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Sunday, October 11, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, TOTALLY NEW, health-science, and non-pornographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.Most of these are new information that have never been toldby anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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This has been taken from my book entitled “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter 9: Pages:147-183: CLARIFICATIONS.(Since the Chapter has numerous pages, it has to be posted in several Sections).

Female Orgasm:

Q. 12. Is it absolutely necessary that a woman must get her orgasm at all times?

Answer: No, it is not necessary. Under normal circumstances,
if a woman is in a good mood to have sexual relations with her husband, she would then prefer to have an orgasm.
Such a mood tends to develop during her fertile days, in between two menstruations, and not immediately before and after.

Women rarely get aroused on their own to have sex. It would often happen when they are in the company of their husbands, especially when they hear nice and appealing words, blended with love and affection.

A sweet language, praises, expression of passionate words, etc. spoken by the husband would ‘melt’ a woman’s heart for a pleasant and harmonious union. During such unions, she would want to have orgasms.

Most women, when approached by their husbands, would almost never say “No!”, even if they do not want it at that moment. This is to please the husband, to make him comfortable, taking pity on him, and in a manner of response for his ‘begging’. Under such circumstances, since she is truly not ready for a passionate indulgence, she would not want to have any orgasm at all, although she does not mind it if it happens naturally, without any extra or special effort put up by her husband. Her idea at this will be to just ‘accommodate’ him to relax*.

(* This tends to happen just before and immediately after the menses, when women cannot conceive).

Thus, the extent to which a woman sacrifices to care for the welfare of her husband is often not recognised even by the most disciplined male. This is simply because the ‘woman psychology’ becomes almost impossible to be understood by a man.

However, for a woman to conceive, she will require the union of a sperm with her egg. Some drops of the seminal fluid will have to be ‘sucked in’ into her ‘body’. The force with which the seminal fluid is ejaculated while having sex by itself will take it into a deeper level. This will be better enhanced if the pelvic muscles in the women develop a ‘squeezing’ act with a ‘suction force’. This will happen only when a female gets her orgasm during her fertile period. Thus, a successful pregnancy would require the wife to get her orgasm.

The following information may be worthy of a mention here: I have a strong feeling that if a woman becomes pregnant after getting her orgasm that is associated with love and affection from the part of her husband, the child would develop with a fine mentality, without any behavioural problems at a later date. However, again, this thinking can only be a hypothesis, and therefore will require some amount substantiation through further research.

Answer in brief:
Women normally do not long for orgasms all the time, with the exception of the fertile period that lies between two menstrual periods.

Menopause & Hot Flushes:

Q.13. I am 50 now, and I had my menopause with effect from my 48th age. Since then, I have been having hot flushes. Why does this occur? Is there a remedy for this in Ecological Healing System?

Answer: About 75% of the women (developing menopause) are said to suffer from this hot flushes (or, flashes) that may continue to exist for about a year to five. Medical scientists do not seem to know the exact cause for this problem. However, it is suspected to be related to some variations in the hormone secretions. Hot flushes seem to widen the blood vessels that are located nearer to the skin surface. As a result of this dilation, blood flow tends to increase, along with profuse sweat, especially at the neck and nape regions. Such hot flushes tend to stay for 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and then the tissues turn chill (Beers, et al, 2003).

I have developed the following hypothesis, which seems to offer a good explanation for the above phenomenon:

Once a woman stops her regular menses, calcium, that is usually lost along with menstrual fluid, starts accumulating in the soft tissues of the body. One such area of accumulation is the inner wall of the blood vessels called lumen. Calcium, in the presence of vitamin-D, cholesterol, etc. forms a crust at the lumens, and hardens them. The elasticity of the vessel walls gets lost, and the inner passage/volume too becomes much narrowed down. This increases the blood pressure.

In women who do not respond to urinal pressure of the bladder then and there, and under-urinate, the water gets reabsorbed into the blood stream so that it can be ‘driven out’ of the body in the form of sweat. However, until the sweat is transpired, the blood becomes diluted with this extra water, and builds up a pressure, enhanced by a decrease in the volume space due to the constriction of the lumen.

