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Saturday, October 31, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.Chapter 12: Pages 108 - 172.

Chapter 12
(Continues from Part-24…)

Misinterpretation-19: Vitamin and mineral supplements are essential for keeping good health. Even famous doctors all over the world keep emphasising this.


There does not seem to exist any error in the eating habits of people living in the tropics.

Food consumed by many of the ethnic groups in the Tropical countries appears to be self-sufficient. Inadequacies do not seem to occur.

Eating habits of ethnic groups have developed since time immemorial, based on what is grown in their environment.

Tropical foods are complete in their makeup. Whereas, those in the cold temperate countries (for want of sunshine and warmth) are lacking in some of the essential vitamins that are required for the well-being of people.

Therefore, it becomes a necessity for temperate-living people to take some vitamins (e.g., vitamin-D) and mineral (e.g., calcium) supplements*. However, these should be in smaller quantities, and not in megadoses.

(* In England, alkaline minerals such as calcium are not present in the water due to the acidification of soils by the coal mining industries)

Unfortunately, during the past 300 years or so, most of the modern-day and so-called scientific research works were done in the European countries, by Europeans, based on European diet and food sources, under European climate and soil conditions, and on European body frame.

The findings that arose out of the above were subsequently forced upon the tropical-living people, without any suitability evaluation. This happened essentially because most of the countries were under Colonial rule.

No one need to doubt the statement that vitamins and minerals are necessary for healthy living.

However, the most important point to remember is that all the tropical foods – even the poor man’s diet, contain all the needed minerals and vitamins.

Therefore, taking supplements of any kind, under normal circumstances, becomes not only redundant, but is also dangerous.

It is best not to trust the day-to-day advertisements that are presented in a very convincing manner in the mass media. These are profit-motivated, and are not meant to keep people in good health.

If one evaluates the background of the famous food advocates, it would become evident that they hail from the temperate countries and not from the tropics.

My question is, why listen to the ‘aliens’ who do not know anything about you? Why not listen to researchers who can think for themselves, living in the tropics, who tend to know more about you, in the right perspective?!
Misinterpretation-20: Take magnesium, zinc, copper, boron and selenium as supplements, since these are needed by the body for maintaining good health.


No one need to argue about the validity of the statement. They could be totally true.

The point is, were these not needed for the well-being of the ‘civilised’ people who have been living on earth for the past 30 thousand years?

They were needed, of course! They were present in the ‘normal’ food people have been eating all these centuries!

The only difference is that the modern-day researchers have started recognising their presence as well as their needs for the body.

Just the understanding of the phenomenon has become prominent now. This perhaps is one of the ways of entrepreneurship to make money.

The above situation resembles the patenting of the use of saffron (kunyit).

People in the tropical countries, such as in India, have been using corm in their day-to-day cooking since seven thousand years or so. They know the value of this substance very well, except that they have not patented it.

In the recent past, someone in the West has re-discovered the beneficial effects of corm, and has patented it, as if it is his own first-time finding.

The use of garlic in the form of capsules for the upkeep of heart health is another gimmick that has been fooling people of the tropics since two or three decades.

The use of garlic in foods in the tropical countries has been in existence since several thousand years.

However, some entrepreneurs encapsulated a tiny amount of it, highlighted its use in the mass media in a very convincing manner, and have been making billions out of the innocent public.
I think, it is high time that we evaluate seriously any advice that is given to us in the name of research.

Misinterpretation-21: As per report published by some Harvard University medical doctors in the journal of American Medical Association (2002), chronic health problems such as heart diseases, cancer and osteoporosis, occur increasingly among people because they do not take an optimal amount of nutrients through diet.

Evaluation: TOTALLY WRONG.

I have brought to recognition, with enough of evidences, that majority of the chronic diseases have totally nothing to do with the deficiency of minerals.

On the contrary, only increased amounts of some of the nutrients give rise to major health problems.

Calcium excess, as I have repeatedly stressed, will certainly give rise to heart problems, cancer and osteoporosis.

The authors of the above paper appear to have misunderstood the entire phenomenon, in line with all other modern medical practitioners.

Simply because the calcium is getting removed from the bones in menopaused women, thus giving rise to osteoporosis, they conclude that the body is in dire need of calcium replacement.

They overlook the true situation. Please see the following analogy:

Let us say that you have eaten excellent food to your full satisfaction. At this, your host insists that you take another scoop of the delicious pudding.

On doing so, since your stomach is over-filled, it throws out in the form of a vomit, not only the pudding you just ate, but also some of the food you ate earlier.

Based on the vomit, the doctors conclude that there is shortage of food in your stomach. Then, they force into your mouth more food.

If that too comes out, they connect a tube to your stomach, by-passing the mouth, and thrust the food in to your body, assuming that that will keep you healthy.

To make sure that extra filling stays within, they cut off the vagus nerves that are responsible for giving you a feeling of hunger, satisfaction of nausea.

The above situation is directly comparable to the administration of calcium to menopaused women.

Although I have already described the process of menopause and related changes that occur in a woman elsewhere in this book, let me repeat it here for the sake of clarity and understanding.

Calcium excesses get removed from the body of a menstruating woman regularly at monthly intervals as part of the menstrual fluid.

When a woman menopauses, such calcium losses do not occur. On the other hand, they accumulate inside the body of the woman.

If she happens to expose her body to sunshine, or if she takes vitamin-D supplements, then the calcium excesses get fixed in the bones. (Otherwise, they settle in the soft tissues).

The body can accommodate such fixations only to a certain maximum. When such a fixation goes beyond the body’s tolerance limit, the brain secretes acids, dissolves much of the calcium from the bones, and throws it out though the urination.

If the woman under-urinates, as it happens in most of the menopaused women, such liberated calcium gets into the cells that make up the soft tissues, and gives rise to lumps, cysts, cancers, thickening of blood vessels (arterio- and atherosclerosis), heart blockages, etc.

The irony is, the misconceived Gynaecologists pump into such a woman, more and more of the calcium, with the assumption that calcium is lacking.

Thus it becomes a vicious cycle. The entire mishap is based on the misinterpretation of information, which should not happen anymore.

The latter situation compels me to repeat the above explanation again and again under different contexts. I hope the readers would kindly bear with me for this.

REFERENCES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases"

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