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Friday, July 1, 2011


Dear Friends,



Several friends have been repeatedly asking me the following question:

Why most men have pre-mature ejaculation?

Or, why most women do NOT come along with their men?

They want me to give them an acceptable answer rather than telling them that it could be genetic, could be because they indulged in excessive masturbation during their teens, and the like.

I have already explained the phenomenon in my book “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention” (224 pages. ISBN 978-967-9988-11-6).

I am selling this book only for RM10.00 within Malaysia.

I have already put book in this in Mobipocket.com as an e-book. People who wish to buy that over the Internet, can do so.

By copy-pasiting the following link, you can find it:

I will try to put this in Amazon.com soon.

In the mean time, for the benefit of all those friends who are anxiously awaiting for the best possible answer to this question, I am reproducing here the information included under Chapter-4, in the above book:

Remember: This information has never been told by anybody, in any country, in any language, and at any time.

I am telling this for the first time.


The following will form the best possible scientific explanation ever offered:

While reading, please do NOT skip the eariler parts of the write-up, thinking that you already knew it.

It is absolutely important that you read the ENTIRE text, from the beginning, if you really wish to appreciate it.

Please oblige. You will also enjoy the philosophy behind the whole matter:

Man and woman derive great pleasure when they copulate.

When they do that just to indulge in the momentary pleasure, the sperms get transferred into the woman’s body.

She conceives, develops an embryo, and delivers a baby.

This way, the progeny is sustained, and the human kind continues to exist on earth.

Thus, in the entire animal kingdom, a male and female will have to copulate to reproduce for continued survival of the species. This is true of pollinating plants as well.

Let us imagine that there is no pleasure attached to the act of copulation.

Who would bother to keep up the progeny?

It will become a burden on the part of the individual to care for the society.

Then, those who care for the welfare of humans will have to call for volunteers, give them some monetary benefits, and ask them to reproduce for the continued existence of humans.

Not many would volunteer.

Then, there is the danger of total cessation of progeny.

As a result, at one stage, it is quite possible that humans (and all kinds of animals, and possibly, the plants as well) would become extinct.

In order to avoid such extinction, God, or Nature, if you want to call it so, has made adequate provisions to ensure that the intended work of reproduction will go on uninterrupted.

So, the work is rewarded then and there with ample pleasure to both the participants / contributors*.

(*  In the case of plants, the stigma and egg of a female flower keeps fully receptive, ‘anxiously’ awaiting the arrival of a pollen grain.

There cannot be any stupidity here.

The union between a pollen grain and stigma should give rise to immense pleasure to the plant itself.

Every hard work is sincerely rewarded by God.

Unfortunately, we humans have no ability to understand such happenings, as much as the plants: they too do not know the pleasure we get while conjugation.)

In ANY event, the giver always misses what is given away, and the receiver always benefits by getting it.

But here, in the work that involves reproduction, both the giver and the taker gain benefits, and no one loses.

It is designed to be a "Win-Win Situation". 
Or, at least, it is supposed to be so.

Let us go back in time, to Stone Age. Men and women were totally ‘uneducated’ and uninformed of many a thing we know today.

How would they know that copulation gives them immense pleasure to the senses, and they could do that often to enjoy that?

There is no way of knowing, unless by chance someone discovers that and conveys to the rest in that endemic group of aborigines.

People then lived in isolated groups in caves, and far apart from each other.

Therefore, God had kept an ‘attraction,’ ‘an impulse’, intuition or an ‘instinct’ which we now call secondary sex characters, as described earlier.

In other words, on attaining maturity, a male develops a fascination and attraction to a female, and vice versa.

Thus, no one needs to teach anybody, or reveal the hidden secret to an adolescent.

In this way, even a most stupid, illiterate, uninformed, silly, and a dumb person will have the capacity to reproduce.

Thus, without much effort or continued supervisory management on the part of God, or Nature, the upkeep of progeny continues as a self-sustaining programme.

An endepth evaluation of ALL things in Nature will reveal that they are all self-sustaining.

The food chain, recycling of water, gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc. form good examples of what is being said here.

Having built up adequate background knowledge, let us see the reasons that had made nearly ALL the men pre-maturely ejaculate.

A closer look at the life histories of all animals through the Discovery Channel or National Geographic would reveal the following:

All of them are pre-occupied with only three major issues in their life.

One is hunting for food.

Second is to keeping alive i.e., safeguarding their existence from other preying animals.

The third is, mating for reproduction.

Reproduction appears to be the main goal of all living things.

In order to reproduce, they eat food.

For the same reason, they have to live without dying prematurely.

So, they guard themselves from getting eaten up or destroyed by others.

Even a plant, before drying up for want of water in a dry summer season, wanting to reproduce, tries its best to produce some flowers, fruits and seeds.

In the process of having sex, when a man gets his orgasm, he gets exhausted, withdraws from his mate, and sleeps.

It does not matter to him whether or not the sperms have penetrated deeper into the body of the female to fertilise the egg there.

Let us assume that the woman too gets her orgasm in a manner identical to the male.

After a few strokes, she too comes off, and she is equally exhausted, and sleeps totally satisfied.

It does not matter to her whether or not the egg in her body has successfully received a sperm to develop into a baby.

If the egg did not get fertilised on these few occasions during the fertility period, then, God has to wait for next one month or so – until her next fertility period, so that He could direct her to try again to become pregnant.

