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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(26. 7. 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Dear Friends,

I am sorry again for compelling you to read another very long story.

But, when you have finished reading, you will not curse me for taking too much of your time… certainly, this till will not end up being a waste

Kindly read in full:

I have a few important news items for you today.

I would speak on them first, before going to our regular topic, viz., Sex Promoters and Suppressors.

News Item -1:
The following news appeared Monday, 25 July 2011, in Malaysian New Straits Times:


Malaysian National Heart Institute chief Dietician Mary Easaw-John is said to have attributed widespread obesity in Malaysia to large portions of food served in restaurants, large number of hawker stalls, and 24-hour eating habits of people here.

A half-a-page photograph has also been published along with the news shows.

This photograph may or may not have anything to do with the Dietician’s study.

Yet, I used a hand lens and analysed the photo.

I tried counting the number of people there, all busy either buying or eating food at the road-side stalls.

I could count more than 300 people. Out of this number, only TWO people appeared slightly overweight people. All others looked thin.

The above news was probably a general observation, rather than anything serious.

If Malaysians are obese because of eating all the time, what makes people obese in other countries where there are not too many road-side stalls?

I have been trying to stress repeatedly the following:

Only a VERY SMALL NUMBER of people become obese because of over-eating.

I have often counted only about 30% of the obese people are obese due to over-eating. This group of people have flabby flesh all over their body.

Of the remaining about 70% obese people are obese because of UNDER-URINATING, and not because of over-eating. This people look well-built with tough muscles.

The above distribution may vary slightly from country to country. Yet, the basic truth remains.

Another noteworthy point worthy of mention here is:

Among the under-urinators, those who under-urinate AFTER drinking plenty of water (e.g., more than one litre, a day, or much more) get DIABETES, and those who under-urinate after drinking VERY LITTLE water, (e.g., only two glasses of water a day) get heart attacks, stone diseases and cancers.

I very much wish people read my book ‘OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION”, and also THE TRUE CAUSES OF ALL DISEASES, before jumping pass remarks on obesity.

I do not understand why people should be so insisting that should not read anything that is said or written on health by a non-medical, Ph.D. researcher. Is this not hypocritical? Why this inconsistency?

Alright, you don’t have to take my study for granted.

Give me exactly one hour, and a mixed, random crowd of just 100 or 200 people. I will prove my point, scientifically.

If there can be a thousand people, you can put my findings to statistical analysis, and get my observation confirmed beyond any doubt, and this is achievable within one morning session, in any secondary (or primary) school.

Do you think that the medical world is FUNNY, ERRATIC, HOPELESSLY BIASED, and/or EGOISTIC?

No! They are good lot of people, except that they do not know my findings. That is all to it. Once they come to know, then, they will recognise it.

* * * * * *
News Item-2
On Thursday, 21 July, again in New Straits Times, there appeared a story that had the heading:


The news came from Kuching.and was written by Desmond Davidson.

According to Deputy Health Minister’s observation, only 15% of the Malaysians exercise for health, while the remaining do not do exercise at all, or do wrong exercises. This seems to have attributed obesity, especially among children.

According to her, “…there are more obese people in Malaysia than in neighbouring countries, including Indonesia. We are number one in S.E.Asia, and sixth in Asia”.

I don’t doubt the statistics at all.

With due respect to our Hon. Deputy Health Minister, I would like to insist that the only a very small percentage of our children are obese because of over-eating and not exercising. Majority of them are obese because, they UNDER-URINATE!

They under-urinate because:

• The number of toilets in Malaysian schools (or in nearly all countries, I think) are not adequate to cater for ALL the school children to void urine within the short and only one interval time given to them. Therefore, they do not visit the toilets. This is especially true for girls.

• Children in general, and girls in particular, on reaching home AFTER the school is over, throw away their bags, and RUSH to toilet for urination, rather than to the Dinner Table.

• During school hours they keep controlling their urinal pressure.

• Further, children in general, more so of girls, they AVOID drinking water during their breakfast at home, telling their mother, if they did drink, they will have increased urinal pressure in School and that is not desirable.

• They wish to spend the little interval time available either at the canteen or with friends, rather than waiting for their turn to use the toilet.

This is very true of girls, and not so much for the boys, for they do not mind urinating here and there, including the walls in the toilets.

The girls normally wish to enter into a toilet, close the door, take time to release their pressure in a proper manner, dress up rightly, and get out of the toilet.

When they do this, the bell would ring, directing them to their classrooms.

They will not have a minute to say even hello to other friends there. All the fun will be lost for the day!

Any parent would vouch what I have said above is true!

So, if we want to keep our children slim, we need not prevent them from eating fried foods or force them to under-eat.

It should be mostly enough to build large number of toilets in all our schools (than what we have now), and give them at least TWO interval sessions during the first half of the day.

