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Wednesday, November 19, 2014



(© 19 November 2014: Dr. V.M Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Medical researchers worldwide have been repeatedly claiming that Type-2 Diabetes can be reversed by changing the lifestyle.

The medical practitioners and related health-care advocates have been blindly echoing the same message (not knowing what exactly is the lifestyle that requires the change).

Professor Eberhard Standl, spokesperson of the European Society of Cardiology, from the Munich Diabetes Research Group in Germany, says:

The dramatic increase of type 2 diabetes worldwide has exceeded expectations. Globally, there are 400 million people with type 2 diabetes, and similar number with the pre stage of type 2 diabetes. The epidemic seems unstoppable

According to him, they are “reversible with lifestyle changes”.

You can read the full story that had appeared in Medical Xpress on 14 November 2014, by clicking the following URL:

As everybody else has been saying all this while, Professor Eberhard Standl too has defined the ‘good lifestyle’ in the following manner:

Regular physical exercise is the most important thing you can do, followed by eating fibre rich foods (in the form of whole grains), limiting saturated fats and losing weight.

Making positive changes by being more active (through exercises), eating a healthy diet (as stated above) and losing weight (by limiting fat intake, also as stated above) can reverse diabetes..”

Well, at last, the right solution (?) to the alarming epidemic has been found now (?). This can be taken to mean that by next year, the number of diabetic cases can be expected to go down by half, and a quarter, the following year. A zero-level can be expected within next three or four years, as it happened in the case of smallpox.

Sounds great and wonderful!

Hurray, the long-standing problem has been solved finally!!

*  *  *  *  *  *
Hey, wait a minute!

The same has been the guidance since 20 years or more. Yet, the number has not gone down a bit. Instead, it has been going up and up, exponentially!

Why is it so?

Can anyone explain that, with some amount of honesty?

I suppose, I am the only one who has been crying out all the time that THIS ADVICE IS WRONG! 



That is so because, the suggestion is NOT CORRECT!

Why because the so-called research finding is TOTALLY ERRONEOUS.

Of course, the wording is correct.


The error lies only in the understanding of what is correct and what is wrong, when it comes to the details of ‘lifestyle’.

The error lies in the DEFINITION of lifestyle.

I have found out that doing physical exercises, reducing drastically the fat and carbohydrate intakes, etc., do NOT constitute the correct lifestyle changes for preventing or reversing the type-2 diabetes.

These will never ever help.

With this advice, diabetes occurrence will keep on going up and up forever!

The correct procedure should be very different, and should follow what I have described in all my books, all this while, especially what I have explained in my book “Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention”. (Palaniappan, V.M., 2011, ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4; 256pp.)

Let me repeat it here:


The above is so because, they (lack of exercise, eating fats, oils and carbohydrates) are NOT the causes (or risk factors) for the development of type-2 diabetes.

The following is the truth, as per my finding:


(* Men require about 450 to 500 mg of Calcium daily, women, 450 to 500 mg, and children, 950 or so, daily. When our body accumulates MORE than these amounts, that will constitute the EXCESS.)

In fact, sweat-producing exercises favour the accumulation of excessive calcium within the body of person, by reducing urination*.

(*Liberal urination removes the calcium excess from the body.)

Calcium can accumulate within the body through the following means:

(1)  All foods contain calcium, but in varying amounts. So, eating too much of food would result in too much of calcium. (If that happens to be CALCIUM-RICH foods such as seafood, eggs, powdered milk, artificially calcium-enriched eatables, calcium supplements, etc., then, the calcium accumulation will happen quickly, giving type-2 diabetes even at an younger age of the person)

(2)  Normally, brain will throw out the water-soluble calcium excesses through urinations. (The trouble starts when a person under-urinates. Under-urination will allow the calcium excesses to stay within the body. This will then increase the BODY WEIGHT of the person, AND WILL ALSO GIVE HIM TYPE-2 DIABETES. Exercises promote sweating. It is the body water that goes out as sweat. This will result in under-urination.)

(3)  Plants contain a lot of calcium. So, when we eat vegetables, our brain ‘permits’ our intestine to absorb only about 20 or 30% of the calcium.

The remaining 70 or 80% of the calcium goes out in the faeces as undigested and unabsorbed calcium. This will happen only if the faeces is in a SOLID and SHAPELY form.

The faeces will be solid and shapely only if it is in an ALKALINE state of pH. (The calcium is alkaline.)

