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Saturday, September 26, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, health-science and non-pornographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.
If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.

Most of these are new information that have never been told
by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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This has been taken from my book entitled “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter 9: Pages:147-183: CLARIFICATIONS.

(Since the Chapter has numerous pages, it has to be posted in several Sections).


This chapter is devoted for clarifying the doubts that may normally arise in the mind of the reader while reading this book, or while contemplating aspects concerning sex problems.

Whenever someone asks me a question during my Group Therapy sessions, I almost immediately record it.

I have used this section of the book to answer those questions on the assumption that someone among the readers will certainly find it useful.

While answering some of the questions, out of necessity to make certain statements complete, and for the ease of understanding, I had to repeat some of the information that has already been told elsewhere in this book. I hope the readers would bear with me in this respect.

Genital Care in Children:

Is there a need to take care of genitals in children? If yes, how to go about?

. From the day a baby is born, he/she should be worn only with a slack and loose napkin.

Wearing any tight cloth or diapers at the waist, would arrest free muscle movement and air circulation on the outer side of the body, and blood and lymph circulations on its inside. This will lead to great miseries at a later stage.

One such thing that often happens is, whether that be a male child or a female, it suppresses the desire to urinate.

As a result, the baby

(a) would become obese and weigh very heavy,

(b) sweat profusely (i.e., hyperhidrosis),

(c) emit body odour, and

(d) develop bronchitis, asthma, nagging cough and sinusitis*.

At a later date, a male child would develop a need for surgical removal of the blockages in the urinary tract.

Apart from this, the penis may not develop to its right size and shape along with age.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for a mother to give the needed ‘freedom’ to her son and daughter to develop his/her body properly**..

Apart from this, while teaching the children to use a toilet, we should also teach them to wash their genitals gently.

(*Detailed information on the effect of wearing tight napkins can be read in my book on asthma (2001).

(**The Japanese “Bonsai” trees are grown by suppressing their natural free growth!)

Answer in brief: Babies should be worn with loose napkins. Their genitals should be gently and regularly washed.

Smelly White Discharges in Females

Q.2: Why should white discharges occur in women? Is it a common feature for all females? Why should that be smelly? Is there a cure for it at all?

Answer: Those who become obese, because of under-urination and calcium accumulation, would develop calf hardness (cH) of anything between cH20% and 100%. These women would invariably have white discharges throughout the month/year.

The quantity of such a discharge increases along with increasing cH. Thus, it will be plentiful when a woman has 100% hardness, and least or almost none at cH1%.

Again, the quantity will be little immediately after menses, and it will increase as days pass by, reaching the maximum just before the beginning of the next menses.

The menstrual fluid depletes the excessive calcium contents from the body.

On the other hand, those who have cH’s of –60 to –1% tend to have either no discharge at all, or extremely little just prior to menstruation.

In this context, the body of those who are fat simply because of overeating will behave according to the cH they have developed.

The foul odour in the white discharge is most probably due to infections by bacteria called Trichomonas vaginalis.

A lasting cure for this problem warrants the removal of excessive calcium and also the avoidance of its accumulation by adequate water consumption (2L daily), liberal urination (about 8-10 times daily), eating acid fruits, food and drinks, and avoidance of consuming artificially calcium-enriched food products.

Answer in brief: Excessive calcium accumulation due to under-urination causes white discharge.

The quantity of the discharge is directly proportional to the calf calcification.

Bacterial infestation gives bad odour to it.

This is curable (a) by avoiding excessive calcium consumption and (b) increasing liberal urination.

Offensive Genital Smell in Male

Q.3. My husband emits highly offensive odour that I hate to have any close relationship with him in bed. Why is it so? Can anything be done to cure him from this unbearable foul smell?

Answer: All men and women at world level, based on the hardness of their calf muscles (cH), can be classified into the following obesity groups (Palaniappan, 1998):

Skeletal people: cH –21 to –40%
(with toneless and very loose muscles: “skin & bone” type)

Thin people: cH –1 to –20%
(with loose muscles)

Perfect people: cH 1 to 20%
(with spongy muscles)

Obesity Type I people: cH 21 to 40%
(with slightly toned muscles)

Obesity Type II people: cH 41 to 60%
(with a bit hard muscles)

Obesity Type III people: cH 61 to 80%
(with well-built, strong and tough muscles)

Obesity Type IV people: cH 81 to 100%
(with rock-hard muscles)

Withered people: cH 100% to – 60%.
(Varies from rock hard to “skin & bone” type).

Men and women who belong to the Skeletal, Thin, and Perfect categories tend to have very little or minimal odour

Men belonging to Obesity Type I will have some amount smegma formation, and that would emit mild odour.

The women in this group, as has been described above, will have mild white discharge with some bad odour.

The above conditions increase along with increasing obesity.

Thus, Obesity Type IV men will have excessive smegma, emitting far too much of the bad odour, which tends to be quite repulsive.

The foul odour to smegma comes from an air-borne bacteria that develops in it, called Mycobacterium smegmatis.

The nature of this problem in the Withered people (with diabetes, or any of the major diseases) can vary from plentiful to a minimum.

As said earlier, accumulation of excessive calcium within the body is the ultimate cause for the problem. This happens essentially because of under-urination.

In the practice of the Ecological Healing System, I have developed the following simple, but definite cure for this problem:

The sufferer should drink about 2½ L of pure water daily, and urinate nearly all of it through about 8 – 10 urinations.

If this is done continuously for about four weeks, this problem would get cleared.

Of course, the person concerned should continue to practice the same procedure forever.

