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Saturday, October 24, 2015


(© 24 October 2015: Dr. V. M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I have reported through several of my publications (Palaniappan, 1998-2015) the following details:

*  Basically, it is CALCIUM that contributes to BODY WEIGHT of young and old, and NOT fat as has been misconceived by most people.

*  If the person exposes his body to INTENSE SUNSHINE, the Calcium would get impregnated into the skeletal system, and would increase its DENSITY.

This happens because of the Vitamin-D that is produced by the skin pigments when exposed to sunlight. (The extent to which artificial indoor lights would affect remains to be studied.)

*  If the person takes synthetic Vitamin-D, identical results would happen.

*  If the person does NOT expose his/her body to sunshine, and also abstains from taking Vitamin-D, the Calcium does NOT become part of the bones, but would enter into the SOFT CELLS all over the body, and THAT would increase the overall body weight of the person. 

In that process, the muscles would lose their ‘tenderness’, and would turn ‘tougher’.  In other words, the Calf Hardness (cH) increases (Palaniappan, 2000).

Those soft cells would divide mitotically to accommodate if the Calcium accumulation happens to continue, and that can become a LUMP or TUMOUR in breast or any other part of the body that is made of soft cells.

Calcium accumulation would occur because of: (a) under-urination, (b) defecating slimy / watery faeces, (c) excessive consumption of chocolates, biscuits, calcium-enriched eatables and drinks, (d) drinking alkaline water, and (e) calcium supplements (Palaniappan, 2013).

Continued Calcium accumulation, far beyond the tolerance limit of the body, would end up developing the benign lump / tumour into a cancer structure.

Yet more addition of Calcium through the same path would make it ‘spread’ to other organs as well. (In reality, Metastasis is only a simultaneous development of cancers in different organs).

I have already reported the above findings as early as in 1998 (Palaniappan, 1998).


Ms Cassandra Pattinson, the PhD student and her colleagues who have recently released their findings to the Press, may want to refer to my publications before presenting their paper in any of International Conventions.

You may want to read the following news in this connection:

Study links light exposure to weight gain in children

(By Ms. Amanda Weaver, Medical Xpress, 23 October 2015)

 *    *   *   *   *   *

According to the news (provided by the Queensland University of Technology), Ms. Cassandra Pattinson, a PhD student and her colleagues studied 48 children, measuring each child's sleep, activity and light exposure along with their height and weight.

They found:  
  • Moderate intensity light exposure earlier in the day was associated with increased body mass index (BMI).

  • Children who received biggest dose of light in the afternoon were slimmer.

  • Physical activity was not associated with the body mass of the children. 

  • This was the first time light has been shown to contribute to weight in children.

  •  Pre-school children exposed to morning light tend to be heavier. (Dr.Palani: This could be due to the children consuming calcium-rich dairy products in the morning hours).
  • According to them: Factors that impact on obesity include calorie intake, decreased physical activity, short sleep duration, and variable sleep timing. Now light can be added to the mix. (Dr. Palani: Calcium accumulation, essentially due to under-urination should be included in the list as the major contributor: For more details, please see my publicatons.)
  • It seems they are planning to conduct further studies with pre-schoolers and also infants. (Dr. Palani: I would suggest to include the influence of Calcium Accumulation and its role in causing the obesity under different conditions. This should reveal much meaningful information.)

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    Well, friends, 

  • If you have any opinion on the subject, please feel free to post your comments. 

  • With best wishes, 

  • Dr.Palani. Ph.D.  
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