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Tuesday, December 22, 2015



(© 22 December 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

(e-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com;   Mobile: 6-012-2071414)

 In this regard, you may want to read an article that came out in Medical Xpress yesterday (21 Dec., 2015): 

 Dr. E. Shelley Hwang, a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of early stage ductal carcinoma (i.e., breast cancer), attached to Duke Cancer Institute has written in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (16 Dec. issue).

When a woman comes with breast lump problem at “0” stage, it may not be possible to diagnose exactly the nature or stage of the cancer. So, the usual practice for Oncologists is to suggest “Let us wait for a while, until it shows up its nature”.

 A few months later, the Oncologist should be able to tell whether that is cancerous or non-cancerous.

If found cancerous, then, they begin to treat the woman following the already-established procedure. Often, it tends to become a bit too late for getting the best outcome.

Such “wait and see” approach is considered more relevant to older women.

Dr. Shelley Hwang says:
"We currently lack the ability to determine whether the clusters of cells diagnosed as DCIS (that is, Ductal Carcinoma in situ) will remain harmless or progress. As a result, we treat them all (the women with such a problem) upon diagnosis as if they are invasive cancer, using a combination of surgery, radiation and hormonal therapy.

"There is growing concern that we may be causing harm by using aggressive procedures for some conditions that may never cause illness or death. Our study was designed to provide some guidance for an alternative approach."

“… It is unknown how many of those diagnoses would have progressed to invasive cancer had they not been treated; estimates range from 20 percent to 50 percent.”
It seems, the lead author Dr. Marc Ryser, Dr. Shelley Hwang and their team have created a mathematical model to determine whether observation should be adequate, or the said combination treatment is warranted.

Their results have relevance to women of different age groups: 39-41, 54-56, and 69-71.
Dr.Hwang says:  

"The ability to rule out concurrent invasive cancer at diagnosis is most critical for reducing mortality. We need more accurate biopsy techniques and improved imaging modalities, and these will increase the effectiveness of all treatment approaches."
*   *   *   *   *   *

Recognizing if the cluster of cells in the breast of a woman is just a benign structure or a malignant form can be achieved by following the diagnostic method I have developed.
The SOLEUS muscle (at the back of the lower leg, below the knee) should be pressed between fingers, and its density (called Calf Density, or cH for short) (that is, how hard, soft, or tender it is) should be assessed.  

In humans, irrespective of ethnic origin, geographical location, sex, age, and the like, the cH can measure only between “-60” to “+100%”.  

If a person (male or female of any age) has a cH of anything above “+80%”, he or she becomes susceptible to develop one or more of the following problems, soon:
·     Heart blockage, at its maximum. Therefore, can get a massive attack (myocardial infarction) at any time now.
·     Type-2 Diabetes (NIDDM): may get initiated on any day, now.
·     Hypothyroidism: can get initiated on any day now.
·     Kidney stone / kidney damage (calculi, necrosis, etc.): voiding may get impeded, on any day now.
·     Cancer in any part of the body: can become malignant, at this time.
Once the cH becomes “+100”, the person is bound to get one or more of the above, within next few weeks, or about 3 months, the most.
The assessment method for finding the cH is extremely easy. I have described it great detail in my book “Health Problems: Diagnose Yourself(2000).
If the cH of a woman, again, irrespective of her age, is found to be anything below “+80%”, we can be sure to find the cluster of cells in her duct to be only BENIGN, and NOT anything serious yet.
Upon ascertaining her condition this way, the Oncologist can choose the mode of treatment he/she may consider apt and appropriate, at ease.
*   *   *   *   *   *
On the other hand, I have also developed, based on my 40 years of study in this area, a definite NON-INVASIVE scientific method to REVERSE the cH from being “+100%” to anything below “+80%” within a three-weeks’ period.
In other words, the DCIS (i.e., the ductal carcinoma in situ) can be reverse-engineered to be a BENIGN structure.
The same line of treatment, if continued further, the woman’s cH can be lessened to about “+20%”, which would set the woman completely free of the DCIS, or any other major disease, including those listed above, namely, heart blockages (including arteriosclerosis), renal calculi, type-2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and others linked to morbid obesity.
However, the over-weight status of the patient may take an extended period of another six months or so.
I have described the method of treatment for the reduction / reversal of the calf hardness (i.e., cH), in intense detail, in my book on cancer, entitled, “Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention” (2010).
*   *   *   *   *   *
From now on, any woman who may suspect having a lump-like structure in her breast appears to have the following TWO options:
1.    Choose to remain under observation or surveillance, by her consultant Oncologist. Or, 

2.    Undergo invasive combination therapy, with the use of Surgery + Radiation + Hormonal Therapy. Or,

3.    Opt to get her cH (calf hardness) reduced to “Normal” levels (anything less than “+80%”), and thereby return to her earlier good health by having even lesser cH of “+20%” or so, through the method I have discovered and described.
*   *   *   *   *   *
·        I have already been communicating with Dr. V. Shanta, the leading and most popular Oncologist and Chairman of the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, seeking her recognition of my methods for curing all forms of cancers.

·        Since more than a year, I have also been communicating with Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of World Health Organisation, and also all other 17 Regional Directors of W.H.O., again, seeking their recognition of the methods I have developed.  

·        I wonder if Dr. Marc Ryser, Dr. E. Shelley Hwang, and others in Duke Cancer Institute would be interested in pursuing this approach, for the benefit of mankind at large. 

·        Of course, I would consider it my pleasure to collaborate with any Oncologist or Organisation, in any part of the world, if I am invited.
Sending them my literature may not be a problem as well.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Two weeks ago, a 35 year-old woman in Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia, asked me for a consultation appointment.
She was diagnosed as having ductal carcinoma, at its earliest stage – you can call it an almost “0” stage.
Her Consultant Oncologist seem to have advised her very strongly to undergo radiation first, followed by a surgery (mastectomy – removal of her entire breast). It seems, they wanted the structure in her breast to shrink first, with the use of radiation, so that subsequent surgery would be ‘easier’.
When she asked me over the phone, I persuaded her to consider against radiation and mastectomy, at least for the time being, since I personally believed that it could be ‘dissolved’ away within a three-week period.
She said her doctors were pressing her to accept their suggestion.
I don’t know what had happened. There was no more communication from her.
I can only pity her, and pray that her condition would improve.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Referring to the Hormonal Therapy for the menopausal women, I don’t think it is a good idea, for I have found that the female hormone oestrogen has nothing to do with cancers – whether that be benign or malignant.
When it concerns Radiation or Chemotherapy, I am very much sceptical for identical reasons:
The so-called “Cancer Cells” are nothing of a special kind or ‘organisms’. They are just NORMAL soft cells, similar to any of the cells in any of the organs in the body.
It is just that abundant calcium tends to enter into the soft cells, and swell them up – causing inflammation / hypertrophy.
Further inflation due to continued calcium absorption makes those cells to split, giving rise to hyperplasia, resulting in the “cluster” formation / cancerous.
Therefore, the normal ‘spoilt’ cells should NOT be considered as if they are ‘some’ kind of ‘unknown’ organism that appears from nowhere, giving rise to the ‘destructor’ disease ‘cancer’.
The above being the case, what sense does it make to simply SHRINK, KILL, or REMOVE through surgery such GOOD cells in ill-health?
The sickness should be cured, rather than killing parts of the sick person’s body.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Well, friends, if you are going to be interested in my findings, please do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail ID: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com
Will get back to you soon, with another useful critique soon.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.
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