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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Gene Change is linked to Breast Cancer


(© 4 March, 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

The following news appeared in HealthDay, on February 22, 2012:
Researchers Spot New Gene Mutation Linked to Breast Cancer.

Since you may find it a bit difficult to understand the original text, let me simplify the statement:

Scientists already know that there is a gene called BRCA1, and that is called a Breast Cancer Gene.

There is another gene called Abraxas Gene.

This Abraxas Gene drastically changes (i.e., mutates) for ‘some’ reason, and interacts with the Breast Cancer Gene.

This is said to make genetic alterations that increases the breast cancer risk.

This research was done by Associate Professor of Cancer Biology Dr. Roger Greenberg and his colleagues at Perelman School of Medicine in University of Pennsylvania, USA.

This was originally published in the journal called Science Translational Medicine. You can read the full text through this source: http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/4/122/122ra23.full


Let us say that you had a small cut on one of your fingertips. It bleeds, then stops after clotting.

You may feel the pain. However, if you took care of the wound so that it does not come in contact with water and the like, and keep it dry, it would heal in a day or two, provided that you are not a diabetic patient.

The above has been occurring since time immemorial.

Nowadays, with the advancement of science, and a need for academicians to publish research papers for a promotion in their career, they go much deeper to explain every little thing in much greater detail.

Thus, in reality, if you refer to some medical books for details of the wound that was found in your finger tip, they would have published ultra-microscopic view of the fresh wound to start with, then the changes that are found during the natural healing process.

They would also assign complicated names in Latin or Greek language to describe them.

A commoner would get perplexed by all the above.

However, if you are look at the overall picture, there was a bleeding cut initially, then it healed, and some of the tissues dried up and came off from the healed spot. That was all to it!

Likewise, if you are to look at the BREAST CANCER, you have two ways of interpreting it:

As a scientist (e.g., Oncologist - cancer specialist) intense details such saying “The breast cancer gene, viz., BRCA1”, etc., you can simply describe in the following manner,  of course based on MY STUDY and FINDINGS:

Some tissues in the breast are designed to absorb calcium from lymph and blood fluids. Using this calcium, the breast produces milk for to feed the baby.

If breast milk is fed to the baby, the scavenged calcium gets out of the breast tissues.

In the absence of breast feeding, the calcium tends to accumulate and form a benign lump.

If and when more and more calcium gets absorbed, the lump becomes much bigger in its size, and eventually turns cancerous.

Why should this calcium accumulate in a woman who has not delivered any baby? Often, it occurs even in virgins.

The answer is:
Under normal circumstances, the excess calcium brought to the tissues in the breast gets removed through frequent urinations.

If and when a woman avoids urination for any reason and withholds the urinal pressure, the excessive calcium, since it does not get removed, stays in the breast tissues, 
accumulates more and more, and eventually turns into a lump, and then into a malignant state.

(When urine is withheld, the water part alone gets out of the body in the form of profuse sweat, in a manner I have explained in our previous postings in this Blog as well as in my books.)

The calcium excess will increase in quantity, and within shorter duration, if the girl happens to take calcium supplements, calcium-enriched food items, and calcium-rich anchovies, and the like.

Thus, to the victim, in layman’s term, the simplified story will be:

“A girl did not urinate properly, she also consumed foods and supplements that contained abundant calcium in larger quantities, and as a result of these, she developed breast lump initially, and that turned out to be cancerous subsequently”

Of course, the above story can also be explained using scientific terminology and in intense detail, with electron-microscopic views of the many stages, as well.

Please note: The above explanation of the risk factor for breast cancer and related details are my own findings, and does NOT form an explanation of the original news about the mutation of the gene and its linkage to the breast cancer found by Professor Roger Greenberg and his colleagues.

OK, friends, bye for the time being,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.