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Monday, November 23, 2015



(© 23 November 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)
All those concerned with health aspects of post-menopausal women believe that fractures occur because of osteoporosis, which in turn may have direct relation to the changes in the female hormone, oestrogen.

However, I have found through my 40 years of study in the area of Ecological Healing System (“EcoTherapy” for short) that such fractures occur NOT because of the osteoporosis  caused by HORMONAL CHANGES RELATED TO MENOPAUSE as such.
Even before I can explain the phenomenon involved, I wish to draw your attention to the following story that had appeared in Medical Xpress (10 November, 2015), which can be viewed through the following URL: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-11-wrist-fractures-susceptibility-postmenopausal-women.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ctgr-item&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter

Wrist fractures could predict susceptibility to serious fractures in postmenopausal women
This paper by Professor Dr.Carolyn Crandall of University of California – Los Angeles was initially published in the November issue of Journal of Bone and Mineral Research has the following information:

1.   It seems the wrist fractures are common among menopausal women below 65.

2.   If wrist fracture occurs in a woman, THAT woman can have SERIOUS fractures (elsewhere in the body) in the course of next 10 years.

3.   One in five women (among those who had wrist fracture) suffered such a problem.

4.   Upon testing for the bone mineral density, if the T-score is -1.0 or less, that indicates osteoporosis.

5.   Improper bone structure or the strength of the bone could be the cause for such a risk.

Let us discuss what I have found in connection with OSTEOPOROSIS and related FRACTURES IN MENOPAUSAL WOMEN.
The relevant question is:

Why should a woman who has been NORMAL and HEALTHY while she has been menstruating for more than 30 years, suddenly become much susceptible to OSTEOPOROSIS and then FRACTURES?
In general, the entire Medical Fraternity has been believing all this while that there is a sudden and drastic loss of calcium from the bones that gives rise to osteoporosis. 

Naturally, weakened bone can crack very easily.
The changes in HORMONE is (erroneously) believed to be the cause, as I had mentioned at the beginning.

Therefore, the doctors tend to prescribe the menopausal women massive doses of CALCIUM supplements.
The thinking is, it is the LOSS OF CALCIUM that gives rise to osteoporosis. So, the calcium supplementation would REPLACE THE LOST CALCIUM, and that should PREVENT FRACTURES.

The next question is:

The answer is: It does not seem to be.

Let me describe the case-history of an individual I observed in my neighbourhood:

Several years ago, I visited my Veterinary doctor friend.

I saw his mother, aged 60 or so, with a hunch-back, and she was murmuring of pain, nonstop.
On enquiry, I was told that she had bone pain some ten years ago, and that was after her menopause.

She was instructed by her doctor to take a particular brand of milk that had very high calcium content, twice daily.
Since the pain did not stop, the doctor told her to take the milk thrice daily, and also to take 500 mg. calcium tablets, twice daily.

The pain continued to increase, and the calcium dosage too was increased accordingly.
However, her doctor told her that it may take some time for the bone to get back the lost density, and therefore, she must continue with what was prescribed.

She has been faithfully doing that. In spite of it, the pain has been gradually increasing, and she developed hunch-back as well.
It was at this time I visited the family.

I traced the total calcium she was taking, and all of them added to a shocking 18,000 mg / day.
Soon, the woman died of pain, fractures, and several other complications that are needless to explain here.

*   *   *   *   *
Let me explain the reality of things that had happened.
Let us do (enough to imagine that you are doing) an experiment:

Let me give you a brick (weighing 1 kg.) to hold it in your (both) hands.

You will easily hold it.

After that, let me add on one by one several more bricks.

May be, you can hold, let us say, 10 bricks, and that probably is the maximum weight you can hold.

At this, if I keep just one more brick, what would you do?

You would drop off the whole lot of 11 bricks, instead of pushing off the one extra, which exceeded your tolerance capacity.

This is how the AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES (whatever it is) WORKS!
*   *   *   *   *   *
Let us apply the same principle to the DEVELOPMENT OF OSTEOPOROSIS in MENOPAUSAL women.
A fertile and healthy woman, from the time she matured until she entered the menopausal stage, would be menstruating (once every 28-days, or) at ‘monthly’ intervals.

Every time, her menstrual fluid takes with it a substantial quantity of calcium.
This brings about a severe loss of calcium.

As a result of such losses, the woman would experience the following characteristics:

Her breasts would go tender / soft.

Her chin would cave in, with black marks around her eyes.

Her thighs and calf muscles too would become soft and tender.

Overall, her body weight would go down to a noticeable extent.

Subsequently, during the FOLLICULAR period, he body would gather back all the LOST calcium, and her features would return to original norm, perhaps after about two weeks or so.

After that, until her next menses, she would have a ‘filled’ chin, firmer breasts, thighs, calf muscles, etc.

In other words, during fertile period, a healthy woman keeps on losing at monthly (or 28-day) intervals plenty of calcium, and she gathers the lost calcium from the food sources along with time*.

