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Thursday, September 10, 2015


(© 10 September 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)

Are you aware of the news that was reported in Medical Xpress yesterday (Sept.,9, 2015). If not, you can read it now from the following URL: 

The news is about a small study conducted in Temple University, Philadelphia, by a team led by Dr.Guenther Boden, published in Science Translational Medicine.

It seems that they made six men eat daily a diet that had 6,000 calories, when only 2,200 calories were considered adequate for them.

After eating that way for about a week, those men had put on about 3.6 kg. each.

This had led the researchers to believe that such a rapid food consumption can lead to PRE-DIABETIC STATE, because, just two days after initiation of the programme, all the men are said to have developed INSULIN RESISTANCE.

The explanation offered for the insulin resistance is that when the body produces the insulin, its efficacy (efficiency) gets lost.

Dr. Boden says the fatty acids (from fats and oils consumed) and the stress exerted over the cells can also form possible culprits in causing this problem.

Dr. Boden also believes that the oxidative stress caused due to excessive food consumption tends to produce some toxic byproducts, and they can cause this problem.


I have every reason to believe that the interpretation given for the above observation is very much questionable.

It is so because, in the first place, as per my study on the subject of diabetes, the CARBOHYDRATES / GLUCOSE do NOT give rise to Type-2 Diabetes.

Excessive sugar consumption, beyond the tolerance limit of the beta cells capacity, leads only to TYPE-1 INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES MELLITUS (but NOT the type-2!).

When a person consumes far too much of the sugars, and if ALL those sugar excesses are digested by proportionately increased insulin, ONLY THEN, those excesses will interfere with the normal functioning of the entire body.

In order to protect the body from destruction due to such an enormous sugar absorption, the brain ‘kills’ the beta cells, and makes them totally inactive. We have been calling this rescue process as “Auto-Immune Disease”.

By right, if not for this ‘self-destruction’, the person would die almost immediately – perhaps within a few days.

Other than the above, excessive sugar consumption, as monitored by tracking the total quantities of food in terms of calories, may NOT have anything to do with the initiation of a pre-diabetic situation, or an onset of diabetes.

Thus, trying to establish a relationship between excessive food consumption in terms of calories and the onset of type-2 diabetes should be considered as a gross misunderstanding.

The above explanations are given for want of a proper understanding of the phenomenon that happens in the beta cells of the Pancreas, that are responsible for the production of insulin.

As per my study, I have established earlier through several of my publications, that it is CALCIUM that behaves like sugar, and it is THAT mineral, when it goes into the body beyond the body’s tolerance limit, that gives rise to both the Pre-diabetic state as well as the Type-2 Diabetes.


One can understand as how the Calcium mineral functions as sugar, instigating the beta cells to withdraw insulin secretion, from the following observations:

Point-1: When a person consumes more sugar (carbohydrates), more insulin secretes.

If less sugar is consumed, less insulin gets secreted.

Thus, the process gets auto-regulated, depending upon the sugar consumption.

Point-2: The sugarcane plant produces sugar by utilising calcium that can be absorbed from the soil.

(Sugarcane plants raised in acid soils that is devoid of calcium produces extremely little sugar, and tastes bland.

Whereas, cane raised in soils that are either naturally rich in calcium, or is enriched by 'liming the soil' (which is a normal practice in Agronomy), contains abundant sugar, and thereby tastes very sweet.)

Likewise, mangos (or any other fruit) taste sweet if the soil has adequate calcium, and end being sour if the soil is devoid of calcium.

This tends to show that sugar as such is produced with the use of calcium.

Therefore, it is possible for the animal / human body to react to calcium (excesses) as if the latter is sugar itself.

Point-3: Our daily requirement of calcium: for adults, it is around 450 or 500 mg, whereas for children, it is double – about 900 or 1,000 mg daily – that is to cope up with the demand for the rapid growth of the bones, teeth, nails, and the like.

Point-4: Almost without exception, ALL food items (solids and liquids) contain calcium. Some contain plenty, some mediocre, and some very little.

We often say ‘several drops can make a flood”. Likewise, eating TOO MUCH of even less-calcium-containing food can add up to too much of calcium within the body.

Needless to say, consuming too much of calcium-rich diet, such as fish and other seafood, eggs, cheese, butter, milk, etc. tend to accumulate to frighteningly LARGE QUANTITIES OF CALCIUM within the body.

Point-5: Drinking-water contains some amount of calcium in it. That calcium too can add up to the total calcium that has accumulated within the body.

The rain water does NOT contain any calcium, and its pH stays around 5.6 or so. (It is acidic because the H20 combines with CO2 present in the air, and becomes H2CO3 (weak carbonic acid).

(In polluted environment, the H2O can pick up hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and the like, and become (H2SO4, sulphuric acid) ACID RAIN, with a strong acid pH, as low as even pH3.5 in industrialised countries)

When the rain water flows over the soil, it picks up the soil-calcium. As a result, the water in a pond tends to contain calcium, and its pH may be around pH7.0 or 7.5, or so.

