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Monday, October 5, 2015


 (© 5 October 2015: Dr. V. M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

If you ask me to choose the best and befitting woman to be my wife, based only on scientific evaluation (without caring for love, affection, sentimental, educational, economic, or social aspects), I would certainly go for one who has the following characteristics, especially in her twenties:

  • She should NOT be tall, in the first place.
  • She should NOT have BIG breasts,
  • She should NOT have strong body odour,
  • She should NOT have much white discharges,
  • She should NOT be eating VERY LITTLE food all the time,
  • She should NOT be drinking very little WATER, and
  • She should NOT be urinating only 2, 3 or 4 times daily.
  • She should NOT develop dimples on her chin.
  • She should NOT be very attractive, sexy, and seductive.
In other words,
    * She should be of mediocre height, and not short.
  • Her breast should be small – does not matter if slightly under-developed.
  • She should not emit bad body odour even if she did not have a shower for the whole day.
  • She must be eating mediocre quantity of food (not too little, nor too much).
  • She must be drinking about 2 L of plain water daily, and
  • She must be urinating definitely 7 to 10 times daily (Six times, excusable/ tolerable).
  • She can be very beautiful, but not sexy and seductive.

What can be the scientific reasoning for all the above?

I will explain it in exact terms, after analysing the latest research-based news about TALL women, from Sweden.

You would then appreciate my choice, and who knows, you may want to hunt for a partner of the same kind.
*  *  *  *  *  *
Dr. Emelie Benyi, a Researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, along with her fellow-researchers in University of Stockholm, has released the following news:

Taller women had a 20% greater risk of developing breast cancer than shorter women

“… Taller people have more cells that could mutate into tumors and are likely exposed to higher levels of growth hormones during adolescence that could trigger cancer”
(Dr. Palani: Wrong!)

“ Another reason may be that taller individuals EAT MORE and previous studies link a high intake of calories to cancer..”
(Dr. Palani: Wrong!)

You may want to read the full story through the following URLs:

In this regard, Professor Jack Cuzick, director of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London appears to have said:

The mechanisms for this effect are not clear and are worth further study. They may relate to the fact that the growth hormones related to height also are in some way stimulating cancer cells, but details are lacking.” (Dr.Palani: No! Growth hormones do not stimulate any cancer cell.)

Another scientist, Dr. Jane Green in Oxford University makes the following observation:

“… adult height is not itself a ‘cause’ of cancer, but is thought to be a marker for other factors related to childhood growth".

“… taller people have lower risks for heart disease and a lower risk of death…”

“… the biggest risk factors for developing breast cancer are being female, getting older … and … family history of the disease.” (Dr. Palani: Family history is not connected.)

(The above Researchers appear to have missed out the following characteristics in TALL women, which I have recorded in my study - Dr.Palani: 


*  Become VERY SMART (almost without exception)
*  Develop very BIG BREASTS.
*  Develop DIMPLES on face, esp. in their teens   (some until their twenties).
Eat very little food, contrary to what is being said in the above paper.
*  Drink very little water.
*  Void very little urine, mostly thrice daily (may be 4 times).
*  Emit strong BODY ODOUR, few hours after taking shower.
*  Get thick PLAQUE on their tongue.
*  Too much of EAR WAX and ear itch, more so after their thirties.
*  Experience ERRTIC MENSES (mostly in their thirties)
*  Suffer Pre-menstrual Syndrome (severe pain, before menses)
*  Get strands of pre-mature GREY HAIR.
*  Have greater immunity against VIRUS disease. 
*  The above appear to be the characteristics of most of the TALL MOVIE STARS.
*  Some of these TALL women may end up being OBESE later in their life.)

More information in this regard may be read in the following books:

Palaniappan, V.M. (2000).  HEALTH PROBLEMS: DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd.  ISBN 967-9988-06-6.  151 pp 

Palaniappan, V.M (2013). ALL ABOUT OBESITY, IN A NUTSHELL. Neo Health Care. 221pp; ISBN 978-967-9988-18-5. 

