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Monday, November 9, 2015



 (© 9 November, 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)

 I am much fascinated to read the article in Medical Xpress (5 November 2015), concerning the weight gain of US women while being pregnant.

This finding was published in CDS’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

You too may want to read it, and it’s been reported by the Healthday Reporter Reinberg. The research was co-authored by CDC epidemiologist Andrea Sharma.

According to the news, it seems, more than half of the pregnant women gain much weight than what is considered healthy for them.

Only 32% of them are said to be within the recommended range.

Then, some 20% of them are said to have LESSER weight than the recommended range.

They have put the blame for this weight gain on OVEREATING by these women, who, they say, overate food because of the misconception that they should cater for 'two people'.

Away from this, Dr. Jennifer Wu at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, has expressed the following opinion:

"Patients who gain excessive weight have a very hard time losing their pregnancy weight, thus increasing the risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease," she said.

Children of obese mothers are also more likely to be overweight or obese themselves, Wu added.”


Please note the following details:

1.  It will be difficult for pregnant women to eat MORE food, in terms of bulk.

 It will be so because, their internal abdominal volume space, when not in pregnancy, can accommodate over-eating, but in pregnancy, a woman would feel much suffocating. Therefore, nearly ALL the women tend to under-eat. 

2.  The pregnant women tend to avoid drinking even their normal quantity of water they were drinking prior to attaining pregnancy.  

This is so because, if they drink water, they would feel their urinal bladder getting filled rapidly, and that would give them an urge to ease frequently.  

Going to toilet, sitting over the pram and standing up, slackening their under-clothes and tightening them back again, etc. would certainly be much taxing while in pregnancy.  

The above ‘cumbersome’ task discourages them from drinking their usual quantity of water. 

3.  For that matter, even the reduced frequency of urination tend to make them feel uncomfortable.  

As a result, nearly ALL the pregnant women tend to withhold their urge to urinate as much as they can. 

In other words, if a woman, when not pregnant, has been voiding urine once every two and a half hours (2½ hours) or so, making a total of about 6 visits daily, would NOW, while in pregnancy, may lessen it to only about 3 or 4 visits.  


The following explanation would justify my claims:


I have very clearly established the following (see my publications: 1998-2015, listed below)  

1.  It is NOT fats and oil that make people overweight or obese. They provide work energy. In cold environment, they tend to provide a padding of adipose tissue under the skin for purposes of providing thermal protection. The weight increase because of such a provision tends to be relative insignificant. 

2.  It is not even over-eating carbohydrates that make them thus. They get burnt. If not, they tend to form the so-called ‘water-cysts’, which can disappear when a person under-eats continuously. 

3.  Menstruating women tend to require, for their normal well-being, only about 500 mg of CALCIUM daily.  

The monthly blood loss that occurs during menstruation tends to remove with it substantial quantities of this CALCIUM. 

Such losses tend to make a woman’s physical feature look (immediately after her menses has stopped) somewhat ‘worn out’, softening her breasts and thighs, caving-in the periphery of the eyes and chin, etc. She tends to lose a kilo or so of her weight because of such losses, in addition to that of the ‘destroyed’ uterine wall, blood, etc. 

In the course of the next 30 days or so, the woman tends to gradually gain her weight back, and this happens essentially because of the build-up of CALCIUM, which makes her face, breasts, thigh, etc. look ‘filled’. 

4.  When a woman over-consumes CALCIUM-RICH food/drinks that is more than the required 500 mg, then, the brain regulates it by ‘throwing away’ from body all such EXCESSES. 

This ‘Calcium Management’ is taken care of by the CALCITONIN hormone that secretes in the Thyroid gland. 

The Calcium, being alkaline, tends to increase the pH of the blood to a higher level than its well-guarded reading of pH7.4, which can prove to be even fatal.
Therefore, the Calcitonin pushes of the Calcium excess into the LYMPH fluid. 

The Lymph carries these Calcium excesses to the kidneys, and then to the urinal bladder for getting removed along with the urine. 

I have traced that the body requires about 2 L of plain water (not juices, soups, or other beverages) to remove all such Calcium excesses (may be along with other unwanted toxic wastes) from the body, to its saturation point.  

The crucial point here appears to be that, a woman should urinate nearly ALL of this 2 L of water for an efficient removal of ALL the toxic wastes – the Calcium excesses included. I have traced this to require about 8 visit to the toilet, daily. 

5.  The above being the case, if THAT woman is going to UNDER-URINATE (e.g., just 3 or 4 times, daily), then about half of the Calcium EXCESS would stay back within the body – on a daily basis. 

These Calcium excesses, if the person happens to expose her body to SUNSHINE, or if she takes Vitamin D3, the retained Calcium excesses tend to become part of the bones. 

On the other hand, if the woman stays indoors all the time, and also does not take enough of Vitamin-D, then, all the Calcium excesses tend to enter into the SOFT CELLS that are present all over the body. 