(The pH of human blood has come to remain at pH7.35 - 7.45 because of drinking only the pond water at pH7.4 or so, for several millions of years - evolution appears to have established it.)

In Malaysia, because of the limestone parent rock, the topsoil contains abundant calcium, and as a result the pond water tends to become highly alkaline, and its pH may remain even at pH 8.0 or so.

So, drinking naturally calcium-rich pond water, or calcium-enriched piped water can increase the body’s calcium content – to a level that can be more than the body’s needs

The above being the case, if a person is going to drink the ALKALINE water that comes out of a MACHINE (all the time), his body can end up accumulating far too much of calcium that can reach a level that is far beyond the body’s tolerance limit.

(When a person's body gets acidified (i.e., hyperacidosis, often recognised as 'heaty body') because of inadequate sleep, over-work, consumption of strong acid food and drinks, dry masturbation, and the like, drinking machine-created ALKALINE water would do wonderful healing, almost immediately. However, one may not need to drink such alkaline water for more than three days, the most.)

Let us remember this: even if something is good for the body, if that becomes excessive, it can become toxic. Calcium is no exception to this rule.

Point-6: American diet, besides containing abundant calories, appears to be very, very rich in calcium.

The amount of cheese, butter, eggs, pastries and pizzas, and numerous other eatables, plus enriched biscuits, chocolates, and the like the American diet has, certainly add up to HUGE QUANTITIES of calcium.

Worse still, many of the Americans tend to take calcium supplements on a daily basis, with the (false) assumption that unlimited quantities of calcium is good for the body.

They believe that, if the mineral happens to be too much, the body will reject the unutilised and unwanted excess out of the body through urinations.

Point-7: Any unwanted excess, or poisons, or unwanted end products of metabolism, if they happened to be water-soluble, will get removed from the body through URINATIONS.

At the same time, if such substances happen to be water-insoluble, then, they get out of the body either through (a) faeces, or (b) through the SKIN in the form of ECZEMA or PSORIASIS.

For these unwanted substances to get leached out of the body, the person should drink about 2 L of plain, normal water daily (not juices or soups), and should urinate about 7 times or so (Palaniappan, 1998 – 2014).

If a person drinks much LESS water (e.g., 500 ml/day), and therefore VOIDS VERY LITTLE URINE through about 3 or 4 urinations, then, MOST OF THE CALCIUM EXCESSES (along with other unwanted substances) tend to stay within the body.

Such ‘remnances’ tend to remain within the body, accumulating to ENORMOUS quantities.

Point-8: A question arises now: where will all these calcium excesses stay within the body? What is the store-house to retain such excesses?

The blood stream will NOT allow even a little extra calcium to stay in the blood fluid. The brain takes care of regulating it by making the THYROID GLAND secrete an enzyme called CALCITONIN.

This calcitonin, the moment any little calcium EXCESS comes into the blood, it pushes such extras into the LYMPH fluid – since that is the body’s drainage system.

The lymph carries it to various parts of the body, in search of soft cells that can act as store-houses.

Point-9: When PROSTATE GLAND (in men) requires calcium for making up the seminal fluid, it utilises some of the calcium from the lymph fluid.

During that process, if TOO MUCH of calcium enters into the cells that make up the prostate gland (simply because too much is in the lymph fluid), then, ALL those CELLS swell up, resulting in the INFLAMMATION OF the cells, and thereby the prostate gland. This makes it into an ENLARGED PROSTATE GLAND. If the process continues, prostate cancer occurs.

Point-10: In women, under normal circumstances, the soft cells of the milk-producing ducts in the breasts absorb calcium from all available sources, and manufactures milk.

The excessive calcium carried by the lymph fluid gets absorbed by these cells.

If the woman does not feed a baby for any reason, the calcium that enters into each cell stays there as calcium oxalate crystals in the cytoplasm.

When more and more such crystals accumulate within the cells, EACH CELL ‘BLOATS’ UP (resulting in inflammation), ENLARGES IN SIZE, AND INCREASES IN WEIGHT.

If the person happens to continue under-urinating, the retention of the calcium excesses too would continue. This enhances a continued inflammation of the breast cells, thus giving rise to a BREAST LUMP.

If and when the process continues, it turns out be CANCEROUS.

Point-11: In an under-urinating person, the calcium excesses get distributed to ALL soft cells in ALL the organs, in ALL parts of the body, thus INCREASING THE OVERALL SIZE & WEIGHT OF THE PERSON, making the person OBESE. Of course, as said earlier, subsequently, MORBID OBESITY develops, giving rise to cancers, stone diseases, blockages, and the like.

Point-12: Under normal circumstances, the UNUSED EXCESSIVE CALORIES tend to get converted into FATS (adipose tissue), and that (a) would stay insulating the various organs, offering cushion-like protection from shocks, and (b) protection from freezing of the cells to death due to VERY LOW temperatures that is beyond the body’s tolerance limit (as in Polar Regions, Winters, highlands, and the like).