If the faeces becomes ACIDIFIED, it will become SLIMY and SHAPELESS, or SLIGHTLY WATERY (doctors call it diarrhoea).

Acidified faeces will RELEASE the unabsorbed calcium, and the digestive tract (large intestine, the colon) will absorb it.  

This will allow the body to accumulate TOO MUCH OF CALCIUM. (This will speed up body becoming overweight and obese, and will quicken the formation of type-2 diabetes at an early age.)

Faeces will become slimy, shapeless and slightly watery, if the person eats over-ripe fruits (especially papaya), biscuits and pastries, chocolates (and chocolate-containing beverages), and any very-high-fibre containing eatable, peanuts, powdered milk, etc.

*   *   *   *   *   *   
If the accumulated excessive calcium keeps floating in the blood, the brain would quickly ‘push’ these excesses into the LYMPH DUCTS*.

(*Our brain secretes more CALCITONIN in the throat (at the Thyroid Gland), sends it into the blood stream, and that will do the job of pushing the excessive calcium into those lymph ducts.)

(If the excessive calcium stays in the blood stream, it will change the blood pH, and the person would die almost instantly. That is why this happens.)

The EXCESSIVE CALCIUM in the LYMPH DUCT will get picked up by the milk-producing tissues in the breast of women (called Lacticiferous ducts), and THAT will give rise to BREAST LUMPS*.

(*If the woman gives birth to a baby, and feeds mother’s milk, the excessive calcium will become milk, and will enter into the baby, which will be good for the baby’s growth.)

If the accumulation of calcium goes on continuously, then, the lump would become cancerous.

In men, such floating calcium excesses can be picked up by the PROSTATE GLAND*, and that would ENLARGE the gland initially. It the accumulation continues, it would become cancerous.

(* If the man happens to have regular sex, or if he masturbates, then, these calcium excesses can get utilized for the formation of semen, and that would get out of his body, without enlarging his prostate gland.)

OFTEN, the free-floating calcium excesses can enter into the CELLS (to be part of the cytoplasm) of the various tissues that make many of the body parts much bigger in size (such as huge breasts, big thighs and arms, rounded and swollen face, thick neck (giving rise to enlarged thyroid gland, and hypothyroidism), bulged waistline, and the like.)

When the free-floating lymph fluid carries the calcium excesses into the bone marrow, they form abundant while blood cells (leukocytes), and give rise to Blood Cancer (Leukaemia).

If the calcium excesses happen to stagnate at various points along the lymph ducts, then, that will give rise to LYMPHATIC CANCER*.

(You could have come across the recent news about a 11-year old boy who had developed a HUGE tumour around his neck and left shoulder. That disease is called "Venous Lymphangioma". You can see that frightening condition through the following URL: 

http://bigstory.ap.org/article/158b12e99174425e89ddd4ca01e45334/mexican-boy-have-tumor-surgery-new-mexico  (If you cannot click this, just copy-paste this i Google search, and you will get it.)

The word "Lymph" denotes that the tumour has resulted from this Lymph fluid.

While the medical fraternity does NOT know the origin of this tumour, I can explain it:

The tumour must have formed due to the accumulation of the free calcium excesses that had stagnated at neck region. The boy could have been sleeping on his left side, probably without a pillow, or a low-level one, hence the tumour on his left.) 

(* The lymph fluid has no heart to pump it around the body. Therefore, it flows only by the squeezing action of the muscles.

If a person lies down in bed WITHOUT ANY MOVEMENT AT ALL, then, the lymph fluid will get stagnated at various points in the lymph ducts.

That is why we feel lethargic, if we happen to sleep for too long during day time.

If we move around, then, the lymph flows, and we do not feel lazy or lethargic.

If we run or to violent exercises, the lymph flows very well all over the body, and we feel very active.

Since running depletes body water and favours under-urination, I have developed certain special techniques called “Body Rubbing Exercise” AND “Body Towel Massage”. These are done before and while taking a shower. They enhance excellent lymph flow to all parts of the body, without reducing urination, and the body feels fully energetic and brisk.)

*   *   *   *   *   *

That means, his/her skeletal system will become much heavier than what it should be, and the person will become over-weight.  He would also DEVELOP A HUGE BODY WITH TOUGHER MUSCLES. Overall, he/she will be much bigger (‘giant-sized’), compared to his/her parents (or ethnicity).
When this happens, the only benefit is that the person may not develop type-2 diabetes.

