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Saturday, March 9, 2013


(© 9 March 2013: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I read a sad news today in The Star (Malaysian, p.16, Saturday, 9 March 2013). 

You can read it in the following link:  
This reports the death of Dr.Albert Lim Kok Hooi, a great Consultant Oncologist (Cancer Specialist), who was just 60, due to CANCER.

He was Star’s Editorial Contributor, had his Radiotherapy (radiation) and Oncology (Cancer studies) trainings in KL Hospital and the London Middlesex Hospital.

Dr. Lim is said to have had a Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists.

He was Head and Senior Consultant of the Institute of Radiotherapy and Oncology in KL Hospital.

It seems he was passionate about many issues, including animal and human rights, , the rights of underprivileged, unhealthy lifestyles and habits of people, and the like.

Reading all about Dr. Lim, it appears he had been a wonderful human being, and has contributed to the society to the fullest.

If he lived for another one or two decades, with this caliber and good soul, he could serve a lot more to humanity.

I sincerely regret his loss.

May God bless his soul, and to rest in peace!

Now, I have an observation to report and a question to ask:

With all the credentials, Dr. Lim must have been a real, bright person. 

I don’t think any one would doubt that!

He must have done very well in his studies, if not for that, he wouldn't have had the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists.

He must have been a capable Radiologist & Oncologist, lest, KL Hospital would not have appointed him Head of the Department.

If his knowledge in the area of Oncology was any less, he wouldn't have been a Senior Consultant in that discipline, and The Star itself wouldn't have had him as its Editorial Contributor.

That being the case, how can Dr. Lim, a CANCER SPECIALIST, die of CANCER?

It is something like saying the Driver of Road Transport Director’s car doesn't know how to drive a car, or the Chief Chef of a Five Star Hotel doesn't know how to cook.

All School Teachers should know how to add 10 + 10.

In spite of it, if a Geography, History, or a Science teacher says 10 + 10 = 19, we can excuse him/her with some criticism.

Can we excuse a Mathematics teacher if he/she teaches his/her students 10 + 10 = 19, or 21?

If he/she says so with great confidence, then, his/her stand as a Maths teacher may warrant questioning!

People of medical profession in general are supposed to know how to live healthily, how to eat proper food, how to be hygienic, how to avoid contagious diseases or  contamination,  and how to prevent most of the diseases.

Likewise, if a heart specialist, a child specialist, a skin specialist, an ENT, or a gynaecologist dies of cancer, he/she can be excused with a little of criticism.

How can a CANCER specialist die of CANCER?

How can a Cardiologist die of heart attack?

I do NOT doubt the educational background or qualifications of any of the doctors.

ALL doctors will not be doctors if they do not have adequate caliber. That is for sure.

If such best brains do not have the capacity to guard themselves, how are they going to protect the common people?

How can we accept them as guardians of our health?

If such master brains are not capable of helping, as said above, I don’t doubt their caliber, but I STRONGLY doubt  what these best people have been practicing, or what they were taught at the advanced schools of medicine.

Specialists practice what they learnt from THEIR professors, in top universities.

If what they have learnt and practice are faulty, then, their own professors must have been at fault.

Unfortunately, their professors too must have been excellent people, if not for that, those Universities wouldn't have employed them as educators.

From all these, one thing seems to stand out:

That is, the subject that is being taught should be faulty!

General Doctors appear to have become Cardiologists (heart specialists)  after learning a faulty subject!

Likewise, GPs become Endocrinologists (hormone / diabetes / thyroid specialist)  after learning a faulty subject, hence many doctors tend to have diabetes.

Here, a brainy doctor, after learning to become a Cancer Specialist has died of CANCER, and that too, at the relatively young age of 60!

I find it difficult to digest this anomaly /irony!

Although I do not subscribe, several critics of modern medicine, from several countries, keep on insisting that the entire Medical Fraternity is a mockery.

In the final analysis, in the mind of a Complementary Medical Practitioner like me, in spite of being a staunch supporter of modern medicine all these years, great and disturbing doubts appear to have risen.
If only Dr. Lim knew that he is going to die of cancer, would he not have looked for another sensible and proper alternatives?

