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Thursday, November 15, 2012



(© December, 2012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan)

Have you heard the term 'Hypothermia'?

In hospitals, they reduce the body temperature of a person undergoing certain surgeries below normal - usually between 26oC and 32.5oC = 78oF and 90oF.  

Lessening it to a much lesser level than the above temperature can be fatal to the person! 

His/her body physiology can collapse, and death can become inevitable!

The main purpose of artificially reducing the body temperature in hospitals appears to be to reduce the oxygen need of the body so that surgeries can be performed at ease (Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 1985).


I toured around Northern India some five years ago. 

To Hindus, one of the most sacred activities is to bathe in the  River Ganges.

A team of us, wanting to gain entry into the Heavens after our earthly-living, reached the banks of River Ganges in the upper regions, closer to the Himalayas.

It was about 7 in the morning. A large number of like-minded people had gathered for the sacred dip there - that is the day-to-day occurrence there.

The water was chill - unimaginably chill! 'Biting' cold!!!

The climate in Malaysia is very pleasant - it is so throughout the year! 

That is one of the much desired reasons for people to choose Malaysia as their 'Second Home'.

Most people in Malaysia take their showers using the very clean tap water, gushing all the time, without altering its 'nice' room temperature.

In spite of it, I have been taking warmer showers (heated by electrically-operated heaters) all the time. 

The above being the norm for me, I decided to take a few dips in the ice-cold, freezing Ganges river.

So, I, like all the others, already shivering of the cold air, 'walked' a few steps in, held my nose with my right hand, and dipped a few times!

That was enough for me! I gave up the idea of rubbing my body to clean it up, jumped out of the gushing river water, grasped my towel I had left on the banks, dried the body, and wore my Winter clothes. 

I think, it took only a few seconds to do all the above!

However, the shivering did not stop. Some one in our team was kind enough to distribute hot coffee. Taking it was not adequate to warm up the body. 

A while later, we had some breakfast, and then all of us returned to our Hotel.

Can you imagine what had had happened next? 
At least, on the next day?

My body developed HYPOTHERMIA! 

At this, the best treatment could have been to use an Infra-Red Light over each part of my body.

That would warm up, and save me from all the miseries that had happened subsequently.

However, unfortunately, all my attempts to obtain (through my fellow-travellers) an Infra-Red Light  in the electrical shops in the city there had failed. 

I had no other choice. It appeared my body was preparing to release my soul so as to let go to the Heavens!

That could happen because, I felt, since I had not committed much sins while living all these years, probably my visit to the Heavens was getting 'speeded' up.

However, the next day, I took a flight (to Coimbatore city in the southern parts of India), getting in and out of the plane in a wheel chair. 

I was then admitted in a hospital there! 

They did countless number of diagnostic tests, and the doctors appeared to be more interested in raising my medical bill rather than correcting my body temperature.

A few days had passed by. Since all their diagnostic tools and techniques showed no sign of any disease, the doctors decided to put me through a SCANNER!

I refused, and I insisted that they should discharge me.

My friend Mr. Chandrasekar Chakravarthi (who collected the cancer-struck shells for me later - that decorated the cover page of  my  book "Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention" (published in 2010), who was taking care of me all that while, settled the hefty bill, got me out of the hospital, again in a wheel chair, transported me to the Airport, and saw me going to Kuala Lumpur.

On reaching my son's residence, I decided to treat myself with the Infra-Red Light, exposing each part of my body several times daily, for a 10-minute duration at each occasion.

I became 'NORMAL' within next three days!

However, I had lost a lot of weight while in Coimbatore, and that took a few more weeks for me regain it!!

In the meantime, another fellow-traveller, a Surgeon by profession, too developed such Hypothermia, was admitted to a hospital in Chennai, spent two months in the ward, underwent CT Scan and the like, and returned to Malaysia long later. 

He had a lot of stories to tell me! He said, I was luckier, compared to him!


OK, friends, do you know why I narrated the above real-life incidence?

That has a purpose.

I want to ask ALL of you - including the medical professionals and all other scientists involved in health-advocation, the following question:

If our body can develop and suffer of Hypothermia because of extreme EXTERNAL chillness, what do you think would happen if our INTERNAL BODY ORGANS ARE CHILLED BY IDENTICAL FREEZING TEMPERATURES?


(* I was in California USA, in 1981. I was a Visiting Professor  in San Diego State University.

Some 18 of us that included a Professor of Ecology, a Technician and 16 graduate students, went on a 'study tour',  rapid shooting through the Colorado River.

That was an enjoyable trip, canoeing our way up, for three days and two nights!

By day, we used to row, and by night, we cooked our food on the banks, and slept there within SLEEPING BAGS. 

It was very cold outside, yet, we slept well within the bags.

Naturally, in order to facilitate oxygen intake, I left a small space (hole-like) in the bag unzipped. 

Although I was quite comfortable inside the bag, I had to breath in only the COLD air through both the nights!

That must have affected my health. However, I did not realise any of the 'damages' that had occurred to my body at that time.

It was NOT a Winter then. If it was, I guess now, I would have died at that time, and my soul would have gone to Hell - for, I had not gathered the 'sacredness' by bathing in the Ganges by then! Eh!!)

Have you noticed the following day-to-day happenings in countries that experience 'ice-formations' in WINTER?