Palaniappan, V.M. (2012). MENSES, MENOPAUSE, AND OSTEOPOROSIS. Neo Health Care. 144pp; ISBN 978-967-9988-17-8).  
*  *  *  *  *  * 
On knowing the above details, let me explain here the TRUE CAUSES for the existence of the relationship between height and cancer developments in women, based on my 40 years of study:

*  *  *  *  *  *
If a person has to grow tall, each of his / her bones must grow longer.

If bones are to grow longer, they need CALCIUM as the building material.

The bones grow essentially only during the GROWTH PERIOD.

The entire body (bones included) grows from the day a child is born until about his/her 20th year or so – essentially during the adolescence period (about 12 - 18, or so).

So, if there happens to be PLENTY of CALCIUM within the body, there will be this ENORMOUS growth.

If there is mediocre quantity of calcium, mediocre growth would occur.

If there happens to be shortage of calcium during this adolescent period, the person would end up being short.

I don’t think anybody would want to doubt on the above facts.

*  *  *  *  *  *  
The next question is:

Where does this EXCESSIVE calcium come from?
If the food consumed is calcium-rich, why then, all the children, eating food from the same source (such as in a students’ hostel), do NOT grow equally taller? Why some grow fatter, some taller, yet others mediocre, and so on?

Of course, there is this possibility: some could be eating MORE food in terms of quantity, some mediocre, and others much less. This can, to some extent, give rise to the above variations to some extent.

The above should be considered in the following manner:

More food is bound to carry in it more calcium. Less food would put in less calcium.

But then, all those children eating MORE food, should either become FAT, or just grow TALL. There cannot be any disparity.

Among the over-eating children, if some become FAT, while the rest turn TALL, then, there should be some other factor responsible for the variation.

Let us evaluate the situation.

*  *  *  *  *  * 
Adults require a daily intake of about 450 or 500 mg of Calcium. This is half of the children’s needs, which is about 900 or 1,000 mg.

It is so because the bones of adults are not going to grow any more – therefore, they wouldn’t grow any taller.

The above being the case, what would happen to the EXCESS calcium that may enter into the body of the adults, either through the excessive food eaten, or through the consumption of calcium-enriched eatables and calcium supplements?

Such excess are NOT wanted for the adult body, and therefore, in Nature, these excesses are thrown out of the body through urinations.

The urine is an excretory liquid that carries in it all the water-soluble, unwanted wastes and excesses, such as the excessive calcium.

Such an elimination process appears to be existing among the entire lot of organisms belonging to the animal kingdom: bacteria to humans.

Since the calcium excesses (along with other wastes) are thrown out, the body continues to remain in good health.

Now the question arises:

What happens if an organism (or man) does NOT urinate?

Naturally, the calcium excesses will have to stay within the body.

Fine, where do they stay? What is the storage container?

Well, the CELLS (that make up the tissues, which in turn make muscles / organs within the body) become the STORE houses for them to stay.

EACH cell can absorb and keep only a limited quantity of the Calcium EXCESS.

Continued abstinence from urination is going to keep on adding more and more calcium.

In other words, calcium is going to keep on accumulating along with time.

When a particular CELL cannot contain any more calcium than the maximum it can tolerate, what would happen?

THAT particular cell should rupture and collapse.

If that happens to one cell, then ALL other cells subjected to such over-dumping should also die.

If this happens, then the entire tissue, and thereby the entire flesh/ muscle/ organ would die.


*  *  *  *  *  * 
It appears, in Nature, under normal circumstances (gangrenes have a different aetiology), the brain does not want the cells to die off because of such over-absorption of calcium, since that would ultimately result in the death of the person himself.

So, when the tolerance limit for containing the calcium excesses has reached, THAT particular cell, simply DIVIDES asexually, and we call it MITOSIS.

This will then facilitate the sharing of the over-load.

If and when the person continues to UNDER-URINATE, ALL the recipient cells divide to accommodate more and more of the incoming calcium excesses.

When ALL the cells present in ONE LOCATION divide this way, it becomes a LUMP or a TUMOUR.

Since ALL the cells of the LUMP keep in them only the CALCIUM EXCESSES, they remain BENIGN – that is, as a non-cancerous structure.

*  *  *  *  *  *
We know EACH healthy cell has MITOCHONDRIA inside it.

Mitochondria are the ‘power houses’ that are capable of converting the nutrients into ENERGY, and that is how we get our energy.

