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Tuesday, October 22, 2013



(© November, 2013: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I read a news recently in the Press (The Star: Star Metro: Events: p.14, Friday, 18 October, 2013) that said “Breast cancer afflicts men too”.

Even before we can understand the breast cancer problem faced by men, we should, in the first place, know how and why women get it.

Practically the entire medical fraternity is still puzzled not knowing the exact cause that lies behind the formation of breast lumps and cancers*.
(* If that is known, then, all those can be reversed to restore perfect health in the person)

As it is, it appears that the only way to handle it is to dissect the lump or the cancer out from breast, and burning or charring away the healthy adjacent tissues, with the following false belief.

Everybody keeps imagining that the cancer as such is a collective formation of some kind of SPECILAISED cells that are NOT created by God or Nature, but by some UNKNOWN, MYSTERIOUS source - the causative factor.

Does it not sound funny?

Numerous so-called ‘culprits’ are listed as ‘risk factors’ for the development of cancers.

Let me ask this question:

If a healthy person is subjected to all possible risk factors that are listed by researchers, will that woman (or man) develop breast lumps or cancers?   

I do not think this can be achieved, with any number of human volunteers.

It is so because, the so-called risk factors, for most part, in real terms, are NOT the true causative factors for the problem!

I often used to say the following when people ask me question as why the medical fraternity, in spite of spending huge amounts of money, energy, manpower, and the like, is still not able to detect the real cause for cancer.

Let us say that the true cause is written in a copper plate, and is buried in the SOUTH Pole.

The medical fraternity, and all related researchers, will NOT find it for next million years, if they keep on digging the earth in the NORTH pole!

On the other hand, it so happened that I dug just the surface in the South Polar region, and to my luck, perhaps blessed by God, I found the answer!
I am only ONE INDIVIDUAL, as opposed to a million worldwide! 
In this case, does the number matter?

The following is the finding, which I have already been repeatedly telling through all my articles and books.

I pray, some one in the World Health Organisation reads THIS, and reads my books and publications, so that all the sufferers world-wide can be saved from dying of cancers and related miseries.

*   *   *   *   *   *
The following simple experiment would reveal and confirm the truth that lies behind the development of breast and nearly all forms of cancers:

Gather a few human volunteers, willing to die to save humanity*.

Even a small number would do. There can be a total of about 80 people: 40 women and 40 men, all aged between, say, 30 and 50 or so.

Half of them can be in the Control Group, and the other half can be subjected to experimentation.

(* I have voluntarily done some experiment in 1910, developed a benign abdominal tumour in my body, raised it in to a 12.5 c.m. ‘ball’, maintained it as a benign structure, and then had it surgically removed at Selayang Government Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.
I have evidences for all the above – in the form of Hospital Records, and also have an authentic video recording of the surgical procedure.
In due course, at the right time, I will post / publish them.)

Let the all the Volunteers lead a guided ‘healthy’ lifestyle, split them into TWO groups at random, let one be a Control Group, and the other, Experimental.

Subject all members of the Experimental Group alone to the following:

Give them CALCIUM supplementations, in the form of tablets, say 10,000 mg daily*.
(A small addition of Magnesium would do a better job. Yet, never mind about this at this occasion.)

Let them take 2,500 mg of the calcium tablet with breakfast, same with lunch, at teatime, and with dinner again, making up the total of 10 thousand milligrams*.


(*Mother’s milk contains just 20 mg of Calcium, per100 ml.
Cow’s milk has 120 mg.
All eatables contain some amount of calcium. They can range anything from about 5 mg, or so to about 1000 mg, or so.
Often sea food tends to contain plenty of it.
Men require about 450 - 500 mg daily; women, about 500 - 550 mg, and children about 900 – 1,000 mg daily.

The little extra for women is to compensate the calcium loss through menstrual fluids, at monthly intervals.

Anything more than the above forms the EXCESS.

Under normal circumstances, the urine, voided about 8 times daily, removes such excesses, and keeps the body in a healthy state.

When people consume MORE of the calcium-containing foods, such as vegetables, the brain controls calcium absorption at the intestinal level, and pushes the excesses out as part of the faecal matter, as ‘locked-up’ unutilsed calcium. 

That is why the faeces is alkaline most of the time.)

The Control group should  NOT be given the 10 thousand mg of Calcium.

Apart from the EXTRA Calcium, the Experimental Group should be given a total of only FOUR glasses (1 L) of LIQUIDS daily (e.g., 2 glasses of water + 2 glasses of apple juice and/or orange juices.)

whereas, the Control Group should be given EIGHT glasses (2 L) of ONLY water, and NOT juices of any kind.

