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Thursday, March 1, 2012


(© 1998, 2007, 1 March, 2012:  Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

A healthy MAN can get aroused for sex on any day in the month, provided he has eaten enough food.

His arousal tends to be more or less uniform throughout the month.

However, when it comes to a healthy WOMAN, the story appears to be different:

In the first place, her arousal tends to be very much less compared to man, all the time.

Again, at THAT REDUCED level, she appears to have variations, depending upon her MOODS.

Her mood fluctuates, depending upon the flow of female hormone (oestrogen) in her, in the following manner:

(1) While ON her menstrual period, her desire for sex will be flat for THREE reasons:

(a). In Nature, while on her period, she cannot conceive to reproduce. The semen that enters into her during this period will gets wasted, without culminating in reproduction.

Since reproduction is the sole purpose of human existence - in the ‘eye’ of evolution, there cannot be any point in she getting aroused.

Therefore, her brain does NOT give her any bit of desire for sex. Brain achieves this through manipulating the secretion or suppression of the female hormone oestrogen.

(b). Owing to her menstruation, she will be experiencing a lot of uneasiness and discomfort, and that will suppress her sex desire totally. (“Perfect” category woman will not get any PMT.)

(c). During menstruation, a woman feels that she is DIRTY, CLUMSY and UNFIT to have any sex relations, and therefore she shuns the very idea of being together.

(2). Immediately after menses, her interest in sex would build up extremely gradually, and it takes a week to get to her maximum desire.

This building up appears to be gathering momentum along with the build up of calcium in her.  

(During menses, the menstrual fluid takes with it substantial quantities of calcium, and that makes the woman lose some weight and muscle tone in breasts, cheeks, beneath the eyes, in thighs, and the like.)

After about a week of such a build-up, the woman appears to be at her peak for having sex.

Again, it is the brain that gives her this strong desire, and its purpose in doing so is to tempt her - to induce her, so that she will become vulnerable for male dominance, and receptive for an input of the seminal fluid, for reproduction. 

During such a period, if no male comes about, she may not go in search of a man to satisfy her needs. Here is where she differs from the 'moods' and 'wants' of a MAN.

(If such a desire takes over a MAN, he would release the semen out at least by masturbation.

If he still stubbornly tries to avoid, the brain would, on its own, ejects the semen out, and that we call it "nocturnal emission".) 

During the whole week in the middle of two periods (being the most fertile period), she will be highly vulnerable to a man's move.

(3) With effect from 20th day (or so) after menses, along with the declining of her fertility period, her mood changes, and her desire of sex goes downhill.

Thus, as pointed out earlier, unlike a MAN, the woman's desire for sex keeps on changing. Along with it, her mood too keeps on changing.

Since men cannot understand such changes, we often label women as 'unpredictable' 'species'.

Generally, a woman will have to be aroused by a man, otherwise, she will be ‘dull’ and 'dumb' in this respect.

Most of the time, this is the major reason why women do not want to propose to men for the first time. They wait until the man says “I love you..”

Their emotions are generally ‘controllable’, compared to men’s.

That allows women to withstand / tolerate even ‘violent’ behaviours of men.

I have explained at length why all these are so, in my book “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention”.

Women’s sexual desire is governed more by her mind than by her body’s need or demand, unlike man’s.

Nearer to the next menses period, most women will be having white discharges (Leucorrhoea)  because of the accumulated calcium.

Since this is very smelly, she does not want to let this be felt by her partner.

Therefore, most women (almost without exception among the women of the Tropics) tend to wash their private parts very well.

Man knows. If he washes, the cold water, the chillness may reduce the desire for sex by lessening the penile erection.

Therefore men avoid washing with cold water.

When the women wash with water, they don’t seem to bother about the extent of suppression of their desires for sex. 

So, friends, if you want to say "I love you" to a girl, better to find out when is the middle week between her two periods.

I hope, you will not ask me as how you could find that... Yet, I have this suggestion: 

Some women would emit RANCID SMELL (the smell of spoiled cooking oil) during their menstrual periods.

However, please remember only the overweight women would emit such a rancid smell.

The thin ones will NOT! 

Your next question is going to be: "Why not in the thin?".

The overweight or obese women's passage way (cervix) often gets swollen due to excessive calcium deposits in the cells lining the cervix. (Some call it inflammation.)

Such a swelling narrows the passage through which the menstrual fluid flows from the uterus. 

Such a narrowing can prevent the flow of the menstrual fluid.

As a result, if the woman's uterine wall ruptured yesterday, her wastes may not flow out immediately.

Instead, it tends to stay within the body, and that acted upon by bacteria, turns rancid.

Subsequently, when the woman walks, bends and does other body-moving physical activities, the menstrual fluid 'escapes' (i.e., oozes out) in small quantities.

such a slow discharge may take 5 or 6 days for the total removal of the fluid.  That is why, some women, especially those who are obese or overweight, suffer from extended menstrual periods.

Can anything be done to help quicken the process of discharge?

Of course, yes. 

I used to suggest to my women patients to tie a towel around their stomach during their period, and bend 10 times to touch their feet.

This action will squeeze the stomach bulge, and that in turn will enhance a free flow (i.e., push the fluid), thus enhancing a faster discharge. 

By doing so, the duration can be reduced from 5 or 6 days to just 3 or 4 days.

Well, women , why not try this simple method as I have described in my book "Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention"?

Well, Men, please do not think women are dumb and hopeless. They are just created to be excellent recipients.

If not for it, things can be chaotic:

Most of us, with only few exceptions, are 'sex maniacs'. That being the case, what would happen if women too become 'sex maniacs'?

Then, you can read in newspapers something like, "Ten women jointly 'raped' one handsome man by the roadside" or something like that. (Sorry for my not-so-pleasing humour).

I wish to salute all women, for their unlimited tolerance! They tolerate all our non-sense behaviour.

Women are great! They are God-sent!

With best wishes,
Dr. Palani