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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 (© 10 November, 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I am getting a SHOCK to read the following news today:
The article has been provided by Garvan Institute of Medical Research, published in the November (2015) issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
The news reads:
Dr. Dorit Samocha-Bonet, Daniel Chen and Prof Jerry Greenfield have uncovered information about how metabolically healthy obese individuals respond to the hormone insulin. 
Australian researchers have defined some key characteristics of the metabolically healthy obese—those obese individuals who remain free from type 2 diabetes and other disorders that usually associate with obesity. Their findings have implications for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity. 
“… Australian adults are overweight or obese…, with a host of other health problems—including type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes), high blood pressure and an abnormal blood lipid profile. Yet, intriguingly, some obese individuals (are)…  free from these so-called metabolic disorders
Now, Australian researchers have shed new light on how the metabolically healthy obese differ from other people with obesity. 
"… we're taking the first steps towards … to the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes." 
The above news I have quoted is from Medical Xpress (9 November, 2015), and this can be read through the following URL: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-11-exploring-paradox-metabolically-healthy-obesity.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ctgr-item&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter
*  *  *  *  * 
I have ALREADY DISCOVERED and PUBLISHED in 1998 not only the above information, but also all the answers the above-said group of Australian researchers are planning to get in FUTURE by doing further research in this area!
Apart from publishing through copyrighted, ISBN-registered books (see below in the list of references), I have also posted numerous articles on this, in this BLOG. You can browse through them: there are 313 serious articles, most of them are directly related to this very subject, while the rest are indirectly related.
Further, Malaysian National News Agency BERNAMA has also catered the same for the benefit of worldwide Mass Media the same (MY) findings through EIGHT-PART SERIES (2007) (Also included in the REFERENCES list below).
The Director-General of World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr. Margaret Chan, and ALL the 17 Regional WHO Directors, Health Minister of Malaysian Health Ministry, and also some 36 high-level scientists worldwide, and a few research institutions have my publications related to this area.

The above being the case, what wonder can there be in myself getting a shock?

The worst part of it concerns the claim that they have discovered it for the first time!

However, it took some time for me to cool down, and do you know why I cooled down?

Well, it is because, if the above finding is the result of plagiarism (i.e., copying my findings), then, they would have got ALL the answers (from my works) straight away at one research project!

However, right now, what they have ‘found’ is only the TIP OF AN ICEBERG!

In other words, they have found, I can say, only 2% of my findings!