When cells divide to become many – to the extent of becoming a lump, then, ALL the new cells need energy to live and work. This energy will have to come from GLUCOSE.

Such energy requirement puts up a demand for plenty of glucose.

This is why and how, when a person consumes more glucose (sugars, carbohydrates), there is a sudden RUSH of the glucose to the LUMPS. (There are numerous scientific publications that have found such a glucose accumulation around the lumps and 'cancer cells').

*  *  *  *  *  * 
The lime that is often rubbed over the betel leaves for chewing is nothing but CALCIUM.

If the lime kept in a container DRIES UP, then they turn into LIME STONES – little rocks.

After this, adding water and stirring would NOT reverse the stone into liquid lime as it was before.

Likewise, after a while, the calcium contents in the lumps turn into stones, and in this process, the membranes that lie in-between cells tend to get anastomosed, and thereby become non-existent.

The stone keeps on becoming bigger and bigger in its size, along with the continued absorption / accumulation of calcium – due essentially to UNDER-URINATION (in association with a few more factors, such as over-consumption of fish, crabs and other seafood, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, calcium-enriched snacks, calcium supplements, etc.)

When the stone becomes too huge, then it begins to interfere in the normal functioning of the adjacent body organs, by taking over their SPACE within the body.

This upsets and collapses the important functions, resulting in the death of the person.

*  *  *  *  *  *
Why should a woman develop lump or cancer in the breast, at the first instance, and not in other organs of the body – under normal circumstances?

Likewise, why should a man develop PROSTATE enlargement or cancer there, at the first instance?

The above has a definite reason:

In the breast, there are milk-forming ducts made of cells.

These cells scavenge (‘suck’) calcium from all available sources (essentially form the lymph fluid that carries around the calcium excesses) in order to produce milk for the baby.

Likewise, in men, the prostate gland scavenges and draws calcium to make up the SEMEN.

As a result, these organs (i.e., their cells) start attracting the CALCIUM EXCESSES that keep floating in the LYMPH fluid*.

(* Blood as such may NOT carry around the calcium excesses, for the Calcitonin hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland regulated the amount of calcium should be in the blood. Any calcium excess would change the pH of the blood from being pH7.45, to higher readings resulting in the death of the person.)

Then, they start accumulating the excesses, resulting in the asexual mitotic multiplication of the cells to become LUMPS in the case of breasts, and ENLARGEMENTS (initially) and then CANCERS in the case of Prostate Glands.

*  *  *  *  *  * 
If for instance, a cancer STRUCTURE is dissected out of a cancer patient (or from a rat with cancer) and transplanted* into a THIN person who urinates LIBERALLY (say about 8 times a day, after consuming about 2 L or more of plain water, daily), this cancer STRUCTURE will NOT AT ALL give rise to cancer in the recipient. In other words, it will NOT infect or spread!

(* That is, if a cancer from the breast of a woman is transplanted into the breast of a healthy THIN woman who URINATES LIBERALLY – who does not accumulate calcium excesses), she will NOT get cancer.)

So, when we distinguish cancers as PRIMARY or SECONDARY due to METASTASIS ('spreading' from one organ to another organ) is conceptually WRONG.

*  *  *  *  *  *
But then, when a woman develops cancer in the LEFT breast, after a while, she gets the cancer in her RIGHT breast.

A while later, she can get cancer, may be, in her pancreas.

So, we assume that the CANCER IS SPREADING from one organ to another, at an ‘advanced’ stage, and we have assigned the term “Metastasis”

The truth is: CANCER does NOT spread at all!

Let me explain the correct sequence / phenomenon:

In this example, ALL the cells in the LEFT breast that ‘can afford’ to accumulate the calcium excesses (i.e., all the lactiferous cells), keep on accumulating, dividing, forming lump, bigger lump, and finally into a ‘rocky’ cancer stone.

THAT woman continues to accumulate the calcium excesses (for she has not changed her lifestyle: she is still under-urinating and consuming calcium-rich items, as stated earlier).

Once there are no more ‘empty’ cells in the LEFT breast available for continued storage, or continued cell divisions, then, the LYMPH fluid, as ‘directed’ by the brain, starts supplying to the same mammary glands / milk ducts in the RIGHT breast.

