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Sunday, September 6, 2009


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* Profuse sweating occurs due to strenuous exercises, such as jogging, gymnasium work-outs, football, etc., after taking a hot water bath or shower (using water at high temperatures); Sauna or steam bath; sleeping under a fast-running fan; a very dry climate, with a very low relative humidity (RH), etc. can deplete a substantial quantity of water from the body. A very hot climate, as is found in the desert countries, can dry up the person to a great extent. All these constitute the causes for under-urination. Voluntary suppression of the urge for urination would also promote profuse sweating, and thereby under-urination.
** Chronic constipation is defined in this system as frequent and incomplete defecation of shapeless, slimy and smelly stools more than once daily, releasing frequent smelly flatulence (gas) and halitosis (bad breadth) being the end-result of prolonged acute constipation; and it does NOT indicate diarrhoea as is understood in modern medicine.MAIN TEXT:

Calcium accumulation within the body due to under-urination, chronic constipation, and the consumption of calcium-enriched foods and calcium supplements can give a person any of the following health problems as well:
1. Kidney stones
2. Prostate enlargement / stones/ cancer3. Erectile dysfunction

4. Under-sexuality in men and women

5 Reduced sperm production / Sperm enlargement

6. Delayed puberty in girls

7. Erratic menses

8. White discharges (Leucorrhoea)

9. Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb):

10. Female sterility

11. Hot flushes (profuse sweating, related to menopause)

12. Early menopause

13. Osteoporosis

14. Heart attacks in women

15. Whitening of the skin (vitilgo)

16. Eye-bags

17. Partial deafness

18. Goitre (swelling of the thyroid gland)

19. hypothyroidism

20. Calcification of the parathyroid gland

21. Pre-mature greying

22. Headaches

23. Iron deficiency anaemia

24. Memory failure

25. Body odour (pungent sweat smell)

26. Pimples, Bad breadth, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Acne

27. Inflammation of the oesophagus (gullet)


1. Kidney stones (Renal calculi):

These are concrete-like stones. The causes are said to be unknown.

I have clearly traced its relationship to the under-urination and chronic constipation habits, along with the consumption of calcium oxalate containing vegetables and fruits (Palaniappan, 1998, 2001, 2008).

The calcium excess that stays back within the body (because of the under-urination and chronic constipation) is carried by the blood and lymph fluids to various parts of the body.

Along with it goes the calcium oxalate crystals that get absorbed into the blood vessels.

One of the major reasons for under-urination is the loss of water through sweating. This leaves only lesser quantity to be excreted as urine.

When larger quantities of the unwanted calcium excesses combine with the lesser amount of water, the latter becomes highly concentrated.

In the process of excretion, the thick concentrated liquid passes through the kidney's filtration system.

During this process, two different things can happen:

(1) some of the calcium that enters into the cells there enlarges them, and then turns them to become a tumour.

(2) At the same time, the free calcium (along with the calcium oxalate crystals, and possibly a little of the magnesium, also from vegetable or water sources), combine together to form the kidney stone.

I have successfully dissolved these stones in several men and one menstruating woman by administering about 3 litres of distilled water daily, directing them to urinate once hourly while awake, and to consume vegetables and fruits of acid nature for about six weeks. More curative / preventive details may be found in my book on obesity (1998).

In menstruating women, even if they happen to be under-urinating and constipating, the calcium tends to get removed from the body in the menstrual fluids. Therefore, women may not develop kidney stones in a manner similar to the men.

However, once an under-urinating woman menopauses (since the regular losses of calcium does not occur any more), she would get kidney stones, as well as a massive heart attack that may lead to death.

Apart from the above, if the under-urinating woman continues to live with her 'bad' habits, she would become obese, her menstrual cycle would become erratic, followed by the development of breast lumps, cysts, fibroids, and also blockages in the Fallopian tubes, preventing fertilisation, and the like.

2. Prostate enlargement / stones/ cancer

I have treated prostate problems in many Chinese men and one Indian in Malaysia, and have successfully cured their problems.