Further, their interpretation of the truth has been not straight, but winding around – similar to what we say, ‘beating the bush’. (If they had read my works, they would not have done that way.) 
Of course, had I not found full truth, normally, this is how any other serious-minded researchers would have done:
They would suspect and wonder why certain anomalies should occur. Then, they would develop a hypothesis based on some superficial observations. Subsequently, they would perform a small-scale research program. On getting some meaningful answers, they would do a large-scale study to establish the comprehensive reality of the problem.
In fact, you can see towards the end of the news story what the Researchers had said: They intend to find more through further research along these lines! 
For the benefit of the Australian Researchers, let me write here a very brief summary of some of the important matter in this regard. However, the entire matter can only be had through my books, especially the one entitled, “The true causes of all diseases” (Please see Reference list).
As of today, it is clear that the Australian Researchers did NOT know the existence of my publications when they started doing the research project. Had they done a little more literature search, they could have had it. (It is not that they do not know that Google search gives them at once!).
Hence, their claim that they have found this information for the first time can be over-looked. 
Yet, I would take it that they have only RE-CONFIRMED a small part of my earlier findings!
However, now that I am bringing the full information for their kind attention, they can design an elaborate and large-scale project, and re-confirm what I have already found – and that cannot be for the FIRST-TIME! 
They themselves will not claim so, for they know that people may then start suspecting them of plagiarism.
As it is, I am of the FIRM OPINION, they have NOT done any act of plagiarism, and that their small finding forms only a coincidence, for the truth will not alter – no matter who does, where!
Since all my findings form the absolute truth (I have the guts to say so! I am aware scientists are not supposed to say or claim so in their report-writings), whomsoever does research in the area of overweight, obesity, morbid obesity, diabetes, stone diseases, heart diseases, cancers, leprosy and the like, they are bound to GET THE SAME RESULTS I HAD, and all those findings would only RE-CONFIRM MY FINDINGS, and they cannot be ‘the first time novel findings’ any more!. 
*  *  *  *  * 
Here is the (abstract-like) brief summary (For elaboration, you have to refer to my books):
1.  Based on my research findings, I have classified ALL humans (irrespective of their geographical distribution, nativity, ethnicity, gender, and all other variations included) into the following TEN CATEGORIES: 
(1)         Skeletal-looking people, referred as “S”.
Their major features:
·      Their Hardness of their Calf muscle (Soleus muscles), denoted as “cH” will be very tender, measuring anything between -21 and – 40. (You need to read my book for elaboration on this. THAT IS ACTUALLY A MEASURE OF CALF DENSITY DUE SOLELY TO THE ACCUMULATION OF EXCESSIVE CALCIUM IN THE SOFT CELLS IN ALL PARTS OF THE BODY. CALF IS MEASURED JUST AS A CONVENIENT REPRESENTATION OF ANY OTHER PART OF THE BODY). 
·      They drink 3 – 5 L of plain water daily, and urinate about 12 – 15 times daily.
·       They consume very little food, VERY SLOWLY, but would eat at frequent intervals. 
·       They like all kinds of fruits, take plenty of salt and sugar, but yet will never get hypertension or diabetes, at all. On the contrary, they will have LOW BLOOD PRESSURE all the time, and their pulse rate will be higher, at 80, 85 or even 90 (palpitation).
·      Their height will be mediocre.
·      They will be under-weight all the time. Their Body Mass Index (BMI) will be at the lowest of the Index. They will be the same through their life – no matter what they eat, and how much they eat, they will never put on weight.
·       Their body will be in a state of hyper acidosis (feeling ‘heaty’ all the time). 
·      They will have no immunity: highly susceptible for (any) virus infection. They frequently suffer short-duration fevers and common cold. 
·      They will have hyperhidrosis (i.e., profuse sweat all over the body, palms and feet).
·      Almost certainly they will get duodenal ulcer
·      Their eye-sight can a bit poor, requiring spectacles.
·      They may get pre-mature grey hair.
·      Females of this category tend to suffer from erratic menses, and unbearable PMT. They will have poorly developed breasts – often, they would look like ‘Tom Boys’.
·      Character/characteristics-wise, they are usually hyper-sexed and very fertile, trustworthy, never tell lies, very sensitive, often short-tempered, easily crying-kind, and the like. (These are science-based interpretations.)
(2)         Thin people, referred as “T”.
·      Their cH will be between -1 and -20, and their calf muscle will be slightly tender 

·      Their BMI will be slightly under. Their height will be mediocre. Whatever they eat, they will never become obese 

·      All the above meant for the S category will be expressed in this group of people, but to a LESSER degree.  

·      They will NOT suffer from duodenal ulcer. They will not have any major disease 

·      This group of people will also take a lot of salt and sugar, but will never get high blood pressure or diabetes in their life.  

·      These people tend to live long, with potentials to live for 90 years or so.  

(3)         Perfect people, “P”.  

·      This group of people will be in the best of health, with no diseases, and with mid-range body weight (BMI).  

·      Their height will be mediocre.  

·      Their cH will be between 1% and 20%, and their calf would feel, when felt between fingers, nice and spongy. (They are not much of a sports people, and they do not develop hardened tough muscles as is found in people who over-exercise.)  

·      They get common cold once a year that may last for 3 days or so, with or without medication 

·      Women may not suffer from PMT, and their menses will be regular, without any problem.   

·      Women will have only mediocre-sized breasts.  

·      They are very fertile. Married people tend to have 18 to 22 times sex relations with their spouses, in a month.  
·      This group of people tend to have a very long life-span, with potentials to live healthily for up to 120 years!  

(4)         Pseudo-Slim / Pseudo-Perfect people, “PS”.  

·       All belonging to this group will definitely grow VERY TALL. (Their growth in terms HEIGHT will occur during their adolescent period: age: 12 – 20, or so)  

·      All of them, the boys in particular, would have been extremely involved in sports activities in their school days, such as long-distance running, football, etc. 

