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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


(© 1998, 2008, 2010, 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Amidst Malaysian election news, there appeared in yesterday’s Malaysian STAR newspaper (The Star: Fit4Life, Sunday, May 5, 2013: pages 2-4) a very interesting cover story that dealt with the case of a bold Leukaemia patient by name Mrs. Kamakshi Subramaniam.

If is a full description of how this lady had developed a type of blood cancer called Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), in her forty-fourth year, and what are all the treatments she had undergone until now.

It may be of interest to you to read the full cover story, which can also be read in the Star Online, by clicking the following URL:

* * * * * * * * * * * *
I know this couple personally, since the days of their marriage. 

This lady, a tall, lovely, bright and brilliant girl in 1969, much interested in various forms of fine arts, and a talented instrumentalist who had mastered playing on Veenai, a string instrument, very much difficult to master, lived in Petaling Jaya.

She helped me (for no pay!) in sorting out the abundant data I had gathered for my second M.Sc. degree in Ecology. (Those were the days when computers were seen only in photographs.)

I have been sincerely thankful to her all the time, until this day!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Of course, after my second M.Sc., I did my Ph.D., then two Post-Doctoral Research works - one in Liverpool University in Nutrient Ecology, and another in the Philippines, in Toxicology.

Subsequently, I developed a great deal of interest in the area of medicine, and started doing some ecologically-oriented research, which at a later date, ended up as “Ecological Healing System”.

You can call this discipline, a branch of Naturopathy, but then, this is completely scientific. 

Every approach for the prevention and possible cure of nearly all the diseases is science-based, and is scientifically explainable. 

You can say that this is an evidence-based complementary medicine.

I have now become more or less an expert in handling cases that are often given up by medical fraternity.

I have hitherto published some 19 books in the area of this neo medicine. Three of them are worth mentioning here:

One is “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, commented as a masterpiece of the 20th century, by very eminent people of medical fraternity.

I have given clear-cut evidences to prove the true causes of obesity, and obesity-related diseases in the 471 page-book, along with methods for their prevention and curative procedures.

The second is, “The True Causes of All Diseases”, wherein I have very clearly brought out the causes / risk factors for ALL of the diseases that attack humans!

I can, without any shyness, modesty or reservation, claim that this is definitely going to fetch me the Nobel Award, soon, while I am still alive!

The third book is entitled, “Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention”.

I have discussed in this book (611 pages), in a sensible manner, the causes for 31 different types of cancers, including various forms of Leukaemias, methods for their prevention, and also the procedures for possible cures.

* * * * * * * * * * * 
It was at this time, in early 1990’s, I heard of Mrs. Kamakshi Subramaniam’s illness.

This was several years after her marriage.

I wanted to help her come out of dreaded disease. It occurred to me that I could do it.

Hence, I politely forwarded printed copies of my books to Mr. Subramaniam, hoping that he would invite me to help her.

It never happened.

* * * * * * * * * * * 
It is at this time, I read the Cover Story that has come out in The Star, yesterday.

I read it with great interest.

Mr. Tan Shiow Chin has reported in the paper, a vivid description of all the details concerning the progress of the disease, along with the treatments Ms. Kamakshi had undergone all this while.

I was not aware of all the details that are given in the Cover Story.

Now that I know, I feel like contributing some of my knowledge for the benefit of not only Ms. Kamakshi, but also to a large number of Leukaemia sufferers worldwide.

Let me sort out the details, in relation to what has been described in the Cover Story on Mrs. Kamakshi Subramaniam.

This, I write without any prejudice, and in good faith.  

I hope, Mr. and Mrs. Subramaniam would take it with some amount of appreciation for my contribution and good intention.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I would want to bring to you kind attention a small but important passage I have written in forefront of my book on cancer, which reads:

Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention
ISBN 978-967-9988-14-7
© March, 2010: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.


ALL cancers appear to be occurring
on account of the accumulation of
free calcium in the soft tissues,
because of reduced water consumption,
under-urination, rapid-eating, profuse sweating, 
avoidance of acid foods and fruits,
lack of or under-exposure to sunshine,
excessive consumption of
calcium-rich and calcium-enriched foods,
calcium supplementations and 
chronic (i.e., not stoppage of defecation, but  defecating  
slimy stools, more than once daily) constipation.