However, he/she would develop STONES IN KIDNEYS, BLOCKAGES IN HEART AND BLOOD VESSELS (Athero / arteriosclerosis), LUMPS, TUMOURS, and/or CANCERS.

For more information on this, you should refer to my book “Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevtion(Palaniappan, V.M., 2011, ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4; 256pp.)

*   *   *   *   *   *    
SO, THE FREE CALCIUM, in the absence of Vitamin-D, gives rise to Type-2 Diabetes.

The free calcium behaves as SUGAR.

Excessive calcium equals excessive sugar.

When excessive SUGAR is consumed, it results in Insulin dependent Type-1 Diabetes. This occurs as an Auto-Immune Disease.  

As a result, the Beta cells in the Pancreas gradually withdraw its insulin production.

Due to this, the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars will gradually decline. This makes the person PRE-DIABETIC.

When someone is in a pre-diabetic state, the carbohydrates and sugars consumed would get only partially digested.

So, the undigested portions would keep floating in the blood as sugar itself.

At this stage, if blood is tested, naturally, the  underutilized sugar would boost up the reading, thus showing a blood sugar level beyond the ‘allowed’ maximum.

When the same condition (i.e., accumulation of calcium, excesses) continues, after a while, a total withdrawal of insulin production occurs, and the Type-2 status gets established.

From then on, if the person consumes more sugar (or carbohydrates), naturally, ALL those would only keep floating in the blood, and that, of course, can get leached out in the urine – similar to the elimination of over-consumed salt (Sodium chloride), or calcium, or any other unwanted water-soluble substance.

*  *  *  *  *  *
How does the auto-immune disease come about?

The following excerpts from my book "Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevention(2011) (Pages 39-54) would answer the question:

Please read the following text, for it is of absolute importance if you want to understand the true causes of Diabetes mellitus.

(It is not written for children, is meant for grown up people. Highly learned people would enjoy reading it as well)

    *  *
What makes sugarcane sweet?

Sugar cane is very sweet, because it has sugar in it.

Where did the sugarcane plant get its sugar from?

Did the farmer add sugar to its root as fertilizer so that the sugarcane would taste sweeter?

Does a farmer add carbohydrate powder to the paddy plants or tapioca so that the rice grains and tuber will have plenty of carbohydrates in them later?

My neighbour on the right side has a mango tree. The fruits are very sweet. However, he swears that he never added sugar to its root!

My neighbour on the left too has a mango tree that yields very sour mangos. He tried adding sugar to the soil. Yet, it never turned sweet. Why? Why is it so?

If a sugarcane plant that has not been added with sugar can produce so much of sugar in its juice, and another that has been raised in sugar-enriched soil never became any sweeter, then, it should leave a big question as what makes the juice or fruit sweet?

*   *   *   *   *   *
In the past, agriculturists enriched their soil with cow dung, decomposed leaves, and the like.

These constituted organic fertilizer. These were mostly alkaline in nature.

In the process of organic farming, the soil stays healthy in an alkaline state.

If we add inorganic fertilizers, the soil gradually gets spoiled by becoming acidic.

Once every few years, the farmer adds agriculture lime, also called garden lime, to the soil, and that turns the acid soil into an alkaline one.

This increases the soil fertility.

The agriculture lime is nothing more than the powdered form of limestone.

For example, this can be obtained by pulverizing a piece of the limestone rock blasted out of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur.

Let us evaluate the outcome of a hypothetical experiment.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Let us plough an acre of farmland that has strong acid soil, and divide that into two halves.

Let us add lime powder to the first half of the land, and leave the other half untreated, as control.

Let us plant sugarcane cuttings in both halves, irrigate, and manage the cultivation in a proper manner.

When we harvest, the sugarcanes gathered from the lime-treated alkaline soil will contain more sugar, and would taste much sweeter.

Whereas, the sugarcanes harvested from the untreated acid soil would contain much less sugar, and they may taste almost bland. 

The experiment would thus reveal the truth that it is calcium that contributes sugar to the cane plant.

The same is true for all other fruits as well.

A mango tree raised in an acid soil tends to produce sour mangos, while the one raised in an alkaline soil that is enriched with calcium would produce sweeter ones.

Whenever the mangos I buy happen to taste sour, I often rub a little lime (that is often rubbed on betel leaves for chewing purposes) after scratching the stalk end, wrap in a newspaper, and leave it for a few days for its full ripening. It would turn much sweeter than before.

Thus, it is lime that makes the fruits sweeter.  

In other words, it may not be wrong to say that it is calcium that helps in the sugar build up.

