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Thursday, July 11, 2013


(© 2007, 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Dear Friends,

I am putting up this article in good faith, with an intention of helping the millions of suffering married men and women.

If any one of you find any part of this article, or even the entire article somewhat offensive, objectionable, or explicit, kindly let me know, with some explanations.

If your criticism is made in good faith, I will at once delete this article from our Blog, or amend it as per your suggestion.

If you find errors in the information conveyed, also please inform me, and I will be happy to adopt your ideas, with due acknowledgement to you.

Kindly note that I have written this article without any prejudice, and with a noble intention of making all married people happy.

My e-mail ID: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com


The following should be considered more of an assumption, or a hypothesis, since it is based on a small number of samples obtained through an inquiry I have been conducting at interrupted intervals during the past 38 years in the few countries I had visited.

The degree of accuracy in these explanations need not matter much for our purpose of understanding the phenomenon.

This should enlighten us on the disparity that exists between men and women:

When it comes to sexual performance, the world population could be classified into the following four groups:

1. Men and women of tropical origin,

A person born in the Tropics, whose ancestors belonged to the Tropical regions of the earth, based on their genetic makeup, will belong to this category. Even if such a person migrates in his lifetime to a Temperate zone, he is still considered a person of the Tropics. The reverse is true as well.

2.  Those of the sub-tropics,

3. People of the temperate regions, and 

4. People of the colder regions.

Irrespective of the living location, it is the ethnicity and country of origin that seem to matter most when it comes to the potentials for sexual (a) needs and (b) performances, in the manner described in Table-1:

As has already been mentioned earlier, since the  observation is based on a small sample, it would be much safer to consider this as a hypothetical assumption rather than a confirmed result/thesis: 

To repeat again, the purpose is to understand the existing phenomenon.

People often ask me as how do I know all these details. It is a very difficult question to answer.

However, a glance at the ‘acknowledgement’ recorded in the front pages of this book (i.e., Sex Problems: Causes,Cure and Prevention) would perhaps provide at least a partial answer to this important question.

(Ref: Sex Potentials:    

In a person whose prepuce is circumcised, the highly sensitive surface of the penis glans gets rubbed against the clothes all the time, and eventually loses its sensitivity. 

As a result,

(a) the sensual pleasure while stroking is decreased, but remains the same while ejaculation, and

(b) the duration of the sex act is increased, compared to the uncircumcised person’s capacity.

A sacrifice of this kind on the part of the circumcised man tends to give added pleasure to the wife.

In the absence of a prepuce, a circumcised penis will prevent the accumulation of dirty exudations (such as smegma, which starts emiting foul odour after getting invaded by the air-borne bacteria called Mycobacterium smegmatis), and the day-to-day cleansing becomes easier.)

Table-1: The sex potentials (capacity) of a male and the needs of a female in relation to their place of origin:

People of the Tropics
All these men tend to have instantaneous erection, and wood-like rigidity. In coitus, they last only for a short while: e.g. about 2 minutes or so.

They require continuous stroking for a duration of about 4 minutes to get their orgasm. Further strokes give them multiple orgasms, almost every subsequent minute.

People of the Sub-tropics

Men have erection on some stimulation. They have good rigidity as well. In coitus, they can last for 4 minutes or so.

The women of this zone tend to require about 8 minutes for their first orgasm. They too will get their multiple orgasms on additional strokes.

People of the Tempe-rate regions

Men require intense stimulations through dancing, hugging, kissing, alcoholic drinks, etc. for an erection. Yet, their organ will be flaccid, and not rigid. In coitus, they may last for 6 minutes or so.

They may require 12 min to get their first orgasm, and multiple orgasms on additional strokes, but with difficulty. (Conservative women do not know that men of Tropics have strong, erect and rigid penis. Liberated women having had sexual unions with men from different regions, tend to prefer the rigidity and erection of Tropical men)

People from colder regions

Men will require tremendous effort to get stimulated. All aspects will be worse than those of the temperate origin. Once aroused, they may last for about 8 minutes.
Occurrence of female orgasm will be an almost impossible event. If it did, it may take more than 16 minutes. (Women in this region would not have even heard of multiple orgasms)

The above variations are essentially due to the climatic factor.

Men originating from the hot climates tend to have quick erection, high rigidity and short span for coital action

Whereas, those belonging to the cold climate:

(a)  require a lot of stimulus for initial erection,

(b)  do not have high rigidity, and

(c) they could last in coitus for a much longer period.

Unfortunately, in all the cases, women appear to require relatively a prolonged time span, approximately twice as much as men, to get their orgasms.

