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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


(© 16 April 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Financial Express(VOL 20 NO 157 REGD NO DA 1589 / Dhaka, Tuesday, April 16, 2013) has released a feature article, reported by Syed Zair Hussain Rizvi, with the heading “Bypassing the Bypass”, meaning thereby that the dried seeds of a seasonal fruit in Pakistan (also grows in several countries, including Malaysia and India) Pomegranate fruit (Botanical Name being: Punica granatum) when consumed regularly, has the potentials to cure many of the major diseases including heart problems.

More and direct information on this can be had by visiting the following URL:

This seed has been in use in Indian kitchens (possibly in several other countries as well) as a spice added while cooking chicken and the like, since long.

Anyway, if you wish to know more about the fruit, you may want to visit any of the sites you can get through the following in Google search engine:
According to Wikipedia:

“Pomegranates are used in cooking, baking, juices, smoothies and alcoholic beverages, such as martinis and wine.[5]

“Many food and dietary supplement makers use pomegranate phenolic extracts as ingredients in their products instead of the juice. One of these extracts is ellagic acid, which may become bioavailable only after parent molecule punicalagins are metabolized..

“Despite limited research data, manufacturers and marketers of pomegranate juice have liberally used evolving research results for product promotion, especially for putative antioxidant health benefits.

“In February 2010, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to one such manufacturer,POM Wonderful, for using published literature to make illegal claims of unproven antioxidant and anti-disease benefits.[56][57][58]””


You may wonder if the claims can really be true?

In fact, my friend Mr. Chidambaram, from the South Indian city of Coimbatore, asked me about it.

Therefore, it occurred to me that many elsewhere too should be scratching their head, wanting to know the truth behind it.

Let me express my opinion on this, based on my research experience in the area of Ecological Healing System, and that comes WITHOUT ANY PREJUDICE..
 I am sure several of you must have read the story about beer drinking.

A few years ago, a sensational story came out through the Press.

According to the story, drinking beer daily would cure heart diseases, besides several others.

If you are planning to start on drinking beer (similar to a friend of mine who drank beer after reading such a story, and continued thus until he died of  liver cirrhosis), you may want to visit some of the sites that can be found through Google search: Just click this:

I wrote an article on beer drinking and on the reality behind the story that was based on the so-called scientific research done by some professors (You can look for it in the Archives of THIS Blog).

I highlighted then the errors in their experimental design that led them (and others) believe that beer drinking was good to cure heart diseases, blood vessel blockages, kidney stone, etc.

When it comes to the question of evaluating the validity of the claims that Pomegranate seeds can cure heart diseases, identical observation appears to exist.

Let me explain the details here, for your benefit:
 The correct scientific (somewhat crude)  procedure to test and find the effect of Pomegranate seeds on humans should consist of the following:

To start with we should have about, say, 200 volunteers who should be willing to undergo the testing. (bigger the sample number, more accurate will be the result).

These people must come from various ethnic background, different age groups, different genders, and so on.

To 100 people, we should give Pomegranate seed extract, and that should be a definite quantity, say 100 ml, daily, after dinner.

To another 100 people, we should give 100 ml of plain water, but that should look and taste like Pomegranate extract.

None of the participants should know what was the liquid he/she was drinking. They should keep believing that all of them were drinking just the same Pomegranate extract only.

Everybody’s physical measurements (e.g., weight), blood, kidney status, heart condition, blood pressure, heart beat, urine quality, quantity, pH, etc. should be monitored at regular intervals.

All these people should be under the vigilant observation of the Researcher, to make sure that they do not take other medications on their own, and the like.

The final data should be subjected to statistical analyses.  

The results would then reveal the effects of the Pomegranate seed extract of humans.

We can then know if it really healed the major diseases, and the extent to which it did.

Those who perform some kind of research with a pre-fixed mind in favour of the funding people, may manipulate the experimental design so as to get the desired result.

Let me present here some details, so that this can be easily understood:

We know that accumulation of excessive calcium within the body of a person tends to be the culprit for giving (a) blood vessel thickening, (b) heart blockages, (c) kidney stones, (d) prostate enlargement, (e) lumps, cysts, fibroids, tumours, cancers, and (f) type-2 diabetes (For more details, please see my book "The True Causes of All Diseases")

Calcium is alkaline.