*   *   *   *   *   *
The above is true in the case of humans as well.

Let us recollect here the reasons that make a person diabetic

A person is said to become diabetic, if too much of sugar accumulates within his body.

Now, let us understand the fact that it is NOT sugar that gives the person the disease, but it is calcium that causes it.

I need to present here a little more explanation so that the entire phenomenon can be properly understood in the right perspective.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Let us take the case of a Perfect category person, in excellent health.

He consumes optimum quantities of sugar daily.

Equally optimum amount of insulin secretes in his pancreas, and helps in digesting the consumed sugar.

In the process of digestion, the sugar from the blood enters into cells all over the body, gets used up, releasing the required amount of energy for his body to work well.

Thus he remains perfectly healthy.

Suddenly, he listens to his health adviser who tells him to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, lest, he would soon develop Diabetes mellitus.

With great fear, he reduces his sugar intake as well as rice and potato consumptions.

His pancreas has been secreting the optimum quantity of insulin all this while.

However, since this man has already reduced his sugar intake, the pancreas too reduces its insulin  production, so that this person will not develop excessive hunger, or faint for want of adequate sugar.

The Perfect man reads repeatedly in several mass media that sugar is bad for health, and therefore, that should be cut down drastically.

Somewhat frightened, he reduces his sugar (and carbohydrate) intake further.

The pancreas too adjusts itself and produces much less insulin.

Thus, a continued sugar reduction enhances a continued reduction in the insulin production.

Along with time, it has become a habit for the Perfect man to consume only the barest minimum sugar or carbohydrates.

In line with the above, his pancreas also has developed a habit to secret only very scanty amounts of insulin.

Thus, the above two have become a set pattern in his body.

While this being the case, if the Perfect man consumes plenty of sugar one day, the pancreas, with its set pattern, may not be able to suddenly secrete the required insulin.

Such a situation is bound to leave most of the sugar substances floating in the blood, rather than getting into the cells.

Naturally, when excessive sugar constantly stays in the blood, it would produce all the symptoms that are related to Diabetes mellitus.

Thus, the Perfect person has now become a Diabetic! Such a disease is called Non-Insulin Dependent (NIDDM) Diabetes mellitus Type - 2.

Needless to say, that he is going to be prescribed tablets by his doctor, in order to keep his blood sugar level ‘under control”.

The artificial intake of the tablets on a regular basis does not create a ‘want’ in the pancreas. Therefore, it does not make any attempt to cope up with the demand.

This makes the Perfect person, an established diabetic.

Needless to highlight that this person will develop  insulin  resistance in a few years’ time, and that he will be told to inject himself with insulin for the continued ‘management’ of his ‘good’ health.

Of course, we have already seen that this person may go blind, his wounds may not heal, he would develop erectile dysfunction, and he may develop gangrene (tissue rotting) in his limbs that may necessitate amputations, leading subsequently to an early and miserable death.

*    *    *    *    *    *
Let us see what happens in a different situation.

Here, the Perfect person, for some silly reason, begins to consume too much of sugar.

When he does that, his pancreas begins to secrete more insulin so as to cope up with the digestion of the extra sugar intake.

The Perfect man continues to take more and more sugary substances.

His brain, in order to keep the intake within limits, gives him a feeling of disgust for sugar.

In other words, brain wants him to hate sugar.

He overrules the indication, and continues to take more and more sugar.

He ignores even a nauseating feeling for vomiting the intake.

Having no other choice, the pancreas keeps on increasing the insulin production, lest he may die of excessive undigested sugar in the blood.

Thus, both the activities keep on continuing.

That is, together with increased sugar intake, the insulin production too increases progressively, in a non-stop manner.

As a result, the cells end up receiving enormous quantities of digested sugars - a lot more than the cells could utilise, or even store.

There comes a stage when the above situation becomes intolerable. Any more sugar intake would result in the death of the person.

The brain, in order to protect the body from being poisoned’ thus, takes a drastic measure.

As a result, the cells in the pancreas responsible for insulin production appear to get permanently damaged, resulting in the total and permanent cessation of insulin production.

From then on, the only way by which the person can survive is to inject himself with insulin.

This will mean that he has developed what is called an “Insulin Dependent Diabetes mellitus Type-1” disease.

This disease is also called “Juvenile Diabetes” for, most of the time, children are  the ones who tend to take far too much of sugary substances and end up with this kind of insulin-dependent type of diabetes.

