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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



(© 13 March 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)

The fascinating news concerning the possible extinction of the carnivorous (meat-eating) marsupial animal species called the "Tasmanian devil" (Sarcophilus harrisii), due to communicable cancer, tends to reconfirm what I have reported as the true causative factor that is responsible for cancer occurrence in humans.

You may want to know the full story from BBC News, by clicking in the Google search engine the following URL: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8433645.stm, 
The following URL would take you to the journal:  http://www.cell.com/retrieve/pii/S0092867412000815

The Tasmanian devil is said to develop MOUTH cancer when it gets bitten by another, but ‘infected’ individual of the same kind.

In other words, this Mouth Cancer is said to be contagious, unlike any other that affects humans.

As per my contemplation, the following explanations may reveal the reality with regard to the ORIGIN of this mouth cancer, its PREVENTION, and a possible cure of the ‘disease’:

You may want to read the following interpretations in full, for a proper understanding of the disease:

In the first place, without questioning about the validity of the statement, please accept the statements for a while until you have finished reading it.

I have reported in my book “Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention (2010) (ISBN 978-967-9988-14-7; 611pp), with enough of evidences, that it is ACCUMULATION OF EXCESSIVE* FREE CALCIUM that gives rise to:

(* = Calcium excess can result when a person under-urinates, abstains from ejaculating seminal fluid and breast feeding, menopause, excessive consumption of calcium-enriched consumables, calcium supplements, and essentially, belated absorption of the undigested calcium components present in the stagnated faecal matter in the colo-rectal region, etc.)

(a)  Cell enlargement (hypertrophy) in the first place (e.g., as it happens in the prostate) due to the absorption of the free-floating calcium from the lymph fluids.

(b)  Further accumulation of the same substance leads to multiplication of the so-called cancer cells (i.e., hyperplasia), leading to lump formations.

(c)  A continued availability of the calcium and its prolonged absorption leading to the rupture of the ‘over-grown’ cancer body and spreading to other parts of the body (metastasis).

The Tasmanian devil is said to have a very strong pungent body odour. for more information on this, you may want to refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasmanian_devil.

This likens the body odour of humans.

Those who grossly under-urinate (e.g., just twice or thrice a day, instead of about 8 times in healthy individuals) tend to let their excessive, used-up body water to go out as sweat.

Such sweat, since it contains most of the urine’s contents, makes the person emit very strong and pungent body odour that smells urine itself (see my books: Obesty: Causes, Cure,and Prevention,1998, ISBN967-9988-05-8, 471pp; True Causes of All Diseases,2008: ISBN978-967-9988-13-8 256pp., etc.)

Likewise, it is quite probable that the Tasmanian devil habitually / genetically under-urinates all the time.   

However, this can be assessed by measuring/ monitoring the water intake of the animal as against the urine output, under laboratory conditions, if necessary.

I have established that under-urination leads to calcium accumulation, by way of retaining the calcium excesses that are supposed to get out of the body through such urination.

The under-urination habit of this animal can contribute to tremendous calcium excesses within the body of the Tasmanian devil, thus enhancing easy eruption of cancers.

Further, its big-sized body (Wikipedia) too should be the result of such calcium accumulation in the cells of the entire body.
(Ref: True Causes of All Diseases, 2008).

The food these Tasmanian devils prey upon (Wikipedia), such as the eggs of birds, dead fish, bones, seafood, etc. that are very rich in calcium can also contribute to substantial amounts of calcium.

I have established (Palaniappan, V.M., 2008, The True Causes of All Diseases, pages 63-65) that it is the accumulation of excessive calcium that WHITENS the skin, giving rise to a skin disease called Vitiligo or Leukoderma - that looks like Leprosy*.  

(* I have successfully cured just two cases of leprosy, and several cases of Leukoderma, simply by using various non-invasive techniques that involve DE-CALCIFICATION.)

In fact, even leprosy itself is the result of far too much of calcium accumulation that goes beyond the tolerance limit of the body, related to total abstinence of urination.

Another point worthy of note is the occurrence of MOUTH CANCER in humans.

Among people who chew several times a day betel leaves rubbed with lime (Calcium hydroxide / lime / burnt lime / quick lime, called Chunnambu in Tamil, Kapor in Malaysian language), MOUTH CANCER develops due to the absorption of calcium by the cells of the soft tissues that make up the mouth (including tongue, throat, etc.) (Ref: Human Diseases, How and Why Do They Occur, and How to Prevent or Cure Them. p.33)

The same appears to be true for the development of COLO-RECTAL CANCER.

FREE CALCIUM that gets excessively absorbed by the adenoma cells found in thslimy e lining of the colo-rectal regions of the digestive tract gives rise to COLO-RECTAL CANCER.

When people consume over-ripe fruits such as Papaya, or take excessive fibre-containing eatables all the time, the faecal matter at the colo-rectal regions becomes acidified and slimy as end-products due to bacterial decpmposition, and as a result, the hither-to ‘locked-up’  calcium in the undigested food matter that is in the form of faeces, now becomes AVAILABLE for absorption.

