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Sunday, October 6, 2013



(© 6 October, 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I have reported the findings of my long-term study in the area of Ecological Healing System*, in my book “OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE AND PRENTION (1998: 471pp. ISBN 967-9988-05-8) on all the above.

(*which is an evidence-based scientific alternative medicine that comes under the umbrella of Naturopathy.) 

Anyone wanting to understand or treat any of the problems related to menopause, should first understand clearly the dynamics of menopause.

I have vividly explained the above in my book “SEX PROBLEMS: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION” (2007; 224pp. ISBN 978-967-9988-11-6).

The following is the basic truth:

Any part, organ or function of the body will become vestigial (or useless), if left unused for a prolonged period.

In the process of evolution such a period may take millions of years.

When it concerns body functions, it may take just two months.

Ear lobes, tail bone, free ribs, appendix, etc. are examples of such vestigial organs related to the evolutionary process.

Addictions to cigarette smoking, drugs, coffee, dependency for even certain medications such as laxatives and supplements are examples of the second kind related to body functions.

I have traced that even the use of several medications such as insulin substitutes for type-2 diabetes management, hypertensions, etc. are also of the latter category.

A continued supply of insulin medication will induce a semi-permanent cessation of insulin production by the beta cells in the pancreas.

This forms a short-term loss of one of the body functions.

Clinically, I have succeeded, time and again, reversing these conditions, which tend to take about two months.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
The development of menopause in women (or even male menopause) appears to have direct relationship to a few important factors.

Regular sex relations (resulting in female orgasm, most of the occasions) tends to make a woman’s body secrete the female hormone oestrogen in good order*.

(* If a man has a regular ejaculation of the seminal fluid, his body would keep on producing the semen until very late age, even in his eighties or nineties. If he abstains from it totally, his body may cease semen production even in his forties or so.)

If such satisfactory sexual unions continue all the time, from the age of, say, 20, 25, or so, her menstruations too would continue to occur in an unimpeded manner, even in her sixties.  

On the other hand, even if a woman happens to be in good health, if she refrains from having regular sex (to the extent of having orgasm), or totally abstains from any kind of sex related activities, for want of a demand, the oestrogen secretion would decline, and eventually prematurely cease, affecting her menstrual cycle even in her early forties.  

This would then result in early menopause.

The above appears to be the cause for many of Nuns in churches developing menopause even in their thirties.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
Another equally important cause that appears to be responsible for the cessation of menstruations appears to be the accumulation of excessive calcium within the body of the woman.

Needless to point out that adequate quantity of good quality blood is a must in a woman’s body for the regular occurrence of menstruations.

Mineral iron, available from food sources, is vital for the formation of red blood cells.

If the body fluids happen to be in an alkaline state, the iron mineral from the food will not get properly absorbed, resulting in the loss of the unabsorbed iron through defecations (as part of the faeces).  

Calcium is alkaline.

Nearly all food items contain calcium, in varying quantities.

Human body is well adapted to absorb the required quantities of calcium meant for the building of bones, teeth, nails, and nearly all parts of the body, again, to varying levels.

In fact, it is common knowledge that more than two-thirds of the calcium present in the vegetable matter eaten is simply thrown out in an unutilised state, through defecations.

It is because of such calcium, the faeces tends to be in an alkaline state.

Further, any calcium excess that has gone into the body (from liquids consumed, for example), gets thrown out of the body through urinations.

However, problems tend to arise under the following three circumstances:
(1) If a person under-urinates, such calcium excesses will not get removed, and that would result in continued accumulations of calcium to enormous quantities – even beyond the body’s tolerance limit to hold it.,

(2) If the faecal matter in the colo-rectal part of the digestive tract happens to get acidified, the ‘locked-up’ calcium would get released, and the cells at the colo-rectal lining would absorb such freed calcium, thus increasing the quantity of the unwanted calcium excesses within the body, again beyond the tolerance capacity of the body*;

(* In fact, it is this calcium that is absorbed by the adenomatous cells in the lining of the colo-rectal regions  that gives rise to cancer there - see my book "Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention") 

(3) Needless to highlight that when people consume mega doses of calcium supplements (in the form of tablets, for example), the body would end up receiving unbearable amounts.   
Calcitonin – the hormone that is secreted by the thyroid gland located at the throat would control the quantity of calcium that should be present in the blood serum.

In the process of such a management, the calcium excesses tend to get transferred into the lymph fluid, which would then leach it out through the kidneys, to form part of the excreted urine.

Again, unfortunately, if the woman happens to be under-urinating, these excesses too are bound to stay within the body – thus increasing the calcium overload to enormous extents.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
A few major problems appear to occur to due to such excessive calcium accumulations within the body.

(1) These calcium excesses, for want of a store house, end up accumulating within the cells of the soft tissues that make up different organs in the body.

Breast tissues in women appear to consist of such tender tissues.

Further, the milk forming tissues in the breasts, called the Lacticiferous ducts, are designed to scavenge and suck all available free calcium so as to manufacture milk for the baby.

Being prone to absorb calcium, these ducts end up as store houses for retention of the accumulated calcium, even if the woman has not become pregnant.  

This then gives rise to lumps.

Upon continued calcium absorption, such cells enlarge further, split several times to accommodate fresh calcium inputs, and end up being breast cancers, necessitating lumpectomy or mastectomy.

(2)  When ALL the cells in the body begin to store the calcium excesses, the entire body becomes much heavier, and also enlarged, resulting in overweight and ‘giant-sized’*.

(* That is why obese women often have erratic menses, and early menopause). 

