can get absorbed back again), menstrual fluids, semen, white discharge, etc.)
(* If calcium gets excessively removed from the body, resulting in calcium depletion, the protective sheath around nerves can get eroded, and that can give rise to Multiple Sclerosis, with symptoms of back pain, numbness, muscular spasms, twitching, eight loss, etc. The Medical Fraternity has no record of this information - in other words, to them, it is INCURABLE and the CAUSES ARE UNKNOWN. Excessive exercising can give rise to this kind of HYPERACIDOSIS, and the related disease, namely Multiple Sclerosis. Excessive water consumption, over-urination (e.g., more than 10 times daily) can rapidly deplete the body calcium.)

The fixed calcium also get dissolved by acids and become free (e.g., the calcium from the bones can get dissolved by sulphur that forms during the digestion of proteins).

Calcium comes into the body essentially through the food and drinks (including water) we consume.

If I have confused you, please read “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention” , Heart Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, “The True Causes of All Diseases”, and “Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, and / or “Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention.

These books would enlighten you on the dangers of excessive calcium in human body.

Ms. MW’s next question:

Q.2: Is moderate exercise good? (What counts as moderate?)

My reply:

ALL the health consultants keep saying the following:

• that exercise is very good.

• to maintain good health YOU MUST DO EXERCISE.

• You must SWEAT OUT

• If you don’t, you will definitely develop obesity / different diseases

• If you don’t, you will definitely develop DIABETES, HEART DISEASES, etc., and would die of them.

• If you did vigorous exercise, you will be very healthy, and you will not put on weight.

• You must BURN OUT the calories you have ‘eaten’.

• You should REDUCE you food.

I have the following questions to ask:

If all they say is true, why should:

• The doctors who advocate these suggestions themselves get diabetes?

• Why should they become obese? (I have been seeing almost everywhere that many doctors are overweight and obese).

• Why should Cardiologists (heart specialists) die of heart attacks?

• Why is it that many people who totally starve still put on weight?

Do you know the truth?

I have written with lots and lots of relevant information to prove that the above are NOT true.

The reality is:

• Diabetes has nothing to do exercises. On the contrary, the exercises will give rise to diabetes: See my book that came out only this week: “Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention” (ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4; RM29.90, available in big bookshops in Malaysia: e.g., MPH).

Do you know how exercises give rise to diabetes, type-2?

• The cause for diabetes, type-2 is not sugar. It is excessive calcium accumulation within the body.

• Such accumulation occurs because of under-urination.

• Under-urination occurs because of (1) not drinking enough water, and (2) importantly, because of losing most of the water in the form of sweat.

• So, this then gives rise to type-2 diabetes.

• Please do not begin to suspect the above statement, or just dismiss it by saying ‘non-sense’, before reading the above book.

• Read the book. Then you will be spell-bound, and you will NOT have the guts to deny my findings!

Similarly, heart diseases also have nothing to do with exercises. They occur because of the blood vessel thickening, clotting or blockages caused essentially by the calcium, again due to under-urination.

To understand the above phenomenon, you have to read in full my book “Heart Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention”.

In this book, I have written a Chapter-8: The Ill-effects of Sweat-out Exercises”, wherein I have described the pros and cons of sweat-out exercises. If you read it, you will certainly not deny any of the statements I have made there.

Well, coming to your question again, what is moderate exercise?

We certainly need to keep our body’s muscles in a healthy state.

This can be achieved by doing normal, regular day-to-day works.

If it happens to be a house-wife, if she does the domestic works all by herself, that should be more than enough to keep herself fit.

If she goes to office, either through a public transport, or driving a car, and then she keeps moving around in the office during day time, that too should be adequate to keep fit.

If a person happens to be totally sedentary, as it happens in the cases of many retired MEN, then, they SHOULD certainly go walking, somewhat briskly, but without sweating, for about 3 or 4 km daily.

(For women, retirement may not pose any problem, since they still keep doing numerous house-hold works - Hats off to womanhood! I salute them for their sacrifices !!).

(Women, of course, will have some problems that are related to menopause. About this, I have written something in my book on “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention”. I intend to write more in a different book).

Jogging or doing gym exercises are definitely bad, since they are bound to produce too much of sweat.

However, if a person is going to walk over a Tread Mill, gentle walking that would equate the distance of about four or five km should be very good.

Doing YOGA or TAI CHI, etc., since they do not promote sweating, should be considered very, very good.

Do you know what I do?

Of course, I am a ‘retired’ person from being an academician from University of Malaya. I retired in 1993.

Then, how do I keep fit?

I always choose to live a double-storey house. I walk upstairs and walk down numerous times daily. For every little need, I will walk up, without hesitating at all. I guess, that could be about 20 times or so daily.

Apart from the above, I cook my own food - I am very active in the kitchen - I do brisk cooking, and I don’t feel any lazy to do elaborate cooking. I wash utensils numerous times daily.

I work with my computer for long hours - 10 to 15 hours daily (seven days a week), without getting any eye ache (I don’t wear spects), backache, or nape ache.

Apart from the above, I drive around too, only when there is a need.

All the above keep me fit, and I think, I am alright.

In other words, moderate exercises would keep you fit.

Keeping fit means, you should NOT develop muscular pains.

Well, be active, and that should be good enough.
OK, bye for the time being,
Dr. Palani