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Saturday, November 14, 2015



(© 14 November 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

When we expose our body to sunshine, the skin produces Vitamin-D.

Under normal circumstances, the vitamin-D helps to fix the freely available CALCIUM to be part of the bone – thus increasing its density.

However, if a person WITH some form of CANCER in him/her exposes the body to sunshine, or takes synthetic vitamin-D as supplement, then, the FREE CALCIUM tends to get fixed to increase the CALCIFICATION of the SOFT CELLS that had turned CANCEROUS because of the earlier calcium accumulations, due essentially to the under-urination habit of the person (see my book on cancer).

Other than the above two, the vitamin-D does not seem to have any other ‘extra’ function as some may suspect.

I just read an article in Medical Xpress (13 November 2015) the following news (I am condensing / altering it for convenience of discussion. You can click the following URL to read the full text: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-11-vitamin-d-deficiency-tied-erectile.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ctgr-item&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter):

Vitamin D deficiency might be tied to erectile dysfunction

 (HealthDay)—Low levels of vitamin D may be associated with erectile dysfunction…

The lead investigator was Dr. Erin Michos, an associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The researchers concluded that men with vitamin D deficiency were 32 percent more likely to be impotent than those with sufficient vitamin D levels.

This association held even after the study authors accounted for other factors associated with erectile dysfunction, such as drinking, smoking, diabetes, higher blood pressure, inflammation and certain medications.

The Researchers said more research is needed to determine if there's a direct link between low vitamin D levels and erectile dysfunction.

.. Michos said. ".. whether correcting the deficiency could reduce risk and help restore erectile function."



Did you note the following?

The above researchers have accounted for ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION, SMOKING, DIABETES, BLOOD PRESSURE, INFLAMMATION, AND CERTAIN MEDICATIONS, while trying to find out the effect of vitamin-D deficiency on Erectile Dysfunction.

I have traced the most important cause for erectile dysfunction to be completely different from all the above:

GOD, or Nature / Evolution has created men with HANGING SCROTUM containing the two TESTICLES, and this has TREMENDOUS RELATIONSHIP to ERECTION. (It has to keep dangling like a pendulum, for efficient functioning.)

Erection occurs only when the BLOOD rushes into the penis.

The so-called ‘modern’ lifestyle, essentially based on the Western culture, that has taught men (and women) a VERY BAD LIFESTYLE of wearing a very TIGHT UNDERWEAR – the BRIEFS (and panties)!

The health-advocates go a step further scaring men to wear the tight briefs, lest they would develop VARICOSE VEINS, which again, is only a myth.

When a man wears such a tight briefs, the following events take place:

1.  It arrests free blood flow, which is crucial for erection.

    2.  It also arrests the LYMPH flow – in fact, the tight briefs      tends to totally prevent the lymph flow, which is crucial for the production of semen, because it is the lymph fluid that carries most of the calcium required for the make-up of the semen itself.

3.  That would also result in the building up of high heat in the pubic area. Such a prevention of ventilation and the build-up of excessive heat could KILL the sperms as well.

I have observed that the impeded blood and lymph flows, the physical forced suppression, etc. due to such tight underclothes, to be the MAJOR CAUSE for erectile dysfunction in a large number of men.

In fact, tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. may not have significant effects when compared to the prevention of blood flow to the penis and scrotum.

Diabetes, when allowed to progress by practising the so-called ‘healthy lifestyle’, which according to my findings is quiet insensible, makes men lose their erection.

However, when I treat the diabetics by making them to (a) drink 2L of water, (b) void 8 times daily, (c) take MORE sugar, (d) take MORE salt, (e) eat less proteins, (f) take more carbohydrates, (g)  avoid sweat-out exercises, and (h) AVOID WEARING ANY UNDER-WEAR AT ALL, THE DIABETICS GET BACK THEIR ERECTION*.

(* Of course, I have simplified the description of the treatment method. It involves a few more techniques as well. To understand my scientific, but much controversial treatment methodology, you MUST refer to my publications, essentially the one on Diabetes. I have given in it the entire programme in an easily understandable, “Do It Yourself” kind of manner. Please see the list of references towards the end of this article.)

In my opinion, the VITAMIN –D MAY NOT SUPPRESS THE ERECTION, for reasons I have described at the start of this write-up.

The Researchers of the above paper, if they intend to study this any further, may have to (a) refer to my book on Sex Problems and my other articles on this subject, and (b) make all their study subjects NOT to wear any under-wear, if they want to get meaningful and correct results.

In the present study, MANY of those men who had ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, for all, could have worn EXTREMELY TIGHT BRIEFS, and that could have influenced their results to an immense extent.

When they repeat a similar experiment the next time, I hope these Researchers (or any other doing a study on this) would ACKNOWLEDGE ME APPROPRIATELY, rather than claiming that they had found the ill-effects of tight under-clothes for the first time…

Anyway, if you allow a person to wear very tight briefs all the time, any amount of gulping Vitamin-D pills would NOT help to retain his erection - almost certain that he would develop the ED problem, irrespective of his drinking or smoking.

Another note I would like to add here is: (a) high blood pressure develops when a person drinks LESS water all the time. When water consumption is increased to much higher quantity (e.g., 3 or 4 L daily), he would develop LOW blood pressure. (b) Inflammation - if lump-like swelling is considered as inflammation, then, it occurs, again, when the calcium accumulates in the soft cells of breast, prostate gland and the like, due, again to UNDER-URINATION.

For all these, the Reader of this article should refer to my publications listed below.
Thank you friends, for reading this.
Until next, bye:
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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