A while later, when there is no more storage space available even in the RIGHT breast, then, the calcium excesses are re-directed / diverted to the Pancreas (in this example).

This process will keep on going until either the death of the person, or any interference brought about by MEDICAL INTERVENTION (e.g., chemotherapy / radiations).

If a particular cancer structure gets dissected out surgically, since the ‘lifestyle’ of that person remains the same without any change (i.e., still under-urinates, and consumes calcium rich substances), naturally, the calcium excesses will begin to accumulate in some other organ where there are soft cells capable of accommodating the new coming excesses.

This is precisely why surgery does NOT stop cancer.

We assume the above as “Spreading of Cancer CELLS”.

With that assumption, we want to ‘KILL’ those dreaded, so-called ‘Cancer Cells’, believing that that will not spread any more. (But, we end up killing only the 'normal' good cells.)

The funny thing is, if the person continues to lead the same lifestyle, she will get back the cancer in some other susceptible 'new' location in her body.

(* The accumulation in the 'new' location, namely the right breast, tends to straight away start as cancer, rather than forming a benign lump, for at the VERY BEGINNING - even before the formation of the EARLIER cancer in the left breast, ALL the soft cells in the ENTIRE body - including this 'new' location, namely the right breast, would have had its first round of filling with calcium, at the initial stage itself.)

*  *  *  *  *  *
When chemotherapy or radiation is given, there is a temporary cessation in the progression of the cancer structure.

Or, if chemotherapy or radiation is given AFTER the surgical removal of the cancer structure, for a SHORT WHILE, the patient appears to have a remission (i.e., reduction).

Do you know how this comes about?

The end-result of any metabolic activity (catabolism – the destructive process of metabolism) ACIDIFIES* the body.

(The chemicals used for chemotherapy are very highly ACIDIC. Immunity to body is provided by calcium. The chemotherapy will remove the calcium, and thereby ruin the immunity, making the patient susceptible any virus disease, including Shingles.)

For example, if you play football, do gym exercise, run, or keep away throughout the night without sleeping, your body will be acidified, and that will be directly proportional to the exertion.

If a person’s body is subjected to chemotherapy (which is a strong poison), it makes the body very highly acidified – hyper acidosis occurs.

Similar reaction occurs in radiation as well.

Calcium is alkaline.

That is, the lump / cancer is an alkaline structure – NOT acidic as many erroneously believe.

When body is overly acidified (after the chemotherapy, the patient feels the ‘burning sensation’ due to the acidity), naturally, the alkaline calcium that is FRESHLY COMING IN because of the continued under-urination, etc., will get NEUTRALISED.

Hence, there will be no more calcium accumulation for a short while.

However, when the acidifying effect of the chemotherapy is exhausted, since the woman is still continuing with her under-urinating lifestyle, she will definitely get back a FRESH lump/ tumour or cancer in a new organ within the body – since the older affected part has already been removed.

*  *  *  *  *  * 
At this, it becomes clear that:

* Cancer is NOT an organism on its  own.

* There is no such thing as ‘Cancer Cell’.

* Cancer does NOT spread from one organ to another.

* Cancer occurs because of the accumulation of excessive calcium.

* Chemotherapy and radiations do help a cancer patient.

* Surgical removal of the cancer-struck organ will not form an ideal solution for solving the problem.

* The best approach for the cure of cancer, as well as for the prevention of ‘spreading’, the patient must be trained to





(e)   MAKE SURE THAT SHE DEFECATES SOLID AND SHAPELY FAECES, by avoiding very high fibre eatables, over-ripe fruits, biscuits, chocolates, etc. that would make the faeces SLIMY or WATERY (diarrhoea-like)*

(*I have elaborately described about the calcium-contributing ill-effects of slimy faeces in several of my books).

*  *  *  *  *  *
Let us now relate all the above understandings to Dr. Emelie Benyi’s findings:

(a)    She, with her associates, has found that TALLER WOMEN have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

(b)  Now, it must have become clearer that women tend to become tall because of the accumulation of excessive calcium, which must have been due to under-urination and related life-style, as explained above, during adolescence.