People there wear Winter clothing. Then, they go around doing their works in the freezing environment - simulating working within a cold refrigerator.

When they do so, no one appears to realise the fact that their lungs are in the process of getting 'preserved' in the intensely cold air they have been breathing in.

The above happens in addition to dehydration (i.e., loss of water)

The body's warmth, released by the burning (combustion) of the food, may not be able to protect the internal organs, lungs in particular, for a prolonged period. 

This can give rise to hypothermia or pneumonia, and can result in the death of the person!

People working for 8 hours or more in an office, especially in rooms that have large number of IT-related ectronic equipment, where they set their air-conditioners at VERY LOW temperature*, tend to suffer in many ways.

(* For no reason, many Hotels in various countries set their central air-conditioning at very, very low temperatures. Many a time, the guest will have no control over the provision. 

I had suffered numerous times, being unable to reduce or even stop the cold air that comes out of the air-conditioners in such hotels.

If you complain, they would offer extra blankets to cover your body, rather than helping to protect your lungs!

People are crazy!)

The following are few such dangers:

In the first place, the lungs would get dried up, thus losing the body water (dehydration, mentioned above).

This would then reduce the quantity of urine that should by right go out of the body carrying in it all the toxic substances and unwanted excesses (including Calcium).

Reduced urination would leave most of the above within the body, thus making the body accumulate them and become OVERWEIGHT initially, and then OBESE subsequently.

This would then turn into MORBID OBESITY (i.e., disease-related overweight).

As a result of the above, if that continues for longer periods, the body that turns giant-sized (with a ROUND, moon-shaped FACE) would have hypothyroidism, sterility (i.e, inability to reproduce children), heart-blockages and blood vessel thickenings, kidney stones, lumps, cysts, fibroid, prostate enlargement, and cancers.

You can CERTAINLY notice the following phenomena:

Observe the IT offices, where the temperatures are set at 16 or 18oC.

THIN or even SKELETAL persons joining the office, would, in a few years' time, gradually change to become overweight and obese. This happens beyond any doubt!

Only the obesity development will be observable. The diseases related to it will not be directly recognizable.  Often, these workers put the blame on some other factor as the reason. 

People tend to put the blame on the so-called 'poor food' the were consuming*. 

(* When they tell their office-mates of this, they would quickly recommend multivitamin tablets that are sold by them from some direct marketing MLM copanies! The placebo effect may help them a bit for a short while, before damaging their body physiology).

They blame themselves for their health problems - not realising the fact that it is their continued exposure to chillness that had resulted thus.   

Anyway, friends, let me WARN you!

My study, over the period of 37 years, reveals that working in cold environments that are excessively chilled by air-conditioners can be FATAL!

Recently, Government of Malaysia ruled that all the Government offices should REDUCE the air-conditioning from being very chill to a 'comfortable 25 degrees Celsius'.

On the part of the Government, this could have been a measure of thriftiness for saving unnecessary expenditure. 

However, it gave me great pleasure to note that the Staff in all the Malaysian Government departments may NOT develop morbid obesity, and they may not suffer in future as their colleagues did in the past!

Will all other countries using air-conditioners follow the footsteps of Malaysia and save their people? 

I wish, they do!



I have one more very important point to make here:

I am sure, you must have been wondering if I have abandoned our Blog.

No! I have not! 

I very much wish to keep in touch with you as long as possible. 

My long absence was due to the following reason:

You must be aware of my recent TWO publications:

1. Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention, and 

2. Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis.

The second book came out of the printers just two months ago! (It has become very popular within such a short while!)

What had happened was:

"Wavetell Mobile Mall" in Coimbatore city, India, sponsored me to give their customers a seminar on Diabetes.

I went there in July, 2012, gave them a power-point presentation, and came back to Malaysia.

They, then became much interested, and some 36 people jointly requested me to go to their city again and give them treatment for a possible cure of their diabetes.

I accepted, went there on 24 August 2012, and gave them the required treatment through a Group Therapy Programme that ran for slightly more than a month's period. 

As a result, many of them were cured of all their illnesses. 

Now, they have been insisting that I give them identical treatment to their kith, kin, and friends.

As a result, I am in the process of going to Coimbatore again next week!

This will mean that I will be away there for next one-and-a-half month, this time!

So, friends, I may not be able to put up another article until I come back to Malaysia, which may be by the middle of January, 2013.

However, if I can find time, and if there is adequate power supply* in Coimbatore, I will certainly try to publish one or two more articles during the interim period.

Therefore, may I humbly request you to bear my absence for next one or two months.

(* In Tamil Nadu, South India, their electricity supply appears much restricted. They conduct 'power-cut' for about 15 hours daily! Therefore, it becomes much harder to work with computers).

In the meantime, if you are interested, you can do one or more of the following three:

(1) Visit our NEW website "ehealingsystem.com" and see the site being under construction, and please do NOT order any books using the 'cart' and the like. This is so because, the site is still under construction, the price details are inaccurate, and nothing is confirmed.

(2) You can send e-mails to me through:   vmpalani@streamyx.com; or vmpalaniappan@gmail.com

(3) If you happen to be in Malaysia, you may want to visit any bookshop in the country, ask for my book "Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis" (RM15.00), and/or "Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevention" (RM29.90), browse through, and buy if you find them useful.

I will try to respond if I receive any mail from you.

OK, friends, 
Until we communicate next, 
With love and affection,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.