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Wednesday, June 6, 2012



(© 1012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan)

Sad to hear that this wonderful singer has developed brain tumour.

I just heard a TV news that she is a survivor of BREAST CANCER.

If you want to know more about her Breast Cancer story, you may want to just click the following link:

Let me enlighten you (and possibly Ms.Sheryl Crow) on this subject:

Please read the following scientific interpretation in full so that you (and Ms.Sheryl Crow) will be convinced that her brain tumour CAN BE EASILY DISSOLVED.

(Please do NOT skip any part of this article. It is very important that you read this write-up in FULL, for proper understanding of the entire problem.)

I have to explain the factors that gave her the BREAST cancer in the first place. It is different from norm.

I have to also explain as how she has SURVIVED the cancer.

Subsequently, I will explain WHY & HOW she has developed the BRAIN TUMOUR.

Then, of course, I will suggest as how her brain tumour CAN BE DISSOLVED away at ease.

I understand that Ms.Sheryl Crow had her Breast Cancer in 2006/2007.

She must have had it due to:

Certainly excessive calcium accumulation in her breasts.

If that happened due to UNDER-URINATION because of her busy occupation (see Palaniappan, V.M., 2008: The True Causes of All Diseases to know how under-urination can give rise to breast and several other types of cancers), she must have put on much weight.

Her photograph taken in 2007 (see the above links) shows her as a THIN person, with mediocre breasts.

If she was thin, then her breast cancer might not have had any link to her UNDER-URINATION.

(Based on her present-day looks, she must be urinating about six times or so, daily.

Further, since her bra-clad breasts look mediocre, she does not appear to be a PSEUDO-SLIM person. In other words, she is truly slim, unlike the former Miss World Ms. Aiswarya Rai.  For details, please see my book Human Diseases: Why and How They Occur, and How to Cure./ Prevent Them, 2007.

If she was overweight in 2005, and lost some of it after her breast cancer, then, she must have been a Pseudo-Slim person).

Since ALL breast cancer occurrences are definitely due to the accumulation of excessive calcium, such an excess could have come from TAKING CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS.

I strongly believe Ms. Sheryl Crow must have definitely taken large quantities of calcium supplements - could have been in the form of high dose calcium tablets.

Further, she could have taken such tablets DURING DAYTIME. This enhances the breast tissues to scavenge the calcium from lymph fluids, retain it in the milk ducts present in the breasts, thus giving rise to lumps initially, and cancer later on.

(If she took them by NIGHT, most of the calcium excesses could have gone into the tissues present in the gastro-intestinal area, and she could have developed stomach / duodenal / intestinal / pancreatic cancer. 

Calcium supplements taken by night tend to get absorbed by the cells in various organs. The cells would become larger in size due to the process of hypertrophy, at initial stages, and turn into hard lumps and cancers later).

The above description is fine.

But then, how did she survive the cancer? 
Was that due to the hospital treatments?

Let us evaluate the situation:

In the first place, Calcium is ALKALINE - it is a BASE.

The chemicals used in Chemotherapy and Radiation are either ACIDS or ACID-PRODUCING.

These acids naturally neutralise the ALKALINE CALCIUM that has gone into the CANCER structure.

Hence, there could be certain amount of REDUCTION in the size of the cancer structures.  The calcium stones, if present there, can also get completely dissolved in the acids, thus giving her a TEMPORARY ‘CURE’.

So, she survived the episode.

Alright, if the above is true, why should she develop BRAIN TUMOUR now?

The following explanation will provide an acceptable answer:

After the ‘recovery’ from her breast cancer, the doctors could have given her, as said before, CALCIUM TABLETS again, with the erroneous assumption that the cancer structures are acidic in nature.

She could have been taking ABUNDANT COW’S MILK as well. We know very well that milk is rich in calcium.

If that milk happens to be in a calcium-enriched powder form, it could have speeded up the damage.

By right, the recent calcium supplements should have given her another lump in the breast - if she still has them intact.

Let us see how and why she developed BRAIN TUMOUR NOW:

AFTER recovery from her breast cancer, Ms.Sheryl Crow must have taken the calcium tablets by NIGHT, daily, before sleep.

While lying flat on the bed, the lymph fluids tend to take the dissolved calcium throughout the body, from head to toe.

If she used a RAISED pillow, thus resting her head at a HIGHER ELEVATION, the lymph fluids would not have taken the free calcium excesses to the head / brain.

Instead, the calcium could have stayed in the body, perhaps in the breasts, ovary, uterus, Fallopian tube, and the like.

The excess calcium could have turned into STONES in the KIDNEYS as well. 

Since the absence of kidney stones in Ms. Sheryl Crow tends to show that she must have been urinating reasonably well - could have been about 6 times daily.

Again, her SLIM figure shows that she must have been a POOR EATER - when it comes to the QUANTITY of food eaten.

Ms. Sheryl Crow should have SLEPT resting her HEAD on a VERY LOW-LEVEL PILLOW.

If the head is at the same level as the body, the excess calcium in the lymph fluid can easily reach the brain area.

If the head happens to be even slightly LOWER than the BODY’s resting level, then, ABUNDANT CALCIUM can flow into the BRAIN, thus accumulating in the spaces present between the cells there as interstitial fillings.

This accumulations turn to become BENIGN tumours INITIALLY.

If Ms. Sheryl Crow continues to: 

(a) take the calcium supplements, including calcium-rich food items such as oats, milk and the like, and 

(b) sleeps using low-level pillow, then, her benign tumour CAN TURN INTO CANCER, with great potentials for an undesirable end - God forbid it!

My suggestions to Ms. Sheryl Crow are:

STOP taking any form of calcium supplements with effect from reading this BLOG.

STOP taking calcium-RICH and calcium-ENRICHED food items.

STOP using low-level PILLOW, and rest over TWO or THREE pillows while asleep. Resting head over much raised pillow could turn out to be very difficult initially. However, over a period of a week, it would become OK.

START taking ACID fruits (e.g., mango, pineapple, jack fruit, etc., but NOT citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons).

STOP drinking all forms of FRUIT JUICES.

START drinking DISTILLED WATER (gradually replace the mineral water).

URINATE at least EIGHT times daily. If can, increase the number of urination even to 12 times daily.

NEVER MASSAGE THE SCALP, for the benign structure could get ruptured, scattered to nearby locations, and start spreading to other areas (i.e., metastasis can occur).

For more details, please READ my book; CANCER: CAUSES, CURE, AND PREVENTION (2010). (This book has all the details as how you could guard yourself from the many problems related to your problems.)

For further help, WHY NOT GIVE ME A CALL TO MY MOBILE PHONE 6-012-2071414, or send me an e-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com

Ms. Sheryl Crow,

May God be with you at all times, giving you enough strength to cope up with the mental agony.

I pray that God will completely cure your brain tumour and protect you from all kinds of illnesses. 

Being a good soul, you deserve to live long!

OK, bye, 
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.