(c)  The breast cancer must be due to these calcium excesses, and NOT because of any kind of mutations.

(d)  Accumulation of the calcium excesses does not have anything to do with higher levels of growth hormones during adolescence, as said by these researchers, except that the bones grow longer because of the availability of too much of calcium during the adolescent period.

(e)  The calories as such do not have anything to do with cancers at all. However, when one over-eats too much of food (too much of calorie containing food), naturally, those food items tend to add up to the calcium excesses, following the principle of ‘too many droplets make the ocean’.

*  *  *  *  *  *

A question that may arise now is:

Why should some women develop tumours or cancers in the LEFT BREAST, and why NOT the RIGHT breast, or vice-versa?

I have found, for the first time, the following, for certain:

If an under-urinating, calcium-accumulating woman happens to be SLEEPING during most part of the night, habitually on her LEFT-HAND SIDE, she develops the tumour and cancer on her LEFT breast.

This is brought about by the earth’s gravitational pulling action of the calcium in the lymph ducts flowing down to the lower-lying left breast.

If a woman sleeps on her RIGHT side, the calcium excesses flow down (towards the earth) to her low-lying right breast.

(I have found the same to be true for the occurrence of kidney stones, and several other problems of this kind.)

*  *  *  *  *  *
Then, there is this question of “family history” or genetics as the causative factor for the girls becoming tall and developing breast lumps and cancers.

The answer to this is, a big NO! NO!

It boils down to this:

If a mother happens to be an obese person, by virtue of NOT drinking enough water, and therefore under-urinating, she would not train her daughter to drink water liberally, neither would she encourage her daughter to urinate liberally.

As a result of this, the daughter too would end up developing all the health problems the mother had.

We tend to consider this, for want of a proper explanation, as a GENETIC problem, or is related to the family history.

Cancers and any of the ‘bad’ features can never be inherited, or get incorporated as genetic mishaps, for the Laws of Inheritance clear the misunderstanding thus:

Only the best features get selected for onward transmission, for the constant improvement of the speciation.

Survival of the fittest and selection of the best would always go towards betterment, and NOT towards an undesirable, destructive and/or worst feature.

*  *  *  *  *  *
Another question we need to answer is:

What happens when an ADULT (who has had all his bones fully grown) under-urinates and thereby accumulates too much of calcium within the body?

In the first place, the body tries to excrete the calcium excesses (that cannot be thrown out as part of the urine) through the following channels:

*  As pubic white discharges
*  As plaque on tongue 
*  As ear wax
* As dandruff (called 'wet' dandruff, fish scale-like: not the powdery type.)
* As slippery wax in the naval.
* As eye-discharges in the eyes (as one wakes up in the mornings)
* As nasal discharges, and
* As anal discharges (noticeable when one wakes up in the mornings)

If and when there remains some MORE calcium excess within the body that cannot be excreted, only then, such excesses enter into the cells for storage.

Well, such excesses would enter into the soft cells of various parts of the body.

As a result of the above, an ADULT woman would:

o   Become over-weight and obese

o   develop huge buttocks and thighs, 

o   Lose her facial dimples she had during her adolescence.

o   Develop huge breasts

o   Develop blood vessel thickening (athero/arteriosclerosis)

o   Get heart blockages.

o   Suffer IRON DEFICIENTY because of the interference of alkaline calcium, and her blood composition can get spoiled, giving her anaemia, erratic menses, and grey hair.

o   Develop stones in her kidneys

o   Develop cysts, fibroids, tumours in any of the susceptible part of the body, cervical cancers, endometriosis, polycystic ovary, blockages of Fallopian tubes.

o   Get white discharges, foul odour, and pubic itch.

o   Get type-2 diabetes, if she under-urinates AFTER drinking plenty of water.

o   She would develop very strong body odour (due to under-urination.)

We should remember that obesity is NOT one of the causative risk factors for the development of cancer.

Obesity itself is a disease – that is similar to the development of cancer or heart blockage, and therefore THAT does not give rise to cancer: it is the accumulation of far too much of calcium excess within cells that give rise to BOTH obesity & cancer.