If Dr. Lim is given another life, with a capacity to remember the past, I am sure, he would  search for the truth, and he may not want to practice what he has been practicing.

Again, I pray to God that his soul will rest in peace, and his death would inspire people to look for proper and sensible alternatives.

At this, I wish to sincerely convey my hearty condolences to all the friends and relatives of Dr. Albert Lim.


Dr. Palani.

PS:  Visit the URL of THE STAR newspaper I have given above, and see Dr.Albert Lim’s photograph there.

He has a very pleasant face, no doubt, he must have been a very handsome person!

His more or less round, tough-built face with deep folds indicates his CALF DENSITY (cH) should have been 100% - when this photograph was taken.

Such a stage is called OBESITY TYPE IV.

Based on the above, I think, the photograph of Dr. Lim that appears in the newspaper must have been taken a few years ago, and NOT now. 

Such a cH must have exceeded beyond 100%, a few years ago, and that must have been the time he recognized the presence of cancer in him for the first time.

Subsequently, he should have become Withered-1 (W-1), and his face would have appeared the same (as in the photo) in that stage as well.

A W-1 person will NOT die of cancer yet.

To die, he has to enter into several more phases, viz., 
W-2, W-3, W-4, W-5, W-6, W-7, and these tend to take a few years.

His face, after entering into Stage W-3, would have become thinner, and he must have started losing weight after that, more so in Stages W4 -7.

After that, he must have entered the final phase W-8, which is a bed-ridden stage, and then, death occurs.

Just about two or three weeks prior to death, while being bed-ridden, he could have had an acute  constipation,  and that could have prevailed until death, as a chronic one.

As per my analysis, a  person in his W-8 stage would have become skinny, worse than a Skeletal person. 

I don’t know if Dr. Lim had suffered all the above sequence.

All the above are based on my study, and is described in good faith, without any prejudice.

I have extracted the above information from my books.

I have reported in my book “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention(Palaniappan, V.M. 1998. ISBN:967-9988-05-8; 471pp), and also in my next book “Health Problems: Diagnose Yourself(2000  ISBN 967-9988-06-6), all the details of an Obesity Type IV person, in addition to several other obesity types.

Let me copy-paste here what I have written in the Diagnose Yourself book:

Chapter 7


THE cH RANGE BEING 81 to 100%

A “Type - IV” person is expected to have the following facial features.  If you have a face of this kind, you can assume to have a cH of  81 to 100%:

(I have printed in the book a few faces of people who were in phase Obesity Type IV, here)

If you have calf hardness (cH) of anything between 81 and 100%, you will belong to Obesity Type IV.

In order to ascertain your cH reading, and/or obesity status, please check if the following are true in your case.  

With a few exceptions, most of them should fit your type well.  

If most of them are wrong, then this description is not meant for you.  You may want to check the next, or the earlier one (i.e., Obesity Type III or Withered-I).

The descriptions given here are applicable to everybody in this category, irrespective of the age, sex, educational, and financial status.  