All cancers are thus essentially 
concentrated calcium within cells, 
and hence are preventable.

The Ecological Healing System provides
almost a definite cure even for some 
virulent cancers that are at Stage III,
without the use of steroids,
chemotherapy or cryotherapy,
radiations, stem cell transplants,
hormonal or anti-hormonal treatments,
nanoscale and/or genetic therapies
(including telomerase therapy),
with, or without surgery.

* * * * * * * * *

I have been repeatedly stressing in ALL my books and other publications that if a person accumulates free calcium within the body, due to:

(a) UNDER-URINATION (promoted by reduced water consumption and/or loss of body water through profuse sweating due to INTENSE SPORTS ACTIVITIES, use of fast running fans or intense air-conditioning),

(b) defecating slimy stools most of the time,

(c) consuming far too much of calcium-rich or  enriched consumables, or

(d) taking calcium supplements,

he/she will definitely grow to a BIG SIZE, which often happens to be way out of the body size of the ethnicity of the person.

More often, his/her body size will be much bigger than his/her own parents (unless, they too have accumulated such excessive calcium within their own body and have become big-sized)..

The word “big size” can refer to:

(a)  Overweight (if the calcium accumulation occurs during growth period, viz., infancy until about 50 years of age),

(b)  being very tall (if the calcium accumulation happens essentially in the teen ages of a person), or

(c)  over-sized big body (if the calcium accumulation occurs after, say, 20 years or so).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Let me infer the following WITHOUT ANY PREJUDICE, for the benefit of educating the public, with due respect to the kind-hearted Mdm. Kamakshi and her husband:


She must have become tall essentially due to her intense sports activities while her schooling period, in her teenage.

(I have observed a few girls who happened to be Marathon runners and School Captains developing blood cancers, and dying prematurely because of that. 

I have recorded this in my book on Cancer, with details.)

I infer the above in the case of Ms. Kamakshi, based on her NOT becoming a fat person later on in her life.

Calcium excesses accumulated at THAT time itself must have become the PRECURSOR for later Leukaemia.

I HAVE ALSO SEEN Ms. Kamakshi SWEATING PROFUSELY while performing musical recitals on stages.

Such a sweating is called hyperhidrosis. (see my books Obesity, True Causes of All Diseases, Cancer, Heart Problems, Diabetes books, for more information on this.)

Hyperhidrosis occurs only when a person under-urinates AFTER drinking plenty of water.

Nearly in ALL such people, under-urination becomes a HABIT of the person.

Naturally, as I have described above, if a person habitually under-urinates, he/she will certainly accumulate calcium excesses.

In other words, the earlier calcium accumulation, further enriched by later and continued accumulations, must have enhanced the furtherance of the BLOOD CANCER, that was initiated during her schooling time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Prevention procedures are very simple.

In the first place, if Ms. Kamakshi did NOT indulge in EXCESSIVELY taxing sports activities (such as Marathon runs, or similar ones), she would not have developed Leukaemia in her later years.

Then, if Mdm. Kamakshi LIBERALLY URINATED nearly all the water she drank, she would NOT have accumulated such free calcium.

(To achieve good health, her water or liquid consumption versus urine output must have stayed at 1.0
That is, all the water she takes, gets voided as urine, without allowing for its loss as perspiration - i.e., sweat). 
If Mdm. Kamakshi drank RAIN water (which is naturally ACIDIC), and urinated well, the already-accumulated calcium could have gone out of the body, as ‘leachates’, and that would have saved her fully.

While trying to decalcify with rain water, liberal urination, and the like, she should NOT have taken MILK, ice-cream, butter, ghee, etc. that are calcium-rich.

Mutton, chicken and the like are acid-producing in the body, whereas most of the vegetables are alkaline substances. (Fish, prawns, crabs, and other seafood items are very rich in calcium).

Being a family friend, I am aware that Ms. Kamakshi and all members of her family were/are pure vegetarians.

Therefore, the chances of her body getting enriched with more calcium through vegetables and vegetable soups*  cannot be overlooked.

(* All soups, whether they are made from bones and other meat items, or of vegetables such as cauliflower, beetroot, and the like, contain abundant calcium.)

In fact, the soup forms an extract of all the soluble calcium present in the vegetables.

(That is why, under normal circumstances, soups are given to  people who are recuperating after some sickness.)

