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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dear Friends,

Some nice news coverage has been published in “Bernama.com.my”. When you type this in the Google search engine, choose “Features”, and you will see it!


Ms.MW (Chinese lady from Singapore):


Could the inheritance of 'bad genes' be made possible through the help of medical science? I mean to say that without such help, they would naturally die off but because they have been allowed to live on, the 'bad genes' gets reproduced.

My reply:

I don’t understand what is being questioned.

Do you mean to say, “Could the inheritance of GOOD genes be made possible..”?

Anyway, I have explained in all my books that the BAD characters and features will NEVER get transferred to the offspring.

This is so because, in Nature, as per Charles Darwin, it is “Selection of the Fittest and Best, and NOT the worst”.

If worst characters and features are genetically transmitted, the species would not have evolved to the extent of giving rise to the finest of all creations viz., HUMANS.

The humans being is the result of Natural Selection and Selection of the Ffittest, and not the other way around.

Medical professionals, for want of proper explanation, often resort to terms such as “Genetic” and “Inheritance” and the like. They are lies - they form a way by which their ignorance can be masked.

Genes will NOT transfer CANCER, DIABETES, HEART DISEASES, etc. Those people who say they do, are just doing so because they do not know the real reason. This is a kind of escapism !

Please more on this in my books on Cancer as well as the Diabetes book that is just getting distributed to bookshops this week.


People who live in poverty do not consume enough and get hyper-sexed and tend to reproduce more offspring. How much of it is attributable to being hyper-sexed and how much to having more time to procreate? Assuming they do not have heavy work commitments like a typical office worker would.

My reply:

I very much wish you read my book “Your Sex Potentials”.

I have explained in the above book the reasons why very thin people become hyper-sexed.

Excessive secretion of the male sex hormone called Androgen makes men hunt for women.

That results in pregnancies.

In poverty, the only thing the poor man get comfort and pleasure WITHOUT spending any money is SEX. So, he resorts to it daily night. This results in pregnancies.

Poor people cannot afford condoms and other avoidance methods. Men normally do not like to use condoms because they reduce the sexual excitement and related pleasure.

Further, if they can afford to buy condoms, they would as well spend it on buying food rather than buy this ‘less useful stuff’.

Can you imagine a beggar going to a pharmacy and asking for a condom or birth control pill?

Further, in human societies, when affluence sets in (as in Singapore), people reduce their rate of reproduction.

In all countries where poverty prevails, the rate of reproduction increases manifold.

This is how it works.

A man who eats well, especially meat, will have excessive energy that he would certainly go hunting for a sexual partner.

If you trace the background of a person who rapes, you would find that ha must have been eating FAR TOO MUCH of high density food (i.e., excessive meat items of all kinds).

Often, skeletal men are hyper-sexed.

The obese are under-sexed. At morbid obesity, men become impotent - they develop erectile dysfunction - see that is what I have implied in the cover page on my book “Your Sex Potentials”. A well-built wrestler may be hopeless in his sex potentials! So, do not be misled in your comprehension of the body’s

OK, friends,
Will meet you later, Bye,
Dr. Palani