All these men were under-urinators, and suffered chronic constipation without realising it. All of them were found to eat regularly ripe papayas*.

* I have observed that the papaya fruit, especially if it happens to be over-ripe, promotes chronic constipation> This in turn,as we have already evaluated, would allow greater quantities of calcium to be absorbed by the colo-rectal region of the intestinal system.
Most importantly, every one of them consumed without fail, plenty of vegetable soups, at least once daily with one or two of their meals. Uncooked vegetable salads too formed part of their regular diet.

This food would release large quantities of calcium oxalate crystals into their body, which get transported through the lymph fluids and possibly also through the blood vessels to the prostate gland to swell them up, as it happens with any other cell of the soft tissues, leading to malignancy ultimately.

This prostate enlargement (hypertrophy) on reaching a significant size, interferes with the urination, ejaculation of seminal fluid and the like. If left untreated, it can turn out to become a prostate cancer.

The curative procedure should include, besides a few more, a total avoidance of soup consumption and uncooked vegetable salads until they are completely cured, which can be recognised by observing their urine flow.
However, they are subsequently allowed to consume such soups but in moderation - about twice a week.3. Erectile dysfunction
Many men, of different ages, have come to my clinic for the correction of this problem. Invariably, with the exception of one gentleman*
, all of them were under-urinators.
As usual, none of them realised that they were having chronic constipation. All of them insisted they never had toileting problem at all, and that they were defecating 'very well' even twice to five times daily*.
* A man, aged 36, from Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, came to me with a serious problem of erectile dysfunction. He had a peculiar problem, in that, he said, he had very good erection when he was in the company of some call girls. However, it was a total misery in the company of his wife. On further inquiry, I found that the wife had heavily criticised him once before when he came off too soon, without satisfying her, saying "what kind of man are you?". From then on, this man became totally impotent in the presence of his wife. Such cases may not have anything to do with under-urination or chronic constipation, or even with the intake of calcium supplements. It was purely psychological.
On correcting their water drinking and toileting habits, and upon teaching them the Body Towel Massage technique and Body Rubbing Exercise (two important parts of the treatment for recovery, as described in Palaniappan, 1998), the erectile dysfunction problem usually disappears within 2 to 4 weeks' period.

Another very important part of the treatment includes the following:

Men should not wear very tight under-clothes / briefs. When worn tightly, they prevent the lymph flow to the testicles. Further, in Nature, God has placed the testicles in ALL mammals in such a way and in such a position so that they will get gently pressed between the thighs and will also be dangling in an aerated environment.

Ovary is buried inside the body so that it will in a warm environment, whereas the testilces are placed outside so that they will be in a cool environment. When briefs are worn, tremendous heat heat will get conserved, and that would destroy the sperms, paving a way for male sterility.

In fact, the presence of pubic hair just above and all over the testicles is to conserve the coolness that is required for the 'well-being' of the testicles so that the semen production performance will be kept at its best.

The above, and the pendulam-like dangling actions would enhance sperm/semen production in an unimpeded manner. Tightly worn underwears tend to disturb this process, and hence the desire for sex too tends to get suppressed to a great extent*.

(* Many tend to claim that loosely worn underclothes would give way for the development of vericose veins, which is incorrect. A dog's or even an elephant's testicles may not develop any vericose vein.

In cold countries, the chilness would 'freeze' the testicles, and thus sperm production can get impeded. Therefore, wearing a warm clothing that would prevent the penetration of chill air into the groin area may become a necessity. However, whenever people are inside their houses in comfortable environment, they should avoid wearing such tight briefs that would prevent oxygen-containing air from moving around the testicles).

The climbing stems of several vegetable crops do not have any problem in letting their huge vegetables hang with a thin stalk. Durians and jackfruits too hang at ease.)

Another very useful substance I give these men suffering from ED problem is a combination five herbs/vegetable matter that are very rich in their iron contents, called "Fertility Mix". This works as aphrodisiac.

