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Sunday, August 30, 2015


(© 28 May 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
A man, aged 35, and weighing 96 kg came to me last week.
Losing weight was his main concern.

In the course of describing his problems, he proudly claimed that he had started drinking ‘plenty’ of fruit juices daily since a month.

When verified, he said his body weight has been increasing as usual, and there was no loss of any kind.

One ‘benefit’ he had noticed was related to his toileting habit. It seems, defecating has been a lot easier nowadays, and he even evacuates twice or thrice daily.

I told him to stop drinking the juices with effect from that moment.
He could of course eat them, rather than making them into juices to drink.

Do you know why I suggested that to him?

You should be wondering as what exactly could go wrong if one drinks the juices! After all, both of them are same.

Let me explain to you the dangers you could invite by drinking the juices.

The explanation would come to you as a shock, for you wouldn’t have even dreamt of such a thing from happening!

Yes: Drinking fruit juices can increase your BODY WEIGHT. 

In addition, a regular intake for a long time, say, about five years, can give you COLON CANCER as well.

To get convinced, please read the following evidences:

I am not referring to the sucrose or calories contained in the fruit juices at all!  (In other words, these do NOT increase the body weight of a person.)

It is some other important, hitherto not-understood phenomenon.

*  *  *  *  *  *

I am sure most of you know that some 70 to 80% of the CALCIUM contained in the vegetables we eat are NOT absorbed by the intestinal tract, and are sent out of the body as part of the faces we defecate.

Why do you think this happens?

Is it because the intestinal tract has LESSER ability to absorb?

No, it is not because of that!

The following is the reality:

*  *  *  *  *  *

Calcium is a most wanted substance for the children’s wellbeing.
This is so because their bones, teeth, nail and nearly all parts of their body require RAPID growth and development.

They have to grow rapidly to attain adult’s physique by the time they reach 18, 20, or so. 

Whereas the already-grown up adults require only about HALF of the children’s requirement.  

Thus, men and menopausal women require only about 450 to 500 mg of Calcium DAILY, for our well-being. (This is enough, for the bones are not going to grow any longer, nor any new teeth is going to form.) 

Menstruating women, since a substantial quantity of calcium gets lost in the menstrual fluid, do require about 50 mg more than men or the menopausal people. 

*  *  *  *  *  *
There is almost no food that does not contain calcium.

Normally, ALL food of SEA origin (e.g., anchovies / Ikan Bilis, crabs, prawns, fish, shellfish, etc.) contain ABUNDANT Calcium. (The coral reef, shells, etc. are made of just calcium!)

ALL plants contain calcium – some contain plenty of it, some mediocre, and some others, little. 

All FRUITS contain ABUNDANT Calcium in them.  

So, if we make a SOUP of ANY vegetable, THAT soup will have ALL the calcium present in the vegetable we have boiled. 

In other words, SOUPs form RICH SOURCE of Calcium.

That is why it tastes very delicious (with salt added, of course) 

Such calcium-rich soup is very good for those who are very thin, under-nourished, recovering from illness, etc. 

However, if healthy people drink soups, say about thrice a week or so, and that should help their body maintain its calcium requirement.  

(I have often found in Malaysian Chinese men drinking about 14 soups a week – twice daily, developing Prostate Enlargement – which is due to the absorption of far too much of calcium by the cells that make the Prostate Gland, that are designed to scavenge calcium for the production of semen).

*  *  *  *  *  *

The same things goes for FRUIT JUICES as well. 

Such great abundance is what makes them taste sweet, similar to the sugarcanes (Palaniappan, V.M., Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention: ISBN978-967-9988-15-4. 255pp)

So, if we are going to eat a portion of a fruit, that would help us maintain the slight alkalinity that is required for keeping body in a healthy state (at pH 7.3 or 7.4).  

If we eat TOO MUCH of the fruit, that will put into our body also too much of the calcium.

In reality, what happens is, if we start eating a fruit, after eating some of it, our brain creates a sense of SATISFACTION, and we tend to stop eating any further. If we force-eat more, we tend to develop a sense of ‘hatred’ for the same, or may even make us vomit, and that makes us stop any further consumption.   

On the other hand, if we make a concentrated juice of the fruit, and further enhance it to make it tastier, we may end up drinking too much of it. This way, too much of calcium would enter into our body. 

