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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The true causes for the development of prostate cancer:

(© 1998, 16 February, 2012: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
Sperms get transported in the medium of semen. Calcium is one of the components of semen.
To cope up with this need, the prostate gland ‘scavenges’[1] free calcium from all available sources viz., from the lymph fluid and the blood, and produces a well-balanced semen.

[1] This function is similar to that of the milk synthesising components present in the breasts of females.
Under normal circumstances, calcium becomes available from the food we eat. If we reduce the quantity of food we eat, then the quantity of available calcium too will get reduced. As a result, the quantity of semen also can proportionately get reduced.
On the other hand, if we consume excessive food of even calcium-poor items[2], or normal quantity of calcium-rich food, the calcium availability and related semen production can increase accordingly.

[2] It works on the principle of ‘tiny drops make an ocean’.
If we begin to take calcium supplements, then, the absorption and production also can go to much greater levels.
Thus the calcium-imbibing trend of soft cells, besides being unidirectional, does not seem to have any control mechanism to stop the continued absorption of this mineral.
As a result, the prostate gland keeps on accumulating more and more calcium.
Of course, as mentioned above, when the availability ceases, the absorption too can get disrupted.
If and when a man ejaculates the semen, either through an act of copulation with a female, or through masturbation, all the calcium accumulated this far tends to get removed from the prostate gland.
If the ejaculation does not occur through the above means, an over-build up of the semen that may occur gets discharged on its own while asleep, as nocturnal emissions.
This may then allow repeated absorption of calcium, semen build-up and discharge again.
Such a repetition helps in keeping all the soft cells that make up the prostate gland ‘clean’ and devoid of any calcium retention and enlargement (hyperplasia).
However, if the man happens to under-urinate, get chronic constipation, consumes calcium-enriched foods, or takes calcium supplements, then, the calcium build up in him will be accelerated. This may prompt daily ejaculations, as it happens in teenaged boys.
If the man restrains from ‘throwing out’ the semen, then, the absorbed calcium accumulates within the cells of the prostate gland itself.
Continued absorption enlarges each of the cells, resulting in hypertrophy (cell enlargement), creating a ‘swelling-kind’ of enlargement. We call this a benign state.
Further and continued calcium absorption induces the cells to split mitotically, resulting in hyperplasia (addition of cells through asexual multiplication). When this happens, we label it a cancer.
In the first place, as of today, no one seems to have thought of the above sequence. Therefore, no one knows how to ‘undo’ the build up. 
However, the medical researchers have observed, as pointed out earlier, a reduction in the growth of cancer after several ejaculations, after taking certain acid-natured medications, and the like.
I have come across only a few patients with prostate enlargements and cancers.
With the exception of three Indian and two Malay, all the rest were Chinese.
This cannot be taken to mean that Indian and Malay men rarely develop prostate cancer.            
I have observed that almost all the men who had prostate problems were:

(a)  Taking vegetable soups on a daily basis, some of   them even twice (or thrice) a day[3], and

[3]  Chinese men were found to consume vegetable soups all the time, whereas the Indian and Malay men who had prostate cancer have been eating plenty of vegetables twice or thrice daily, along with their meals, AND milk before bedtime, daily.
(b)  Eating papaya in large quantities, almost daily[4].

[4]  Consumption of ripe papaya fruit will invariably give rise to chronic constipation (frequent defecation of slimy stools), by softening the stools at the colon.

When the faecal matter becomes slimy, all the hither-to unabsorbable calcium will get rapidly absorbed by the cells that make up the inner lining of the alimentary canal, especially at the colon.

These lining cells are called adenoma cells, and they are capable of absorbing any available substance from the faeces as well as exuding water when the faecal matter gets dried up to create an acute constipation.

A continued absorption of calcium by the adenomatous cells of the colon, from the faecal matter due to prolonged chronic constipation, will give rise to colon cancer.

More information on this may be seen in this book under chapter dealing with colon cancer.

(c)  Eating oranges, also almost daily. (In spite of containing citric acid, the calcium in it appears to disturb.)

(d)  Consuming a wide variety of alkaline fruits, especially in the form of juice extracts.

(e)  Except one or two, all others were also drinking beer, but none of them was alcoholic.

The one Indian men, whom I treated successfully, was also consuming identical food items.

All these men were health-conscious people, and led a 'clean' life.

When I traced further, the soups these people have been consuming were made of any one of the following vegetables:
·      Watercress (Selada, Nasturtium officinale)        
·      Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis var. pekinensis)
·      Beans
·      Beetroot
·      Spinach (Amaranthus sp.)
·      Kau Kay Coy (Lycium chinense),
·      Cauliflower
·      Cabbage
·      Carrot, etc.,etc.,

 All the above are very rich in their calcium oxalate contents. (It is Calcium oxalate that gives the taste.)

The Chinese soup-making recipe consists of just boiling these vegetables in hot water and adding salt and monosodium glutamate.

The boiling process brings out most of the calcium oxalate into the water[5].
[5]  Boiling does not evaporate the calcium into the air.
On consumption, this calcium ends up in the cells of the prostate gland[6].

[6]  In women drinking too much of soup thus, the calcium enters into the breast tissues to give them a breast lump and cancer there.
Another factor that may enhance this problem is probably the location of the Prostate gland, which is much closer to the urinal bladder which collects and keeps the calcium-containing liquid for prolonged periods, if the person happens to withhold his urinal pressure for longer durations.

More details in this regard may be seen in this book under the chapter dealing with breast cancer.

In addition to this, the calcium oxalate from the oranges too may enter into the body and then into the prostate gland.

Beer is probably another source of calcium oxalate. When taken, it can aggravate the problem.

All these intakes in themselves are probably enough to enlarge the soft cells in the prostate gland.

Over and above, as said earlier, if the person happens to under-urinate,  (and also develop chronic constipation), there will be enough calcium within the body to cross over the threshold point, and the person tends to develop prostate enlargement initially, and then a cancer there.

My approach to curing the prostate problem is based on the depletion of all calcium excesses through a process of decalcification.

For this,

(a) I educate the patient to avoid consuming calcium-rich food and drinks, including seafood, eggs, etc.

(b) I prevent them from taking any kind of calcium supplements, including calcium-enriched snacks, such as biscuits, beverages, chocolates, and the like.

(c) I make them drink about 2.5L of RAIN WATER (being naturally ACIDIC).

(d) I train them to urinate once every two hours initially, and once EVERY HOUR subsequently for about TWO WEEKS, after which period, they return to their 'normal' 8 times/day plan.

(e) I give them some naturally-strong ACID HERBS such as Cissus quadrangularis (dried and ground) either to add to their food, or to take it into mouth after/before food, thrice a day.

(f) I ask them to expose their body to sunshine at least for 10 minutes in the mornings and another 10 minutes in the evenings. The idea in so-doing is to fix any calcium still left in the lymph fluid to the bones, so that it will not return to the soft cells of prostate gland and/or any other organ.

In all, prostate enlargements can be normalised within two months or so.

Since I have not handled many prostate cancer patients, I am unable to describe any detail about the possible curative procedure.
OK, friends, let me come back to you a while later with another useful article.
Until the, bye...
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.