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Sunday, July 17, 2011



Dear Friends,

• Thanks to you for spreading the news to your friends about our BLOG, that a lot more viewers from more countries have started viewing our BLOG.

• I feel more encouraged to present many more useful tips to you all.

• I am giving here today one of the most important techniques I teach and train during my Group Therapy Sessions.

• There are a few more crucial techniques that are designed to keep you YOUTHFUL in every respect throughout your God-given life.

• If I feel comfortable with today’s presentation viz., The BODY TOWEL MASSAGE, then, I will consider revealing those as well in due course.

Do you know this: I am going to give you here a substantial part of something that took 36 years for me to develop.
So, kindly make sure that you cite my AUTHORSHIP (i.e., copyright benefit) at every point of transferring this knowledge to any of your beloved friends or relatives. You must do at least this minimum favour to me.

* DISCLAIMER: The information given here, without nay prejudice, is to provide in good faith some research-based knowledge to people, and is not meant to dispense instructions or any such thing for a self-cure of any of the health-related problems one may have. The Author, Ecologist Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D. should not be held responsible for any possible mishap one may suffer, or the results of any misadventure one may indulge.
 This disclaimer is applicable to ALL the contents of this BLOG, at all times, whether or not it is mentioned specifically at each juncture.


This has to be done daily before bath in the mornings.

A large bath towel that should be soft and dry should be used for this purpose.

The towel must be crumpled to make it look like a thick rope - no need to twist.

Then holding the two ends with both hands, it should be drawn up and down (or, left and right) gently over certain parts of the body in the following manner:

(a) Pass the towel around the nape* (i.e., back of the neck, where you get the pain - the cervical spondylosis), and hold the two ends at the chest-level.

Draw them continuously for 100** times. To avoid getting scratched on the skin, hold your head upward, as if you are seeing the ceiling.

(* This will remove the neck pain, the cervical spondylosis)

(** Do NOT start doing 100 times on day-1. You have to begin with only TEN (10) times on day one. Increase it to 20 on day-2, and increase thus by 10 daily, until you reach 100.

From then on, you can continue to do 100 times daily.

Such a gradual increase is a must! If you rush, you are bound to face with a few other minor problems. Please oblige).

(b) Pass the towel over the right shoulder at the upper side, and over the left hip on the lower*, and then draw the towel, also 100** times.

While doing this, both palms stay holding the towel ends near over the chest.

(c) Exactly as above, but over the opposite sides; i.e., over the left shoulder and right hip, and rub also a 100** times.

(* This will remove the pain on both shoulders. If the pain is due to “Frozen Shoulder”, this will NOT remove the pain, for the causes for Frozen Shoulder will have to be rectified first - for that, please refer to my book “CANCER: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION”.

(* This will remove the unwanted cellulites on the shoulders that make your shoulders like a ‘hump’ in bull, and flatten the shoulders, making them look flattened and very attractive.)

(The Towel Massage around the NAPE and that around Right & Left Shoulders and Left & Right Waist is regularly done, would jointly make your neck look LONGER, which every beauty-conscious and beauty-seeking person longs for. Some Aftrican women wear rings around their neck for several years to develop such a slender neck.

Women would look elegant, and any jewel worn around the neck - such as the ‘choke, would make her the most attractive person in a crowd or party.

Men, wearing a tie, would look very, very handsome.

This is often found among nearly ALL the participants of my Group Therapy Programmed.

You can look at my own neck and perfectly-flat shoulders on the cover page of “SEX PROBLEMS” book, if you have a copy of the same.
If not, take a look at the SLIDE SHOW in this BLOG -
Do not forget, I am now 73. But, that photograph was taken four years ago! Anyway, I still look the same.
You too would - if you did this on a regular basis!)

(* This too should be increased by 10’s daily, as in the case of “Around the Nape” Towel Massage)

(d) The next step is to pass the towel around the waist, and hold both ends on either side of the hip**. Then, the towel is drawn left and right, also for 100* times.

(* Also, start with 10 times on day one, and gradually increase to 100).

(** This will definitely shape up your waist in men and women.

In women, the ‘fat’ fillings, or the so-called ‘adipose tissues’ that make the ‘spare tiers’ will get erased out by this mode of Body Towel Massage.
Since women’s skeletal system, at the pelvic region, is naturally structured with deep curves, they would develop lovely curves which every woman longs to retain throughout their life.
If you happen to meet any of the woman participants of my Group Therapy Programmed, this beauty will become conspicuously noticeable, irrespective of her age increases.)

(e) The fifth step is a repetition of the previous procedure, except that you have to spread out your legs wide apart, and your body backward**. Again, a 100* rubbings are done.

(* As usual, begin with 10 on Day-1, and gradually increase it to 100).

(** This will REMOVE and/or PREVENT the BACK PAIN, even if you work with your computer for 15 hours daily, as I do!

Of course, along with this, you MUST not wear elastic-fitted underwear, tight pants and/or tight belts at the waist. Otherwise, this will be only HALF-effective.

Another BIG BENEFIT, this mode of the Body Towel Massage gives is: You STOMACH BULGE will gradually get withdrawn, and can eventually become FLATTENED - again, you can ‘see’ my tummy in any of the photos found on the cover of any of my books.

Of course, flattening the tummy requires a FEW MORE techniques. This in itself can offer you only one-third of the benefit. When combined with another TWO STEPS/ METHODS / TECHNIQUES, flattening of even huge-tummies can become 100% successful.)

(f) With the legs kept apart, the towel is passed through in-between the two legs, close to the left thigh-end**, and is drawn up and down for 30* times.

(* Start doing only FIVE (5) times on Day-1, and increase it by FIVE’s daily until you reach 30. From then on, do only 30 times, and NOT more.
However, those men with Erectile Dysfunction can do this 100 times, again, increasing it only by 5’s.