The chances are that she could again and again become satisfied with orgasm ‘pre-maturely,’ and that may mean further postponement of pregnancy.

For all, at the species level, the population tends to get reduced, and the danger of extinction may become great*.

(*  In Nature, most plants and animals tend to reproduce large number of offspring.

This is so because, even if most of them are destroyed in the process of developing into adults, the other few will continue to live and thus maintain the progeny.

Among primitive animals and plants, the number will be very big, and as the species becomes more and more advanced in evolution, the number becomes lessened.

Thus, among humans, we reproduce only a few children.

Yet, we produce millions of sperms, with the ‘idea’ of at least one of these millions would succeed in fertilising the egg.

The egg in a woman is only one at any one time.

A more modern way of human thinking appears to favour restricted and qualitative reproduction of one or two offspring (rather than increasing the quantity and leaving it to Nature to do the selection of the fittest), ensuring that such issues are of very high quality.)

Let us assume for a while that a man is in-charge of a Reproduction Factory for the entire community.

He is given the responsibility of keeping up the number of people in the community.

If it increases, he stands to benefit by getting more land space, food allocations, and several other benefits from the government.

If the number dwindles, he will be executed.

Under such a circumstance, this Manager will see to it that every woman in the community becomes pregnant without wasting time.

If a woman does not become pregnant this month, then the delay would mean lesser reproduction, and reduced benefit to him.

What would he do under such circumstances?

An able manager, of course, would instruct 10 men to copulate with every woman in the community, and in this way, the chances of a woman escaping pregnancy is little, and she would almost certainly become pregnant to one of the ten ‘copulators’.

This is precisely what occurs in Nature. If a female rabbit has sex with one male, she may or may not get fertilized.

If three males copulate, it is almost certain that she will conceive.

If for any reason, the female also gets orgasm too soon similar to the male, then, the female will become exhausted.

But the irony is, unlike the males, the body of a female can still accommodate one or two more copulations, and that will give multiple orgasms.

If she is to accommodate more males, then, she should not develop orgasm too soon.

On the other hand, she must develop a sense of wanting, or a ‘thirst’ for more sex.

Driven by this desire, and also by the arousal by the earlier mate, she keeps looking for another male, or several more males, so that she can repeatedly copulate with all of them, and would ultimately develop her orgasm and satisfaction.

If she does so, she would almost certainly become pregnant.

Again, this is why a woman has the ability to become pregnant even without developing an orgasm.

In other words, for a woman to become pregnant, she need not get any orgasm or satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the facility that favours Nature, has not been favourable for the womankind.

Most of the women (45% in USA, as per report by Masters and Johnson (?),  and possibly, in my opinion, 98% in under-developed countries) suffer without experiencing orgasm even once in their lifetime.

It is a pity, indeed! It happens this way because of the social restrictions the human society has imposed upon women.

This explains clearly, why women have delayed orgasm compared to men, and also the reason for the so-called pre-mature ejaculation in men*.

(* This being my explanation, let us see what was offered by Dr. Louis Berg, M.D., and Robert Street, in their ‘authoritative’ book  entitled “The Basis of Happy Marriage – The Art of Sexual Relationship” that was published by W.H. Allen, London, in 1960 (page 50). 

Let me quote them

“… Most unhappily, nature has committed an oversight here, as she (the Nature) frequently does, and it is this, in addition to the difficulty most men have in delaying orgasm, that contributes almost wholly to sexual incompatibility or lack of sexual satisfaction on the part of the female.” 

After reading my descriptions, every reader should be able to evaluate the irony in this misinterpretation of Nature’s will.

I have every reason to believe that Nature does not make any mistake at all.)

Another matter of interest is, whether a man has successfully impregnated a woman or not, whether his ejaculation is premature or adequately matured, every one of his seminal spurting is given with a reward of intense pleasure.

If such a reward is not given, then, the chances are that the man may not develop any interest in establishing frequent sexual contacts.

The spontaneous arousal, and an ‘aggressive approach’ for a sexual union, as they occur in men, do not develop in women, for they are only at the receiving end, with no capacity to refuse or reject.

They don’t have to woo, either.

Therefore, to Nature, it does not matter whether or not such a reception in women is associated with pleasure* .

(*We often see among animals, say, in the case of a dog, or any animal for that matter, that the male chases the female until it is ‘caught’, over-powered, and copulated by force.

Being of a lesser mental sophistication, here, there is no ‘love’ between the two genders.

All that matters to the male is that it should get its pleasure.

This selfishness becomes a natural instinct for animals.

Based on this, we can conclude that a self-centred person should be considered primitive, and he/she who cares for others, sophisticated.

Subsequently, the male does not bother to take care of its pregnant female partner, or even the ‘babies’ born to it.

Whereas, among humans, essentially because of our well-developed mental faculty, we extend tremendous love and affection to our partners and children, and are very much caring as long as we live.

We, humans, sacrifice a great deal for the welfare of our dependents, and that makes us superior life forms on earth.

The more caring we are, the more loving we are, the more sacrificial we are, the more will be the level of our superiority in the process of evolution.

Based on this thinking, the future generations would become even more possessive than what we are today.

Thus, along with time, all these would evolve to a much higher degree of sophistication.)

OK, Friends,
Let us meet again...
Bye for the now,
Dr. Palani.