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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Dear Friends,
I would like to present here a few tit-bits before we can discuss the main subject:

1. Funny that I wrote on the relationship between being skinny and its relation to the sex potentials of people,

In today’s (Teusday, 12 July) New Straits Times (Malaysia), in Health Info & Times, p.5, the health science reporter Ms. Meena Sreenivasan has also written an article on the topic.

It is entitled “Skinny is bad for you”.

She has summed up that being skinny is bad, as the heading suggests.

She has also quoted scientists to point out that skinny people have the potentials to develop a few diseases including male infertility.

I very much wish Ms. Meena Sreenivasan reads my books, and writes another article on my viewpoints.

Funny that those people have come up with totally opposed findings!

As per my study, about which I am very sure, skinny people are hypersexed.

For that matter, if you happen to be a skinny person, you should know whether you are lacking in sex, or are tempted towards having more of it, at frequent intervals.

You can then report to me, if necessary anonymously, your evaluation of the two opposing findings.

2. Again in today’s New Straits Times, in page 8, (written by Mark Henderson; from The Times) under the heading “New hope for cancer victims”, the following news has appeared:

The article speaks of genes and drugs in relation to ovarian cancer.

Do you think, they can actually cure ovarian cancer, or any other cancer for that matter?

NO! THEY WILL NEVER FIND A CURE FOR ANY OF THE CANCERS, if the continue to keep thinking in terms of what they have been believing.

Keep watching:

In 2012, ALL cancers worldwide are going to increase.

In 2015, All cancers would only increase in number.

In 2020, ALL cancer deaths would have increased manifold.

This trend would continue for ever and ever, UNLESS AND UNTIL THEY ACCEPT MY FINDINGS, wherein I have found that ALL cancers are the result of EXCESSIVE calcium accumulation within the body.

One new addition I may want to include at this juncture is that, once the CANCER has already formed, then, the EXCESSIVE GLUCOSE that enters into the body and remains unused, appears to be enhancing the growth of such tumours - in size.

As I have mentioned in one my latest books under the heading “The Author Speaks..”, these people are digging the soil in the North Pole, while the truth is buried in the South Pole.

However deep they are going to dig in the North Pole, they would never, never find the true causes for the cancers.

It may be well and good for those who are doing business in medical trade, but not for the common man like you and me!


Along with time, you will certainly observe the following:

The scientists here and there will be publishing my findings in small bits and pieces, either after reading my publications, or even without doing so.

This will happen because, no matter who searches genuinely, the truth will certainly emerge out!

Let us wait and see the fun.

3. Now, let us continue to see the on-going discussion on the subject: SEX SUPPRESSION: the causes and cure.

Calf calcifications, measuring cH80

( * Those who are not familiar with terms such as these should refer to my book “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention for more information.)

People with a tough calf muscle can most probably be traced to contain a calcification level of cH80* or more, up to cH 100. (* cH stands for Calf Hardness)

This group of people would look very well-built, huge, and ‘giant-sized”. They would belong to Obesity Type IV.

Such a physique is essentially due to the accumulation of far too much of calcium, along with vitamin-D from excessive sunshine or from artificially enriched foods and drinks, and cholesterol.

Such an accumulation occurs not so much because of over-eating, but is essentially due to under-urination. These people tend to urinate only twice or thrice a day.

Within a few years, they become unusually big sized and obese.

For certain, this group of people will have extremely little sex potentials.

Men belonging to this category may talk a lot about sex and women, but they will not have much interest in having sex regularly, and will be very poor performers.

A husband of this type tends to sleep with his wife (or vice versa) only twice a month or so, even if they are in their thirties.

Men tend to have less active sperms that are lesser in number.

Whereas, the women tend to be sterile.

They will have a lot of white discharge, erratic menstrual discharge and cycles, and may develop lumps, cysts and fibroids.

They will have extremely little interest in sex relations. They normally hate coitus.

As against the above, persons with Calf Calcifications (cH) between 1 and 40 tend to possess excellent sex potentials.

These people constitute “Perfect” and “Obesity Type I”.

Those with slightly lesser calcification, measuring between –20 and –1 would be hypersexed individuals.

If traced, one can observe that most of the juvenile sex-related offenders often look extremely thin.

Even girls of this category are bound to be hypersexed.

Such girls tend to have hair in their limbs.

Such occurrences appear to be due to the excessive secretion of male sex hormone called androgen – in both boys and girls.

The body of this people tends to be lacking in adequate calcium. In Ecological Healing System, this is corrected by:

(a) decreasing the quantity of water these people consume (they often drink 3 L or more of water a day),

(b) decreasing the number of urinations to 8 to 10 times only (they tend to urinate about 12 - 16 times or more a day),

(c) encouraging to eat more of calcium-rich foods, and

(d) reducing their consumption of acid foods and drinks.

It should be remembered that both excessive calcium accumulation within the body, or its excessive inadequacy would contribute only to undesirable results.

Thus, if you wish to be with best sex potentials, you should drink about 2 L of pure water, urinate about 8 to 10 times, and eat natural foods that almost always contain mediocre amounts of natural calcium.

It would be better to avoid artificially calcium-enriched foods and drinks.

Rule-6: Decrease your calf calcification to 1-20% level to get back your best sex potentials.

Factor-7: Body mass index (BMI):

The best range of BMI for optimum sex potentials seems to lie between 20 and 25.

People with lesser BMI tend to be hypersexed, while those with higher levels may become lazy and under-sexed, and as a result, they will have relatively lesser potentials.

Therefore, maintenance of a suitable BMI at all times should be considered as an important necessity.

If such maintenance is achieved through dieting alone, it may not work as per expectation.

Liberal urination, along with a reduction in the quantity of high-density food, should contribute to this expectation.

Rule-7: Reduce your overall body weight and maximise your sex potentials.

* * * * * *
OK, friends, let us continue with the rest in a day or two..
Until then, bye,
Dr. Palani.