As a result of this disparity, most of the women do not seem to get orgasm in their marital lives.
Practically all men realise their short-lived erection, and most of them go in search of available aphrodisiacs.

However, this is in search of prolonging their own pleasure rather than to offer orgasmic pleasures to their partners, for they are almost never aware of their mates' disappointments.

Very often these aphrodisiacs do not contribute much to the consumers.

The reason for this will be discussed elsewhere in this book.

Let us evaluate the results of some hypothetical cases of inter-zonal marriages (Table-1).

If a man of the tropical origin (e.g., an Indian) marries a woman of the temperate origin (e.g., a European), she would certainly enjoy his quick erection and rigidity, but would be disappointed when it comes to the short duration of his performance and related inability to attain orgasm.

She would end up in frustration

In reality, such a frustration would erupt straight away only if the woman concerned had some previous sex experience with two men coming from different zones.

Otherwise, she would not know the difference, and may take it to granted that inadequacy is what the norm is.

She would otherwise consider that the man in this case is ‘short-lived’, or label him as having ‘pre-mature ejaculation’.
When the situation is reversed, i.e., if a man from the temperate zone marries a female from the tropics, she would be disappointed with the lack of erectile rigidity and penile strength.

Since the coital action will be prolonged compared to group I and II men, she would probably feel somewhat satisfied, for she would most probably attain her orgasm.

However when one looks at the situation, in Nature, one thing that stands out universally is, that ALL MEN ARE ‘SHORT-LIVED’** WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUAL PERFORMANCE, AND ALL WOMEN REQUIRE PROLONGED COITUS FOR THEIR FULL SATISFACTION.

It is because of this disparity, with almost no exceptions*, practically ALL WOMEN OF ALL THE ZONES ON THIS EARTH ARE BOUND TO BE DISSATISFIED IN THEIR NORMAL SEX LIVES.

As a result, all the women tend to suffer in silence, for they wouldn't want anyone to assume or label them that they are hyper-sexed.

(* The few exceptions, viz., the 2% of women in the Asian countries who are sexually satisfied, do so only with the use of vibrators, or other foreplay methods of their partners, and most probably, not through straight sexual conjugations).

(** REF: SHORT LIVED, seen above:

Several years ago, a short and well-built man aged 28, whom I could now recognise as of Obesity Type III, came to my Ecohealth clinic in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The purpose of his visit was to get rid of the psoriasis he had in some parts of the body.

During the process of tracing his life-style, he proudly presented the following information, which I think is worthy of inclusion here:

Still being single, he has been ‘experimenting’ to harden his penis for the past 12 years in the following manner: 

He made a hole in his wooden bedstead and cotton mattress, and daily night, he would insert his penis into it, and would hang a stone tied to his erect penis.

He would continue to be in such a state for varying times, anything between 10 minutes to an hour.

Subsequently, he would masturbate by hand and would sleep.

Along with time, he has been increasing the weight of the hanging stone, that, he could bear much heavier weights when he came to see me.

 I did not examine his penis.

However, he explained to me that it has become very much hardened, and had developed tough tissues around.

About a year earlier, he went to a neighbouring country on a tour, and had engaged a prostitute.

In spite of a much prolonged sex act that lasted for more than an hour, he never came, and the woman was exhausted.

At the end, she praised him for his wonderful capacity.

This man felt very proud when he described all these details, not realising the fact that she would have hated him for spoiling her subsequent business for the day.

     I suggested that he should stop this practice altogether, since it may do him a great deal of harm than good.

Anyway, I never saw him again.       

     This man was lucky that he did not suffer any serious injuries. 

I am of the strong opinion that no one should try this, as this is bound to injure the internal tissues and cause havoc to any healthy sexual relationship later. 
The entire life may get spoiled.

God had created the penis with tender and soft tissues.

HE has a definite purpose in keeping it this way.

Man should not play with Nature’s set up.

Within limits, there are ways for prolonging the coital act, which will be discussed in the forthcoming pages.)

If a ‘liberated’ woman, who has already experienced orgasm earlier with another man, marries someone who could not give her the same, and if the woman points out to him about his sexual inadequacy, he gets psychologically upset, and irreparable damages could occur to his egoism.

He may even lose his potency, and in extreme cases, such a man may become impotent for the rest of his life.

This is what we call ‘erectile dysfunction’.
(There are a few more causes that can bring about such dysfunction in men). 

Or else, he may not want to have sex again with the same woman for fear of ‘premature’ ejaculation.