4. Under-sexuality in men and women:
I have previously recorded in my book on obesity (Palaniappan, 1998) that all skeletal-looking and thin women (as well as men) are hyper-sexed.

This is so because, the male sex hormone androgen (among both genders) secretes slightly more than normal.

As a result, the thin girlsJ* often develop hair in their arms legs, and few other parts of the body. Some of them even develop a mild 'moustache'. This is called hirsutism.

Men and women can be thin in two ways: (a) by eating very little food, while continuing to under-urinate, and (b) by urinating excessively - e.g., 15 times daily, irrespective of the quantity of food eaten). Here, those who are thin by virtue of over-urination are referred.

Girls who are under-eaters and under-urinators tend to remain thin, simply because the little food they eat does not result in calcium excess. However, they would develop huge breasts, and also emit bad body odour (Palaniappan, 2007).

When it comes to the obese, their appetite for sex, and their potentials for sex-related activities progressively get reduced along with their obesity status (Palaniappan, 2000). In all, they become under-sexed even in their twenties.

This happens because of the suppression of the male sex hormone in both men and women (Palaniappan, 2008).

The under-urination and chronic constipation habits are the ones that make the men and women obese.

Therefore, it may not be wrong to conclude that the free calcium that has been left to accumulate in the body suppresses the androgen production.

A reduction in androgen output reduces the rate of heart beat (Palaniappan, 2001). This makes the person sluggish, lazy, indifferent-kind of attitude to anything that happens around them, and dull-headed, with memory failure.

The calcium accumulation in the obese interferes with iron absorption. All the above could be the result of such interferences.

Usually, iron contents of plant materials do not get absorbed by the body if the pH (alkalinity) happens to be very high. This results in iron deficiency.

The inadequate iron deters the red blood cell production (RBC). As a result, the person would become anaemic in the first place.

A reduced RBC would naturally carry only lesser quantity of oxygen to the brain.

This gives the person headaches, short breath and panting, short-temperament, tension, irritability, memory failure, energylessness, indigestion, and the like.

The iron deficiency can also make the hair grey (Palaniappan, 2005).
In obesity, a woman's menstrual cycle becomes erratic, along with disturbed oestrogen (female hormone) secretion (Palaniappan, 2007).
5. Reduced sperm production / Sperm enlargement.
Several young men have come to my clinic with complaints of being unable to have children, essentially due to 'male sterility'.

All of them, without exception, were obese. Often, they come to me only after failing to get any positive result from other sources of treatments.

Some of them bring their diagnostic reports. Many among them were found to have reduced sperm counts and enlarged sperms, with less motility ('swimming' capacity). By now, we know very well that the free calcium that keeps floating in the blood and lymph fluids (as a result of under-urination and chronic constipation), can enter into any soft cell in any part of the body and enlarge them.

The sperms are no exception to this norm, and they become much bigger in their size because of the imbibed calcium.

Whereas, the reason for the drastic reduction in the sperm count in the seminal fluid should be directly related to the 'arrested' state of the testicles, with the use to tight underwear (briefs).
Iron inadequacy too may influence the sperm count to some extent.
Further, a reduction in the androgen production and related lack of sexual excitement too could be the reasons for such reduced sperm count*.

(* When men are not sexually aroused, the quantity of semen ejaculated becomes much less, compared to an ejaculation that occurs after much excitement).Nos. 6 to 12 will be described in the forthcoming half of this article, but will be called Part-9 for the sake of clarity.

Dear Friends,
I know I am posting articles at a fast rate. It appears I have no choice, simply because I have a lot of research and new information to convey to you all at an early date. Therefore, may I request you to read them then and there rather than procarstinating the reading work.

I think, you can look forward to reading Part-9 of the Megaseries, most probably, by tomorrow night. That will contain information related to 7. Delayed Puberty in Girls, 7. Erratic Menses, 8. White Discharge, 9. Pregnancy Outside the Womb, 10 Female Sterility, 11. Hot Flushes, and 12. Early Menopause.
OK, with best wishes,
Dr. Palani.

LIST of References & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier artilces. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Megaseries.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.