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After reading my articles, if you are convinced of their worthiness/ usefulness, you may want to kindly spread the news to your friends suggesting to read what you had read.

My ambition is to reach out to the World Health Organisation, so that my findings will become useful to people worldwide.
I will be happy to cooperate / coordinate with any scientist for the furtherance of my findings.

I am extremely THANKFUL to GOOGLE for their fantastic and free services all the time, for reaching out to the public at large.

Indemnification: All my articles are based on MY OWN research, and I strongly believe that they are true. I have been requesting the W.H.O. and Malaysian Ministry of Health to evaluate my discoveries. Until they are approved for use, the Readers of all my articles should get the approval of a Registered Medical Practitioner prior to practising them, and I should not be held responsible for any mishap at all.

With best wishes and thanks,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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Monday, August 17, 2009


Dear Friends,

I have heard an announcement that is often made during Church weddings, seeking people to speak up if they have any objection to the marriage. If they do not, they are requested not to speak up against it forever, from then on.

For fear of negative criticisms, for want of keeping aloof from mental torture, for fear of getting into unnecessary complications in life, and not wanting to hurt anyone in authority or the Government itself, I have been maintaining silence for the past 33 years.

I wanted to be in the ‘comfort zone, so that I can continue writing books. I was focussed in that alone.
Now, it appears, God wants me to open up against all my fears, and if I don’t do that now, I may have to keep my mouth shut for rest of my life. If I do the latter, then, there may not be any meaning in living any further, either.
Therefore friends, I have decided to ‘open-up’ now. Since God appears to be prompting me to do so, I don’t think I will get into trouble.
I have already built up great suspense in you, and without over-indulging in it, let me break the news to you.
Please read, for this has much relevance to what is going to come up soon, in several parts.


Way back in 1975, immediately after my Ph.D., while I was doing my post-doctoral research programme in Liverpool University, England, I started getting a severe hair problem.

The doctors there could not help me, and the blame was linked to bad genes, genetics and inheritance.

Not wanting to accept that as the right cause, I started tracing the truth, and I ended up with my first book on hair problems. That was in 1980. A few editions were published then.

The book brought me closer to the public, and I became a part-time Hair Consultant.

Further practice enlightened me on several issues related to other health problems of people.

I found that greying of hair was directly related to iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency gave rise to erratic menses in women.

Erratic menses gave room for pimples on face.

Facial pimples and those that occurred at the upper back (beneath the nape) had relations to constipation.

Those who constipate tend to over-consume papaya fruit, and that gives them what I have defined as ‘chronic constipation’ (slimy, shapeless and smelly stools, defecated more than once daily, called diarrhoea by others).

I found that this chronic constipation, induced by papaya fruit and a few others (I will list them later on), increased the blood sugar level in type-2 diabetic people.

When searched, I traced the true causes for type-2 diabetes.

When I reversed the sequence that led to the development of diabetes, the illness disappeared within a month or two!

I can just describe the sequence here, for the benefit all the sufferers. If I did, millions of diabetics all over the world would benefit.

Likewise, God has helped me discover the causes for a cure of large number of diseases, including cancers, Parkinson’s, shingles, several of the virus-caused diseases, and numerous so-called incurable diseases. I can divulge all the details with evidences for the benefit of humankind.

But there is some difficulty in doing so. I just cannot tell you that. If I did, it would mean that I am claiming a cure for a disease that has been ‘confirmed’ incurable, and that is punishable by Law.
It is an irony. In other words, you are not supposed to discover a cure! That does not sound too good, but that is the truth at world-level.

In the first place, I am not entitled to speak anything on this. I am only a Ph.D., and am not qualified in the area of Western medicine.

When I submit a paper for publication in a medical journal, it gets rejected.

Someone in authority advised me to do an MBBS degree, and then I can speak up, and the world would listen to me.

Well, I am prepared to do that.

But then, who is going to offer a seat to a 71-year old fellow, who is much nearer to the grave?

Also, should millions of people keep dying until I can finish my degree course? It may take another 5 or 6 years.

What certainty is there that I will still be alive at 76? Will I have enough energy at that time to speak up?

Even after attaining an acceptable qualification, what assurance is there that my findings will be accepted straightaway by people at large?

It is common knowledge that In the history of mankind, no startling revelations, great discoverers and/or inventors were accepted straightaway, and while they are still alive.

How wonderful it must have been if only my friend (not very close) Encik P. Ramlee- the great movie star, director, singer and song-writer, well remembered until this day by all Malaysians, had his Tan Sri-ship and other awards while he was alive?

Now, what shall I do?

Shall I speak up?

Will I be recognised? Or, will I end up in prison?

I don’t think I can withstand punishments; neither do I deserve that for all my sacrifices, all these years in life!

Please help me to decide, and I will follow your guidance.

If you approve, I will continue with Part-2 and the rest. If not, I will have no choice except to keeping my mouth shut for rest of my life.

With thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Palani.