In the final analysis***, one can realise that practically all men, with rare exceptions, have only ‘premature’ ejaculation all the time. In other words, the so-called ‘pre-mature’ ejaculation is in fact the ‘norm’ for almost all men. 

However, some of these men develop some special techniques to overcome the shortcoming, while others suffer psychological set backs, for want of such a capacity. 

(*** When a man experiences ‘pre-mature’ ejaculation, he feels that something had gone wrong in his body.

In dire need, he tries all sorts of available legal and illegal methods.

When none of them works, he consults medical professionals.

 Allopathic practitioners often recommend vitamins and minerals.

To some, they may even prescribe a recently introduced drug, which is said to create an enormous amount of desire and potency to the consumer, besides being associated with several undesirable and serious side-effects.

Most of the indigenous medical practitioners take advantage of the situation, and blame the person’s ‘self-abuse’ during his youth as a causative reason for the shortcoming

Without exception, all the ‘patients’ readily accept their mistakes of such self-abuses.

Masturbation is what is referred to as self-abuse here.

Then, the advocates, in spite of they themselves experiencing such pre-mature ejaculations, give their ‘patients’ some herbal concoctions to correct the situation.

The extent to which such preparations help the sufferer remains a secret, for these people do not want to reveal to the public that they have a problem related to the so-called premature ejaculation.

In the viewpoint of such a sufferer, most of the men, with very few exceptions similar to him, have very good potency, and can last very long in their coital performance.

Most men end up believing that the ‘hour-long’ coitus they see in blue films are real.)

(The truth is that, such films are made over a period of a month or more.

The ‘actors’ – pornographic male movie stars too are short-lived.

So, they ‘shoot’ the film over several coital acts, performed repeatedly. Later they edit it so as to make it appear as if it is one prolonged act. That is all to it).

The suffering man readily accepts that he has to blame himself for the abuse at his teenage.

Thus, he continues to live searching all the time a magical remedy for his loss.

Unfortunately, he does not know that there could hardly be any individual male who had not masturbated during his youth, and that the prolonged sex acts seen in blue films were edited material, filmed over a period of several months, and not at one stretch.)

How do some such men overcome the situation? 

Further, if all men are sexually inadequate in comparison with their mates, then how do the remaining women (e.g., 55% in USA, and 2% in under-developed countries) get their orgasmic pleasure?

The answers to these two questions would certainly solve all the problems men face in this area, and would pave a way for practically all women to get what they rightfully deserve as human beings. 

The clitoris has been identified to be an important organ that is responsible for giving a woman her orgasm. Stimulation of this would result in giving her the orgasm. 

The positioning of the female organ is such that the stimulus automatically occurs while in coitus*
(*  Some men use vibrator to help their wives in this regard)

Without such stimulation if the seminal fluid is discharged into the woman that would still fertilise her to bear a baby****. 

This is how and why a woman end up reproducing a large number of children even without experiencing the orgasmic pleasure.

If the wife experiences the orgasmic pleasure even once or twice, she would then automatically pour out a lot of pre-coital secretion

This would enhance the sex act a great deal.

There will not be any more painful coitus, neither would they require the aid of any form of artificial jelly.

If the couple continue this method for sometime, then they would themselves develop some understanding.

As a result, both partners would attain their orgasms at the same moment.

This would be very gratifying to both partners, mentally as well as physically.

If this happens, a wife would never ever complain of headaches, overwork or body pains as excuses for avoiding sexual relations.

In fact, she would look forward to the bedtime, almost every night.

A marriage based on such fulfillment will almost never break.

A man need not feel any more that he has inadequacies in him.

When one reads this explanation, his life together with his wife's will become more complete and satisfactory.

It is to this end, the sculptural depictions of sexual performances have been presented to the innocent public in the temples of India, Nepal, and few other countries. 

At this stage, one may wonder as why should men attain orgasm much earlier than women? 

If it is universal, then, it should have relevance to the process of evolution and the like.

A forthcoming chapter provides an answer to this question.

   In the meantime, disparity in sex potentials occurs between men of the same kind and of the same environmental background.

Among women too, such differences occur.

The next chapter deals with appropriate explanations related to inter and intra-variations found in Nature.

My next article in this series will be on the "Disparity in Sex Potentials Among Men and Women", which I may post in a day or two.

OK, Friends,

I hope this article with a lot of original thoughts and findings is some use to you in giving you peace of mind.

Men should feel comfortable about their physique, and women should not think that their husbands have some form of impotency.

It is all there in Nature!

It is all in your hands to improvise and improve upon what is available for a happy married life.

Bye until then,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.