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Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

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Chapter 12


What has gone wrong with us? Whatever is said by whomsoever, we have started believing it.

Have we lost the capacity to evaluate the truth behind such sayings?

Saying anything convincingly appears to get accepted as truth. Thus, how eloquent you are in your presentation of information is what it matters.

A higher status, social ranks and popularity too have a big say.

Words from a beautiful movie actress, a high ranking politician or a high-powered government official are straight away accepted.

Nowadays, it appears that all glittering things are acceptable as gold.

Gold gets recognised not by its composition, but by the status of the wearer.

My sister-in-law who was lavishly rich, once wore a cheap ear-ring made of what is called American diamonds, and with that, she attended a grand wedding party.

She could not wear her original an extremely expensive diamond earring due to some oil seepage.
At the party, I saw several ladies gathering around her, probably with a lot of hidden jealousy, and praising the beauty and richness of my sister-in-law’s new jewel.

No one dared to even suspect its quality or originality.

Today’s world is so naïve and gullible!

* * * * * * * *

In 2001, I attended the International Cardiology Conference held in Osaka, Japan, as a paper-presenting delegate. A few thousand heart health specialists from all over the world attended the biennial event.

Several sessions were devoted to accommodate numerous research papers from eminent medical scientists that condemned the intake of salt, pointing out that as the leading cause of hypertension and death among humans at world level.

All authoritative and eminent professionals holding high ranking positions in leading institutions from different parts of the world unanimously agreed that all humans should be strongly guided to avoid salt intake at all levels.

Needless to say, the second most prominent ‘killer’ recognised at the important gathering was none other than the sugar. If you consume sugar, you are bound to get diabetes, and subsequently suffer from irreparable consequences.

Everybody was advised to refrain from consuming salt and sugar. This appeared to be the unanimous conclusion.

Of course, cholesterol too will have to be avoided, if not controlled by proper drug administration.

After passing several such resolutions, the five-day grand get-together ended with the satisfaction of having ‘saved’ mankind from all of the heart-related diseases.

Naturally, the media at world-level highlighted several of the ‘findings’ and enlightened the world at large.

I guess, I must have been the only person who returned to Malaysia with a ‘heavy heart’.

My rich sister-in-law’s American diamond ear-ring was repeatedly flashing its shine in my mind.

Should I keep quiet and go along with the crowd? Why don't I try to evaluate the real value of the ear-stud? Let me try, with the hope that no one will penalise me for doing that.


Misinterpretation-1: Salt is bad! That can give you high blood pressure, and can lead you to death.


Is this true? Let us evaluate:

Every organism on earth appears to have salt in its body. This could be so because the earth itself has salt everywhere.

Body grows up using all those that are in its micro and macro environment. This being the case, salt as such cannot be a killer. If it has the potential to kill, it would turn out to be a self-destroyer.

Of course, we cannot deny the following ruling universal fact:

Anything in excess will be harmful, dangerous, or even fatal.

Based on this principal, only accumulation of excessive salt within the body can turn out to be disastrous, not the intake as such.

This means that you can take any amount of salt, provided you do not allow your body to accumulate and retain it*.

(* It is extremely important that the salt should NOT be iodised, if you are to take plenty of it. Taking plenty of iodine can result in people developing hypothyroidism, without any symptom).

Salt is highly water-soluble, and it does not turn insoluble as it happens in the case calcium which gets fixed in the presence of vitamin-D.

After taking abundant salt, if one drinks plenty of water, all the excessive salt consumed will dissolve in it, and will keep itself ready to be removed from the body.

The moment we urinate, all these excesses will get out of our body, causing absolutely no harm to us.

The problem would crop up only if we do not urinate. If we under-urinate for any reason, then, the salt would get concentrated within the body, and only then it can create problems that are highlighted by heart specialists.

Here, the salt should not be blamed for any of the diseases that might develop in a person. It is either abstinence of adequate water consumption, or under-urination, or both to be responsible for the illness.

Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of all the health advocates to tell the people to drink adequate quantity of water and to urinate liberally without any restriction. If this happens, no one would develop any disease that is now highlighted as are due to liberal salt consumption.

While all the above are true, researchers often tend to overlook one fact that remains crucial:

Our body requires liberal consumption of salt through food and drinks for our blood, lymph and several other vital parts of our body to function in good order.

Salt forms one of the electrolytes, without which body would start malfunctioning.

I have observed, in the absence of adequate salt intake, a significant rise in the rate of heart beat. An increase in pulse is called palpitation.

When a person has palpitation, he tends to lose his ‘cool’. He gets tensed up, develops stress against even petty issues, becomes short-tempered, loses his peace of mind, suffers from insomnia, and gets nightmares while asleep.

A rapid heartbeat can be taken to mean that his heart is getting overworked. In turn, this tends to reduce working time-span of the heart, getting ‘pre-maturely aged’. Thus, the heart may cease functioning at an earlier date, shortening the life span of the person.

All these indicate that liberal salt consumption is a must for everybody. While at the same time, every individual should drink adequate quantity of water, and without giving any excuse, should urinate liberally.

I have established that a good health keeping requires the ratio of water consumption to urination to be 1.0, and not more than 1.1, the most.

Thus, it is clear that salt intake does NOT give high blood pressure and fatality to anybody, but gives only good health.

Now, in the light of this proper understanding, the misinterpretation should get corrected at least in all future publications.

REFERENES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases"

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