When the faecal matter of a person constantly remains slimy, the calcium absorption too continues in an uninterrupted manner, thus leading to an ‘unbearable’ state over a period of, say, five years, or so.  

Upon arriving such an intolerable stage, the cells at the colo-rectal region develop swell up, multiply and become cancer there.

This is invariably true in nearly ALL diabetic patients, for they try to soften the faeces with a regular consumption of over-ripe papaya fruits, with the wrong notion that it would do good to keep the blood serum sugar content less (see my book: Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention. ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4). 

This is why most of the diabetics develop colo-rectal cancer.

Identical sequence occurs in people who eat late night dinners as a habit for several years

Food consumed after 10 or 11 p.m., tends to get stagnated at several spots along the digestive tract, in an undigested or unabsorbed state.

While asleep, liquefied  free calcium, along with water and a few other substances that are easily soluble in water, get absorbed by the adenoma cells at the colo-rectal region.

This, then, gives rise to Colo-rectal Cancer, as stated above.

Now, evaluating the situation related to the Tasmanian devil’s mouth cancer, the following explanation should hold good:

I saw the animals eating behavior in the TV news that was released, as well as in several of the URLs.

The Tasmanian devil plunges its entire face into’ the meat that is to be eaten.

They seem to take longer durations to complete their eating. 

Further, they could be constantly eating smaller quantities of their prey, as it happens in the case of rabbits.

Further, they do NOT wipe or clean their ‘moist’ face that has been smeared with the blood and other substances that adhere all over their mouth, while eating the meat.

These fluids tend to get absorbed by the cells there at the mouth, before drying up.

A continued activity of this kind can result in initial cell enlargement (hypertrophy), and then cell division (hyperplasia) leading to lumps, and then a cancer there, which can spread to other parts of the body later (spread).

This mouth cancer in Tasmanian devil is said to have a capacity to spread through biting.

Under normal circumstances, any damaged tissue requires calcium during the process of getting repaired.

Hence, it is probable that the injured regions in the mouth area develop a need to absorb calcium from other parts of the body - those cells tend to scavenge, similar to the prostate gland in men and the milk ducts in the breasts of women.

The above process can speed up the process of cancer development there when more calcium gets absorbed while eating the prey.

Well, one may want to ask as how this could be proven.

The following experiments could help understand the phenomenon:

Several healthy Tasmanian devil individuals can be fed, under laboratory conditions, without letting the feed ‘smear’ over the external parts of the mouth.

Having the above as Control, another group of the same species can be constantly rubbed with lime (Calcium hydroxide) over the face.

The latter should develop white colour and mouth cancer, and the former may not, thus favoring the explanations I have given here.

In fact, the very WHITE colouration at the mouth of the ‘infected’ animal tends to indicate that it could be due to the presence of calcium.

This would get confirmed if a healthy mature individual does not develop white colouration in the mouth area.

If you can reach the following URL at the Internet, you can see healthy animals with black coloured skin around the mouth, and the infected ones, whitish:
Another procedure that may require monitoring while conducting the above experiment should include the assessment of calcium content in the lymph fluid of the animal.

(Assessment of calcium in the blood serum may not indicate any meaningful information, because, the calcitonin, that gets secreted in the Thyroid gland, does not allow the retention of excessive calcium in the blood, and it pushes anything that is beyond the normal range into lymph itself.)

Such a lymph-calcium monitoring between the healthy individuals as against the infected ones should reveal the truth in this case.

It is also said that the Tasmanian devils do get other cancers (such as breast cancer) as well.

This tends to indicate that the calcium requirement of this animal could be very minimal, compared to its pray, while at the same time, the prey tends to have far too much of calcium in its blood and body.

To find if the above could be true, an experiment can be conducted using a group of Tasmanian devils which should be injected (or fed) with calcium in high dosage at regular intervals, following the eating pattern of the animal itself.

A comparison with another group of Control should reveal the phenomenon.

Those subjected to excessive input of calcium should, if my interpretation is correct, develop breast and several other forms of cancers in their body, to a significant extent.

At this, one may want to question as why should this Tasmanian devils develop mouth cancer all too suddenly, and not in the past.

One possible explanation may have relevance to the prey selection of these animals.

There could have been a changeover in the availability of the food to these animals in the recent past, due, perhaps to the extinction of their regular prey that could have been less calcium-containing, and the changeover to new calcium-rich prey.   

It may be of interest to search and find if there has been a changeover in the prey availability during the recent past - ever since the cancer occurrence has become sporadic.

If the accumulation of calcium is confirmed to be the causative factor for cancer development in Tasmanian devils, then, developing a vaccine for cancer, either for the animal itself, or for the humans may not become feasible altogether.

Again, it is because of this causative factor, that finding a vaccine for human cancers has not become successful until now.

Well, friends,

I hope the authors of the above paper would see my write-up here, and consider the possibility of carrying out some of the experiments I have suggested, to see if my hypothesis makes any sense.

OK, with best wishes until I come with another matter of interest to humans,


Dr. Palani, Ph.D.