Some amount of deviations could occur due to biological variations:
  •    Your age could be anything between 40 and 50, or so.
  •      You tend to drink only 2 - 3 glasses of water a day, and that too probably soft drinks or beverages only. 
  •       You urinate much smaller quantities, only 2 - 3 times daily.
  • ·    You never get common cold and fever – especially during the past four years or so.  Before that, if you had a cold, it would have made you suffer for about three weeks before you recovered from it.
  • ·    You are totally immune to all forms of virus infections: i.e., you will not get any of the virus-caused diseases.  Even if HIV infected you, it would not erupt into a full blast AIDS – you will only be a carrier of the virus for a prolonged time.
  • ·   You would look very much big-sized, huge, or ‘giant-sized’,  compared to all other members of your family and people of your ethnic origin – unless of course, they too are in Obesity Status IV, with a cH of 80 – 100%.
  • ·     You are very well built and muscular.  You will also have muscular/ fleshy bulges on the face with ‘hanging’ chin, giving your face a pear-shaped look.
  • ·     Your stomach would have become bulged, but not loose and hanging.
  • ·   The handsome/attractive looks you had until about 1 – 3 years ago would have disappeared.  Even the dimples would have disappeared.
  • ·    You can stand/walk for a prolonged time without any leg pain.  (If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may not be able to do so).
  • ·    By this time, you would have started realising some amount of distress and early signs of some ill health.  As a result of all these, you would have started thinking in terms of going for a medical check up to find out if anything is wrong in you.
  • You prefer to eat hard rice, and hate over-cooked soft rice
  • You often take a big scoop (handful) of food each time you take it to mouth
  • You never chew the food, but swallow after a single bite.
  • You eat rapidly that you will be the first person to get out from the dining table.
  • You never talk while eating
  • You will be sweating profusely while eating food.  (You may not notice this if you have been using a fan or an air-conditioner while dining).
  • You never drink water while eating.  You may not drink water even after that.  Instead, you may consume some soft drinks.
  • You like spinach/ leafy vegetables only, and do not prefer other vegetables, unless you    are a vegetarian.
  • You hate yogurt or buttermilk, even if you are of Indian origin
  • You invariably consume powder milk, either as a drink, or to make beverages such as        coffee, tea and the like
  • You like chocolate drinks in bottles/packets, and also chocolates.  You like cakes, nuts,   biscuits, ice-creams, etc. as well
  • You almost never eat fruits (occasionally you may eat a little of apple, pear, starfruit,             watermelon, honey melon  ciku, banana or sweet mango. You never eat oranges, grapes,   pineapple, jackfruit, chempedak, rambutans, duku langsat or other acid fruits). 
  • You take very low salt.
  • You do not prefer to eat sour or sweet foods.
  • You tend to use mosquito coils, vaporiser mats, or aerosol sprays.
  • You should be snoring while asleep.
  • You should be breathing through your mouth while asleep.
  • You often use fan at full speed while asleep (at 4 or 5), or an air-conditioner, set intensely cold.

If most of the above are true, then your Obesity Status of IV can be considered correct.  

If so, you will have the following health problems:

Most of the information given here is going to give you a shock!  

For a while, you may not want to believe if all these could be true.  

However, since the evidences presented in support of the statements appear to be true, you will end up being somewhat confused, not knowing what to do. 

Whatever, you don’t have to be scared at all, for the entire lot of problems can be corrected/withdrawn from your body by ‘reverse-engineering’ your life style.  

It is not at all late for doing such a reversal program. 