The pressure increase could rupture the fine blood capillaries in the brain region, cause bleeding there, and this can result in strokes, causing irreparable damages to the person. Therefore, the brain, with a need to reducing the pressure, creates these hot flushes, by which the water within the blood vessels that has been diluting the blood, can be driven out of the system in the form of profuse sweat. Hence a sensible perspiration, or a ‘hot flush’ occurs, and that will be almost similar to acute hyperhidrosis.

Naturally, whenever there is evaporation of water, it chills the surface. This is why the chilling occurs after every hot flush. Such a flush may continue to occur until all the excess water is lost through perspiration. This may take only 30 seconds in some women in whom there is less urine re-absorption, and longer durations of up to 5 minutes in those in whom there is abundant liquid within the blood vessels. In the latter group of people, who tend to be obese because of the factors described above, the blood pressure is bound to be very high, compared to those in whom the flush lasts only for 30 seconds. The latter group of women may not be much obese.

This theory will hold good when we understand that the 25% of the women who do not get hot flushes after menopause are thin women who drink plenty of water on a regular basis, and urinate liberally without withholding their urinal pressure. In them, the blood vessel thickening and related blood pressure increase will not occur. On the contrary, I have observed the B/P to be lower than normal in this group of women.

Thus, among the 75% of the women who get hot flushes, the following distribution could be true:

Those in whom the hot flush lasts for 30 seconds may belong to Obesity Type I.
Those in whom it lasts for 1 – 2 minutes may belong to Type II.
Those in whom it lasts for 3-4 minutes may belong to Type III.
Those in whom it lasts for 5 – 6 minutes may belong to Obesity Type IV.

Based on this theory, if a woman wishes to escape from any of this nuisance, all she has to do is to drink about 2 – 3 L of water daily, and urinate about 10 or more number of times. Of course, a reduction in the calcium intake, along with an increase in the consumption of acid fruits and foods, should also help substantially for a rapid recovery from this problem.

One of my close relatives developed hot flushes initially. The problem totally ceased to occur when she started practicing liberal water consumption and urination. She drank rain water* (acid in nature, with a pH of about 6.2 or so) all the time for two months, and avoided coconut water and the like. She had recovered completely from this nuisance in about five weeks’ duration.

(* One should not begin to drink rain water all too suddenly, for the person may even develop fever, knee pain, and the like, because of the sudden change in the pH of the body fluids such as lymph).

Answer in brief:
Gross under-urination in all women causes calcium accumulation. However, such excesses tend to get removed from the body along with the menstrual fluids at monthly intervals. In menopaused women, the calcium keeps accumulating. When this happens, if the woman under-urinates (e.g.,3 times/day), then hot flushes occur. This is one way by which the body gets rid of the excessive urine stagnated within the body.

Pre-mature Menopause:

Q.14. I am 46 now, and I had my menopause last year. My sister, aged only 38 now, who is still a virgin, developed her menopause at her 35th age. Why is it so? Is it a mistake to menopause at such an early age? If yes, can this be reverted through the practice of Ecological Healing System? When we consulted a Gynaecologist, he said, the cause for this is not known yet, and a reversal may not be possible.

Answer: This is called a premature menopause, and is said to be due to a premature ovarian failure, and that it is a permanent end of the cyclic functioning of the ovaries, and also of menstrual periods before the age of 40. The hormonal levels are also low in this group of women, and it resembles a normal menopause. This could be an autoimmune disorder, in which the body produces abnormal antibodies that attack the body’s tissues, including the ovaries, paving a way for menopause (Beers et al, 2003).

The theory I have hypothesised based on my own observations is as follows:

Any woman who has regular sex with her husband, and who gets orgasm frequently, is bound to have her fertility status extended to late ages – even beyond 60. My cousin was 60 when she delivered her 13th child without any surgical assistance. Another of my close relatives had her regular menstrual cycle without any problem until she was 59.

This is so because, in Nature, any organ or part of the body that is left unused for a prolonged period of time, is bound to become redundant. Ear lobes, tailbone, lower loose ribs, appendix, etc. are typical examples of this phenomenon.

The above appears to be true even for short time spans.