Calcium enriched synthetic beverages and chocolate drinks are also not good for cancer patients.

Most of the biscuits, chocolates, over-ripe fruits (including papaya) tend to make the faeces of a person slimy, and therefore they too are not good for cancer-struck persons.

Continued slimy defecations tend to enhance the absorption of calcium (i.e., unabsorbed calcium destined to get out of the body along with the faeces) from the colorectal region.

If I may continue with my guessing about Ms. Kamatchi, she could have consumed plenty of biscuits and over-ripe fruits, and those too could have worsened the situation.

If all the above were true, avoidance of taking milk (powdered form milk*  appears to be worse, compared to cow’s milk), papaya and other over-ripened fruits, biscuits and chocolates, etc. too could have helped in the prevention of the blood cancer**.

(* Mother's milk contains 20 mg of calcium; cow's fresh milk, 120 mg., and powdered milk, depending upon the brand, anything from, say, 200 mg to 3000 mg per 100 gm.)

(** Apart from the above, I have given an elaborate method for the prevention of Leukaemia and all other forms of cancers, in my book Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
When a person under-urinates, the water that has gone into the body, for want of escapism, goes out as sweat, giving rise to hyperhidrosis - that is what I stated above. 
It doesn't stop there.

The excess water that has stagnated within the body, clogs up the breathing pores, called Alveoli, in the lungs, and that makes the exchange of air (carbon dioxide and oxygen) difficult.

In order to facilitate such an air exchange, the brain induces NAGGING COUGH.

(If you coughed against a mirror, you can see thousands of water droplets, showing that they have come from the lungs)

At each cough, some air transfuses in and out.

When such a clogging occurs rapidly and repeatedly, series of cough occur so as to facilitate continued breathing.

If brain fails to induce such a continued cough, the water-logged condition would prevent oxygen supply, resulting in migraine for a while, followed by dizziness, fainting, coma,  brain damage, and death.

We call such a ‘body-friendly’ nagging cough a disease, and try to suppress it with the use of chemical-based synthetic drugs. (I have given simple and drugless, natural curative procedure in my book "Human Diseases")

Let us recollect now, as per report, MS. KAMAKSHI, when she was 44, HAD SUCH A NAGGING COUGH, and that DID NOT RESPOND TO a few rounds of ANTIBIOTICS!

I am sure, by now, you as a Reader, should have derived the fact as why have the antibiotics failed to ‘cure’ her nagging cough.

Since the nagging cough was due to inadequate urination, and not due to any infection, it did not stop. (Even the subsequent blood test showed that there was no infection of any kind in her).

If I were the Consultant at that time, I would have completely stopped the nagging cough within a maximum of three days, simply by instructing the lady to void urine once every hour while awake, for next three days!

Anyway, the nagging cough this lady had, had nothing to do with Leukaemia!

God, probably created that in her to make them explore further so that, in the course of such detection, they would become aware of the existence of the Blood Cancer.

It appears, God wanted this lady to live long. 

After all, she has been a wonderful human being, who deserves to live long.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
At this, let me explore a little further, and evaluate the information found the Cover Story, reported in the STAR.

Under normal circumstances, if there happens to be any infection, the white blood cells tend to increase in the blood.

A continued production of large number of white cells require an abundant supply of unbound, free calcium.

When a person accumulates large quantities of free calcium within the body, it facilitates over-production of white blood cells.

(That is why, when blood tests are done in under-urinating persons, who are bound to be obese or overweight, the IMMUNITY status in them is seen as “VERY HIGH” - they will never get any virus infections at all. 

Even sore throat or common cold would not affect them.

As against this, those who urinate 10 times or more daily, end up losing even the needed calcium through such excessive urination, remain  thin, “skeletal: or ‘bony’, and become susceptible to virus infections frequently and at ease. 

They would get common cold and flu every now and then, which of course, would disappear in a day or two, even without any medication.

It is excessive calcium in the body that gives a person immunity against virus infections.)

Excess calcium if contained in the blood, it would change the alkalinity/acidity balance - the pH, and the person can die.

Therefore, we know that the hormone CALCITONIN secreted by the Thyroid gland carefully guards the calcium in the blood, and PUSHES all the calcium excesses into the LYMPH fluid.

The lymph fluid, with an abundant and over-supply of calcium, ends up becoming the source for the enormous production of white blood cells.