Anyway, if a person develops Type-1 Diabetes due to excessive sugar consumption, he can never be cured, particularly because this situation is related to the collapse of the concerned beta cells in the pancreas.



*   *   *   *   *   *
It goes without saying that the Type-2 diabetes, wherein the beta cells in the pancreas are not dead but are in an inactive state, can be cured by a process of ‘reverse engineering’, wherein a gradual increase in the intake of sugary substances can be regulated to correct the mishap.

We now know that a drastic decrease in sugar and carbohydrate intake will result in type-2 diabetes.

On the other hand, intake of far too much of sugars and carbohydrates will give rise to type-1 diabetes.

We also know that calcium behaves like sugar in the human, animal or plant body.

This will mean that if a person’s body has accumulated far too much of calcium within it, then it will behave as if the body has accumulated far too much of sugar, and at its far extreme, it will give rise to type-1 diabetes.

*    *    *    *    *    *

After reading the above, what would you say about the future of the world people?

Would they find a cure by doing more exercise, eating less fat and carbohydrates, and cutting down on sugar intake drastically?

I am sure you would agree with me when I say that the entire human kind worldwide would suffer of Type-2 Diabetes very soon, simply by following the expertise (erroneous) advice, unless THEY LISTEN TO ME !

Let me appeal to God:

Oh, Lord! Please make the W.H.O. authorities to read THIS article in FULL, then my book "The True Causes of All Diseases", and then make them to consult me, and then motivate them to implement my recommendations worldwide for the benefit of all humans on earth. 

People deserve to live healthily, with peace of mind, and without any fear of death, until you want them to be with you. 

My Lord! Also please guide the Nobel Prize Awarding Committee to consider me for a FULL award, this year*.

I should receive the Award by October, 2013! 

Thank you, my Lord!

I beg to remain fearless, as it is now, until you want me to join you.

Yours wonderful creation,

V.M. Palaniappan (“Palani”)

(* You may wonder about the decency / mannerisms in this regard: 

How can a researcher 'beg' for an award? That should come on its own! It is too vulgar to ask for it!

In the case of Mahathma Gandhi, he could have asked for it, but he did not. 

Gandhi probably thought that he had more works to accomplish before attaining an eligibility for a Nobel Award. 

Unfortunately, he was shot dead before achieving it. 

The Nobel Awarding Committee, based on their principle of not giving the prize posthumously, refrained from doing so.

In the case of nearly ALL the Nobel Laureates, no one appears to have applied or asked for it. 

This could have been due to their own realization that they had not attained a 'deserving status' yet. 

Whereas, when it comes to me, I know me well - I am aware of my standing, and I know that I have accomplished more than what is necessary to qualify for an award of this kind.

What I have discovered is nothing small. 

No one else on earth has hitherto explained THE TRUE CAUSES OF ALL DISEASES that affect all humans and animals alike. 

This finding is, for sure, beyond any doubt, going to change the entire world!

That makes me the top candidate for a full, wholesome award of the Prize. 

Therefore, I do not feel ashamed to ask for it.

If I don't ask, since I do not belong to the mainstream medical fraternity, they may overlook my contributions.

After all, God had said, "You ask, and it will be given". On this ground, I don't think I have committed any shameful act by asking for recognition.

The thing is, if I am recognized by the Nobel Awarding Committee, then, the whole world would recognize my findings almost instantly. That will be the quickest way to spread the EHS way of health management worldwide, at ease*

(* The 'unstoppable' agony due to the spread of major diseases worldwide appears to have already reached a threshold point, requiring an immediate and drastic action to set it right.)

After that, rapidly, without any hesitation, all Governments worldwide, would begin to establish "Palaniappa's School of Medicine", Palaniappa's Medical University", "University of Ecological Healing System", and the like, and would begin to consult me for running their curriculum. 

I have to continue living in a healthy state to help them out, for the benefit of people at large.

So, to speed up everything, I have to get the Nobel Prize Award almost immediately, so that all can be achieved while I am still alive*.

(* If I am going to die before receiving the Nobel Award, then, in this case, the Nobel Committee will have to necessarily make the necessary changes in their policy to award the Prize to me posthumously, as a special case. 

The two sad parts will be that (a) the entire health industry will have to depend upon only on my books for the implementation of EHS, since I won't be around to help, and (b) I will not be able to enjoy the whole thing.)

After reading all the above, I believe, you will excuse me for asking for the Award.

If you still think that  I did something that I should not have done, please pardon me for that, yet, bless me for achieving a grand success.