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Saturday, July 30, 2011



Dear Friends,

We are still on Sex Promoters & Suppressors

Factor-12: HEART PAIN 

The sex potentials of a MAN suffering from heart pain tend to get drastically reduced.

This is so because, the very heart pain occurs only after the development of blockages within the blood vessels, especially in those that are within the heart.

Fear of death seems to keep away most of the heart patients from sex related activities.

A combination of calcium, vitamin-D, and cholesterol gives rise to the blockages and thickening of the blood vessel walls.

This condition is known as arteriosclerosis.

Besides this, the combination also gives rise to various stone diseases in different parts of the body.

Blockages and stone diseases interfere in the normal functioning of the body in several ways.

Drastic reduction of sex potentials in men is one of them.

This problem does not seem to occur in women for the following reasons:

Fertile women lose a substantial quantity of calcium every month through their menstrual discharges.

Therefore, they almost never get heart attacks until they enter into the menopause stage.

Therefore, if fertile women lose their interest in sex, it should be due to some other factor, which may still (or may not) be linked to excessive calcium accumulation, and not due to problems related to heart pains as such.

At the same time, let us not forget the fact, although that may appear to be an inconsistency when read superficially, even the menstruating women can accumulate plenty of calcium to the extent of developing a moon-face (as said before) through under-urination, after consuming (regularly / frequently) plenty of calcium-enriched foods or supplements, and as a result get their sex desires suppressed.

Again, another very important fact in connection with sexual desire in women, by nature, MOST of the women (except for the very thin, with hirsutism - hair on body, arms and legs) do NOT get natural arousal for sex*. They are, for most part of their life, very highly passive.
(* I will write elaborately on this subject in another posting)

* * * * * *
Men can overcome or prevent their loss of sex potentials by reversing the process of calcification in the following manner:

Since reduced water consumption and under-urination allow the retention of calcium and subsequently its accumulation within the body, one should drink about 2½ L of pure water daily, and void nearly all of it through 8 – 10 urinations.

At the same time, consumption of foods and drinks that are artificially enriched with calcium should also be avoided.

Since a lot of calcium comes from milk, adults should avoid drinking milk as such on a regular basis*.

(However, mixing small quantities of the same for making coffee may not harm an individual.)

It would be better to avoid the excessive consumption of low-density lipids.

Anyway, in the absence of other bad components, cholesterol on its own may not do much harm to anyone.

Thus, if a man can take care of himself in this way, undoubtedly, his sex potentials can be expected to remain at an elevated level.

The prime news one should remember is: A PERSON WHO HAS ACCUMULATED TOO MUCH OF CALCIUM WITHIN HIS BODY, CAN EASILY LOSE IT BY HAVING FREQUENT SEX, for the SEMEN CARRIES IN IT LOTS AND LOTS OF THE CALCIUM, and that will keep the man happier, while at the same time, much healthier without the excesses.

It is the PROSTATE GLAND that scavenges most of the free calcium to produce the semen.

In fact, if a man is not going to have regular sex (or masturbation), he tends to accumulate the calcium which he could have otherwise lost through the ejaculations.

The next question you may want to ask is, “How many times, or at what frequency should I / can I have sex?”

Simple. Follow the urge for sex. Once your ‘stock’ is exhausted, you will not feel like having sex until the stock gets replenished.

I have found that having sex DAILY night will be good. Anyway, this appears to add up only to about 16 to 22 times a month - that is by way of statistics. See my book “Sex Problems” for more details.

One word of caution: DRY masturbation is too bad! That will make your body hyperacidosed, giving you sore throat, fever, and the like. See my article on H1N1 in this Blog.

I would like to add another word of caution here:

In Nature, if any organ or part of the body is NOT used for a prolonged period, it becomes vestigial-like, and loses its capacity to function any more.

This appears to be true for penis: If you refrain from having sex altogether (including masturbation) for a few years, then, you tend to lose erection 'automatically'. Thus, in can be one of the reasons for Erectile Dysfunction, known as Impotency in the olden days.

Rule-12: Prevent all causes that would give you heart pain. If you are a HEALTHY male, have regular sex, and that will help you in avoiding pain that could be related to calcium accumulation.

(Reminder: Disclaimer: My writings are done without any prejudice to any one. Some are facts, and therefore they constitute theses, while the rest are only hypotheses, hence may require re-confirmation through more researches. Whatever is said here in ALL the articles that are posted in this BLOG are meant, in good faith, only to provide people wide and deeper knowledge in the subject matter discussed, and are not meant as prescriptions for people to practice. However, they can put to use some of the knowledge gained with the permission of a Registered Medical Practitioner. Yet, the Author cannot be held responsible for any possible mishap that may happen to any one at anytime).

OK, friends,
I will come with something else soon.
Dr. Palani