·      Their BMI will be almost similar to the Perfect people.  

·       They eat little food, drink very little water, and urinate only about 3 times daily (but not more than 4 times, the most). 

·      Their cH will also be similar to the Perfect category, mostly between cH1% and 20%. (This is so because, since they consume very little food in terms of quantity, the soft cells will not receive abundant calcium, and will be so in spite of their gross under-urination.) 

·      Women will have VERY WELL DEVELOPED BEASTS.  

·      Men and women of this group are VERY, VERY ATTRACTIVE.  

·       In their teenage and early twenties, both boys and girls would develop dimples on their facial chin (and that will disappear, if they start becoming Obesity Type-II, III, and IV, later on, along with time.)  

·      All “Miss Universe”, “Miss World”, and such beauty pageants, and most of the movie stars come from this group of people, while they are in their teens or twenties.
(The only factor that keeps them SLIM and ATTRACTIVE is their regular habit of eating extremely little food. If for any reason they start eating plenty of food, they will become overly obese!.)  

·      Their sex interest appears to be similar to the Perfect category until they are about 30 or so, which tends to decline adually in thegrir later years. Their fertility status too follows identical trend.  

·       They will have VERY STRONG BODY ODOUR (the sweat smell), which can be felt a few hours after shower.)  

·      Usually, this Pseudo-Slim status appears to be a TRANSIENT STAGE, meaning that people tend to transform into Obesity Types II, III and IV, along with increasing age. However, this would happen only if they happen to INCREASE THE QUANTITY OF FOOD THEY EAT, but not otherwise.  

·      If they happen to eat more food, which seem to happen in most of them in their forties or so, they will become VERY OBESE - they will become MORBIDLY obese, with a huge body, resembling that of the PSEUDO-OBESE people, but WITHOUT their features.  

However, they tend to get any of the diseases similar to the Obesity Type IV people, and can end up as the “Withered” or “W” people.  

·       When it comes to their characteristics / character, they tend to be innocent and straight forward similar to the Perfect people, until they are about 25 or so. Subsequently, they tend to be calculative, cunning, and selfish, similar to the Obesity Type-4 people. (Again, these interpretations have scientific backing.)  

(5)         Obesity Type-I, “Ob.I  

·      Most of the people of this Group tend to be in the age group of about 20 – 25 or so, and not seniors 

·       Their cH will be between 21% and 40%. (In about 3 – 5 years or so, their cH may go beyond 41%, making them to belong to Ob.Type II.)  

·        All their characteristics will be slightly worse compared to Perfect people, but will not be phenotypically visible. They will look very attractive, almost similar to the Pseudo-Slim people.   

·        They eat plenty of food, and they eat it rapidly.   

·       Some of them drink less water, while the rest may drink plenty of water. However, all of them will be under-urinating (about 4 or 5 times daily).   

(6)         Obesity Type-II, “Ob.II”  

·       Their cH will be between 41% and 60%. (In about next 5 years’ time or so, they may end up being Ob.Type III, with cH 61% or more.)  

·      They look slightly bigger than Ob.I people.  

·      They eat plenty of food rapidly. Some may drink very little water, while others may drink plenty of water. However, similar to the Ob.I people, all of them will be under-urinating: about 3, 4 or 5 times, daily. (They seem to drink soft drinks and juices than plain water. 

·      These people, both men and women, mostly belonging to the age group of about 25 – 30 or so, will belong to this group.  

·      They will emit strong body odour, a few hours after taking a shower.

·        All their features will be slightly worse than Ob.I people.  

(7)         Obesity Type-III, “Ob.III”  

·       cH of this group people will be between 61% and 80%. (In about 9 or 10 years or so, their cH would reach 81% or more, making them Ob.Type IV).  

·      The age group can be between 30 and 40 or so. (They would have taken about 6 years from their Ob.Type II stage.)  

·      Their physique becomes VERY BIG, and they look muscular and well-built.   

·      They must have already become overweight by now. 
·      Their face becomes broader and bigger, starts looking oblong, or apple-like. 