(g) The above is repeated on the right side of the thigh**, also for 30* times.

(** This will enhance / increase the SEX POTENTIALS in MEN and WOMEN tremendously. You have to experience it to believe it !!

In men, it will increase the sperm production and total seminal fluid, and also the libido. This definitely works like an APHRODISIAC. You don’t have to have doubt about that.

In women, especially in the overweight persons, this mode of BODY TOWEL MASSAGE will remove the CALCIUM DEPOSITS that CREATE BLOCKS in the Fallopian Tubes, help in the removal such deposits around the ovaries that contributes to Poly Cystic Ovaries, and to a smaller extent the calcium deposits that can give rise to Cervical Cancer (See my book CANCER: CAUSES, CURE and PREVENTION.

In men with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, this technique will invariably return their FULL ERECTION, that was ORIGINAL to their ethnic origin.

I use this technique while trying to cure the Prostate Enlargement / Stones, and the like. Those who do this regularly should not get any prostate problems.
To achieve full benefit, of course, you have to guard against the risk factors for the development of Prostate Cancer that I have described in my book CANCER: CAUSES, CURE and PREVENTION.

To achieve a 100% success, the sufferer should NOT WEAR ANY UNDER-WEAR AT ALL! By this technique, I have helped hundreds of men with ED problems.
To make this totally complete, small adjustments will have to be made in the foods consumed by such sufferers - that is all to it.
For more information on this, you may want to read my book “SEX PROBLEMS: CAUSES, CURE and PREVENTION”.

(h) The towel should run around the most bulged part of the left thigh** (above the knees and below the pubic area), and the towel is drawn for 100* times.

(i) The above is repeated on the right thigh bulge, also for 100* times.

(** This will shape up the bulged, somewhat ‘ugly-looking’ thighs, especially in the obese and over-weight women.

After a while, the legs will become absolutely attractive and sexy.

If you have a copy of my OBESITY book, please refer to the back pages, where I have printed some photographs. In Page 469, I have printed two photographs that demonstrate “How to walk up the stairs and how to walk down over it for the development of perfect feet and legs”. I was the model!

If fact, I have taken some photos of my thighs as well. However, I am not too sure if I can post them in our BLOG here.
People may accept it as anything decent, besides giving them an idea that I am boasting too much.
So, let me think for a while if I can post them in our BLOG. If you happen to be one of our BLOG’s followers, you should know very well that I always try to avoid hurting anybody, in any manner, or posting any ‘indecent’ pictures.).

O,K. All the above would complete the BODY TOWEL MASSAGE***. It may sound somewhat tedious while reading, but doing it is a simple job, and once you have mastered the ‘art’, it may take only about 10 minutes to do all the above.

(*** The OVERALL BENEFIT: Your entire body will become:
+ (a) shapely,
+ (b) enhances excellent LYMPH flow,
+ (c) helps in unimpeded blood flow to every++ part of the body,
+ (d) removes the laziness one experiences while waking up in the mornings, (
+ e) prevents you from get any WRINKLE in any part++ of the body, and also
+ (f) prevents muscular cramp.

(++ To qualify the statement “EVERY PART of the BODY” , you have to also do The DRY & WET FACIALS as preached by Ecological Healing System, along with ANOTHER MOST-GUARDED TECHNIQUE called “THE BODY RUBBING EXERCISE”.

The pressure to exert while doing the Body Towel Massage should be mediocre - not too hard, nor too soft.

If the towel ends are held in the right manner, you should not develop any pain at the wrists, or become tired while doing this job. You could keep trying until you can get it right.

The SUM UP, the purpose of doing this Body Towel Massage is manifold:

(a) The pain that has risen because of the twisting of muscles (due to differences in temperature) at the nape and shoulders would go away.

(b) The fat deposits around the neck and shoulder would get dissolved, and these regions will become elegant. A long-looking neck is a lot prettier than a short neck!

(c) Twisting of the neck or the whole body to the left or right extremes will become so much easier without any pain or cramp.

(d) The back pain people often develop because of hand-washing kitchen utensils in the sink, or of long distance driving, would disappear.

(e) To a certain extent, the stomach bulge would get suppressed.

(f) Women who are short, often get their thighs scratched while walking, because of the bulge they have on both thighs. This would vanish in a weeks time.

(g) People who have already developed a higher percentages of cH, especially those who have reached Obesity Type IV status, would have lost their appetite for sex life.
Some of the men tend to lose their libido as well.
This would not only rectify the problem, but also would stimulate their interest in husband-wife relationship.
Men in Group Therapy sessions express their happiness for having developed a great deal of aphrodisiac effects.
With the exception of one or two, most of the women normally do not discuss such matters.

(h) This helps to a substantial extent - together with the rest of the Therapy practices, to develop fertility in some.

(i) Prostate problems in men gets corrected.
But, of course, it is of absolute importance that the rest of the Therapy treatments are undertaken to achieve success in this aspect.

(j) The Body Rubbing Exercise started during Week-1 helps to mobilise the lymph fluid in only certain parts of the body. When Body Towel Massage is done, the objective becomes completed.
Of course, we have not done anything in connection with the improvement of the face yet.
You must hold on until Session-IV is reached. Please do not refer to that yet.

(k) The entire body gets shaped up in course of time, but this would take more than two months!

(l) You will notice on a day-to-day basis, the enormous amount of energy flow in you.
Laziness and lethargy will vanish.
You will become very active.
You have to do both the Body Rubbing Exercise and the Body Towel Massage to experience and enjoy these two.
All the Group Therapy participants enjoy this very much. Never let a day pass by without these two exercises!

For more information on most of these, please refer to my book "Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention".

OK, Friends,
With best wishes until next,