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Friday, October 2, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, health-science and non-pornographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.Most of these are new information that have never been toldby anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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This has been taken from my book entitled “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter 9: Pages:147-183: CLARIFICATIONS.

(Since the Chapter has numerous pages, it has to be posted in several Sections).


Sperm Production

Q. 6. Is it true that eating betel-nuts will reduce sperm production? What would enhance it?
Answer: Among Indians, there is a strong belief that frequent betel nut munching will reduce sperm production, and would also give rise to iron-deficiency anaemia. On inquiry, several people told me the same*.

(* The effects of chewing (and swallowing) betel nuts along with lime and betel leaves are different from munching the nuts, and these have already been discussed in an earlier chapter in this book.)

Wanting to make sure, I (Dr.Palani) started taking about half a teaspoon of the finely cracked and tasty betel nut preparation that are available in Indian grocery shops, on a regular basis. I took this thrice daily, after food, for several months.

The semen production started getting decreased gradually, and practically stopped by the 8th month. However, the orgasm that would occur ordinarily continued to be present. Apart from this, I also developed iron-deficiency anaemia*, and my blood, analysed by a pathology lab, confirmed this.

(* The haemoglobin content became 106 g/L instead of being within the normal range of anything between 130 and 180.

The RBC (Ref Blood Cell) count came down to 4.20 x 1012/L, instead of being between 4.50 and 6.50.

To the best of my knowledge, I have been maintaining my food intake and other variables almost constant during the period of this assessment).

I became alarmed over this observation, and wanted to stop the habit at once. Since I became addicted to it, it was very hard for me to do so. Yet, I succeeded.

It took about another four months for me to regain my former norm.

I am not too sure about the nature of the substance in the betel nut that hinders the semen production. It could be the astringent taste (thuvarppu) of the tannin content present in the processed nuts.

If the above is true, then, the effect of tannin-containing tea on sperm production should also be studied. As for the development of iron-deficiency anaemia, I have already established that regular tea intake spoils the blood quality (Palaniappan, 2001).

Answer in brief: Astringent tasting foods containing tannins, including betel nuts, tend to reduce sperm production. Several methods have been presented for the enhancement of sperm production in different parts of this book.


Q.7. Is masturbation dangerous?

Answer: As a boy grows up, the reproductive parts of his body start functioning somewhere near his 11th or 12th year*. A natural urge develops in him, and without any one telling him, he ‘discovers’ the hidden pleasure associated with masturbation. Even if he develops some amount of fear, he continues to practice what he has newly found. If for any reason, he refrains, then, the semen leaks out while he is asleep, along with a sweet sex-oriented dream, and we call it nocturnal emission. Thus, this occurs as a natural phenomenon.

(* Boys who become obese because of under-urination and chronic constipaton, and not because of over-eating alone, come to maturity much later than the boys who drink plenty of water and void almost all of it through about 8 – 10 urinations.

The obese boys tend to start masturbating only in their 13 or 14, and at longer intervals.

Whereas, the thin boys appear to be starting this habit even in their 10 or 11th year. A year later, these thin ones do it almost once, or even twice daily).

Sexual union with a female does not create any friction heat in the male, but masturbation does.

As a result of masturbation, entire body of the male becomes acidified. Daily masturbation can make the body hyperacidosed. This state of body reaction can give sore throat, common cold, flu and back pain. This will occur frequently in men with a thin body frame, and occasionally in obese people. No other danger may result due to masturbation.

In fact, if a person cannot have regular sex relations with his wife, it would be better for him to masturbate about once a week or so, for that would keep his reproductive system in an active and viable state.

Prolonged abstinence from sex may instil impotency in a male, while at the same time, even sperm production may get reduced or stopped totally.

Answer in brief: Masturbation is not dangerous. However, anything in excess can be dangerous.

Erectile Dysfunction / Impotency:

Q.8. My husband often complains of lack of interest in having sex. It is all right with me too. However, when I hear from my friends that their husbands are full of vigour, I feel that something should be wrong with my husband. Could you please explain why is it so, and can this be rectified?

Answer: As in the case of vaginismus in women, men too can have some psychological problems that would subside their erections either before or during copulations. They include the following:
If the wife happens to be dirty-looking and unhygienic.

If she behaves masculine and aggressive, without the gentle behaviour that is expected of any decent woman.

If the man has not been eating enough food. Lack of food energy will certainly kill all the desire in a man.

On the other hand, excessive consumption of meat and high-density foods would make him very aggressive. This kind of people are the ones who would often go for raping women without expecting any love from them.

Flesh eating carnivorous animals such as the tigers, lions and leopards get this kind of aggressive instincts for forced sex without much foreplay, after preying upon other animals.

Whereas, the herbivorous animals such as the bulls, deer, rabbits, and even elephants have only normal sex desires, and they tend to indulge extensively in the foreplay prior to ‘chasing’ their females for having sex.

If the husband is at a loss financially, or is undergoing a financial crisis in his life. Even severe stress and tension in his work place could cause this.

If the husband is in love with another woman.

If the wife speaks of useless gossips or nags while in the process of having sex.

Apart from all the above, the obesity status of a male (or a female) does matter to a great extent in this regard:

All men and women of the Skeletal category, who consume about 4 or 5 litres of water daily, and urinate about 14 or more number of times, tend to be hypersexed.

If the husband happens to be a Skeletal person, he would want to have sex once or twice daily. The same will be true for the women too.

If the husband and wife happen to be of the Skeletal type, we can certainly say that they are the best married couple.

All men and women of the Obesity Type IV category, who drink very little water, and who void very little urine (e.g., urinate just twice daily) are bound not to have any interest sex or sex-related activities. This kind of men are the ones who often develop erectile dysfunction even at an early age of 40 or so.