If and when calcium enters into our intestinal tract in a water-soluble state, it will get readily absorbed, and that will end up being too much for the body to withstand. 

*  *  *  *  *  *

EXCESSIVE FIBRE CONTENTS or ANY ACIDS (Papaya or any ripe fruit turns acid due to the fermentation bacteria at the colon) are bound to make the faces SLIMY or WATERY and SHAPELESS. 

When this happens, ALL the LOCKED-UP Calcium in the faeces that was scheduled to go out of the body, NOW, GETS ABSORBED by the lining cells (the Adenomatous or Glandular Cells) in the COLON.
*  *  *  *  *  *

In the process of eating food, we CANNOT keep track of the quantity of calcium that enters into the body. 

Until about a century ago, we never knew the quantity of calcium our body required.  

We also did not know which food had how much of calcium in it. 

Yet, people ate food, just guided by their INTUITION. They ate if they liked a food, and if that was available to them. 

This is what has been happening when it comes to the feeding habits of ALL animals, even today. 

When they (=humans and animals) did so, they could have INADVERTENTLY, consumed abundant CALCIUM. 

Too much of Calcium, similar to too much of any other substance, can harm the well-being of the body. 

So, God, or Nature, has created a built-in mechanism in the body, in the following manner:

*  *  *  *  *  *

The brain will keep track of what has been going into the body. On finding that ADEQUATE Calcium has already been absorbed, it rejects all the EXCESSES, by leaving it unabsorbed, and thus allowing it to be thrown away in the faecal matter. 

This is precisely why some 70 or 80% of the Calcium present in the vegetable matter is left unabsorbed.  
(The water-soluble calcium excesses would get thrown out of the body through urinations.)

*  *  *  *  *  *

All water-insoluble calcium – such as those ‘locked-up’ in the vegetable matter get removed from the body along with the faeces.  

The faeces, when it contains calcium, will be in an ALKALINE state. Alkaline faeces will form SOLID matter. So, when we defecate, the faces will be SHAPELY, and NOT slimy or watery. 

In other words, SOLID and SHAPELY faeces takes with it all the unwanted excessive calcium away from our body, leaving our body in a healthy state.

*  *  *  *  *  *
All vegetable matter contain FIBRE in them.

Some of them contain lesser quantities of fibre.

Some contain mediocre, and some others contain plenty.

These fibres, help in the process of defecation – they help in the gentle ‘escape’ of the faecal matter from the rectum.

This gives us comfort and satisfaction of having evacuated the waste.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Let us do an experiment:

Take any fruit, apple, orange or papaya, or any other.

‘Grind’ it in a blender or a juicer.

Leave it overnight.

It would froth, ferment, turn acid and taste sour.

This happens because of some air-borne FERMENTATION bacteria grows profusely in it, ‘eats’ it, and releases ACID ‘urine’ as the end-product.

Thus, the juice turns ACIDIC. 

When the faeces becomes acidic, it will become slimy or watery and would lose its shape – that will release the hither-to locked-up calcium.
This will then get absorbed by the colon – as was described above.

Likewise, if we consume EXCESSIVE FIBRE, it would make the faeces SLIMY and WATERY, and turns the faces acidic.  

*  *  *  *  *  *
The above being the truth, how can dieticians  make you consume EXTRA and EXCESSIVE CALCIUM, by (a) enriching eatables with extra calcium – as is being done in biscuits, oats, beverages, powdered milk preparations, etc., (b) tell you take calcium supplements in the form of tablets and dairy products? 
This they do believing that if something is good, too much of it should be excellent!

If you forcibly introduce excessive calcium into your body, and compel the body to contain it, for sure, things are bound to go wrong!

*  *  *  *  *  *



*  *  *  *  *  * 

If we expose our body to plenty of sunshine (as it happens in the case of a Farmer who does agriculture), the calcium excesses would get FIXED in his skeletal system.
This will happen because his body would produce Vitamin-D with the help of sunshine. He would start weighing heavier and develop a well-built and huge body, and that may NOT giving him any significant disease. 

On the other hand, if the person happens to be living indoors all the time, as most of the office-going people do, then, the following would happen: 

In the absence of Vitamin-D, the FREE, water-soluble Calcium would enter into the cells to become part of the cytoplasm.  

Continuous entry would enlarge the cells. 