Answer in brief: Identical to the occurrence of white discharge in women, smegma forms in men.

All details are identical between the two sexes.

Elimination of excessive calcium through liberal urination can correct the problem.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Q.4: Could you please list the diseases that are sexually transmitted, and also suggest treatments for each of them?

Answer: I am not well versed with the details, neither have I done any research in this area.

The best perhaps is to read books that are available in bookshops.

You could ask for a clinical handbook.

Of late, one of the best selling clinical handbooks medical students often buy is the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine by Hope, et al.

Books of this kind will provide you with a comprehensive list of practically all diseases.

However, if you wish to have an in-depth knowledge in this area, it would be better for you either to buy a specific book on the subject, or to search in the library.

You could also search in the Internet. Ample information can be had through this resource. When it comes to the treatment of these problems, the best perhaps is to approach a specialist doctor – a Dermatologist.

Answer in brief: The required information can be had from some clinical handbooks, or by searching through the Internet.

Q.5 Can sexually transmitted diseases (STD) be cured through the practice of Ecological Healing System?

Answer: (a) I don’t have much experience in handling STD cases.

One male who came to me for a cure of his heart problems and diabetes had Herpes infection.

While taking treatment for his major problems, his STD too vanished for a while.

However, it kept coming back repeatedly, but very much mildly.

I am not aware of his latest condition.

I can say one thing with great certainty, and that is, one can positively prevent getting infected from most of the SDTs.

The very best method is to avoid any form of loveless body contact with a ‘public’ woman.

I personally am not in favour of even suggesting that one should use a condom if it happens to be unavoidable.

There cannot be such a thing called ‘unavoidable’ in this matter. It is all in the mind, and such a contact must be avoided even if one is drunk beyond his tolerance limit.

If one is desirous of protecting himself or herself from the remote possibility of getting infected through the use of toilets and bathtubs in ‘cheap’ hotels near some red-light areas, he or she could take the following measures:

Avoid using long bathtubs. Instead, take showers.

Do not sit over the toilet prams. Instead, either squat over the toilet, even if it is a Western type, or spread some tissue paper all around the surface that would come in contact with your body.

Never use the bath towel provided by such hotels.

Never walk bare-footed over the bathroom floors.

Whenever I stay in hotels, irrespective of its cleanliness*, as a measure of precaution and for peace of mind, I apply “Safe & Easy”. This can be applied under the prepuce and at the anus. Women too could do likewise, and then wash off with soap. This could be done while taking a shower.

(* Often, toilets in well-kept hotels look very clean and sparkling.

At times, they may even put up a sign saying that they have been sterilised.

What we should remember is, in the first place, the toilet cleaners are not scientists or trained laboratory technicians who are well versed with sterilisation procedures.

Further, a perfect sterilisation for a total eradication of all the infectious germs from the toilet areas may not be feasible.

Therefore, however, clean a public toilet may be, it would be safer to guard oneself by minimising the bodily contact.

This does not mean that one should develop a phobia against the use of the facilities)

(** Gingerly oil can be used in the place of “Safe & Easy”. Both these have germicidal properties that are often possessed by all essential oils.

More information can be had from my latest book on hair problems (2005).

(b) When it comes to vaginal white discharges, there is ample cure in our Ecological Healing System.

A microbe called Candida albicans is said to be the common cause of white discharge and the itch in private parts of women.

Whereas, such a discharge with strong foul odour is due to another organism called Bacterial vaginosis (Gardnerella).

In both cases, the infection occurs only when a woman accumulates abundant calcium within her body by not voiding adequate urination.

These infections do not occur in women who drink plenty of water and urinate regularly.

Both these can be permanently cured by doing the following:

Drink 8 – 12 glasses (2 – 3 L) of clean water daily. (If drinkable pure distilled water or rainwater is available, the cure will be rapid.

However, once cured, the consumption of pure distilled water should be discontinued, lest even the good nutrients would get leached out of the body.

Urinate almost all of it, through about 10 urinations.

Take orally one or two teaspoons of unscented pure gingerly oil once daily morning, just before or along with your breakfast, for about two weeks or so.

Eat a few peps of garlic cooked with some curry (or any suitable food), daily for a week or two. Raw, uncooked garlic should not be eaten. Garlic pickles will be of great help.

Eat fruits that are acidic in nature, such as durian, rambutan, dukulangsat, rambai, mango, jackfruit, etc. often.

(Eating ripe papaya, although it is an acid fruit, may not be a good idea, for it may contribute to some other problems, such as increasing bad-smelling flatulence, cholesterol in the blood, etc. In diabetic patients, the blood sugar level may go higher if one consumes very ripe papaya often).

Avoid eating highly alkaline fruits, such as banana, sapota (ciku), honey melon, sea coconut (Borassus flaberllifers), coconut water, its meat, anchovies (Ikan Bilis), etc. for a month or so.

In addition to all the above, apply daily night before bedtime, some gingerly oil or “Safe & Easy” in the inner* and outer sides of vagina. This can be washed off with a little of soap while taking a shower the next morning.

(* Virgins should apply this only on the outer side, so that the hymen will not get disturbed)

All the above will certainly take care of both kinds of white virginal discharges.

The use of drugs and topical creams, and also washing with douche that offer temporary relief are of little use relatively.

The most important point is that one should drink adequate quantities of water at all times, and urinate regularly nearly all of it, without using fan at higher speeds while asleep or awake.

Answer in brief: Some amount of improvement in the restoration of good health appears to be possible. I am not too sure of its total eradication.

PLEASE NOTE: Second Section of CLARIFICATIONS can be expected to come out soon in this Blog.

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.