The Experimental Group should be regulated to urinate about FOUR times daily, whereas the Control should be urinating EIGHT times daily*.

(* To be more scientific, the water/liquid intake and the urine output can be measured accurately to see the Input/Output Ratio.
It would be about 1.0 to 1.2 or so in the Control Group, whereas, the Ratio would be about 1.5 – 2.0, or so. in the Experimental)

Apart from the above two, viz., glucose and water consumptions, ALL OTHER treatments and variables, whether that be the kind of food eaten, or exposure to pollutants and toxic substances, sleeping hours, and the like SHOULD BE EXACTLY IDENTICAL TO BOTH GROUPS.

Based on my earlier observations, I firmly believe that THE ABOVE experiment WOULD CERTAINLY GIVE RISE TO some form of CANCER to members of the Experimental Group.

Some 80% of the people may get it.

It is quite probable that only an insignificant number of people, which could be just 2 – 5% of the people in the CONTROL GROUP, would get any one of the cancers. 

If such a result comes out of the experiment, it would then become clear that IT IS THE ACCUMULATION OF EXCESSIVE CALCIUM AND GLUCOSE (Carbohydrates for tissue growth – for the growth of the so-called cancer cells) that are the EXACT culprits for giving rise to cancers.

At this, one may want to ask another question:

Why is it that the Calcium excesses and Glucose excesses do not form only ONE KIND of cancer in ONE organ?

If the causes are identical, why so many different kinds of cancers?

The following could form the answer:

Calcium and glucose get STORED in SOFT tissues.

Such storing can occur in any organ that has soft tissues.

The breast tissues, by nature, already have Lacticiferous tissues that are designed to scavenge and suck free dissolved calcium and glucose from the LYMPH fluid and blood, in order to synthesize milk to feed the baby.

If THAT calcium and glucose are NOT utilized as it happens in the case of a woman who has not given birth to a baby, then, such excesses stay there in those soft tissues, harden, and turn into lumps initially, and upon increased additions of the two substances, turn cancerous*.
(Endometriosis has the same aetiology) 
Further calcium increases, for want of extra storage spaces, result in the development of cancers in other, nearby or remote organs within the body.

Thus, it should be understood that cancers do NOT spread at all*.

(*The truth is that there is NO such thing as “CANCER CELL”.
Therefore, destroying good tissues from spreading of cancer, with the use of either chemical poisons or radiations, does not appear to make any sense, and it tends to form only some kind of mockery.)
Do you know why some women get cancer in the left breast, and some others in the right?

I have the correct answer for it:

The lymph fluid carries the calcium (and possibly the glucose) excesses to the breast regions.

If a woman sleeps for most part of the night (all the time) on her left side, her left breast would receive all the free calcium.

This is so because, the lymph fluid simply flows downward, drawn by the earth’s gravitational pull.

The reverse also is true.

If the woman happens to sleep on her right side all the time, her right breast gets the lump and cancer.

In my clinical practice, I have encountered, countless number of times, this phenomenon to occur.

If you have any doubt, you can pose a question to find the answer from any of the women who has breast lump or cancer.

You will find it as an undeniable truth!

When it to comes to the development of cancer in the Prostate Gland in men, again, the prostate gland is designed to scavenge and suck all available water-dissolved, free calcium for the purpose of synthesizing semen.

If a man does NOT ejaculate the semen at regular intervals, and IF HE UNDER-URINATES (thus preventing the removal of the calcium excesses through urinations), and also consumes calcium-rich fruit juices and soups (that are calcium extracts of vegetables or bones, for example), calcium accumulations in the soft tissues that make up the prostate gland can reach to very high levels.

That can then give rise to enlargement of the gland (hypertrophy) initially, and then to cancer (hyperplasia).
Prostitutes appear to be getting cervical or vaginal cancer.
Do you know why this happens? 
The semen contains abundant absorbable calcium in it.
When semen is ejaculated into the vagina, the lining there absorbs the calcium rapidly.
Since prostitutes are bound to receive seminal fluids several time daily, and since that process goes on daily for a prolonged period, the excessive calcium absorbed gives rise to vaginal or cervical cancer to them.
If the calcium excesses happen to be present in the lymph fluid for prolonged periods, then the person would develop LYMPH cancer*.

