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Monday, May 28, 2012



(© Dr.V.M.Palaniappan)

Do you wish to see the so-called world’s sexiest woman? If yes, you may want to visit the following site:

She is indeed a wonderful singer, and is very, very attractive to men folks. (You can also see a nice video in the above link)

Every man will be lost on seeing her.

This being the case, I asked the opinion of a woman.

She said, “Mmmmm… what is so big about it … of course she has big and shapely breasts. However, her hips are not adequately curved. Her back, hmn.. too big that I will not feel comfortable to wear tight clothes to show off to the public…What is so sexy about her…I don’t understand! You men are too crazy..!”

Well folks, remember, these words have come from ANOTHER WOMAN!.

Women do not seem to understand what could be sexy to men.

We fall for big breasts, and no man will deny that!

Likewise, big buttocks too attract men, when women feel uncomfortable about it.

Deeply curved waistline alone appears to be the appreciable common feature to both genders - man and woman at the same time!

The absence of a very deep cut at the hip in this girl degrades her in the opinion of other women!  What a pity!

Have you tried holding a girl by her hips? It would feel a lot  nice! You have to experience it to say something about it.

Do you know what gives this pretty girl such HUGE (and very shapely) breasts?

By now, ALL the followers of our BLOG should have known the science-based answer very well.

If you have guessed it, it should correct!

Yes, this girl must have been UNDER-URINATING ALL HER LIFE - perhaps only thrice daily.

At the same time, she must have been eating SMALL QUANTITIES OF FOOD.

Of course, her parents must have been nice-looking people.

If her parents were ugly-looking, and even if her mother had small-sized and much under-developed breasts, this girl, with her lifestyle, would have developed big breasts, but could have been ugly-looking.

I have observed, if growing up girls spend most of their daytime SITTING rather that walking around or standing, they seem to be developing BIG buttocks.

An action that boosts the buttocks size appears to be WEARING VERY TIGHT CLOTHES AT THE WAIST. 

Wearing a tight belt does that, too!

Even men wearing very tight belts (or tight underwear and pants) tend to develop big buttocks.

Along with time, if they continue wearing such clothes at the waist, their buttocks become TOO HUGE - sure making them look much unattractive!

(Since men do not have milk producing cells/ducts in their breast areas, the excess calcium accumulates in the STOMACH rather than in the breasts! That is why you see some men wearing very tight pants/belt tend to develop big buttocks and BIG POT-BELLY. You can read a little more on this a while later in this article.)

OK, how does the tight belt contribute to big buttocks?

In the first place the cells that make up the tissues, which combine to form muscles, and then an organ - in this case the buttocks, GET FILLED WITH CALCIUM.

Each cell, as a result of such calcium accumulation, enlarges in its SIZE. This is called HYPER TROPHY!

When all the cells enlarge thus, the entire buttocks becomes huge - and the exact size depends upon the amount of calcium that goes inside each of the cells there.

Well, what makes the buttock cells in particular to absorb this calcium?

Further, where does this calcium come from?

Here is the answer for both the above questions:

As I pointed out earlier, ALL the food we eat contains calcium. Some food itmes contain less, some medium, and others plenty.

Body requires about 500 mg of calcium daily.

If we happen to consume too much of calcium, under normal circumstances, the excess gets out of our body through URINATIONS.

If we happen to UNDER-URINATE, then the free calcium will have to necessarily be stored in some place within the body.

This calcium does NOT get retained in the BLOOD, because the CALCITONIN that secretes from the THYROID gland, does NOT allow the retention of UNLIMITED quantities of calcium in the blood.

The calcitonin ‘pushes’ the excess calcium into the LYMPH.

The lymphatic system carries such calcium excesses all over the body for even distribution.

However, if a person wears VERY TIGHT BELT (OR ANY SUCH THING) at the waist, then, the lymph fluid will NOT be able to FLOW elsewhere, but STAY IMMEDIATELY BELOW THE BELT LINE AND ALSO ABOVE THE BELT LINE.

What accumulates BELOW beltline (from toes to waist) will form THE BIG BUTTOCKS.

The calcium that is left ABOVE the BELTLINE, will be carried by LYMPH fluid to upper parts of the body.

The BREASTS in nature are given with CALCIUM-SCAVENGING potentials (with special cells to attract, retain and convert into MILK, for feeding her baby).

Hence, these cells tend to absorb most of the CALCIUM EXCESS THAT accumulates on the UPPER part of the body.

Then, the SAME PROCESS of HYPERTROPHY occurs, making EACH of the CELLS in the BREAST to become BIG, thus the WHOLE BREAST becomes BIG.

What do you think the end result of this process will be?

Sad! But I have to mention it.

If the person does NOT stop wearing tight belt at the waist, and if the person does not urinate liberally, then, more and more of this calcium will accumulate in these two regions, resulting in HUGE buttocks and equally HUGE breasts, making them look totally unappealing to the men, and causing UNCOMFORTABLE DISCOMFORT to the woman!

Then, after this, if the same process continues, I am sorry even to think, that such a person become OBESE, and CAN develop LUMPS & CYSTS in the breasts, which can easily turn out to be cancerous.

Of course, if the woman happens to deliver a baby, she can escape from this tragic situation, because most of the accumulated calcium would get lost!

Reproduction and breast feeding can save a woman from such tragedies.

The best perhaps is to URINATE LIBERALLY, and get rid of the calcium excesses! Wearing loose clothes at the waist would help, of course!

Well, my dear girl friends (?... !), please take care!

With best wishes,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.