When the sequence continues, the body develops morbid obesity, with all the major diseases, including thickening of the blood vessel walls, resulting in atherosclerosis, heart blockages, and related heart attacks and/or strokes.

The development of kidney stones (renal calculi), and prostate enlargement in men, etc. appears to have the same origin as well.

(3) The erythrocyte (red blood cells, RBC) production – the replacement for the regularly dying RBCs, gets impeded, owing to the alkaline pH caused by the calcium excesses.

This would then interfere with the menstruation flow and cycle, resulting in erratic menses.

When the calcium accumulation reaches a level that is beyond the body’s tolerance limit, the menstruation can totally cease to occur, giving rise to menopause*.

(* Calcium excesses appear to suppress the oestrogen production.

The body of perfect-looking healthy girls, with optimum calcium, seem to be producing optimum quantity of oestrogen,  

On the other hand, calcium deficiency in men and women appear to be increasing the production of male sex hormone - androgen, thus making them hypersexed.

Anyway, all these observations need confirmation by further research in this area.)
*  *   *   *   *   *  
Thus, the development of menopause itself is related to (1) abstaining from sex relations, and (2) excessive calcium accumulation within the body.

Whereas, the development of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, stone diseases, osteoporosis, etc. are NOT directly related to menopause at all

For certain, all of them seem to be the direct results of excessive calcium accumulation within the body.

At this, one may want to ask another question:

Why do, most of the time, to statistically significant extent, women get massive heart attacks only AFTER menopause, and not before?

Likewise, why do, most of the time, again to statistically significant extent, women get cancers AFTER the menopause, compared to pre-menopausal stage?

The above question may also be relevant when it comes to the development of osteoporosis in women.

The following would explain the phenomenon:


This process regularly eliminates most of the calcium excesses.

One month’s calcium excesses get thrown out of the body in that month’s menstrual fluid, thus keeping the calcium content in the woman’s body constantly at a tolerable level.

In other words, even if the woman refrains from liberal urination, most of the calcium excesses tend to get eliminated through the menstrual fluids, and that keeps a fertile woman safe from getting cancers, cardiovascular, and stone diseases.
*   *   *   *   *   *
I have explained, again vividly, in my book “MENSES, MENOPAUSE, AND OSTEOPOROSIS” (2012), all about Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, which is said to be an auto-immune disease, is often left without any proper explanation.  

The following is MY finding, which I have reported in the above book:

Let us consider the case of a fertile woman who has been urinating liberally daily – say, 8 times in 24 hours.

It is impossible for any one to keep an account of the calcium intake.

As a result, most of us (except for the poor) are bound to consume more calcium than is needed for the well-being of the body.

Such calcium excesses get eliminated in two ways in a fertile woman: 1. Through liberal urination, and 2. through the regular menstruations.

If a menstruating woman under-urinates, half of the calcium would stay within her body, and THAT too would get out along with the menstrual fluid with the remaining half.

If and when a UNDER-URINATING woman develops MENOPAUSE, calcium losses will NOT occur at all! 

As a result, the accumulation processes of the excesses would keep on progressing.

When such progress reaches a level that is BEYOND the TOLERANCE LIMIT of the body (that can result in cancer and death), the brain produces various ACIDS* that would DISSOLVE the calcium excesses that are present in various parts of the body, and help in their removal.

During the above process, the calcium from the bones, teeth, and fingernails too get withdrawn, thus giving rise to OSTEOPOROSIS.
(*Similar to lactic acid secretion when muscular cramp due to impeded blood circulation occurs at the leg, for example)

In other words, even Osteoporosis forms a way by which the excessive calcium from the body gets thrown out.

 Unfortunately, people hitherto appear to have mistaken this process as a loss of the ‘wanted’ calcium.

Based on this misunderstanding, they tend to prescribe calcium supplements to the menopausal women, which in fact, deteriorates her by further damaging her physique by giving her cancers, cardiovascular and stone diseases, and also intensify her osteoporosis.
*  *  *  *  *   *
From all of the above explanations, it should be clear by now that all these major diseases are NOT directly related to menopause, and that menopause and osteoporosis themselves, similar to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, are the results of excessive calcium accumulation due to (a) under-urination, (b) acidification of the faecal matter by bacteria when the latter turns slimy, and (c) calcium enriched eatables and supplementations.

*   *    *   *    *   *  
Well, friends,

I hope you will find the above article – my original one, extremely useful.

Since I became somewhat over-occupied running my two Group Therapy programs in Kuala Lumpur, I could not write anything for our Blog here.

(In addition, I have just finished writing my NEXT book for publications. Please allow me to keep the title of the book a secret for another short while.)

My Group Therapy program begins on Sunday, 13 October, 2013.

I have put up some information in this regard in my FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Palani  

If interested, please visit the above, and get to know the details. This time, it is going to be held in Tamil language. (The next one, to be held in Coimbatore city, India, too will be in Tamil.)
My next Group Therapy program in ENGLISH will be held only by the second week of January, 2014.
Of interest, MALAYSIAN MINISTRY OF INFORMATION HAS PURCHASED 500 PRINTED COPIES of my books entitled ‘DIABETES: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION” and the latest one “MENSES, MENOPAUSE, AND OSTEOPOROSIS’, for distribution to all the 500 national libraries in Malaysia.

That had made me very happy, indeed!

Well friends,, until I come up with another article here, bye to you all.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani.
Please Note:
The above article and ALL my findings I have hitherto reported in this BLOG may soon get recognized by the World Health Organization. Then, these may become totally acceptable to all.
Until then, these are NOT intended to replace, dictate, or define evaluation by a registered practitioner of Western medicine.