This can be reversed, by following the treatments suggested in my book on obesity.

If both husband and wife happen to belong to Obesity Type IV, both of them will not bother much to have any sex.

They may get together on bed once in a month or so. To them sex will not be an important thing in life. Since both of them tend to be sterile, they may not have any children. (Certain obese couples, who are obese today, could have had children while they were of a lesser obesity status while at the time of marriage). Since their sexual appetite will be of the same order, we can still address them as a ‘happily married’ couple.

Relationships can turn sour only when an obese person marries a skeletal person, for their sexual appetite will be completely opposed to each other’s needs*. There will not be any compatibility between the two.

(* My book entitled Sex Potentials has more information in this respect, and that should prove useful to a great extent in choosing a life partner, if the marriages are to be held by arrangement).

As is being repeatedly said, these variations can be corrected through the practice of the suggestions put up by Ecological Healing System (see Chapter 10 in the book on Obesity, 1998). Therefore, people can still have hopes for an improved life with his or her own spouse, rather than contemplating of divorces or seeking extra-marital relationships.
Answer in brief: There could be two reasons for this:

One is psychological, and this can be set right by relevant corrections.

The second is related to excessive accumulation of calcium within the body essentially due to under-urination and chronic constipation. This can be corrected by increased urine output.

Lack of food energy could also create disinterest in a person.

Vaginal Dysfunction:

Q.9. At times, while attempting to have sex with my wife, the vagina closes down its path, and penetration and subsequent sex act becomes impossible. Why is it so? How could this be overcome?

Answer: This is called vaginismus, and I have discussed elaborately this problem at length elsewhere in this book. Nevertheless, I wish to explain again because of the importance of the existence of this problem among many.

The Merck Manual of Medical Information (Beers, et al, 2003) defines this problem in the following manner:

“Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of muscles around the opening of the vagina that makes sexual intercourse painful or impossible”.

This may occur because of the following reasons:

During the ‘safe period for sex’ (i.e., immediately after and just before menses) a woman’s brain will not give her any urge for sex, for such a union will not favour reproduction.

Due to some fear that she may become pregnant.

Due to forced sex relations.

Due to the fear of developing intense pain during sex.

Due to pelvic infections that may cause intense pain.

Due to pain because of ‘dry sex’, for want of pre-coital secretions.

Due to hatredness towards her husband, because of his undesirable behaviour, etc.

Due to his unhygienic way of living, dirty habits, bad odorous body, etc.

This problem of vaginal dysfunction could be overcome by trying to rectify all of the above problems in the following manner:

The husband should try to understand the disturbing thoughts of his wife through a leisure-time talk, and rectify the problem so that she would naturally develop a desire for sex.

The husband must take definite precaution to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The wife should not be forced by words or deeds for a sexual relationship. Loveless sex would be similar to the behaviour of some of the carnivorous animals. Instead, the husband must try to please her by his sweet words of praises and gentle deeds, and tempt her to have the relationship. An expression of love, affection and kindness can often and easily win the heart of a woman.

If the wife happens to develop pain during intercourse, she could be encouraged to apply some gingerly oil or “Safe & Easy” just prior to having sex. This procedure may also take care of the pains due to some infections and/or lack of any pre-coital secretions.

It is very important for a husband not to create any hatredness in her towards him. If he does it, then, even day-to-day life would become miserable. That might lead to even divorces. This should be avoided at any cost, for if a man cannot live with one woman, he will not be able to live comfortably with any other woman. This is so because the psychology of all the women appears to be the same. All of them expect love and affection from their husbands!

It is of great importance that every husband (as well as the wife) maintains a clean body, without infectious diseases, bad odour, etc. A shower before sex would help to a substantial extent in this respect. Most women naturally have a tendency to clean up their body before presenting themselves to their husbands. If there is any who does not do so out of laziness, she should, with immediate effect, begin to change her attitude and keep herself very clean. Otherwise, there is every chance for the husband to develop erectile dysfunction! A wife must be cautious at this.

Using very mild perfumes would be a much desirable way to attract a wife who is Skeletal, Thin or Perfect. She would love the fragrances that come from flowers such as jasmine, roses, ‘kathambam’, ‘jambanghi’, ‘marikkolundhu’ and the like.

Women who are obese, belonging to Types III and IV normally hate perfumes and fragrances, even if they are mild. These women often develop headaches if perfumes are worn.

I remember having heard from a friend who was obese at the time of his marriage telling me the next morning after his nuptial night, that the first few words he spoke to his slim wife was to ask her to get out of the bedroom at once, remove the jasmine flowers she had on her hair, and come back. He also said that his bride did not get offended by that, and she never wore any flowers from then on. Such incidents that form severe insults to women should never happen.

In this case, she must have hid the shock she had developed on hearing this. My friend, similar to many men, had failed to understand the psychology of a woman. It is indeed a pity! When such behaviour goes beyond the tolerance limit of the wife, her brain would go for an alternative method of escapism to avoid sex with such a husband, by developing vaginal dysfunction.

Apart from all the above, any woman belonging to Obesity Type IV is bound to have very little interest in sex and sex-related activities.

If all the above are taken care of, the vaginal dysfunction in a spouse can be reversed, for a continued and successful marital life.

Answer in brief: This happens essentially because of psychological problems. Occurrence of severe pain during intercourse could also make a woman develop vaginismus. Hypnothera

py, use of oil for lubrication of the vaginal tract, etc. can help overcome the problem.

PLEASE NOTE: THIRD Section of CLARIFICATIONS can be expected to come out soon in this Blog.

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