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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


(© 8 May, 2012: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

One of my FACEBOOK friends asked the above question. 

Her own answer was: "... is just to hear man's heartbeat".
That was nice!

Another friend, in his romantic mood, said, "Aye, it is easier to kiss..." 

I think, he must have had neck pain kissing a taller girl. 
He never thought of the girl. 
Will it not be difficult for her?

Let us leave that kind of argument to the lovers themselves.

But then, do you know the real, scientific answer to this question?

I doubt it, for you cannot find a meaningful explanation in any book, in any language, and in any part of the world!

Let me present here my OWN findings, definitely from scientific point of view:

I am sure you must have seen children born as twins. 

At times, both of them will be males, or females, or one could be a male and the other, a female.

Let us consider the case of twins, where one is a boy and the other is a girl.

Let is also assume that both the children are brought up by the same mother. 

You can observe them to be almost identical in every respect, including their height and weight until they are about 10 or 11 years old.

At this time, the girl attains MATURITY. 

It could happen in her 11th year if she happens to be a THIN girl. 

If she is an obese or overweight girl, she would attain maturity in her 13 or 14.

(If a gril is obese or overweight, it must have been due to the accumulation of excessive calcium within her body, which again, must have been due to, mostly, UNDER-URINATION. 

She could be urinating only about thrice daily.)

(A person urinating about 7, 8 or 9 times daily would end up being THIN.  Urinating more than about 10 times daily makes a person SKELETAL.)

Now, let us see what happens to the girl who has attained puberty.

Her body throws out at monthly intervals abundant wastes. 

This waste is from the ruptured lining of the uterus. 
It contains blood, ruptured tissues from the lining of the uterus PLUS, a lot of CALCIUM.

It is CALCIUM that makes a male or female - any person, overweight or obese.

If abundant calcium goes out in the menstrual fluid, regularly and repeatedly at monthly intervals, the girl would NOT grow TALL, for the bones will not grow much in the absence of the calcium excess.

In other words, if there happens to be excessive calcium within the body, then, the bones would grow longer, thus making the person very tall.

This phenomenon will happen only during the GROWTH period of the child. 

Growth in height will occur only between 10 and say, 20 years of age.

The regular monthly loss of calcium through the menstrual fluid will restrict the girl’s growth, and she would then remain relatively a shorter person.

(Excessive loss blood / calcium tends to keep the girl stunted.)

When it comes to a boy, at 11 or so, he begins to MASTURBATE, without being told by any one. 

It is done based on instinct.

The seminal fluid is FULL of CALCIUM. 

So, frequent masturbations remove from the body substantial quantities of calcium.

(If he does not masturbate for any reason, then, the seminal fluid, wherein there is abundant calcium, gets out of his body while asleep. This is called "Nocturnal Emission".

Often, such emissions are accompanied by sweet dreams.)

Even frequent masturbation and related loss of calcium cannot match or equal the amount of calcium that gets lost in the girl through menstruations.

As a result, some amount of calcium will be staying within his body.

As a result, a masturbating boy would grow taller than his twin sister. 

Yet, his growth in terms of height would only be relatively nominal.

If the twin brother happens to be masturbating either occasionally or rarely, then, the boy would grow up into a six-footer!

This will be so because, all the calcium that would have got lost through masturbations, would stay within the body, thus promoting the lengthwise growth of the bones.

(We know that bones, teeth and finger nails are made up of calcium!).

If the children are made to consume plenty of dairy products, such as milk and cheese, they would then grow taller than other children.

Apart from the above natural phenomenon, if the children are given CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS during their growth period, then BOTH of them would grow to become very much taller - taller than their own parents.

If the girl consumes synthetic supplementations - whether that be calcium mineral or vitamins, she would then develop HAIR GROWTH in unwanted places, such as in the arms, legs, and even on the chest. 

This is called HIRSUTISM.

(Girls, in fact, none of the children, should be given synthetic supplements of vitamins and minerals with the assumption that the food they consume is very much inadequate.)

Well, friends, now you know why a girl grows up to be a shorter person than a boy.

We tend to expect the wives to be shorter than the husbands.

Imagine the wife to be taller than her husband. Some pairs of this kind do exist here and there. 

However, they don’t look nice - at least in an aesthetic sense. 

This is so because, we have become accustomed to seeing the wife to be (of the same height or) shorter than her husband. 

Any variation from 'norm' tends to bring about some sex-related problems to a significant extent.

Can you guess what they could be?

I think, I should leave it to you to ponder over.

ALL THE ABOVE WILL FORM PART OF THE NEXT BOOK I HAVE BEEN WRITING NOW... and that will be entitled, "Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis".

OK friends, bye until next,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.