In the presence of Vitamin-D (our skin makes it, using sunshine), calcium will get fixed, and that will then become insoluble.

Calcium without vitamin-D, called Free Calcium, can dissolve in water.

Calcium can be neutralised by an ACID SUBSTANCE.

If a person drinks plenty of water (adequate enough to dissolve the excessive calcium that has gone into the body through food, supplements, etc.), and URINATES all of the water, then, the calcium excesses will go out of the body, and we’ll be safe.

The calcium removal will occur in a much better manner if the person drinks RAIN or DISTILLED WATER.

It is so because the rain water and the distilled water are ACIDS.

If the person, for any reason, does NOT urinate enough, then, the calcium excesses that remain within the  body will give rise to ALL the diseases listed above - the heart blockages, blood vessel thickening, kidney stone, prostate enlargement, lumps, etc.

Now, see how the experiment can be manipulated:

Let us choose 200 people who do NOT urinate well.

They are people who drink only, say, half litre (2 glasses) of water daily. (To be in good health, one should drink about 2  to 3 L, depending upon their  body size, climate, etc.)

Out of this 200 people, let us NOT give any extra liquid or even extra WATER to 100 people, who would form the CONTROL, for comparison later.

This group of people would keep drinking only the half litre (2 glasses) of water daily, as usual.

To the other, let us give 6 glasses of Pomegranate extract.

This + the 2 glasses of water would make up to 2 L, daily.

As a result of this extra ‘water’ consumption, most of the calcium would get out of their body.

Thus, the increased water consumption alone would make this group people HEALTHIER.

Naturally, the reduced water intake and under-urination by the CONTROL group would give them the heart diseases, stone diseases, etc.

Based on this, we can conclude that the Pomegranate extract has cured those who took it.

Those in the control group had all the diseases because they did not take Pomegranate extract.
Would you accept the above results?

If a weak-minded researcher, or an ill-informed half-educated scientist is given big money by the Pomegranate estate owner, or extract manufacturer, or someone with vested interest, then, the chances of such weak-minded persons making such improper conclusions is great.
After learning all the above, do you seriously believe that the Pomegranate extract could cure most of the major diseases listed?

If you ask me, I MAY ACCEPT IT, and try to re-evaluate the findings, repeating the experiments in a proper way.

Do you know why?

Because, there is still some chance that the Pomegranate extract could have some capacity to cure the diseases.

Here is the reason in its favour:

The Pomegranate seed / juice is ACID in nature.

ACIDS are bound to help in the removal of calcium from within the body.

As a result, it is quite probable that it could cure the said diseases.

Without Pomegranate extract, the RAIN WATER alone also can cure all these disases.

However, the MOST important necessity will be to DRINK about 2 to 3 L of WATER (depending upon the body size, weight, climatic conditions, etc.), and, to URINATE nearly all of the 2 to 3 L of water consumed.

When one does this way, the LIQUID INPUT / URINE OUTPUT RATIO would stand at 1.0.

When this ratio is maintained at all times, the person would get certainly cured of his / her heart diseases, stone diseases, type-2 Diabetes, tumours, etc.

This is how I help people who come to my Neo Health Care clinic (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to participate in my Group Therapy sessions.
Currently, my 294th Group Therapy is going on, with effect from Sunday, 14th April, 2013.

That is the reason why I did not put up any article in our / this BLOG for the past one month.

As for the NEXT Group Therapy, I intend to start it on Sunday, 12 May 2013, soon AFTER the Malaysia's 13th
General Election. (Those who are interested can contact me through my e-mail: vmpalani@streamyx.com; and, it is going to be held in Kuala Lumpur, of course!)

Anyway, if you are interested in knowing more about these diseases, and the methods for preventing or curing them, you can read my books, starting with: 

Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention

Heart Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention

The True Causes  of ALL Diseases, 

Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention, 

Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention, etc.

OK, friends, I hope I have give you some meaningful tips through this ‘confusing’ kind of write-up..

If you developed some dizziness while trying to understand the interpretations, kindly pardon me.

The cure for clearing such dizziness is to:

(a)  Do Breathing Exercise - the way I have been training people to do., and

(b)  Keep your blood rich with adequate RBC, haemoglobin, iron uptake, etc.

Well friends, bye until we meet again,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.