Cells that make up the SOFT TISSUES (of organs) in the entire body would keep on receiving and accumulating such free calcium, and this would then MAKE ALL THE CELLS BIGGER IN SIZE AND HEAVIER IN WEIGHT.

As a result, the person body would become MUCH BIG SIZED, and OVERWEIGHT.
Continued process would make the person OBESE.
Naturally, ALL the obesity-related diseases would subsequently accompany.

*  *  *  *  *  *
When all the cells in ONE SPOT (e.g., breast) get enlarged, it will form a lump.

Further and continued absorption of such free calcium excess would swell up the lump more and more, until it becomes a hard and rocky ‘stone’, which would then become a CANCER. 

*  *  *  *  *  *

If such calcium absorption occurs in the cells of the tissues of the COLON for a prolonged time, then, it would become COLON CANCER. 

Although I don’t have the exact statistics, I have observed clinically, that some five years of continued defecation of SLIMY faeces by those who are Diabetic, tends to give rise to COLON CANCER in them. 

(Those patients were found to be eating ripe Papaya fruit all the time, with the assumption that Papaya is good for the Diabetic people, for it enhances ‘easy’ defecation). 

To sum up, if a person defecates slimy faeces for most part of the time for ANY REASON, he appears to be developing COLON CANCER for CERTAIN. 

Therefore, EATING moderate quantities of three-quarter ripe (not over-ripe) fruits appear to be good for people. 

Eating over-ripe fruits, eating too much of fruits, or drinking fruit juices should be considered improper lifestyle habits. 

I have observed that Malaysian Indians tend to eat over-ripe fruits all the time, and Malaysian Chinese consume less ripe fruits. These habits may explain to some extent the incidence of colon cancer occurrences among these two communities in particular. 

(At this point, needless to repeat that consuming EXTREMELY HIGH FIRBRE containing substances, whether natural or synthetic,  should also be avoided as far as possible.)
*  *  *  *  *  *
I have described all the above with proper explanations and evidences in my books:
Palaniappan, V.M., 1998. Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention; ISBN 978-967-9988-05-8.471pp; 
Palaniappan, V.M. 2010. Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention. ISBN978-967-9988-14-7.620pp;
Palaniappan, V.M., 2011: Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention: ISBN978-967-9988-15-4. 255pp;  
Palaniappan,V.M. (2013). All About Obesity In a Nutshell. ISBN978-967-9988-18-5. 221pp.)
If interested in buying them, you may want to contact my Distributor Mr. Bala of PUMA AGENCY, mobile No.6-012-2075172.
You can ask him for the name of the bookshop selling my books in YOUR place, if it is within Malaysia.
Others from overseas, please contact me for your needs: My e-mail is: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com/   and my MOBILE is: 6-012-2071414.

*  *  *  *  *  *


Let me share something personal with you at this moment: 

You must be wondering if I have stopped writing articles for our BLOG, especially because I have not written any for the past about two months. 

I have good reasons for this: 

I am very good in my mother-tongue – the Tamil language. 

I have written high-class proses. However, I have not learnt any bit about POETRY writing.  

There is an excellent, definite, and rigid grammar for Tamil Poetry Writing.  

Tamil poetries, when recited, sound melodious, rhythmic and enchanting.  You would love it, even if you do not understand!

I wanted to give a try.  

So, on my own, without a proper Guru, started writing poetry. 

Can you guess what could have been the subject? 

Well, I have so far written about 80 pages of it – It is entitled ‘Diabetes: Causes and Recovery’.  It has come out very well. I was indulging in writing it all the time – day and night, neglecting everything else! (Except that I have been presenting Talk Shows in Tamil on health-care matters in Astro TV Vizhuthugal for more than a year.  Now, the Producer has given me a break).

That is precisely why I have not written any article for our Blog here. 

I am in the process of handing my manuscript to some learned Literary Giant in Malaysia. If it gets approved, the Tamil-reading public can expect that to come out in the form of a book. 

This book, I think, would form something similar to the English poem “The Deserted Village” by Oliver Goldsmith. 

At this, I would like to thank many of you (like Mr. Chong of Bandar Sri Damansara, PJ) for having encouraged me to continue writing articles for our Blog, lest our Followers may start thinking that I have stopped writing altogether…. I hope I can continue for some more time to come….  

Thank you, dear friends for your kind support.

Bye until I come up with my next article, soon.

Dr. Palani.