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Wednesday, March 21, 2012



(© 1998, 2010, 21 March, 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D)

 The following news appeared in the WebMD Health News a few months back 27.7.2011). That was entitled: 

Lifestyle and an ageing population are behind increase in bowel cancer among British men."

Cancer Research UK released the news, and this was reported by Peter Russell, and reviewed by Sheena Meredith, and that had  the following link: http://www.webmd.boots.com/bowel-cancer/news/20110727/bowel-cancer-rates-double-in-a-generation

According to the above news:

(1)  There were approximately 11,800 case of bowel cancer diagnosed in British men in 1975. This had risen to around 21,500 by 2008.

(2)  Bowel cancer rates among women also went up over the same period, rising from 13,500 to 17,400, the charity said.

(3)  Other figures, also released by Cancer Research UK, show that men generally are more at risk of getting cancer, with 42.2% developing the disease compared to 38.8% of women.

(4)  Cancer rates are rising generally because people are living longer, but rising obesity levels and other factors are being blamed. Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, says in a statement that "An ageing population as well as changes in lifestyle have both led to more people developing cancer than a generation ago."

(5)  Hiom says there are a number of ways people can reduce their risk of getting cancer. "You can reduce your risk of bowel cancer by keeping a healthy weight, being physically active, eating a healthy diet that’s high in fibre and low in red and processed meat, cutting down on alcohol and not smoking."

(6)   SOURCES: Press release, Cancer Research UK.
'What is the lifetime risk of developing cancer? The effect of adjusting for multiple primaries', Sasieni P et al, BJC 2011; dt:10.1038/bjc.2011.250.
Beating Bowel Cancer, website. © 2011 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

* * * * * * * * * * 


Ref: 1 and 2 above:

Bowel cancer in men and women has been increasing along with time.

Why is it so?

By right, with all the advancement of health care research, this number should gradually DECREASE.

That being the logical and realistic expectation, why should it increase?

Can we take It that the researchers have been searching in the wrong place and in a wrong angle, rather than searching in the correct direction?

Can the inability to tackle the problem be taken as a shortcoming of the modern health care research and approach?

If that is true, why is it that the researchers do not want to look at other people’s work?


Is it due to EGOISM?

Can that be due to FEAR of LOSS of INCOME?

I leave it to you to find the answers to all the above questions.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Ref. 3 above:

Men are more prone to getting the bowel cancer than women.

What is the risk factor that brings about the above difference?

If the risk factor is prevented, not only the differences between genders can be corrected, but the very disease can be nearly halted !

Well, what are the causes / risk factors that give bowel cancer to people?

Please refer to Nos. 4 and 5:

The Expert says, it is basically the OBESITY that gives rise to the problem.

Then, the Expert suggests that people should avoid becoming obese.

Well, nobody wants to be obese, not only for fear of bowel cancer, but also for countless number of other reasons.

In spite of the wishful thinking, all the obese and overweight people are unable to keep their weight low.

This is so because, the Experts strongly recommend people to avoid obesity, but do not seem to have a TRUE and WORKABLE answer to the question.

In other words, they do not seem to know the EXACT cause that makes the people obese.

Every one of us have been seeing OBESE or OVERWEIGHT doctors here and there.  Why are they obese?

If you are a cook, you should be able to cook.

If you are a sweeper, you should be able to sweep.

If you are a doctor, you should be able to ...!

I have done research into these areas, and I strongly believe that I know the answers to all the above-mentioned problems.

I have written with statistics an authoritative book on obesity, explaining what exactly makes people overweight and obese.

It is entitled “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, and was published in 1998.

The details of my findings were released as news by Malaysian (International) National News Agency BERNAMA. A few seem to  have copied the information (plagiarism), and have also published it (as a substandard reproduction!) as if it is their own findings!

If people read my book, or if the authorities or those in World Health Organisation (WHO) have read it without being biased, by this time, people worldwide would have significantly eradicated the problem of obesity.

Why is it that that has not been happening?

I leave it to you to provide an answer to this question - and you know that very well !

I have recently released another book “Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention” 

Why not the WHO take it up, subject the findings to test, and spread it all over the world, and save people from misery and death, spending least amount of money?

Again, you know the answer to the above question very well. 

Is it not a sad state?

If people begin to live disease-free, sure, economies of several countries will be badly affected.

What are we going to do to solve this serious problem at hand? 

It appears NO man can bring about a positive change in the attitude of people with power, in this regard.

However, GOD can!

I am waiting for that to happen, so that people at large will be saved !


Well, I think, I should share with you the knowledge I have in this regard for the prevention of the bowel disease. 

I have been guarding it as a top-secret information until the publication of my book "Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention".

I have given proper explanation with possible preventive and curative procedures for this cancer in my book on Cancer, and they are:

Chapter 12: Anal cancer: Pages 153 - 162.

Chapter 13: Appendix cancer: Pages  163 - 168.

Chapter 20: Colo-rectal cancer: Pages 271 - 284

Chapter 24: Gastric cancer: Pages 321 - 342, and

A few more related to the gastro-intestinal tract.

I have traced, based on the little clinical experience I have, that the bowel cancer is due to the following causes:

  • In the first place, ALL these cancers are the result of excessive accumulation of calcium in the soft tissues: In this case, the bowel.

If so, how does the BOWEL gather the excessive calcium?