(* We don’t have to deny the above happens due to the changes in the female hormone, oestrogen.)

Now, let us see what happens during the earlier periods of her menopause.

By the END of her first menopausal month, the calcium-loss would NOT occur.

As a result, all the calcium her body had gathered during the past one month stays within her bodygets stored in the soft cells all over, thus increasing her overall body weight. In addition, her body becomes firmer a bit.

Since the monthly calcium losses would have totally stopped from then on, the quantity of the accumulating calcium would keep on increasing month after month.

The above would become evident by her increasing body weight.

The breasts too, for sure, would keep on increasing in shape, size and firmness.

The very enlargement of the breasts will be due to the accumulation of the calcium excesses in the soft cells (including the milk-producing ducts) of the breast tissues.

Thus, ALL the SOFT cells in the whole of her body keep on absorbing and accumulating within them continuously the ‘ever-increasing’ calcium.

However, those cells can absorb calcium only to their maximum capacity. If some more calcium comes in, those soft cells tend to split – divide asexually / mitotically, into 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on, just to accommodate the on-coming fresh calcium.

This results in hypertrophy, followed by hyperplasia: that is, cell enlargement, followed by cell divisions.

This will then become a LUMP in the breast.

If the process of calcium accumulation continues, that lump would then become CANCEROUS.
*   *   *   *   *   *
If the menopausal woman happens to expose her body to the sunshine, her body would produce Vitamin-D*.

(*Often, the menopausal women tend to take Vitamin-D supplements along with CALCIUM, besides consuming Vitamin-D enriched calcium-rich eatables, seafood, dairy products, eggs, and the like.)

In the presence of Vitamin-D, the CALCIUM EXCESSES, instead of entering into the SOFT CELLS, would get incorporated into the BONES, and harden them, and the bone density would proportionately increase.

The bones too have a tolerance limit of their own.

Therefore, if and when more and more calcium keeps on coming ALONG with more and more VITAMIN-D*, the brain tries to get rid of the EXCESSES from the bones.

(* Some of such excess can give rise to SPURS – as extra bone growths.

Bone cancers – the chondrosarcoma that develop at the end of long bones (e.g., in the bone of the upper arm, that may give rise to frozen shoulders in some at initial stages) also should be due to such ‘over-absorption’ of the calcium excesses.

The Genetically-designed growth pattern has limitations. That is, a human being cannot keep on growing to 10 or 20 feet tall, simply because of the increased availability of the bone-building material, namely the calcium*.

(* While constructing a building, simply because lots and lots of bricks are available, one cannot keep on adding several more floors than the ‘bearing’ capacity of the foundation. If added, the entire building would collapse.)

Thus, when far too much of CALCIUM + VITAMIN-D accumulate within the body, AND when the ultimate tolerance capacity gets over-run, the brain comes to the rescue, in order to save (at least momentarily) the body from destruction / collapse.

As a result, several ACIDS (such as lactic acid that forms when a person develops muscular cramps due to impeded blood flow) tend to get produced, all of which will DISSOLVE the bones, RESULTING IN BONE EROSION* – and we call it OSTEOPOROSIS.

(* Bone erosion can also occur when a person eats too much of high protein diet. In the process of its digestion, sulphur dioxide (SO2) is produced. That can turn into H2SO4 – the sulphuric acid, which can dissolve the calcium from the bone surfaces, resulting in bone erosion.)

By right, to save the skeletal system, it would be enough to reject ONLY the INTOLERABLE EXCESSES.

However, much similar to what I described above (about the over-loading of your hands with the ‘eleventh brick’, and you dropping the WHOLE LOT of 11 bricks from your hands, rather than throwing off just the one extra), the body KEEPS ON DISSOLVING THE BONES NON-STOP, AND THAT GIVES RISE TO OSTEOPOROSIS*.

(* This precisely is what an AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE is, when it concerns osteoporosis!

Type-1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease of this kind. Here, the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas get killed themselves. This happens when the body receives FAR TOO MUCH OF SUGAR, beyond the tolerance/ manageable/ utilsable limits of some of the body parts, such as the cells, wherein the energy synthesis occurs.

Likewise, asymptomatic Hashimotos hypothroiditis too is an auto-immune disease. In this, when a person's body keeps on receiving FAR TOO MUCH of Iodine, and when the Thyroid gland keeps on OVER-PRODUCING the thyroid hormone (as in Graves' disease), finding the only way to STOP such over-production of the hormone is to DESTROY the gland's secretary capacity, the brain DESTROYS the gland - resulting in its death.
 However some of the so-called auto-immune diseases, such Vitiligo, wherein the skin's pigments get destroyed by the EXCESSIVE CALCIUM THAT HAS ACCUMULATED WITHIN THE BODY that makes the skin depigmented and WHITE, is NOT an auto-immune disease*. Since the aetiology is different, it should not be categorised under this group as an auto-immune disease.

