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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


(© 2008, 2010, 2013: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan)

When a person under-urinates (e.g., 2-4 times daily) the calcium EXCESSES (i.e., what is more than the body's requirement) that are supposed to get excreted in the urine tend to stay back within the body.

Such excesses will NOT become part of the BLOOD. If they do, they will change the alkalinity (i.e., the pH) of the blood.

If and when the alkalinity (or acidity) of the blood goes too much beyond its tolerance range, people will die.

Therefore, in Nature, a hormone called CALCITONIN, secreted by the thyroid gland in the throat (hence, it is also called thyrocalcitonin), maintains the calcium content of the blood within tolerable limits. 

As a result, all those calcium EXCESSES that have accumulated within the body, which could be due to various reasons including consumption of calcium supplements, are normally disposed off through urinations.

When a person under-urinates, since the 'little' water present in the urine can remove only relatively smaller quantity of the calcium (since it cannot carry in it anything beyond its saturation point), most of such calcium excesses tend to stay WITHIN the body.

If yes, where can they stay? 

Well, the best available location is the tissues (i.e., the cells that make up the tissues / flesh / organs) present in various parts of the body. 

So, each cell receives a little of the calcium excesses and swells up (i.e., hypertrophy occurs).

This can then INCREASE the overall BODY WEIGHT of the person.

When large number of cells in ONE location accumulate such calcium, the entire location SWELLS up.

The BREAST LUMP forms a good example of this.

The tender tissues under the eyes too tend to accumulate this, resulting in the enlargement of the cells there, and that forms the eye bag.

Why should such free calcium accumulate in the eye region?

In the first place, most of the calcium excesses are carried by the LYMPH fluid to various parts of the body.

The normal BLOOD is circulated all over the body - to every nook and corner, by the pushing force created by heart's pumping action.

Unfortunately, the LYMPH fluid has no such help. It has to move from one spot to another within the body either by GRAVITATIONAL PULL (DOWNWARD), or by muscular movement to all other directions - laterally and upward!

(Of interest: The lymph flow can get impeded in people who are stagnant, without any body movement)

When a person SLEEPS for 7 or 8 hours without a PILLOW, for instance, his head is going to be at a LOWER LEVEL than the rest of his BODY and limbs.

This would drive the lymph fluid towards the head.

Thus, his BRAIN can receive such calcium excesses, and eventually give rise to BRAIN TUMOUR.

In that process, all the soft tissues in the FACE are also going to receive the calcium excesses.

The tissues under the eyes (compared to rest of the muscles in the face) are relatively very tender, and therefore, they tend to receive most of the calcium.

If the person happens to WASH his FACE very well with WATER, after waking up in the mornings (or at any time), the calcium excesses may get dispersed from THAT sight, or dislocated to other regions in the face. (and make the chin fleshy, swollen and 'hanging').

If the person does NOT wash his face, as in the case of people in TEMPERATE or cold countries (for want of hot water, since ice-cold water cannot be used for washing the face), then, the accumulations HARDEN there, and form SOLID EYE BAG structures.

The following should form the prevention or remedial measures for the Eye Bag problem:

In the first place, one should use a pillow.

It would be better if the pillow helps in keeping the head at at least in a slightly RAISED level, compared to rest of the body.

The second important thing is, one should drink about 2 – 2½ L water daily.

The crucial necessity next is, the person should definitely urinate about 8 – 10 times - nearly all the water he had taken.
Of course, avoiding taking calcium supplements unnecessarily would help a great deal.

If an eye bag has already formed, it becomes very difficult to correct it, for the soft cells would not easily allow the removal of the calcium oxalate crystal deposits.

However, if a person keeps on washing his/her face a few times daily with water, these accumulations may get disturbed at least to a slight extent, and then may get dispersed from the soft tissues to other parts of the body.

To help in the process of dissolving away the Eye Bags, or even to prevent from forming, I train my Group Therapy Participants a special technique called "Eye Massage".

One should not simply rub or damage the eyes. The Eye Massage I am referring to certainly requires some training. 

The characteristics of the Skeletal or Thin persons (Palaniappan, 2000) are such that they tend to (a) drink plenty of water, (b) urinate liberally, and (c) wash their face several times daily. 

As a result of all these, the Skeletal and Thin people living in the tropical countries almost never develop eye bags.

However, such thin people living in temperate regions may not wash their face often, and therefore, they tend to develop SMALL eye bags.

Most of the overweight and OBESE people in the temperate countries, and some such people in the tropics tend to develop eye bags, and this is essentially because of (a) under-urination that leads to calcium accumulation, and (b) not washing the face, especially in the mornings after waking up from bed.

A point worthy of noting is that the development of Obesity, Breast Lumps, Cysts, various Tumours, Hypocalcaemia and Prostate Enlargement, Cancers, Hypothyroidism, etc. are DIRECTLY related to the accumulation of excessive calcium within the body.

For more information, you may want to read my book "CANCER: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION".

I have also written on this subject in my book "The HUMAN DISEASES", and this forms one of the 101 diseases I have redefined in that book!

Well, friends, 
I hope this article is of some use to you,

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.