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Friday, May 11, 2012


(© 11 May, 2012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D)

(If you are a person who would enjoy reading pleasure-giving write-ups, you will certainly enjoy what I have written here! Just relax, and it in full.

On the other hand, if you are business-minded, or too busy to relax, you may want to read just what I have highlighted in RED colour - and you would have got what you wanted out of this article)

I read in today’s newspaper Malaysia Nanban the following news:

It seems, while the Tamilnadu (in South India) Legislative Assembly was on session yesterday, several mosquitoes encircled the Chief Minister Ms. J. Jayalalitha

This could be a very trivial news to many.

Let me ask you this question:

Why do you think the mosquitoes were trying to ‘attack’ her, and not others there?

I don’t think any of you can answer this question, giving proper scientific explanation.

Let me ‘enlighten’ you on this. Please read it, and this may prove to be useful to you ‘one day’, when you are attacked by such ‘warrior’ flies.

Way back in 1972, few of us (Academicians / Ecologists) took a group of B.Sc. fourth year students to a real dense rain forest reserve in Pasoh, located close to a small, but beautiful town called Kuala Pilah, in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

We camped there for a week, educating the students on various aspects of Ecology.

Being an undisturbed* and thick forest, it was infested with a lot of leeches and mosquitoes, besides various other wild and ferocious animals.

(* Many overseas critics claim Malaysia has been destroying forests. May I invite them to visit Malaysia, get special permit to enter into our reserves, and see the wondrous nature of our forests - totally undisturbed, and very well conserved!. It is absolutely beautiful!!)

(We found several 'world-famous' "TONGKAT ALI" plants here. The root of this plant is an aphrodisiac - a sex stimulant, and is very, very expensive to buy in the market places. For more information on this, please read my book: Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter: Sex Suppressors and Promoters   Pages: 81-132) 

Even before entering into the forest, we normally give some basic training to our students.

Such training includes as how one could protect himself/herself from the leeches.

This is so because, by the time you move ten feet forward, many blood-sucking leeches* would have ‘landed’ over your legs and arms.

(Once these leeches cling on to your skin / flesh, they 'spit' their saliva, which prevents the clotting of blood. As a result, the blood keeps on flowing into the leech. It will be hard to pull it out. However, on pulling it, blood will keep on oozing out without clotting.)

By the way, do you know how to escape from such leech invasion?

It is simple: Just take some tobacco that is meant for chewing, or break open a cigarette, and rub it all over the exposed parts of your body. The leeches will not like you any more!

In addition to the above, you should also wear very thick stockings, gloves if possible, cap over the head, and also thick clothes.

Did you notice one thing?

Unfortunately, we never taught the students any protection method against mosquitoes!

Not that we wanted the students to suffer from mosquito bites. It was so simply because, none of knew the method to prevent mosquito attacks.

That was at that time!

This thought has been haunting me ever since we entered into the forest, until I found the correct cause that was behind it.

While writing the following, I don’t have any prejudice against anybody or any culture. It is just matter of some useful discovery!  That is all to it!

Among the four academicians, two of us were Malaysians. The other two were English people.

I knew for certain the two of us have been taking shower twice daily - once in the morning and a second time in the evening. That is the norm for people in Malaysia, all the time.

I know equally well that one of the two British men has been taking showers once daily.

The fourth person, in the course of conversation, used to emphasise that there is no need for humans to bathe (or take showers) daily, and that he was taking bath only once every week!

(I have lived in Liverpool, England, while doing my Post-Doctoral Research on Nutrient Ecology with A.D.Bradshaw, the famous Professor of Ecology.

During my stay there, I have observed many locals there do not take showers daily. Instead, they would bathe once in a week or even longer periods.

This observation may not surprise you if you had read Bernard Shaw’s works, wherein he describes the bathing nature of people there.)

Anyway, the following formed the important observation:

My fellow-Malaysian and I were ‘bitten’ by mosquitoes, as if we were their primary enemies.

The Englishman who took showers daily evening was attacked to a lesser degree.

Whereas, the gentleman who took bath once a week was almost never attacked. 

He slept very comfortably, while we were beating up ourselves, in our effort to kill the mosquitoes!

This above observation gave me an insight into the behaviour of mosquitoes!

In humans, the outermost part of the skin (outer part of epidermis) dies and peels off on a daily basis, and a layer of new skin forms underneath.

(When such a thing happens in lower animals, itt is called ecdysis.)

If we take showers daily, a few layers of the skin gets removed when we apply soap and rub (or scrub), thus leaving our skin THIN.

Whereas, in those people who do NOT take a shower daily, or in those who bathe once in a week or so, numerous cellular layers are left intact on the outer side of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes really THICK.

If YOU are a mosquito, whom would you choose to ‘bite’?

(The mosquitoes have long blood-sucking mouth called proboscis.)

If the skin happens to be THIN, it would be easier for them to ‘penetrate’ the skin, reach the blood vessel, and drink the blood at ease!

If the skin happens to be THICK, it would be harder for them to reach the blood vessels.

This appeared to be the exact explanation for the differential behavioural pattern in mosquitoes.

Wanting to ascertain my hypothesis, I STOPPED taking a shower from then on, for next FOUR DAYS -  we were all still camping in the forest.

I was amazed!

My hypothesis proved to be correct!

I was ‘neglected’ by the mosquitoes, and the other two continued to be the victims.

So, I established the moral of the story:

That is, if you are ‘thick-skinned’ you will not be vulnerable to mosquito attacks.

Let us now apply the above findings to the current story related to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

She probably had a clean and thorough shower just before coming to the Assembly.

(No, I am not implying that all others in the Assembly did not take a shower before going there!)

There could be one more ecological factor related to the performance of the mosquitoes:

Skin in women are tender and THIN-TEXTURED. 
Men are naturally thick-skinned!

This could have been the second reason why the Lady Chief Minister was so desirably invaded by the mosquitoes in the Assembly hall.

If only the care-takers (‘house-keepers’) of the Assembly Hall burnt some INCENSE (Chambirni in Tamil) there - may be the previous night or earlier in the morning, the mosquitoes would have either flown away, or would have died, thus leaving the Chief Minister to concentrate in ruling the State, rather than getting her attention deviated.

Another help: The next time you eat an orange fruit, please keep the skin.

The skin can either be sun-dried, or just left in shade to dry up. Store it for later use.

Whenever you wish to DRIVE AWAY (but not kill) the mosquitoes, just burn the skin.

The skin will not burn well. It is OK. If you wish, you can use a camphor tablet to burn it. 

The smell that accompanies the little smoke will be very pleasant to humans, and is harmless.  

However, ALL the mosquitoes would fly away from the room / hall.  

You can then sleep peacefully without any disturbance from the blood suckers (and also because of the thought that you have not killed any organisms)

Suddenly, some other thought is coming into my mind:

When I went to India last time, I found nearly all the places there were infested with mosquitoes.   

The ‘current’ mosquito invasion could have occurred to remind, or bring to the attention of the Chief Minister to take serious and immediate action to eradicate the mosquitoes from the cities of of Tamil Nadu.

(I felt there is a greater and urgent need to educate the people there on methods of preventing mosquito breeding.)

OK, friends, I hope you too will protect yourself from the mosquitoes in a ‘natural’ manner rather then poisoning yourself by burning all kinds of toxic substances.

(I often tell my patients to fix mosquito nets over all their windows and entrances - that forms an effective way to keep away the mosquitoes.)

With best wishes,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.