·      They eat plenty of food, much rapidly, without drinking water. 

·      They drink only about one litre of water daily, and urinate only about thrice daily. 

·      Their immunity against disease will be very high, and will almost never get virus diseases. They would never suffer from fever. When they get common cold, irrespective of medications, they would suffer of that for about three weeks.

·      Women would suffer erratic menses, but will NOT have any PMT. White discharges will be plentiful. 

·      On reaching Obesity Type III, women tend to be sterile, and would mostly lose their ability to conceive 

·      Both men and women, while looking very big, strong and well-built, will have much less sex potentials. They have sex relations just about once a week or so.  

·      All their feature tend to be much worse compared to Ob.Type II people.  

·      If they continue the same lifestyle, in about 3 years’ time this stage, they would become Obesity Type IV people.

(8)         Obesity Type-IV, “Ob.IV

(THE TRULY OBESE PEOPLE: Obesity, at its maximum)  

·      The calf muscle of this group of people, the cH, irrespective of their gender, becomes very tough, and will be between 81% and 100%. 
·      They can be between 40 and 50 years of age.  

·      Some of them drink very little water (e.g., 500 ml), while the rest may drink plenty (e.g., 2 - 3 L or so). Yet, ALL of them would urinate only about 3 times daily 

·      They eat (swallow without chewing) plenty of food, prefer high density food (mostly of animal origin: chicken, mutton, seafood, etc.).  

·      They take very LITTLE SALT (yet, will definitely get high blood pressure), MUCH LESS SUGAR (yet would get type-2 diabetes – more information below), avoid food tasting sour, and also avoid most of the fruits, especially all the sour-tasting ones

·      They emit strong body odour (sweat smell).  

·      Women of this group would have plenty of white discharge. They would also enter into early menopause.  

·      Both men and women would have lost their ability to reproduce.  

·      Their sex potentials tend to be hopeless: they may have sex relations only once a month or so.  

·      They develop pear-shaped face 

·      Physically, they would have grown into HUGE people, a lot bigger than their parents – also very different from the norms of their ethnicity.  

·      They have excessive immunity in their body, that they will never, never get any virus diseases – even if they happen to have sex relations with an AIDS patient. (These are the people who would remain as long-term carriers of HIV, without getting AIDS.)  

They must have had their common cold some five years ago. Since then, they would not have had any sickness at all.   

At this stage, their body never exhibits any symptom of illness. However, they do not realise that they have been building within them a ‘time-bomb’ that can ‘explode’ at any time.   

So, they strongly believe that they are in the best of health, and that whatever lifestyle they have been leading, is the best way to continue.   

·      However, prior to reaching a cH of 100%, they may get mild ‘unexplainable’ angina pectoris (heart pain) on and off 

·      Once they begin to exceed cH100%, within next 3 to 6 months, almost certainly they would get one or more of the following diseases: 
a.      Atherosclerosis / arteriosclerosis (thickening of blood vessel walls.) 
b.    Hypertension (high blood pressure) 
c.     Renal calculi (stone in kidneys) 
d.    Difficulty to urinate, may be due to necrosis, or other causes. 
e.    If females, breast lumps/cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovary, Fallopian tube blockages, and/or cervical cancer (mostly due to the absorption of excessive Calcium from seminal fluids, which can be due to excessive sex relations. Prostitutes of this Ob.IV category are bound to get Cervical Cancer because of this phenomenon.) 
f.       About half of this group - the men who drink plenty of liquids may get prostate enlargement. 
Those men who drink less water do not seem to get prostate problems, but they can get cancers elsewhere in the body. 
g.      Hypothyroidism (and never hyper). 
h.      The reduced liquid consumers may get blood cancer (if yes, mostly related to Lymph. Their blood morphology will have several shortcomings.) 
i.       The men who have been drinking less water, and under-urinating (about thrice daily) tend to get a spontaneous and massive heart attack, or stroke. (As for the women, only the menopausal ones would get a fatal attack, likewise. This is so because the fertile women lose out abundant Calcium through their menstrual discharges at monthly intervals.)  
j.       However, men and women, if they have been drinking plenty of water (e.g., 2 L or more), but have been under-urinating (only about thrice daily, as stated above), they will NOT get heart attack, but would get Type-2 Diabetes. 
k.     If these people have NOT been drinking any water at all, but have been taking only soft drinks, beverages, soups and the like, and under-urinating only TWICE daily, they tend to end up with CANCER
l.       Women of the latter-said habits can get breast lumps, and cancers there later
·      Based on the study of Behavioural Ecology, the Ob.IV men tend to occupy chairmanship or headship in businesses, organisations, associations and societies. They also end up being verbose. They tend to have tendencies to cheat, tell lies, and have less trustworthiness. (As said earlier, these have scientific backing.) 