This ends up in Leukaemia!

At this, let me copy-paste a small excerpt from my book, “Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention” here: The following forms excepts from Chapter-2:

Chapter 2
(Literature Review)

While talking about the types of cancers, the above workers 
(Beers and his fellow workers, 2003) have the following to say:
Cancerous tissues (malignancies) can be divided into those of the blood and blood-forming tissues (leukaemia and lymphomas) and “solid” tumors, often termed cancer. Cancers can be carcinomas or sarcomas.
Leukaemias and  lymphomas are cancers of the blood and blood-forming tissues. Rather than forming a lump, they may remain as separate cancer cells.  Thus, they often harm the body by growing out abnormal blood cells in the bone marrow and blood stream, so that normal functioning cells are gradually replaced by cancerous blood cells.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

OK, do you know why and how the normal red blood cells get replaced by ‘cancerous’ white blood cells?

Let me offer my explanation:

If and when there is excessive calcium within the body, the body’s reaction turns into alkalinity.

When the pH becomes highly alkaline, any IRON mineral that has gone into the body through food, will NOT become available for the production of HAEMOGLOBIN and RED BLOOD CELLS.

So, naturally, there will be a gradual DECLINE in the production of RED cells, and the ‘space’ that has become ‘vacuum’ will now become ‘available’ for the white cells to ‘take over’.

This results in a full blast leukaemia!

* * * * * * * * * * 
Free Calcium gets FIXED, by getting converted into BONE / NAILS / TEETH, IF OUR BODY HAS ENOUGH OF VITAMIN-D.

Our body is capable of manufacturing vitamin-D, if and when we expose of body (skin) to sunshine.

(Of course, synthetic vitamin-D is taken on a regular basis by people who live in the temperate countries where there is LESS or inadequate sunshine.

That is why, they enrich even their cow’s milk with vitamin -D.

Milk produced by cows in tropical countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and the like, has naturally produced vitamin-D in it.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Children and adults beyond 65, normally do NOT expose their body to sunshine.

As a result, their body will NOT have enough of vitamin-D.

In the absence of vitamin-D, the calcium remains FREE, and NOT fixed into bones, teeth, nails, etc.

(Whereas in other people, such as the school-goers and field workers, and in all those who expose their body to at least some amount of sunshine, the FREE calcium will not stay FREE, but will turn into increased BONE mass.

That is why, in some field workers, who over-expose their body to sunshine, and who grossly UNDER-URINATE, EXTRA BONE GROWTH, called SPURS, occur!.

Such spurs are common in the bone of the feet.

This is so because, the LYMPH fluid takes most of the floating free calcium to lower parts of the body, transported downward by  the earth’s gravitational pull, where they get converted into bone, in the presence of vitamin-D.)

When the FREE calcium becomes excessive within the body of such children under 5, and older people above 65 or so, the calcium STAYS in the LYMPH NODES, and start producing White Cells there, thus giving rise to what is called LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKAEMIA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
In the case of Mdm. Kamakshi, she has Chronic MYELOID Leukaemia!


(I vaguely remember to have known that Ms. Kamatchi was a regular jogger for several years.  

I may be wrong in this. 

Ms. Kamatchi herself could vouch the validity of this statement.)

If not, she must have taken plenty of vitamin-D tablets, OR, vitamin-D enriched food items, such as, VITAMIN-D ENRICHED POWDERED MILK.

It is quite probable that she had taken too much vitamin-D enriched POWDERED MILK, for a very long period.

If not for it (i.e., vitamin-D), she could have developed benign CYSTS, FIBROIDS, Poly-Cystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, Breast Tumours, etc. and NOT the Blood Cancer as such.

The Mylogenous or Myeloid Leukaemia in this case is said to be CHRONIC, and NOT acute.

(In Acute state, the white cells are rapidly produced. Whereas, in the CHRONIC state, the progress is slow, and is long-lasting.)

The chronic condition of the cancer here should be essentially due to her constant, regular, and non-stop accumulation of the calcium excesses.

In other words, she was regular in all her “bad lifestyle habits”, and that has been favouring this kind of blood cancer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ms. Kamakshi was initially  subjected to chemotherapy, wherein they used hydroxyurea and busulfan.

I am not much of a Biochemist, and my knowledge in that area is very much limited.