(Calling friends in overseas countries: Please do not start thinking that our schools in Malaysia do not have enough number of toilets.

Every school in this country has real PLENTY of clean toilets, which I think, are much more in number than those in some of the developed countries.

What I am saying is, EVEN THAT NUMBER IS NOT enough for an efficient management of health in children (as well as in adults).

This suggestion applies to EVERY country in the world - even the most developed nation!)

I wish to put up the following humble request to our respected Deputy Health Minister, Honourable Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin:

Kindly invite me to prove my above point, and I will happily and scientifically prove it beyond any doubt.

As indicated above, all I need is, just an hour of the school time - may be during the Morning Assembly Session, in any School, and I will prove my finding/claim beyond any doubt! 


If we can do this, Malaysia can prove to the whole world that we are the FIRST-TIMERS again to reveal a very important and crucial fact for the benefit of mankind at large!

Hon'ble Madam, I beg you, please invite me to demonstrate this ...

News Item-3:

Wherever I went, during the past one week, everybody has been asking me the following question:

“Dr. Palani, did you read the ‘latest’ news on the quantity of water one should drink?"

One Dr.Margaret McCartney, a General Practitioner in Glasgow, appears to have told (highly reputable British Medical Journal, whose URL is: that, telling people to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water is non-sense - it is thoroughly debunked nonsense”.

This medical professional seems to have used many harsh words while ‘attacking’ all those people who promote the idea of drinking 8 glasses of water.

(I first read this news in New Straits Times, and its own source was The Times.)

Friends, just click the following URL in your Google search, and you will find a whole range of newspapers and media that have published the above news.

If you wish to read the British Medical Journal’s original article, click the following URL:

A few people even told me that they have directly sent e-mails to the author saying that I (Dr.Palani) have given acceptable explanation to that kind of claim in my books. My sincere thanks to all such people.

I have provided elaborate research-based scientific information with statistics in my book “OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE and PREVENTION (471pp; 1998; ISBN 967-9988-05-8).

My book "THE TRUE CAUSES OF ALL DISEASES”,  (ISBN 978-967-9988-13-0) should be considered a marvel, in relation to the water drinking question.

If only people in WHO or Nobel’s Committee reads this book, I may not find time to continue with our BLOG.

In the meantime, I think, I should publish here what I have written in one of my books, viz., Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention”. This is related to our CURRENT on-going discussion on SEX SUPPRESSORS & SEX PROMOTERS topic.

Please read, and this is on SEX PROMOTERS & SUPPRESSORS… Here, I have avoided the use of statistics, to make the article reader-friendly. This forms a simple version of the story:
* * * * * * * *

Sex potentials get drastically reduced if a person consumes only a small quantity of water (about 500 ml or so) every day, and under-urinates (about thrice daily).

Under normal circumstances, the toxic wastes produced by the body and the unwanted excesses consumed during the processes of eating and drinking get dissolved in the water a person drinks, and then it gets eliminated through urinations.

Reduced water intake would result in much reduced urination.

As a result, most of the poisons would only stay within the body, causing several of the stone diseases.

Since many essential body functions would also get impaired because such toxic accumulations, the sex potentials of a person, whether that be a male or a female, would undoubtedly get suppressed and spoiled.

If a person wishes to retain sex potentials at their best, it becomes imperative for him/her to drink enough water (about 2 L a day) and also to urinate nearly all of it through some 8 to 10 urinations daily.

Liberal urination enhances sex potentials to a great extent.

Rule-10: Start consuming enough water and urinating liberally for enjoying sex at its best.

Factor-11: Excessive water consumption

Excessive urination that follows excessive water consumption would leach out most of the essential and wanted nutrients from the body, and this too would create nutrient deficiency symptoms and weaken the body’s general health status, along with the sex performance potentials.

A small-built person should drink about 1¾ L of water daily, a medium-built person needs about 2 L of water, and a big-sized person should drink about 2½ L of water.

If for any reason a person takes far too much of water regularly, such as 3½ L or more, he/she is bound to develop a problem called Hyperhidrosis, wherein the person would sweat profusely all the time.

Even his/her palms and feet would sweat.

This condition would then give rise to nagging cough, bronchitis, asthma and sinus.

All these happen because of water accumulation in the lungs.

Asthmatic condition would prevent inhalation of the most wanted oxygen, and that would interfere and inhibit proper digestion. The appetite too would get suppressed.

The method for a cure of all these problems is given in my book on Asthma (2001).

Whatever, a person consuming excessive water is bound to suffer intensely the loss of sexual appetite and a great deal of his/her performance potential.

Rule-11: Consume the right quantity of water to get back your optimum sex potentials.

* * * * * *
Ok, Friends,
Bye for the day,
Dr. Palani