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Friday, July 17, 2015


(© 17 July 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
(Title and text: edited on 26 July 2015, by the Author)

Everybody appears to have misunderstood about the existence of the so-called “Cancer Cells”. 

As a result, researchers seem to be hopping on from one misunderstood phenomenon to another.

This may eventually end up as a major error, similar to the so-called ‘confirmed research finding that claimed a particular gene  (called “AMY1”) was responsible for making people OBESE, is NOW getting, also CONFIRMED, that it is UNRELATED!

What was once claimed as “Confirmed” is NOW getting proven that it is wrong!

You may want to read the ‘NEW’ report that says “UNRELATED”, in “Medical Xpress (June 22, 2015) through the following URL in Google, under the heading “Saliva exonerated: Gene previously linked to obesity is unrelated, says new study”

Even before discussing anything about the so-called ‘immune cell’, let me re-emphasize here what I have been emphasising all this while about the causative  or contributing factor for the occurrence of obesity (or cancer) in people. 

The following description is the BASIC information, meant for the NON-BIOLOGISTS (Biologists can skip reading this basic information):
Any organ (or flesh) is made of tissues.

A tissue is a collection of cells.

Each cell has a lot of components.  Cells are filled with CYTOPLASM.

(You can click the following URL is Google Search, and learn all about the contents of a cell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(biology))

Then, click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytoplasmic_inclusion  and you can learn about the components of the cytoplasm.)

The components include:

Glycogen (that is, energy-giving glucose), lipids (that is fats as stored energy), and crystals (that is tiny stone-like substances) and pigments (e.g., melanin that gives black colour to hair).
It is in this cytoplasm, the CALCIUM OXALATE CRYSTALS can accumulate in the cells.

Now, the hitherto UNKNOWN explanation:

In the absence of Vitamin-D, soft cells in certain parts of the body can accumulate abundant Calcium (e.g., the face, neck, buttocks, thighs, waist, chest region, etc.), and certain other cells may accumulate relatively very little calcium.
When too much of calcium enters into a cell (and becomes Calcium oxalate crystals) it swells up. That is, inflammation occurs. As a result, the cell becomes very big.

If a balloon is over-blown with air, it bursts. This happens when the air pressure goes beyond the tolerance limit of the wall.

Likewise, when too much of calcium enters into a cell, the cell splits into two daughter cells (asexually. That is, mitosis takes place).
Continuous calcium absorption results in continuous cell divisions.

The following is my finding:

If this occurs in a woman, it can become a breast lump.

If such a calcium absorption continues beyond the containing capacity of the concerned organ, at its end-point, it tends to become a cancer structure there.

Normally, ALL the cells in ALL the SOFT tissues have the potentials to accumulate the free calcium, meaning thereby, that any organ in the body may have the potentials to develop cancer  in it.
(This process tends to make the person BIG-SIZED and OVER-WEIGHT.

In other words, especially in the tropics where hot climate prevails, it may not be fat (from overeating fats and oils, or fat converted from the excessive food eaten) that makes the person overweight or obese.)

It is the CALCIUM EXCESS that appears to make the person BIG-SIZED, OVERWEIGHT, and OBESE.
As described earlier, when the absorption and retention of calcium reach a level that is BEYOND the tolerance limit of the entire body, then, the person's obesity status turns MORBID, with potentials for developing KIDNEY STONES, PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT, CANCER, and the like.

Therefore, the occurrence of some specialised infectious organisms as a causative factor for the development of these diseases is doubtful. 

 We often hear statements such as “certain cells in our body, for some UNKNOWN reason, turn into ‘ROGUE” cells, and they give rise to cancers".

If you clicked the following URL in Google Search, you will reach the Singapore Cancer Researcher’s latest news release:
They seem to have developed a drug that can suppress the MITOTIC CELL DIVISION of the Cancer-causing cell.

That sounds fine, and the statement appears correct as well, except that the cell concerned here may not be a specialised kind of 'rogue cell', but is just an ordinary cell that might have absorbed far too much of calcium.