However, I am aware that nearly ALL drugs used in Chemotherapy are of ACID nature.

Besides, any synthetic chemical that gains entry into the body, acidifies the body.

Drugs injected appear to produce drastic acid reactions than those consumed orally.

Thus, the acidifying drugs tend to neutralise the calcium within the body, including the bone marrow, and that helps in the reduction of white blood cell production.

However, these drugs do not provide a cure, simply because the lifestyle of the person concerned is not changed - in other words, the person keeps on adding into the body the free calcium.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
If bone marrow transplant is done, that too will, for sure, NOT help in finding a cure for the disease.

This, again, is due to the fact that the Patient continues to keep up the ‘bad’ lifestyle, without putting a full stop to the continued addition of calcium.

Mdm. Kamakshi should be considered lucky in the sense that she did not undergo the futile, expensive, troublesome and tedious treatment procedure.

Even the interferons they had in Australia (natural proteins secreted by cells of the immune system, such as the white blood cells) appear to have given Mdm. Kamakshi only a short-term relief.

Again, we should not forget the fact that Mdm. Kamakshi has not been told to change her ‘bad’ lifestyle at any time, by anybody. 

Hence, the ineffectiveness of all the treatments!

* * * * * * * * * * * * 
As a result of the drug administration, Mdm. Kamakshi is said to have developed teeth brittleness, and that had resulted in losing most of her beautiful teeth.

That proves, for sure, that the drug was an ACID, and that had dissolved away the calcium, resulting in the loss of her teeth.

(Let us remember that the teeth, similar to the bones and fingernails, is made up of calcium.)

* * * * * * * * * * *
Of late, Mdm. Kamakshi is said to have volunteered to undergo a clinical trial, wherein they want to test the effectiveness of the new and very expensive (said to cost US $ 92,000/- a year, according to Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imatinib) drug IMATINIB for the treatment of her blood cancer.

Will it be effective enough to give her a cure?

From the description of the drug, this again appears to be an ACID substance.

All the side-effects of this Imatinib drug also tend to indicate that it is an ACID substance.

As I have described earlier, ALL acid substances, even if it happens to be a one-dollar chemical, will certainly dissolve the free calcium, neutralise it, and thereby give a TEMPORARY relief from the disease progress.

I don’t doubt it.

However, I am sorry for having made the following logical conclusion about the results of this treatment:

Until this date, she has NOT been told to change her lifestyle.

In other words, on a daily basis, she has been accumulating the free calcium in an unrestricted manner, and she is bound to continue likewise until she becomes aware of what I have written here.

Such calcium will of course get neutralised by the new drug Imatinib, but only for a short while - may be for one, two or more number of years.

However, similar to all other drug-treatments she had undergone, this too will become ineffective then.

So, what is she going to do after that?

Is  she going to sacrifice again by volunteering to undergo another testing, with the use of yet another drug?

LET ME ASK MR. SUBRAMANIAM, and MRS. KAMAKSHI SUBRAMANIAM, why not you just apply what I have described as a possible curative procedure in my book “Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention”, for a change?

(I believe, Mr. Subramaniam must be having a copy of my book, since I had presented that to him as soon as it was printed, in 2010.)

That is NOT going to cost you any money, neither is going to give her any harm in any way.

Of course, if you are going to seek my consultancy, sure, I may charge a small sum for my services.

Will you do that?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
I think, people need to change their mindset to believe that Complementary Medicines can also help in finding preventive measures* for some of the serious diseases, with a lot of ease and comfort, incurring less expenditure.

(* As per Law, if I have understood it correctly, no one is allowed to use the word “cure”, while at the same time, again I believe, that there may not be any objection to using the word “prevention”.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well friends,

I am sorry for having made this article a lengthy one.

Yet, I think, it is worthwhile spending some time reading this, for it will certainly be useful to you at one time or other.

I thank you for reading this.

At the same time, I request, if you are interested in copy-pasting a part or whole of this article, kindly QUOTE MY NAME as the Author of this copyrighted article.

If you don’t, it can be easily stolen by undesirable characters.

I am sure you would realise the amount of time and energy I must have spent in doing my research during the past 38 years.  

Again, I think, I deserve a Nobel Award for this article alone!
It would be nice if some of you can bring this to the attention of the Awarding Committee... you can make it happen!

With thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.