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Saturday, December 19, 2015


(© 19 December 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)

Did you read the latest news that came out in Healthday Reporter, by Amy Norton (17 Dec. 2015), (originally published in the journal called Diabetes Care) which had the heading:

More U.S. kids have type 1 diabetes, but researchers don't know why”

If you have not, please click the following URL, and read it in full:


 It seems that Type-1 Diabetes among children in US has increased by about 60%, since 2002, and that the scientists do not seem to know the reason for that.

The article described it further:

Unlike type 2 diabetes—a common adulthood disease—type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with obesity. It's an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the cells that produce insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.

And it's usually diagnosed in childhood.

People with type 1 diabetes have to take daily insulin injections, or have an insulin pump implanted, to survive.

One theory, according to Griffen, centres on the gut "microbiome"—the huge collection of bacteria that normally dwells in the digestive system. Some research has hinted that a lack of diversity in those gut bacteria may trigger type 1 diabetes in children with a genetic susceptibility.

It's thought that certain trappings of modern life—antibiotic use, processed foods and even C-section births—may be diminishing the diversity of gut microbiomes.

Researchers are also studying other potential explanations, Griffen said—such as whether certain viral infections can set off the abnormal immune response that causes type 1 diabetes.

But for now, the reasons for the rising prevalence remain unclear, agreed Susan Jick, one of the researchers who worked on the latest study.

According to the American Diabetes Association, some warning signs of type 1 diabetes include unexplained weight loss, excessive thirst, frequent urination and extreme fatigue.”

*   *   *   *   *   *
As per my study (based on my 40 years of research, since 1975), I strongly believe, I have deciphered the true causes for both the diseases – Type-1 and Type-2.

The causative factors for both the diseases are totally unrelated.

Let me explain initially, the causative factor for TYPE-2 DIABETES, also known as “Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus – Type-1”, or simply as NIDDM.

Once we understand the Type-2 phenomenon, we can easily understand the TYPE-I.

Here is the true cause for the Type-2, explained step-by-step:

You would appreciate it only if you are going to read all the steps described here:

*   *   *   *   *   *
Let us start with a healthy person.

The insulin secretion is PERFECT in him.

If he eats daily mediocre quantities of sugar (sugar in any form, including carbohydrates, other than the non-sugary synthetic sweeteners).

Accordingly, mediocre quantities of INSULIN – just adequate to digest THAT sugar, secretes.

Based on the FEAR instilled into him that taking sugar would land him in Type-1 Diabetes, he starts REDUCING the sugar intake.

Accordingly, the Pancreas REDUCES the quantity of insulin it secretes.

If he continues to consume thus for more than 40 days or so*, the brain appears to REGISTER that as a PATTERN” and as a “NORM” for this person.

(* According to Ayurvedic medicine, addiction occurs if anything is continued for 48 days at a stretch. However, I have traced this to be only 40 days.)

This man reduces the sugar intake FURTHER. Again, LESSER insulin gets produced.

He cuts down his sugar intake much DRASTICALLY – to a barest minimum, and the insulin secretion too gets cut, equally DRASTICALLY, to a minimum.

He continues to maintain such ‘no-sugar at all diet’ for a prolonged period, say for more than 40 days or so.

Then, the BRAIN accepts this as a PATTERN – a NORMAL pattern for this person.

(In other words, the Pancreas will keep on secreting THIS quantity irrespective of the quantity of sugar consumed – unless and until a new pattern is practised for next 40-over days.)

At this, if the person is going to take MORE sugar all of a sudden, the Pancreas may not react to that sudden increase.

As a result, those EXCESS sugars may keep floating in the blood for a while. However, the Pancreas would continue to secrete its smaller quantities of insulin. This way, even the left over sugars would get digested AFTER A WHILE.

However, if you happen to test his blood during the INTERIM PERIOD, naturally, you would find MORE sugars in it, in an UNDIGESTED / UNUTILISED manner.

You would then name it “Type-1 Diabetes”.

Based on this judgement, if you are going to administer this man Metformin or any other sugar utilizer, then, the BRAIN may NOT react to the SUDDEN sugar INCREASE.


Subsequently, the NEW ‘Diabetic patient’ will be advised NOT to take sugars, and to cut down all forms of sugars to his best while administering him with sugar-digesting synthetic drugs, the Pancreas will be FORCED to WITHDRAW to its MAXIMUM – and stay ‘DORMANT’.

The subsequent complications that develop due to this HUMAN INTERFERENCE or EXTERNAL INTELLIGENCE (that of the doctor), is only common knowledge to all, these days.

(I have explained (through several of my publications) that ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT PHENOMENON also plays a MAJOR part in giving rise to the TYPE-2 Diabetes in people.

The free CALCIUM that accumulates within the body, due essentially to UNDER-URINATION, behaves as SUGAR, and when THAT exceeds the body’s tolerance limit, it ends up in Type-2 diabetes.  

Since this explanation tends to take up a lot more space, I would reserve it for a later explanation.

However, it can be read in many of my postings in THIS BLOG, and in several of my books (see References, listed towards the end, here).

I am of the firm opinion that the Type-2 Diabetes has absolutely NOTHING to do with genetics or parentage.

