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Saturday, November 2, 2013



(©2 November 2013: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I am, most probably, the only person (in the entire world) who have guts to say that sugar consumption will NOT GIVE rise to Type-2 Diabetes.

I have enough evidence to prove my point.

Based on my findings, I have been taking plenty of sugary drinks, deserts and snacks. 

In fact, today being the Deepavali Day (Festival of Lights, celebrated by Hindus worldwide), I have been fearlessly enjoying all kinds of sweets in my friends’ houses.

Let me prove my point. Upon knowing the truth, you too may start eating sweets comfortably.

Let me ask you the following questions, and you please try to answer that first:

White sugar comes from sugarcane.

Some sugarcanes (the stem) taste sweet, while others taste bland.

Why is it so?

Does the Farmer add white sugar (as fertilizer) to the soil around the root of the plant to make it sweet?

Can that be true that if he adds more sugar, the sugarcane tastes sweeter, and without sugar addition, it tastes bland?

If that is not true, then, what else makes the sugarcane taste sugary?


Let us do an experiment here:

You select two acres of land that is NOT fertile.

(If you cannot have a land, you can use two clay POTS with soil, instead.)

Mark one acre as “Control”, and another as “Experimental”.

Then, treat BOTH lands alike, when it comes to plowing, irrigating, exposure to sunshine, and the like.

Plant both lands with sugarcane cuttings, to raise the crop.

To the “Experimental plot”, ADD AGRICULTURAL LIME (i.e., CALCIUM hydroxide powder) to the soil.

(In Tamil, we call lime “Chunnambu”. In Malay, we call it kapur: this is what people rub over betel leaves before chewing it with betel nuts).

In the practice of Agriculture / Agronomy, they call this process “liming the soil”.  It is used to turn acid soil into fertile / alkaline soil, for increased yield.

Do NOT add the lime to the Control plot.

When the crop matures, you will find the whole lot of sugarcane plants (the stems) in the Experimental plot taste very sweet.

Those in the Control plot would taste bland!

This experiment would convince you that the sugar cane plant produces sugar NOT from sugar itself, but it is from the CALCIUM.


(If you want to sweeten sour mangos, just scrape the stalk a little, rub it with lime, wrap in newspaper, and leave it for a few days, they will turn sweeter.

If mangos are prematurely harvested from the tree, since the tree will not be able to supply calcium any more, the fruits will not taste sweet.

If an when mangos are left in the tree until ripening time, the fresh calcium input will make the fruits taste sweeter.

This is applicable to All fruits.)


Please continue reading:

It is common knowledge that Pancreas, from the Beta Cells present in it, that produces INSULIN.

Insulin is the substance that helps in the utilization of sugars and carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates and sugars contribute immediate and direct ENERGY for work (including our heart beat, blood circulation, breathing, brain function, body movements, etc., etc.)

So, God, Nature, or the Evolutionary Process, has given us Insulin.
In other words, we are created to consume carbohydrates and sugars.

We are NOT created to digest the cellulose cell walls that are present in plants. Cows and goats can digest the cellulose, using the digestive enzyme called Cellulase.

Nature / God / Evolutionary Process has NOT provided US Cellulose-Digesting Enzyme.

Therefore, when we eat vegetable matter, the cellulose cell walls do NOT get digested in our intestine – they are thrown out of our body as FAECES.

The cows and goats digest them!

Likewise, if God / Nature / Evolutionary Process ‘wished’ that we should not digest sugar (and carbohydrates), HE/it could have avoided the production of Insulin altogether.

Since God/Nature/Evolutionary Process ‘felt’ a definite need for these products for our perfect living, our body has been provided with the ‘facility’ of insulin production.

In other words, we SHOULD eat sugars* and carbohydrates. If we don’t, it can mean that we are defying God, or going against Nature.

(Once, my colleague, who was my former student, in University of Malaya, assuming that he is ultra-intelligent, told me these words:

"The man who invented the use of sugar must have been the most ... fellow!"