*  *  *  *  *  *
I have discovered a few more problems associated with the under-urinating TALL women:

They ALWAYS eat very LITTLE food, contrary to what Dr. Emelie Benyi has guessed. (Dr. Emelie Benyi may want to check on this with a few of the TALL women with BIG breasts)

*  The moment these THIN, but TALL women, AFTER ATTAINING ADULTHOOD, start eating MORE food*, they RAPIDLY become OBESE – really huge-bodied women!
(*  e.g., Former "Miss Universe"  Ms. Aiswarya Rai, and nearly ALL OBESE (now)  movie stars who were once very TALL and THIN, with DIMPLES and BIG breasts.)

*  Such adult women would then develop a moon-shaped round and bulged face!

*  Adolescent girls, who are TALL do not get heart blockages, or heart attacks, for all the calcium excesses get utilised for the elongation of the bones.

* Another very important reason for the TALL girls not getting heart attacks has relevance to the loss of calcium in significant quantities in the menstrual fluid at monthly intervals - thus preventing the accumulation of FAR TOO MUCH of calcium - to the extent of creating a blockage in the heart.

However, once these women MENOPAUSE, such monthly calcium losses do not occur any more. As a result, the quantity of calcium accumulating inside the body tends to become enormous. That is most probably why, the menopausal women tend to get massive and fatal heart attacks.

*  *  *  *  *  *
The photograph of Dr. Emelie Benyi can be seen in The Wall Street Journal by clicking the following URL:
We have a woman in my neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, who looks like Dr. Emelie Benyi.

This lady looks THIN, not tall, not short, not obese, has linear face and not oval, (please do not mind me, and also pardon me, for highlighting one more point) has small breasts, and not very big (as I could see her features over her clothes), and very beautiful without body odour, and would not have had any dimples when she was in her teens.

The fact that this lady looks THIN, but not tall, shows that she must have been urinating about 7 times daily.

She must be 30 or 35, and since her face is not oval but linear, in addition to liberal urination, she must be eating only mediocre quantity of food, and may not be taking any calcium supplement.

Her small-sized breasts, her medium height, medium-sized bony build, etc. should be the result of, as indicated above, liberal urination and consumption of mediocre quantity of food.

Since the accumulation of excessive calcium may not be occurring in her, she must be experiencing regular menstruations, good blood-composition, not anaemic, etc.

She wouldn’t have any body odour because of her liberal urination practice.

It is quiet probable that Dr. Emelie Benyi also has all the above features. If yes Dr. Benyi would perhaps want to know more of her features, and of course, I will be glad to share with her my findings, which I have already reported in several of my books.

In fact, based on the looks of the person, a lot can be interpreted – all evidence-based, and that may sound as if an astrology or face-reading is held.

*  *  *  *  *  *
My approach to curing breast cancer women rests upon decalcifying their body through the administration of acid (but edible) food and drinks, in addition to a few herbs that are of acidic in nature.

Of course, the curative procedure involves a series of (very pleasant to do) trainings, and a complete modification of lifestyle.

At the end of a month’s treatment, through the practice of my own discovery called “ECOLOGICAL HEALING SYSTEM”, or “EcoTherapy” for short, the woman would not only recover from her ailments, but also turn very energetic, youthful, and beautiful looking, for the programme includes cosmetic-care as well.

In fact, without hiding anything, I have given full description of all the treatment details in many of my books. You can see some of them below.




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Palaniappan, V.M. 2014, since 2009:  BLOG, INTERNET: http://ecohealingsystem.blogspot. com/  Published 305 ORIGINAL ARTICLES In the area Of Ecological Healing System (EcoTherapy). 87,000 page views.

Palaniappan, V.M. 1967-2014: 167 ARTICLES in multivariate media (Journals, Conferences, Seminars, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, + 60 T.V. Talk Shows in Astro-Vaanavil.)

*  *  *  *  *  *
If you want to buy any of the above books, you may want to contact Mr. PUMA BALA, my book distributor in Malaysia. His mobile: 6-012-270 5172.

People in Singapore can contact me through my e-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com

People elsewhere, please do contact me, and we'll try to find a way to solve the problem.

However, the one book that is available in Amazon.com & as a Kindle e-book will be:  The True Causes of All Diseases. 

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Dr. Palani, Ph.D.