We should not forget the fact that, in the process of evolution, Natural Selection, and the like, only the best characters are selected for onward transmission for improved speciation, and NOT the worse or the diseases that may harm the future generations.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Now, let me proceed with the explanations for the TYPE-1 DIABETES, which is also known as “Juvenile Diabetes”, simply because it was common only among children – until a few decades ago.

Let us start with a PERFECTLY HEALTHY child.

The child eats normal quantities of all sugars.

Accordingly, normal amounts of insulin secretes.

This child begins to eat MORE sugars (sweets, often). Naturally, MORE insulin would secrete, to cope up with the increase.

If and when the child continues to eat MORE and MORE sweets, the brain indicates through a BODY LANGUAGE, by creating a sense of SATISFACTION initially, then, a FEELING of FULLNESS, followed by a sense of NAUSEA.

If the child continues to eat yet MORE sweets, the brain induces VOMIT. By this, those sweets that have gone FAR BEYOND THE TOLERANCE LIMIT OF THE BODY get thrown out as vomit. This way, the child’s body is saved.

If the child happens to EAT more sweets beyond the tolerance level, beyond its threshold point – IGNORING the ‘body language’ by taking SOUR-tasting eatables (for instance), the BRAIN GETS STRANDED not knowing what to do!

The brain knows that its ‘finer’ organs meant for the purpose (such as mitochondria) of sugar utilisation are going to get ‘destroyed’, or even the child himself may get ‘killed’ due to such excesses.

On such ‘realisation’, the brain has only one alternative to keep the child from dying.

The brain has tried its best to prevent such excessive consumptions.

Since that attempt has failed, the next step for the brain, to save the child from dying is to COMPLETELY STOP THE INSULIN PRODUCING ORGAN.

The brain then, KILLS totally the BETA CELLS in the PANCREAS that are responsible for the production of insulin.

People have been calling this, WITHOUT REALISING the phenomenon or the sequence I have described here for the FIRST TIME, ‘AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE” *.

(* Few other so-called auto-immune diseases, such as Asymptomatic Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, also have exactly identical aetiology – causes. See my publications for further information.)

This results in making it IRREVERSIBLE (unlike the Type-2).

From then on, NOT even a drop of insulin will get produced.

The child will have to depend upon INSULIN injections for the rest of his/her life.

Of course, the continued ERRONEOUS caring / management* of the Type-1 patient would end up giving him/her several more complications, including kidney spoilage and the like.

(* I have developed certain procedures to care for the Type-1 patient, so that he/she would live, of course with insulin usage, without any further complications, which I practice while treating such children in Kuala Lumpur, and also in India).

*   *   *   *   *   *
All should be clear on the following facts:

The Type-1 disease occurs because of EXCESSIVE sugar consumption.

Whereas, the Type-2 occurs because of NOT taking ENOUGH sugar!

EXTRA points worthy of noting:

1.   Those who drink plenty of water (e.g., 2 L or more), and under-urinate (either due to reduced water intake, or due to controlling the urge, or due to losing the body water as profuse sweat - sensible or insensible perspiration) (e.g., just 2 – 4 times daily) tend to get Type-2 Diabetes, due to the accumulation of far too much of calcium in the soft cells.

2.   GESTATIONAL DIABETES: This occurs because the pregnant woman does NOT urinate enough to expel the calcium excesses. The brain forces the woman to throw out such calcium excesses through frequent urinations. In pregnancy, if a woman urinates about 8 times daily, she would NEVER get GESTATIONAL DIABETES.

3.   DIABETES INSIPIDUS; This also occurs when a person does NOT urinate enough to expel the calcium excesses. The brain forces the person to urinate so as to safeguard the body.

4.   DRUG-INDUCED DIABETES: This too has identical aetiology. The brain, by forcing the person urinate more, tries to remove the poisons that get accumulated within the body, beyond its tolerance limit.

5.   All forms of Diabetes, with the exception of Type-I, are easily and completely curable, through a definite process of REVERSE ENGINEERING I have developed, without the use of any of the drugs.

 (Gangrene, eye blindness, etc. will NOT occur at all!  

Type-I can be well managed without any further complications.).

6.   The following GUESSES (cited by Dr.Griffen, above) do not seem to have any relevance to any of the Diabetes: 

·      The MICROBIOME THEORY – gut bacteria,

·      The Antibiotic Use / Processed Food Theory,

·      Theory of Virus Infections, etc.  

You may want to read my book on diabetes, listed below, for curative procedures and related details.

  *   *   *   *   *   *
From my above explanations, it would have become clear that there is one major way by which the Type-1 diabetes can be much successfully prevented in children:

The W.H.O. and the Health Ministries worldwide should spread the news to people at large, to guard the children from taking unlimited quantities of sugars.

At the same time, people must be educated to TAKE NORMAL quantities of sugars and carbohydrates, WITHOUT artificially reducing them from their diet.


*   *   *   *   *   *
Thanks to you all, my dear friends, for reading this article.

It would be nice if you could kindly bring this article to the attention of appropriate authorities for implementation.

With best wishes,

I wish to sincerely thank GOOGLES for the marvellous opportunity they have given for the presentation of this article here, for the benefit of mankind, at large.

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


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