Undoubtedly, such fat cells can increase the body weight of a person to some extent. However, they do not interfere with the insulin production by the beta cells in the pancreas, simply because they do not have anything to do with the digestion of sugars.

Point-13: In obesity, there seems to exist two distinctly different types:

Type-1: Those who eat TOO much of food, AND drink 2 L or more water, AND urinate 7 times or more daily, tend to have flabby, untidy, ‘hanging’ kind of flesh all over their body – ‘hanging’ chin, (saggy breasts in women), huge belly, very big thighs, huge buttocks, and the like. These people do get common cold, fever and such virus infections frequently (i.e., once or twice a year).

They never seem to develop diabetes, heart blockages, stone diseases, hypothyroidism, cancers, etc.

Type-2 Those who accumulate excessive calcium essentially because of under-urination (along with few other factors that favour calcium accumulation), tend to become (a) very tall and huge-built with very tough muscles, and (b) very heavy.

These are the people who get type-2 diabetes, cancers, stone diseases, blockages, hypothyroidism, etc.

Point-14: The second type of obesity described above shows clearly that it is only the EXCESSIVE CALCIUM THAT HAS ACCUMULATED WITHIN THE BODY THAT GIVES RISE TO TYPE-2 DIABETES, AND NOT THE CALORIES PRESENT IN THE DIET.

Point-15: By now, the understanding of the working phenomenon must have become a bit clearer now.

If normal American one-day diet is assumed to contain 2200 calories AND 1100 mg of CALCIUM, then,

6000 calories containing diet must have contained 3,300 mg of Calcium.

We know that an average adult needs only 500 mg of Calcium.

In this case, each of those six subjects must have been consuming 2,800 mg of Calcium in EXCESS.

If we assume that 1 glass (250 ml) of water/urine can remove only 100 mg of Calcium (at its maximum saturation point), then, each person must have consumed/ urinated 28 glasses of water/urine.

Twenty-eight glasses would measure 7 Litres.

Under normal circumstances, it may NOT be possible for anyone to drink 7 L of water daily, and urinate all of the 7 litres.

None of those six people could have taken this much of water, nor could have urinated this quantity. (Drinking so much of water at one go can give rise to cerebral hemorrhage - rupture of the fine blood vessels in the brain and bleeding.)

They could have drunk about 2 L (8 glasses) of water, and could have urinated about 1.5 L (6 glasses).

If so, only 600 mg of the EXCESS Calcium could have gone out of the body.

This leached 600 mg + 500 mg that was used up by the body totals to only 1,100 mg.

So, out of the total intake of 3,300 mg Calcium, only 1,100 mg has been accounted for.

The remaining 2,200 mg of the Calcium EXCESS must have gone into the soft cells all over the person’s body, EVERY DAY!

2,200 mg of Calcium a day x 7 days, would add up to 15,400 mg.

This is similar to gulping about FOUR 500 mg Calcium tablets, daily, or about 31 such tablets during that ONE week!

Point-16: Naturally, any individual accumulating 2,200 mg of Calcium EXCESS on a daily basis is bound to (a) put on weight drastically, (b) induce the beta cells in the pancreas to overwork enormously, and (c) thereby give rise to resistance / a pre-diabetic situation.

If those people continued to consume that much of food containing that much of calcium for some more time, for sure, they would have developed a full-blast type-2 diabetes!

Continued consumption would have given them (a) kidney stones, (b) heart blockages + atherosclerosis (i.e., thickening of the blood vessels, and narrowing down of the lumen), cancers in multiple locations, etc.

Point-17: When it comes to the above research done by Dr. Boden, if they wanted to have a fool-proof result, then, they must have included in their experimental design the following factors:

They must have measured (a) the quantity of calcium present in all of the 6000 calories of the diet they fed the people (in addition to the measure of calories), (b) the quantities of water those people drank, (c) the quantity of Calcium present in the water consumed, and (d) the quantities (and the number of times) they urinated.

A regular blood test to measure the calcium present in the LYMPH fluid (not necessarily in the blood, for the Calcitonin would have siphoned out the excesses), urine, and other possible locations would help them for a better detection.

A statistical multiple correlation analyses of all the above data would establish the reality of things that had happened to those six people, and thus Dr. Boden would have had a far more meaningful result.

(However, in this experiment, the sample number (i.e., just 6 individuals), and duration of the study would not be adequate for any meaningful statistical analysis. In fact, I am a bit surprised to note that the results of such a mini project of this nature gained publication in the Journal.)

If they monitored all the suggested three variables, in addition to monitoring the total calorie value of their diet, they could have had a different result altogether – which will be exactly similar to what I have predicted in this paper.

So, we can only conclude that Dr. Boden’s results may not be acceptable because of the error in designing the experiment (+ the inadequate sample number).

The above conclusion would mean that over-eating as such (without calcium excesses) will NOT pave a way for the development of type-2 diabetes, or even a pre-diabetic situation.

Thanks to you for reading this article.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.