Again, the opposite of this, i.e., the continuation of perfect functioning of the organs or parts of the body that are in regular use for a prolonged time also appears to be true.

Thus, if a man does not have any penile erection at all for a year or two, he may end up developing total loss of erection, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

When uncontrollable criminals are punished by putting them in dark chambers*, even for a week or two, they lose their capacity to withstand light or see anything that is bright. This happens in the case of some of the nocturnal animals and birds, such as the owl.

(* Henri Charriere, nick-named Papillion, published his autobiography in 1970, giving vivid details of the sufferings he had undergone while being a prisoner for life, for a crime he did not commit, in the French Guiana’s prison called Alcatross. During the 13 years in captivity, until he escaped form it, he was often put in the dark chambers for weeks at a stretch. He describes that his eyes would go blind on exposure to light, after being in total darkness in the dark chamber for long periods).

If you consider the fate of a woman who remains a strict and confirmed virgin, even without any form of sex-related stimulations or masturbation, it would mean that her sex organs have been remaining totally unused ever since she attained puberty. In which case, their presence in the person becomes redundant. When such a situation arises, the brain ‘abandons’ such body parts as not needed any more.

The above situation appears to occur among the virgins/ nuns in Christian churches. Since they spend their lives in total devotion to God and service to people, they willingly condition their mind to avoid even thinking about men and sex. Hence, the need for a continued secretion of the female hormone diminishes, and soon, the person develops meno-pause. Although I am not certain, I have heard other women saying that these nuns tend to develop premature meno-pause, even in their early thirties.

I have clinically observed definite cases of certain autoimmune diseases (Palaniappan, 2001). Excessive iodine in a person tends to increase the thyroid secretion manifold initially, and then lessen it. As a result, hypothyroidism develops in him/her.

Liberal consumption of common table salt that is artificially enriched with iodine, increases the availability of iodine to the body. Even if a person consumes abundant water (e.g., 4 L) and urinates liberally, the excessive iodine does not seem to get leached out of his body.

In people who under-urinate, the iodine tends to stay, doubtlessly, within the body, and would keep accumulating to enormous quantities.

When such an accumulation exceeds the tolerance capacity (or threshold) of the body, it will begin to influence the hormonal secretions with a view to ‘setting right’ the error by alternative means available to the brain.

This is achieved by the secretion of the autoimmune bodies at the hypothalamus, which floats in the blood, reaches the thyroid gland, and destroys its normal functioning with a view to stopping its thyroxin secretion, so that body’s hyper-activity can be normalised. Unfortunately, in a manner identical to the loss of insulin production capacity of the pancreas that results in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type-I, the thyroid gland too totally loses its capacity for thyroxin hormone production. As a result, the victim has to depend upon artificial intake of thyroxin, as a medication, for rest of his life.

In a manner similar to this phenomenon, the autoimmune bodies produced due to the absorption/ retention of iodine, may reach the ovaries, and destroy them as well. Hence its influence in pre-mature menopause.

One other point that should be added on here refers to the adverse effect of calcium that tends to get accumulated in the body of a person who under-urinates. These calcium excesses tend to block Fallopian tubes, form cysts and fibroids, forms endometrial (which often develops after menopause) or gynaecologic cancers, and the like in the reproductive parts of a woman.

Apart from the above, calcium, due to its high alkalinity, prevents the absorption of iron mineral from the foods consumed by the under-urinating people. This in turn, reduces the quantity of red blood corpuscles produced / recycled in the body, resulting in an inadequacy of blood that is required to replace what has been lost in the menstrual fluids. This sequence too tends to play a part in bringing about a pre-matured menopause in such women.

Whether or not this pre-mature menopause can be reversed is a subject that should be researched further before we could clarify with some amount of certainty. However, the probability is, since the hypothyroidism is irreversible, this too may not be reversible. However, some amount of reversal should be possible at initial stages of menopause, if the woman can willingly indulge in sex-related activities.

Answer in brief: When any part of the body is under-utilised for a prolonged period, it will become inactive, lose its working potential, and becomes a vestigial structure. A confirmed virgin, since she has not been using any of her reproductive parts, is bound to develop premature menopause.

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well