(9)            Pseudo-Obese / Healthy-Obese / Harmless Obesity. (I will elaborate more on this later, here.)  

(This is what the Australian Researchers have been referring to as “Metabolically Healthy Obese”, the same designation, with differing words.)  

a.  This group of people are characterised by: 

·       Drinking plenty of water (i.e., more than 2 L. Often, they seem to be drinking even 3, 4, or even 5 L of plain water.)  

·      They urinate liberally: 8 to 16 times or so, daily 

·      Most of them sweat profusely, but will NOT  emit any body odour (the sweat smell).  

·      They definitely EAT PLENTY OF FOOD, and also keep on eating something or other, almost non-stop. 
(Unlike the Ob.IV people, this group of people eat all kinds of fruits, take plenty of salt, take plenty of sugar, and do not discriminate anything among the six different tastes.  

But would never, never get high blood pressure – in reality, most of them tend to have LOW pressure 

They would not get heart blockages, strokes or attacks.

They would not get stone in kidneys.

They would not get type-2 diabetes.

They may not have any thyroid problem, except for the presence of an increased level of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) in their blood. Otherwise, their blood morphology will be good.

They would have good sex potentials, and men and women will be very fertile with good capacity of reproduction, and without any problems linked to sperms, ovary, uterus, cervix, etc.)

·      The calf muscle of this group of people (irrespective of their gender) becomes very SPONGY (just massive LOOSE FLESH, without tone) (similar to the Perfect or Ob.I categories), but will be HUGE in size. 

·      Their face will big, with ‘hanging’ kind of chin.  

·       Their neck would also be big-sized, but will NOT have any hypothyroidism (as said earlier).  

·      Their arms and thighs will be huge, again with ‘over-flowing’ kind of untoned flesh

·      They will have a huge pot-belly, as if they are pregnant. 

·      Women tend to have huge breasts. The men too will have huge-breast-like chest composed of ‘hanging’ loose flesh

·      The women tend to have very little white discharge 

·       Their cH will be anything between 1% and 40% or so (similar to Perfect or Ob.I categories.)  

·      They can be between 18 and 60 years of age, or so. 

·      The true Ob.IV people tend to become VERY TALL (besides being huge, well-built and strong-looking). Whereas, this group of Pseudo-Obese people, when it comes to their height, tend to be similar to their ethnic kind, mostly similar to their parents – not very tall.   

·      Unlike the true Ob.IV, this group of Pseudo-obese will have poor immunity against virus diseases. Therefore, they tend to get common cold, fever, etc. twice, thrice in a year. If they happen to have sex relations with an AIDS patient, they would immediately get the disease 

·      Their cH will remain the same all the time. Therefore, they will NOT get any of the major diseases at all.

a.     Their blood vessel wall will not become thickened (no arterio- or atherosclerosis). 

b.  They will have LOW blood pressure, and may not get high blood pressure at all. 

c.   They will not get any stone in their kidneys. They can urinate well all the time.  

d.  Females may have CYSTS, but NOT lumps, fibroids, endometriosis, poly cystic ovary, cervical or breast cancers, etc.

e.  Men will NOT get any prostate problems at all.  

f.     Both would not get hypothyroidism.
g.  None of them would get any stroke or heart attack.

h.  They will not get at any time the type-2 diabetes at all.  

i.      They will not get any kind of cancer in their life.

j.     Referring to their behaviour, they feel lazy all the time; they are slow-moving; they almost never become leaders in any field; they never develop short-temperament; they are easy-going; they can get along with any one, and tend not to be fussy; they are basically harmless and kind-hearted people.
(10)   WITHEREDor “W” STAGE:

(In a tree, when the leaves drop off, we call it withering. Thus, when people fall sick, and fall off from being healthy, they are called Withered.) 

