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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Dear Friends,

The top story this week appears to be related to Diabetes.

Here are the details:

Copy-paste the following link, and you will find from various media the headline news:


(I first read this news in New Sunday Times (Malaysia): June 26, 2011: World p.42., released by Reuters, and then traced it back to the above link)

Global Diabetes Epidemic At All Time High; Pacific Islands Worst

Sources: The Lancet and The U.S. Census Bureau Written by Sy Kraft Copyright: Medical News Today

The story says there are 6,775,235, 700 people on earth.

Of this, as estimated 350 million people are said to have diabetes.

The prevalence of diabetes has risen during the past 30 years.

It seems its occurrence is highest in Pacific Island nations.

In Marshall Islands, it is said that one in three women and one four men have diabetes.

Saudi Arabia has a high rate of this disease.

The report quotes the following comments from Majid Ezzati (leader of the study) from Britain’s Imperial College in London:

"Diabetes is becoming more common almost everywhere in the world. Unless we develop better programs for detecting people with elevated blood sugar and helping them to improve their diet and physical activity and control their weight, diabetes will inevitably continue to impose a major burden on health systems around the world."

It seems, high blood glucose and diabetes cause some 3 million deaths globally each year, a number that will continue to rise as the number of people affected increases.


At this, let us evaluate the situation:

Do you think, people are purposely killing themselves without following the so-called good diet recommended by doctors and Health Ministries?

Why is it that the so-called Nutritionist and Dieticians get diabetes?

Do you think that all the people are simply sitting on the chair without doing anything - just leading the so-called sedentary life?

(Why is it that those who do lots and lots of exercises get diabetes?)

Do you believe that people are not trying to control their weight? The truth is, when people practice all the suggestions put up by weight-control experts, they continue putting on more and more weight. Why is that?

Do you think, people purposely put on weight, with a view to getting diabetes?

As per MY observation, NO!

With few careless exceptional cases, no one wants to ignore the diet recommended by the health-watchers. In fact, most people nowadays are very highly health-conscious.

Again, with the exception of a few people who are sick with some disease, or those very few who are retired, all people are active, except that they are not ‘killing’ themselves with torturous and strenuous physical exercises.

Why is it that many people who do regular Gym exercises also get diabetes?

Why is it most of the people who certainly refrain from taking sugar get type-2 diabetes?


Several friends have been asking me, “Dr. Palani, do you know that Diabetes has become such a great killer of humans?”

What do you want me to answer?

The people in the Medical BUSINESS worldwide should be feeling very happy to learn the news.

If more people get diabetes, better it would be for them.

More drugs can be sold. That is prosperity for them.

It does not matter if people suffer or die because of diabetes, or any other disease for that matter.

All it matters is, that drug manufacturing should boom, and all those in the Health INDUSTRY should become financially prosperous.

I think, no one would dare object to the above fact.

However, they will certainly cover up with sugar coated, comforting words.

They may even ask, “Do you want us to stop manufacturing diabetic drugs, and allow all the patients die?”

If they asked thus, don’t you think it is a tricky question?

Will it not be a trap to keep my mouth shut?

Am I telling them not to manufacture or prescribe drugs to the sufferers?

Not at all! They sure need medical help.

What I am repeatedly crying out is:

UNDERSTAND why Diabetes is occurring.

UNDERSTAND what makes people get the disease.

PREVENT the disease even before it sets in.

CURE the disease in a very simple, easy-to-practice manner.

Above all, do NOT create lame EXCUSES to simply DISMISS my findings.

I have written several articles and a SUBSTANTIAL book on the subject.

Why keep saying that is NOT written by a MEDICALLY-QUALIFIED (i.e., Allopathic medicine) person?

What can go wrong if a Ph.D. fellow says 2 + 2 = 4 ?

Why simply dismiss it, even without evaluating my reports, saying that it is not evidence-based?

All my publications are clearly evidence-based, except that I am not a member of any of the (Allopathic) Medical Associations.

I am a well-respected member and Chapter Leader of the well-recognised Malaysian Complementary Association - popularly known as the MSCM.

All I am asking is:


Within FIVE WEEKS, you will get positive results, at least in most of the cases - except for the chronic ones.

Long-established, chronic diabetes may take even six months for a cure.

I am challenging: Do what I have suggested in my book, and you will NOT get diabetes at all in your life time, even though ALL the so-called RISK FACTORS are not in your favour.

Why refuse? Why reject? Can there be any other reason than what I have described above? May be, people’s egoism will be at stake.

I think, for the sake of humanity, the Allopathic medical profession should contain their egoism, and should be prepared to forgo a part of their income.

I am sure, no doubt about that, that if my PREVENTIVE MEASURES are taken up HEALTH MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE, WITHIN exactly ONE year, the rate of progression of the Diabetes can be brought down to 50%.

Within next 3 years, if all the countries willingly take up my preventive measures, the existence of Diabetes can be nearly totally abolished from the world population.

Who is willing to do so?

Who, do you think, is going to take up this challenge of mine?

You and I - both of us, know that no body is going to take it up.

In which case, what kind of result can you expect?

Sure, the graph will shoot straight towards the sky.

The incidence of diabetes epidemic and related drug sales, along with eye-blindness, amputations of the limbs, dialysis, etc. will go on uninterrupted, allowing the Medical Industry to boom. At least they will be happy and prosperous.


At least you read my book.

Practice to prevent the onset of diabetes, and you can live happily and prosperously.

My latest book that has just been sent to the bookshops in Malaysia, entitled “Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention” (256 pages) (ISBN 978-967-9966-15-4) is being sold for RM29.00.

In reality, this book should be worth RM 290/-, and not just 29.00.

When my findings are recognised by W.H.O. or somebody of this standing, this book will certainly sell for US 290.00 ! (I wonder, if such a thing will even happen?)

Some friends have been asking me through e-mails, “being away from Malaysia, how can we get your book?”

I will soon try to put all my books in Amazon.com.

It is just that I don’t have the time, or any helper to help me do so. For that matter, I am not financially that sound to outsource the job to experts.

Right now, I have put in, in Mobipocket.com only tow of my earlier books.

Well, I should not give lame excuses… I will do it soon.

May God be with you.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani.

(Ack: Thanks to the Ministry of Health, Govt. of Malaysia, for not preventing me from expressing my burning desire to save humanity, although it is totally opposed to their belief system.)

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