I did not argue, but laughed inside me, contemplating on the arrogance of this guy.

No one 'invented' the use of sugar.
It is there in Nature.
Sugarcane is not MAN-created.
Sugarcane is an edible product.
Similar to any other food product, sugarcane too is eatable.
We cannot avoid eating sweet potatoes, for instance.

Sugar is part of our diet, and there can be nothing wrong about it!)

That being the case, how can sugars and carbohydrates give rise to Type-2 Diabetes?

Well, you can argue saying that eating TOO MUCH of sugars and carbohydrates is bad.

I do NOT deny that!

If you are going to eat FAR TOO MUCH of sugar – more than what your body can tolerate, of course, it will damage the body physiology in several ways.

The truth is, WHATEVER you do in EXCESS, that will certainly damage the body.

No one would argue on that.

If you are going to drink 10 L of water daily, even that is going to damage our body.


When you eat sugary items, brain gives you pleasure – it makes you enjoy it.

When you continue taking TOO MUCH of such enjoyable sugars, your brain, upon recognizing that it is going to damage your body, gives you a SENSE OF SATISFACTION initially.

If you continue eating, your brain will give you a sense of DISGUST for the same food that gave you pleasure a while ago.

If you ignore the sense of disgust, and force yourself to ‘push in’ more sugary food, either because you are made to do so at gunpoint, or by persuasion in the form money or other forms of ‘bribery’,  then, THAT EXCESS is certainly going to damage your body physiology.

At this point, the brain, in the process of trying to save you, induces VOMIT, by giving you a sense of nausea.

If you ignore that too by taking, say sour or salty items for a change, and continue swallowing the sweets, that would, for certain, damage the body, and  it may even result in the death of the body.

At this, AS A LAST RESORT, having no further choice, the brain goes for another drastic alternative action that is possible within its capacity.

THE BRAIN KILLS THE BETA CELLS IN THE PANCREAS, and thus prevents the utilization of the sugar excesses.

When the beta cells are killed – in a suicidal manner,  insulin CANNOT be secreted any more. Thus, the body can be saved from the serious consequences that can happen if all the sugar excesses were allowed to be digested / utilized.

If sugar is not digested, such sugars will keep floating in the blood serum, and also in the lymph fluids.

When the person drinks water and urinates, THIS sugar excess will get out of the body, leaving the body UNDAMAGED.


We call the above  “AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE”.

Friends, except for me, the entire world has been saying that it does not know why this kind of auto-immune diseases occur in the human body.

In fact, whether that be the death of Thyroid gland (that results in hypothyroidism) or any other so-called Auto-Immune Disease that occurs in the body, they all have the SAME reasoning as I have explained here – for the first time in the history of mankind!

All the time, auto-immune diseases occur in body only to save the body from an earlier death – this way, the brain postpones death to a much later date!

In reality, the auto-immune diseases should be considered ‘human-friendly’.


If and when the beta cells in the Pancreas are killed by the brain this way, insulin secretion STOPS altogether.


In fact, just about three decades ago, this Type-I disease was called “JUVENILE DIABETES”, meaning thereby that only children developed this disease.

Do you know why?

Because, children are the ones who normally keep on eating sweets, even without recognizing the feeling of ‘disgust’ for sweet. Then they end up with this Type-I diabetes.


Now, let me ask you a few more questions:

If we eat sugary food or carbohydrates such as rice and potato, insulin secretes to digest them.

If we eat a LITTLE MORE of those items, little MORE insulin will secrete to digest all of them.

Some more sugary food would result in some more insulin production.


If we decrease the sugar intake, the insulin production also will proportionately decrease.

Further decrease of sugar intake will further decrease the insulin.

Based on the misconception that eating sugar will give rise to type-2 diabetes, the dietitians and health care consultants advocate people to reduce drastically the sugar consumption.

When people oblige and nearly stop taking sugar, the pancreas also (almost) stops secreting insulin.