The stunning of the cell from becoming cancerous by the furtherance of the cell divisions, sure, should be a welcome introduction.

If my explanation is correct, then why sow a seed of thorns, and then apply a chemical to suppress the thorn formation?

Here, in the case of a cancer, if the 'seed' is EXCESSIVE CALCIUM ACCUMULATION, then the right approach should include a DECALCIFICATION process.

However, the recent drug that has been developed in Singapore recently, if my guess is correct, should be a chemical of ACID nature.

In other words, it is quiet probable, that the ADIC drug NEUTRALIZES the calcium accumulation in the cells, and that, naturally slows down the RATE of calcium accumulation within the cell.  
Based on my finding, to prevent cancer development, I have been explaining: 

1.  The consumption of TOO MUCH CALCIUM (with the assumption that abundant calcium is very good for the body) should be avoided.

(All CALCIUM-ENRICHED FOODS and DRINKS, Calcium-supplements, etc. should be totally avoided. The naturally calcium-rich sea food and the like can be consumed in moderate quantities)

2.  The excessive calcium that has already gone into the body by mistake (that is, inadvertently through enriched items) should be eliminated from the body through increased urinations.

(I have found that one needs to urinate at least 8 times daily to get rid of such calcium excesses. The liquid input / urine output ratio must be 1.0, or 1.2 the most).

(I have also found that nearly all morbidly obese people, almost certainly, under-urinate: about thrice daily. This group of people seem to require some amount of training to increase their voidance.)

3. Prevent the absorption of calcium from the faecal matter in the colo-rectal region.

(Under normal circumstances, the digestive tract does not absorb some 70 - 80% of the calcium present in the vegetable matter consumed as food.

Such rejected calcium gets removed from the body along with the faeces.

Calcium, being alkaline, makes the faeces alkaline, and that keeps the faecal matter solid in good shape.

 The faeces becomes slimy  (or watery / diarrhoea) if the person consumes chocolates, biscuits, over-ripe fruits – especially papaya, powdered form of milk, or far too much of the high fibre.  The fermentation / faecal bacteria seem to be doing this job (Palaniappan, 2013: All about obesity in a nutshell).

4. The calcium excesses that have already been deposited in the cells in various parts of the body should be removed by neutralizing it.

This should be feasible through the consumption of edible, mildly acidified water (at pH 5.6 or so).

We know that the RAIN water, in a clean environment, is ACIDIC, with a pH of about 5.6 or so.

(Of course, if the atmosphere is heavily polluted, it turns ACID RAIN, with a much lower pH of even 4.0 and the like.)

So, if an overweight or morbidly obese person is made to drink pure RAIN WATER that has a pH of 5.6, that can remove the calcium excesses that give rise to cancers, stone diseases, etc.

Edible CITRIC ACID (often used as a food preservative), diluted to a pH of about 5.6, can also be used for the same purpose.

I have a feeling that, administration of the diluted citric acid water may behave similar to the “ETC-159” drug that has been developed by the Singapore Scientists.  

It should be worthwhile testing my theory for ease of preventing  cancer development in people.

Based on the above discussion, we can know that:
  • the so-called “Cancer Cell” may not be a micro-organism or a germ of a special kind. 
  • It should be no more than an ORDINARY cell that has become inflated with too much of calcium.
  • Those cells divide, NOT with an ‘intention’ of destroying the victim, but is dividing (asexually, that is, mitotically) just because it is ‘over-inflated’ with far too much of calcium that is beyond its tolerance limit.
  • So, it may not be wrong to conclude that cancer development is NOT an ‘auto-immune disease’!
  • To prevent cancer development, if my findings can be confirmed by repeated researches, we may not need any kind of special drugs or definite drugs for a cure, but should be enough to educate people on the preventive measures I have suggested here as well as in all my books. 

A true scientist should accept faults.

Although no one has pointed out to me so far, I felt, I was a bit too aggressive in my earlier presentation of this article.

Therefore, I have edited the previous version, while at the same time, retaining the facts stated without changing.

You can expect me to be more gentle while presenting my articles in future.

With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.