The Withered people are those who have (already) had one or more major disease, such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer, and the like. Then, their health gradually deteriorates until their death.

I have further classified the WITHERED Category into the following EIGHT sub-types (or sub-categories). They are:

·    The W-1 people, who recently had one or more of the diseases cited earlier, would still have cH 100%

·    The cH of the W-2 to W-7, along with their health condition will keep on DECLINING.  

·    W-8 stage is the bedridden end-stage, and on reaching this stage, death will become unavoidable.  




That is, IN THE CASE OF OB. IV PEOPLE, ESSENTIALLY BECAUSE OF UNDER-URINATION (worsened by over-eating calcium-rich diet, calcium supplements, defecating slimy faeces, etc.) 

In the case of PSEUDO-OBESE people (i.e. the so-called ‘metabolically healthy obesity people’), they are so because of OVER-EATING FOOD and OVER-URINATING. (The excessive calcium present in the large quantities of food eaten goes out of the body through their over-urination, hence they do NOT get any disease at all.)

The over-urination keeps them healthy, whereas, their over-eating keeps them ‘bulky’.  

Since this write-up has already become TOO LENGTHY, I wish to STOP here.  

Further, it would be adequate for the Australian Researchers to know that I HAVE ALREADY PUBLISHED ALL ABOUT THE ‘METABOLICALLY HEALTHY OBESE’ PEOPLE – a lot more than what they know at this stage.  

I should feel honoured if they repeat identical studies as that of mine, and come up with EXACTLY the same (or very slightly deviated) set of findings.  

I would greatly appreciate, if they can (a) admit in the true scientific spirit that they are NOT the first-time finders, but have only repeated and reconfirmed my discovery without any knowledge of my earlier findings. 

Of course, I don’t doubt that they will acknowledge me as the PIONEER, when they begin to do (or publish) their future researches along any of these lines.  

From now on, I hope, every one in the world, would refer to my works and acknowledge prior to expressing their results, lest other scientists who are now aware of my discoveries would pronounce those as acts of plagiarism.  

As I said earlier, ALL the 17 Regional Directors of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, and 36 other senior international scientists, including the Malaysian Minister of Health, are aware of my findings, and they already have some of my most relevant publications.   

Those of you interested – I am sure the entire world will be interested, should read my books that are listed in the Reference

As it is, my most important book entitled “The True Causes of All Diseases” alone is available in Amazon.com, and also as Kindle book. (I will try to put rest of the books as e-books as soon as possible.)  List below. 
 The rest of the books, right now, are available from me in Malaysia. If interested please do communicate with me.  

My e-mail ID is: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com

My mobile: 6-03-2071414.

My website is: www.ehealingsystem.com 

My postal address: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, A-20-7, Penthouse, Villa Angsana Condominium, 56, Jalan Krian, Taman Rainbow, 5110 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Since all my discovery is completely opposed to the conventional norm (such as taking more salt), I guess that the Hon’ble YOU / our Malaysian Ministry of Health is evaluating them for a possible implementation in at least a few selected hospitals in Malaysia.

All I want to request our bold, dynamic, and Honourable Health Minister Dato Sri Dr. S. Subrmaniam is to allow such implementation soon so that Malaysia can claim to the entire world that it is Malaysia which has discovered the best medicine for this century.
Further, if we delay in its implementation and related publicity, we may lose the best and golden opportunity to RESEARCHERS elsewhere in the WORLD.
Hence, I beg our Health Minister to consider the recognition of my discovery as soon as possible. 

My dear Friends and Respected Australian Researchers,

I thank you very sincerely for reading this article.


I am very much obliged and extremely thankful to GOOGLE for having given me this marvellous facility and opportunity for my BLOG, and several related wonderful helps, all for FREE, and for their earlier kind offer of US $150/- TWICE before for the promotion of my contributions.  

With best wishes and thanks again,  

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.  

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