(* If Vitiligo is to be considered as an auto-immune disease, the skin should receive far too much of melanin pigments beyond the usable extent - beyond the tolerance limit, and then the brain should destroy the whole lot of melanin pigments in the ENTIRE body all at once, and that should become make the person totally whitish!

I have CURED several cases of Vitiligo / Leukoderma cases, simply by DE-CALCIFYING the body of the sufferer that involved several steps. If it is an auto-immune disease, the condition should remain IRREVERSIBLE, as in the cases of osteoporosis, type-1 diabetes, hypothyroiditis, etc.)

After reading my/this first-time definition/explanation, I hope other scientists would acknowledge/recognise me as the DISCOVERER of the auto-immune disease phenomenon, rather than practising plagiarism.)

Thus, the weakening of the bones tends to be due to the ADDITION of FAR TOO MUCH of CALCIUM + VITAMIN-D, and NOT BECAUSE OF THE CHANGES in the female hormone – the oestrogen.

The sad part of the story is, with the assumption of REPLACING THE ‘LESSENING’ Calcium, we tend to prescribe Calcium + Vitamin-D supplements to the menopausal women.

The above tends to make the situation hopeless.

While doing so, we often forget the fact that such menopausal women must have already stopped losing the calcium through their menstrual fluids, and that must be getting continuously added up to give rise to calcium-overload.

In other words, the body weight of menopausal women, due to the calcium conservation, may keep on increasing, yet, they can remain healthy without problems.

What makes them susceptible to osteoporosis and related bone fractures is the additional intake of calcium + vitamin-D, in the name of protective or preventive supplements.

The WRIST bones, being relatively tender, and since they are positioned in the body with greater susceptibility for easy breakage, they tend to break much earlier than the ‘well-cushioned’ larger and denser bones elsewhere in the body.

In other words, the wrist may NOT break in MOST post-menopausal women if they do NOT take the Calcium AND Vitamin-D supplements.

If MOST menopausal women are NOT going to get wrist-breakages, it leaves the REMAINING SOME to suffer such breakages!

Why should only these ‘SOME women’ develop such wrist breakages, and why CANNOT ALL be safe?

To understand the reason for the above, one should understand a little more about another, but related phenomenon.
*  *  *  *  *  *
I have explained this phenomenon several times during the past, while trying to explain similar diseases.

A fertile woman’s body requires about 500 mg of Calcium daily, while a male’s need is less by about 50 or 100 mg. This is so because, as explained above, a fertile woman loses substantial quantities of calcium as part of her menstrual discharges, at monthly intervals.

The intake of calcium through food sources and the losses through menstrual cycles should be in a well-balanced rhythmic state in a HEALTHY woman.

A woman will be healthy only if she URINATES about 8 times, AFTER consuming about 2 L of water daily.

Such optimum urinations would remove from her body all the unwanted Calcium excesses she could have inadvertently consumed from food sources (or even as supplements to some extent).

If and when she does NOT urinate 8 times, bud does so only about thrice or so, then, the Calcium tends to STAY within the body.

Such retained Calcium excesses get stored in one of the following TWO locations:

In the ABSENCE of Vitamin-D, they get stored in the SOFT CELLS, and make the person obese, followed by the formation of lumps, tumours, kidney stones, blood vessel thickening (athero- arterio-sclerosis), heart blockages, etc.

In the PRESENCE of Vitamin-D, they get stored in the BONES.

If a woman URINATES WELL (8 times daily, after drinking about 2 L of plain water), AND if she does NOT take Calcium + Vitamin-D supplements, her WRIST will NOT break, and she would NOT develop OSTEOPOROSIS in her menopausal stage.

On the other hand, if the post-menopausal woman drinks very little water (e.g., about 500 ml or so), and urinates only about thrice, daily), AND if she happens to EAT seafood, eggs, dairy products (including milk) that have enough of Vitamin-D, she tends to develop greater susceptibility for wrist breakage and osteoporosis, even if she is not going to take supplements.

Needless to re-emphasise that if that woman is going to take supplements, apart from drinking little water, and under-urinating, her susceptibility of the problem would be the greatest among all the post-menopausal women.
Dear Friends,
I believe, I have given an excellent interpretation of the findings reported in the above paper I have cited at the beginning of this article.

I hope the Researchers would read this, and find this worthy of acceptance.

In their subsequent study, they may want to include monitoring of a few more parameters such as tracing the water intake/urine output ratio, the intake of calcium through food and drinks, the calcium contents in the LYMPH fluids (no point in trying to monitor the blood calcium, for the Calcitonin pushes out the 'extras' into the lymph fluid), etc. which would yield a better understanding of the osteoporosis / wrist fracture connections in relation to the post-menopausal stages.

I hope, my suggestions are taken in good spirit. 

Until I come up with some other write-up,

Bye, for now.

With best wishes,

Dr.Palani, Ph.D.

(PS: Those who wish read further can refer to my books that are listed at the end of my earlier articles in this Blog.)

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