In women, the soft cells in the breast tissues (especially the milk producing Lacticiferous tissues) tend to scavenge these Calcium excesses that keep floating in the Lymph fluid, absorb, and retain within them as part of their cytoplasm. As a result, they enlarge in their sizes, giving rise to what is called Hypertrophy. 

When such a process of Calcium accumulation continues for a longer period, the cells tend to split (divide mitotically, forming hyperplasia) to accommodate more of the oncoming Calcium excesses. This results in the development of LUMPS, which at a later stage, becomes CANCEROUS. 

6.  Under normal circumstances, when a woman UNDER-URINATES, besides the soft cells of her breasts, ALL the soft cells in her whole body too receive these Calcium excesses, and increase in their VOLUME as well as WEIGHT. 

The above process makes the woman OVER-WEIGHT. 

7.  At this, let us evaluate the situation that happens in a PREGNANT WOMAN: 

If she is going to under-urinate, as indicated above, naturally, she would become overweight and obese. 

Since she is pregnant, and since the foetus / embryo ‘scavenges’ whatever is available from the ‘mother’ for its growth, it naturally picks up the CALCIUM EXCESSES into its own soft cells, and that would make the ‘baby’ TOO BIG and OVERWEIGHT. 

Thus, it is NOT over-eating that makes the foetus/ baby heavy, but it is the accumulation of far too much of calcium that makes the baby so. 

8.  Since high calcium tends to make the pH medium of the entire embryo’s environment ALKALINE, such alkalinity would prevent the absorption and utilisation of IRON mineral, and that would give the baby JAUNDICE, making the new-born’s skin and eyes yellow. 

9.  GESTATIONAL (OR PREGNANCY) DIABETES IS another important ailment that can happen to the UNDER-URINATING woman.  

A pregnant woman needs to throw away all her toxic wastes + those of the developing embryo in her womb. 

Again, such disposals can be done only through voiding the urine then and there. 

If a woman who is not pregnant needs to urinate about 8 times daily for a optimum removal of the toxic substances (along with the Calcium excesses), then, a pregnant person should, by right, urinate once or twice more, so that the evacuation is complete. 

On the contrary, all pregnant women, essentially for want of this knowledge, and out of laziness, tend to UNDER-URINATE, and end up with GAINING MORE WEIGHT. 

Naturally, this process would make the EMBRYO/FOETUS/ NEW BORN BABY also OBESE. 

10.       After delivery, if the woman is going to feed her baby with synthetic milk preparation that has MORE than 20 mg of Calcium*, by mixing the powder-to-water ratio @ 1:1, then, the infant is going to grow into enormously big size, and put on far too much of weight, which should be considered proportional to the calcium increases. 

In other words, the more the Calcium within the body of the infant, the more will be the body weight. The reverse also is true.

11.       In other words, a liberally-urinating pregnant woman (voiding about 10 times daily, after drinking about 2.5 L of plain water) would NOT put on weight, her baby would develop into the most ‘ideal’ weight, and the delivery may end up being natural, rather than needing any Caesarean help.

It would have become very clear by now from my explanations, the following:
·      That the 50% USA pregnant women who ended being over-weight or obese must have almost definitely UNDER-URINATED, after drinking much LESS water.

·      Those pregnant women must have had, to a significant extent, PREGNANCY DIABETES. 

·      Among the rest, some 20% of the women who were under-weight, must have eaten their normal and regular diet, but must have OVER-URINATED – probably more than what was required for the elimination of the wastes and excesses (that, that would have leached out even their wanted nutrients – the calcium + other water-soluble essentials) , AFTER drinking MORE water than their norm.  

Such women who have over-urinated, AND their babies are bound to be in GOOD HEALTH, except for developing frequent FEVERS*. 

(* Over-urination that removes most of the wanted alkaline bases / nutrients tends to make the body ACIDIC (and skeletal-looking), and the body in a state of even mild hyper acidosis becomes highly susceptible for easy virus attack.

 However, such children will NOT develop any Jaundice, for the iron absorption in them would have occurred very well, because of the absence of the inhibiting calcium excesses.) 


At this, I suppose, it may not be improper for me to suggest the Co-author of this research paper Dr. Andrea Sharma to consider the following while planning their next project, if that happens to be along the same line:
1.  It should be worthwhile monitoring the quantity of water that is being consumed by these women – preferably, BEFORE and AFTER getting PREGNANT.

2.  Equally, they should also be monitored to know the number of times they urinate, also BEFORE and AFTER.   

It should be equal importance to measure the QUANTITIES urine voided at EACH occasion. 

Subsequently, the LIQUID INPUT / URINE OUTPUT RATIO should be calculated, also for BOTH, before & after readings. 

3.  The pre-pregnancy body weight, and the gradual increase in ALL the women should be recorded, preferably at weekly intervals. 

4.  The quantities of food consumed by these women, also before and after, would also contribute for a better understanding of what I have explained. 

5.  The baby’s data recorded with effect from birth should prove valuable to extrapolating inferences, especially in relation to the Calcium input from feeding sources. 

Well, friends,
Let me come back with another critique.
Until then, bye from
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.


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