Here is how it does:

  • Needless to explain that if you happen to take Calcium (Ca) supplement and calcium-enriched eatables, you are sure to receive too much of the substance.

  • If you have been constantly consuming large quantities of naturally calcium-rich food items (e.g., anchovies / ikan bilis, and other sea food), although there is room for that becoming excess, it would NOT happen, provided you URINATE about 8 times daily - about 1.5 L of urine, or more.  
The urine would remove the excesses out of your body, and you will be safe. 

That is how God or Nature / Evolution has designed our body.
  • Of course, the problem would crop up only if you do NOT void adequate urine on a daily basis.

Under-urination would sure enhance the accumulation of the unwanted calcium excesses within the body.

  • Does these unwanted excesses accumulate only at the bowel?

No, that is not right.

It accumulates in ALL parts of the body.

It may accumulate a little more in the breast tissues in women, and in the prostate gland in men, for these organs are designed to scavenge and gather calcium from all available sources for the purpose of producing breast milk in women, and semen in men.

  • If so, what contributes to the calcium accumulation and related cancer development in the bowel?

Here is the proper explanation:

Any food we eat contains calcium. Some contain plenty, some mediocre, and the rest much less.

Of the above, some calcium, during the process of digestion, get ABSORBED by the intestine, passes through the hepatic portal vein, and get used up in a proper way for various needed purposes.

A portion of the calcium in the ingested food REMAINS in the food in an UNDIGESTED form.

This undigested and UNABSORBED calcium goes down the alimentary canal, towards the colo-rectal region, and that gets defecated as faecal matter. 

Thus, the UNDIGESTED calcium gets out of our body through faeces.

The above forms the NORMAL happening in a healthy person in whom the faeces gets defecated in GOOD SHAPE.

If the person happens to develop CONSTIPATION, and if that ACUTE constipation continues for some time, I still call it ACUTE constipation. Whereas, the medical world calls it CHRONIC CONSTIPATION.

In reality, when constipation remains for a prolonged period, the large intestine, through its numerous tiny glands called Adenomatous cells, secretes plenty of WATER into the constipated location - in the colo-rectal region.

With peristalsis movement, the water gets mixed with the highly hardened faces there, and turns it into a SLIMY substance.

I call such slimy faeces CHRONIC CONSTIPATION, but it is popularly known as DIARRHEA in the medical world.

In the presence of water, the CALCIUM in the constipated and hardened FAECES become soluble and absorbable by the Adenoma glandular cells that make up the inner lining of the digestive tract - in this case, the colo-rectal region.

(When the faeces becomes slimy, BACTERIA gains easy access into it, consumes the faecal matter, and in that process, starts FERMENTING it.

In that process, it releases fowl-smelling gas. Besides that, it turns the faces into an ACID pH medium.)

Some of the absorbed calcium gets forwarded to other parts of the body (including the Prostate in men and breasts in women), mostly through the LYMPH fluid.

MOST of the calcium thus absorbed tends to STAY at the cells that make up the WALL of the INTESTINE / COLON / RECTUM regions.

When such accumulation continues for a few years (e.g., say 5 years), and when the TOLERANCE limit of the cells there exceed beyond their THRESHOLD point, they turn into CANCER there.

In other words, if the person’s faecal matter REMAINS SLIMY ALL THE TIME (for several years), then, he/she will develop bowel cancer.


We found that the solid faecal matter turns slimy because of prolonged and severe constipation.


This is how it happens:

In a healthy person who eats normal food, which naturally includes some amount of fibres, the faeces will pass out in good shape - will not be slimy. Therefore, there will not be any cancer risk.

However, some people, following the suggestions put up by the so-called experts, begin to consume LARGE QUANTITIES OF VERY HIGH FIBRE-containing food / drinks.

Even eating OVER-RIPE fruits (e.g., papaya, persimmon, etc.), biscuits made of highly refined flour, and peanuts (groundnuts / kacangtend to make the faeces SLIMY.

Unwittingly, for want of proper knowledge, and trusting the experts' suggestions, people continue to taking VERY HIGH FIBRE containing foods and drinks of all sorts.

When the faeces turns SLIMY, they believe that their defecation is very good, when it fact, it forms the major risk factor for bowel / intestinal cancer.

How does it happen?

This follows the same pattern as that of the chronic constipation-related SLIMY faeces.

WHEN THE FAECES BECOMES SLIMY DUE TO THE EXCESSIVE INGESTION OF VERY HIGH FIBRE SUBSTANCES, THE FAECES releases the hither-to locked up calcium as FREE calcium, and that gets absorbed by the wall of the DIGESTIVE TRACT, thus giving rise to CANCER there.



Taking FAR TOO MUCH OF HIGH FIBRE forms one such dangerous practices that gives rise to NOT ONLY intestinal CANCER, but also INCREASES THE DIABETIC CONDITION IN TYPE-2 DIABETIC PATIENTS. 



Well, friends, I have given you what I have gathered during the past 37 years of my study.

I guarded these as TOP-SECRET information until I released my book CANCER: Causes, Cure and Prevention, which is now copy-righted according to the International Copyright Law.

If you wish to transfer this knowledge to your friends or any other perosn, please make sure to QUOTE MY NAME AS THE AUTHOR OF THESE FINDINGS.

Another favour you can do to all your likeable friends is to let them know that they can get first-hand and totally  NEW information in this BLOG.

I thank you for that.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.