Please read on the diagnosis:
  • You have chronic hyperhidrosis (profuse sweating, even in palms and feet)
  • You have a strong pungent body odour (the sweat smell, quite repulsive)
  • You constantly have pain at hips (behind the kidneys, quite intense), for your kidneys   have already gathered stones in them.
  • You have a lot of scale-like dandruff.  Consequently, you could be shampoo-washing your head thrice a week or more.  Your dandruff would become noticeable if shampooing is stopped for a week.
  • You have intense scalp itch (you will not notice it if you have been frequently shampoo-washing).
  • You have intense body itch that you may be scratching various parts of your body constantly. 
  • You have excessive eye discharge (recognizable as you wake up from bed in the mornings)
  • You have excessive ear wax and constant ear itch, that you could be cleaning your ears frequently with some sticks, clips, key ends, etc.
  • You have excessive waste accumulations in the nostrils, that you may be cleansing your nostrils often.
  • You have smelly secretions in the navel, and that would feel waxy if fingertip is used for cleaning it.
  • You have excessive smegma praeputii (cheese-like smelly secretions in penis glans, recognizable only if not circumcised)
  • If you are a female, you have excessive filthy-smelling smegma under labia minora, and also at the cltoris (smegma clitoridis).
  • If you are a female, you have a lot of white vaginal discharge (excessive, awfully smelly, and itchy).  This will be plentiful as you wake up in the morning hours.
  • You have frequent headaches.
  • You tend to have migraines (splitting headaches, often on one side).
  • You should be experiencing severe hair dropping.
  • You should have developed plenty of premature grey hair,
  • You have dry mouth most of the time.
  • You have very poor appetite.
  • You always have gassy and upset stomach, with digestive problems.
  • You have bad breath all the time.
  • You will be energyless, lethargic, and lazy, especially in the afternoon hours.
  • You have chronic constipation (i.e. voiding slimy soft stools 2 or 3 times, or more daily)
  • You most probably have anal bleeding and piles.
  • You have high palpitation (pulse rate, about 85 or 90 per minute, or so)
  • You are very short-tempered and fussy, with a tendency to make ‘a mountain of mole hill’
  • You are nervous, highly irritable, tensed and stressed
  • You are fearful, and easily scared (e.g., of ill-health, death, authorities, boss, pink notices, etc. if you are a male, and for even cockroaches, lizard, etc. if your are a female)
  • You suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness) and nightmares
  • You tend to snore heavily, and breathe through your mouth while asleep.
  • You have memory failure and forgetfulness.
  • You tend to have a high diastolic pressure of about 90.
  • You have almost no desire for sex activities, neither do you have stamina for it.  Whether you are a male or female, you prove to be hopeless in sex-related performance.
  • If you are a male, you have inactive sperms and reduced sperm count.  You will not be able fertilise your wife to have children.  You will be sterile.
  • If you are a female, you cannot conceiveYou will be sterile.  There could be blockages in the reproductive pathways.
  • If you are a female, your menses will be much erratic (highly irregular, mostly delayed even by months, and with reduced discharge).  You may get severe PMT.
  • If you are a female, you would enter into an early menopause.  It could occur even at 35 or 40.
  • Most probably you have a black mark on your tongue
  • Your body skin must have gone dark, and face discoloured
  • You hate strong scents: they give you headache, and you dislike flowers with fragrance.  you hate jasmine, rose, etc.
  • You should have developed a pear-shaped face, with hanging chin.
  • Your rough, tough and strong build tend to weaken a bit.  Your well-built body and muscles tend to become somewhat flabby.
  • If you are a female, your well-developed, huge and firm breasts tend to become slightly flabby.
  • If you are a woman, most probably you should have hair on body (hirsutism), you may also have slightly denser 'mustache'
  • You tend to have plenty of phlegm in the chest.
  • You tend to have morning sneezes along with sinus.  You may or may not have asthma.
  • You tend to have pain at the sole.
  • Your kidney stones would have reached a danger level by now, and you should be getting hip pain every now and then.
  • You will also have mid-back pains.
  • The blood vessel blockages (all over the body, as well as in the heart) would have become worse by now, that you may be getting chest congestion most of the time.
  • If you are a female, little swellings in the breast tissues could be felt, indicating the formation of benign lumps. 
  • Now, more frightening news:
  • The current situation is as though you have a time bomb within you that can explode once you reach a cH of 100%, and this can happen at any time between now and approximately next 12 months, or so. 
  • You have the potentials to develop, one or more of the following major problems soon:
  •          Atherosclerosis (i.e. blocked arteries)
  • ·        Angina pectoris (i.e. heart pain)
  • ·        Heart attack/ strokes
  • ·        Renal calculi (i.e. stone in kidneys)/ kidney spoilage/ nephritis
  • ·        Lump/ cyst/ fibroid/cancer
  • ·        Prostate enlargement / cancer.
  • ·        Diabetes mellitus Type II (NIDDM), and/or
  • ·        Hypothyroidism (problems associated with reduced thyroxin hormone secretion).

  1. You should stop at once damaging any further your body systems, and ‘reverse engineer’  your life style to regain your original healthy state.
  2. Otherwise, wait for a short while more to recognize the above serious and major life-threatening problems, and then go for a cure, if possible.
  3. As time passes by, if you are not going to change your life style, it would be better for you to   stay/work/live nearer a hospital.
  4. It is worthwhile remembering the old saying “prevention is better than cure”.
  5. The following reading material will provide you with ample information for the prevention of all the above problems:
  6. Palaniappan, V.M. (1998).  Ecological Healing System: Thesis and Hypothesis – I: Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention. 471pp. Pub: Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd. ISBN 967-9988-05-8.  (Recommended to Read: Chapter 10: Cure and Prevention: Pages 351 – 425).
  7. You can also consider the possibility of joining one of the Group Therapy sessions,  conducted at irregular intervals by Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd., for the prevention of all the above problems.  A form provided at the end of this book could be used for making initial inquiries. 

OK, friends, 
Bye, until we meet again,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.