When people continue to live with extremely little sugar and much less carbohydrates for 40 or 50 days, the brain picks that up as a habit.

In other words, the brain gets ‘addicted’ to the reduced insulin secretion. That becomes the new NORM for the body.

(If a person smokes for 48 days or so, he will become addicted to it. In Ayurvedic medicine, they have a term called “Mandalam” to indicate a period of 48 days).

The above being the new norm for the body, if the person suddenly takes a teaspoon of sugar, THIS sugar will keep floating in the blood WITHOUT getting digested and utilized – for want of adequate insulin.

At this point in time, if you take the blood sample and test the amount of sugar present in the serum, for sure, it would indicate the presence of PLENTY OF SUGAR IN IT. People would label that as Type-2 Diabetes!


When a person’s pancreas has become ‘addicted’ to producing very little insulin, if you do not take sugar, the blood will naturally not show more sugar in it.

In today’s world, a major portion of the population - significant number of people have already reduced sugar consumption.  Yet, type-2 diabetes cases have been exponentially increasing annually.

Why is it so?

Let me explain the phenomenon:


All food items eaten by man contain calcium, but to varying quantities. Some have more, and some have less.

Humans unwittingly end up eating MORE calcium than is needed by the body, for its well-being.

All such calcium excesses get removed from the body through urinations.

The problem would crop up only if and when a person refrains from urinating.

I have found, and have explained in all my books the importance of drinking about 2 L of pure water, and also urinating nearly all of it, daily.

If a person urinates about 2 L, then, ALL the calcium EXCESSES appear to get removed from the body.

However, nearly all the over-weight people, as per my study, do NOT urinate that quantity.

Most of them void only about half a litter, through about three or four urinations daily.

As a result of this UNDER-URINATION, plenty of calcium that is supposed to get out of the body stays inside it, accumulating and reaching toxic levels – beyond the tolerance limit of the body.

IN ADDITION TO THE UNDER-URINATION, plenty of the undigested (unutilized from the ingested food) calcium that remains as part of the faecal matter also gets absorbed by the cells that are found in the lining of the colo-rectal area of the intestine.

(The above absorption occurs when the faeces turns slimy and acidic, by the action of certain faecal bacteria, because of ingesting excessive high fibre, over-ripe fruits, especially over-ripe papaya fruit, etc.)

ALL these calcium excesses that stay within the body behave as SUGARS.

The body utilizes the calcium to synthesize sugar, similar to the sugarcane plant, and that in the first place, is what GIVES RISE TO THE TYPE-2 DIABETES to the low-sugar consuming, under-urinating and slimy-faeces-defecating person.

Of course, if and when the person becomes an established type-2 diabetic patient, naturally, any little sugar consumed is going to be floating in the blood, or getting out in the urine, in an unutised form.


If a person urinates liberally (about 2 L daily), and if he guards his defecation pattern so that the faeces does not become slimy, and if he keeps eating sugary food, along with carbohydrates, he/she, similar to me, will NOT get type-2 diabetes at all!


Well, friends,

I have given plenty of very useful and additional information in this regard in my book “Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevention”, published just last year.

Please read it and restore your health, and also enjoy eating all kinds of foods God / Nature has permitted us to eat, making sure (a) that they are pesticide-free, (b) that your drink about 2 L of pure water daily, and (c) that you urinate about 2 L daily.


Well, dear friends,

All the above are written in good faith, with the purpose of enlightening all my readers on the need to think scientifically further.

As per Law, you must consult your Doctor and follow only his advice and prescriptions, and not mine.

If and when my theories and theses are accepted and approved by the World Health Organisation, and also by the Health Ministry in your Country, you can then practice my suggestions, and not until then.

In the meantime, I will continue eating sweets and carbohydrates daily, respecting the feelings of ‘satisfaction’ and ‘disgust’, and enjoy life as is allowed by God / Nature.

With best wishes for a Happy Deepavali,


Dr. Palani, Ph.D.