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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(© 6 March, 2012: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Today’s news on health can shock you!

Liz Bestic has reported today in The Telegraph a very useful article on this subject today (Tuesday, 6 March 2012).

According to the report, the following are the details:

(a)  A water pollution disaster occurred in Camelford, UK, in 1988, wherein 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate leaked into the water supply.

(b)  There was an inquest into the cause of one Mrs. Cross’s death - whether it was due to aluminium toxicity or not. The result is expected to be released this week.

(c)  Professor Chris Exley of Keele University, is an expert in studies related to aluminium toxicity. According to him aluminium is present in water, food packaging, vaccines, drugs, food and drinks.

(d)  That lady Mrs. Cross died of a rare Alzheimer’s disease.  Her brain was found to contain 23 micrograms of aluminium per gram of the brain. 

(according to modern medicine, this disease is incurable. It is dementia, with confusion and the like). 

(e)  The normal level is supposed to be between 0 and 2 micrograms only.

(f)    Aluminium is said to be a neurotoxin - can affect the nerves / brain.

(g)  According to Professor Chris ExleyAluminium sulphate is added to:

* water to improve clarity all foods that need raising agents or additives (e.g., cakes, biscuits)

* children’s sweets (they contain aluminium-enhanced colouring)

* It is in tea, cocoa and malt drinks, in some wines
and fizzy drinks, and most processed foods.

* It is in cosmetics, sunscreens and antiperspirants

* It is used as a buffering agent in medications (e.g., aspirin and antacids). It is also in vaccines.

According to the Report, not everyone agrees with Prof Exley’s views.

The theory of a link between aluminium in cooking pots and Alzheimer’s has fallen out of favour in some quarters.

Professor Exley says what EXACTLY I used to explain in ALL my publications (Let me quote here The Telegraph report): 
 “When the amount of aluminium consumed exceeds the body’s capacity to excrete it, the excess is then deposited in various tissues, including nerves, brain, bone, liver, heart, spleen and muscle,” he explains. “We call it the 'silent visitor’ because it creeps into the body and beds down in our bones and brain.”

According to Diane Benford, head of the Chemical Risk  Assessment Unit at the Food Standards Agency, the tolerable intake of aluminium was recently set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at 2 milligrams per kg of the body weight of the person per week.

You are bound to be interested in knowing more about the effect of aluminium toxicity on human health.

You can read a lot more in this regard by visiting the following site: The information can be frightening / alarming:

Well, let me put forth here my PERSONAL OPINION / FINDINGS, which most probably Professor Exley would NOT have found it

I have been telling all my patients not to use aluminium pots and pans, especially those that are sold for very low prices.

(The expensive ones tend to be an alloy - wherein the aluminium is made in combination with some other metal or non-metal, and that tends to make it danger-free.  This can be found by reading the labels.)  

If you use an aluminium container (big or small) for cooking your fish/mutton/crab/ or ANY curry or any other food wherein you use TAMARIND (In Malay: Assam Jawa; In Tamil: PuLi), or vinegar, the aluminium is bound to enter into the curry itself.

Even garlic, lemon, etc. can bring out the aluminium.

This happens, because, all these are acidic

If this, or even pineapple, or any other ACID item is cooked, it will dissolve the aluminium (making the container look bright and polished), and that will then combine with the main food itself.

Therefore, I always suggest to my patients to be more careful while using certain pots and pans.

Have you not observed that people / caterers, when they cook for large number of people, they use big-sized aluminium ware?

They use it for various reasons: It is cheap, easy to handle, nobody will steal it, and big-sized containers made of other metals may not be readily available in the market for purchase, and the like.

This is one of the reasons why I always feel uncomfortable to eat food catered during weddings and functions.

Anyway, the following SYMPTOM I have recorded in my study is what I suspect  Professor Exley would not have observed.  That is:

A person in whose body the aluminium accumulates to a level that is beyond the tolerance limit, (he/she) develops BLACK COLOUR on the CHIN (on either side of the nose), and also on the forehead in some people., on TONGUE, on the red rip of the penis, called GLANS PENIS, and in the LABIA of the vagina.

(Indians generally believe that anything (especially curses) told by those people with black-coloured tongue would inevitably happen. I am nor aware if such a belief exists among other communities.)

When I treat these patients, after depletion of the aluminium toxicity, these coloured patches disappear, showing that they are not in danger any more.

I have described these details (and a lot more) in my book “HUMAN DISEASES: How and Why do They Occur, and How to Prevent/ Correct Them?” (2007; 336 pages; ISBN978-967-9988-12-3).  You should refer to the topic “BLACK TONGUE” in this book. I have dealt with 101 diseases in this.

Well friends, just try to be a bit more cautious, that is all to it.

There can be no much point is getting alarmed over the subject matter. 

With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.