(* If a person habitually keeps on eating heavy LATE-NIGHT (say, after 10.00 p.m.) dinners all the time, consisting of either calcium-rich seafood, dairy products or vegetables, due to cessation of the peristalsis action of the intestine, the food tends to STAGNATE at various locations along the intestine until the peristalsis is resumed in the following mornings.)

The calcium contents in such stagnated foods may get into the lymph fluids, and get dried up here and there, thus forming CRUSTS and DRIED-UP DEPOSITS of calcium along the lymph ducts.

These tend to form cancers of the lymph ducts and lymph nodes.

If the excessive calcium comes from the stuck-up faecal matter (for a prolonged period) that has turned into slimy acid substance, at the colo-rectal region, then, the person gets COLO-RECTAL CANCER.

Often, HABITAUAL LATE-NIGHT diners tend to get ACID REFLUX. 

This can become worse if their food contains too much of oil (e.g., deep-fried items).

This can happen due to the cessation of peristalsis action during late nights, as well as the sleeping (lying flat) posture of the body.

Using a low-level pillow, or sleeping without a pillow can worsen the problem.

Due to all the above, habitual late-night diners tend to facilitate the absorption of calcium by the glandular cells in the gullet.

That can give cancer in the oesophagus.

If excessive calcium-carrying urine gets stagnated all the time / kept habitually in the urinal bladder for prolonged periods, the bladder would get cancer there.

If a person (in whom excessive calcium habitually accumulates all the time) exposes his body to excessive SUNSHINE, or if happens to take synthetic vitamin-D orally, he would then develop BONE cancer, for the free calcium excesses would get FIXED in the bone.

If not for it, then the BONE MARROW would get cancer in it.

When a person’s gullet (oesophagus) gets damaged / eroded due to acid formation during high fever, for instance, the lining there – the adenomatous cells – tend to secrete thick ALKALINE PHLEGM consisting of calcium there.

This happens in order to soothe and protect the injured lining of the gullet.

Thus, in nature, the body appears to produce slimy calcium-based, phlegm-like substance whenever a wound occurs in any part of the body.

Open wounds do get such white protective secretions – often formed by the death of the white cells that come there to combat  invading infectious microbes.

Somewhat similar to the above phenomenon, if a person injures his lung tissues by smoking, the irritation caused induces the secretion of such a calcium-containing phlegm.

That is why smokers tend to cough and spit phlegm all the time.

If such injuries and irritations are continued for a prolonged period, say, several years, then, the secretion of the phlegm containing abundant calcium becomes regularized.

This calcium may accumulate in the tissues of the lungs and give rise to cancers there – the pulmonary calcifications initially, and then the cancer.

In fact, if a wound happens to persist in any part of the body for a very prolonged period, the same phenomenon occurs and gives rise to cancer there.

If a person sleeps without any pillow, or with low-level pillow whereby the head is rested below the level of the body, then, the free water-dissolved calcium can flow through the LYMPH ducts to the BRAIN, and form BRAIN TUMOUR there initially, and cancer at a later stage.

Cancers normally do NOT occur in the muscles of the legs or arms.

The reason for this is that calcium accumulations normally do NOT occur in such locations.

Yet, the rare cancer cases (in this part of the body) should be due to calcium accumulations due to some factor.

May be, the person could be wearing extremely tight briefs all the time, thus enhancing the stagnation of lymph-borne calcium in such regions, and thereby the development cancers there.



I will soon put it up this as an e-book in the Internet, either in my Website, or as an Amazon.com book.

Dear Friends,

The above information is based on my 38 years of research in the area of Ecological Healing System - a Scientific, Evidence-based Alternative medicine I have discovered.

The information I have presented here is completely NEW to the world.

This has not been told by anybody, in any part of the world, in any language, and at any time!
In the meantime,

I beg all of you as my dear friends, to:
(a)  Keep an eye on people who are going to steal my knowledge by way of plagiarism. 

Often, such ‘thieves’ tend to publish their papers as if it is their own original discovery/ findings., watch other researchers publishing this information (my findings) in bits and pieces here and there,


(c) Also inform me that such a publication has come out, so that I too can correct them on the reality of things.

(This kind of activities are bound to happen in the near (or far) future, for ALL I HAVE REPORTED ARE THE TRUTH – undeniable truth, and therefore, anyone in the process of researching is bound to get identical results.

Some of them could be really unaware of my publications. Yet, I deserve the status of being the FOUNDER of these facts – Thanks to you).

My e-mail ID is: vmpalani@streamyx.com

Dear Friends,

If you have any opinion or comments, please send them to me. I will be happy and thankful to you, and would post them in our Blog here

With best wishes and thanks,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.