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Thursday, September 10, 2009

STARTLING REVELATIONS: Part-9: Delayed Puberty in Girls, Erratic Menses, HOT FLUSH, etc.


(Continuation of Part-8: Stone Diseases, Sex Problems & Several Others):
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6. Delayed puberty in girls:
In Nature, the attainment of puberty indicates the readiness of a female to reproduce.

This seems to be directly related to the food consumption of the individual concerned.

In the plant kingdom, if an individual plant is about to die because of dryness, or of lack of nutrients, then, the sickly plant quickly produces some tiny, weak and unhealthy flowers, gets fertilized soon, and reproduces equally unhealthy and puny seeds, and then dies.

This perhaps is the way in which Nature tries to ascertain the upkeep of the progeny of a species, so that it would not go extinct.

However weak and reduced, the seeds would germinate at a later date when there is a rainfall, and that would help in the upkeep of the progeny.

On the contrary, those plants that are over-fed with, let us say, excessive nitrogen fertilizer (compared to the rest), tend to become very bushy, and may produce a few flowers much later, or may not produce flowers at all (similar to an infertility status).

Somewhat similar to this, if a girl happens to be a grossly under-nourished puny-looking person (either due to poverty, or to her excessive water consumption and over-urinations habits*), she can be seen to attain puberty even in her 10th year.

(* Excessive water intake and excessive urination would deplete even the wanted nutrients from the body, making it acidic)

A girl in very good health tends to get her puberty in her 13th year.

Whereas, she who unilaterally over-accumulates calcium because of under-urination, chronic constipation, and further spoiled by consuming too much of chocolates, dairy products and sea food, becomes obese, and gets her puberty only at the age of 14 or 15.

At its extreme, a girl who consumes calcium supplements in addition to all the above, at times, does not get her puberty at all.

Thus, the under-urination and chronic constipation seem to be playing a major role in the life of young women.

7. Erratic menses
Any woman of menstruating age, who under-urinates and has chronic constipation, certainly experiences erratic menstrual periods.

This seems to be nearly-directly related to the intensity of her calcium accumulation within the body.

If a girl who urinates four times daily and experiences 'not-so-bad' kind of chronic constipation tends to have only slight deviations from her normal menses. The discharge and intervals tend to be more or less regular.

She who grossly under-urinates and suffers from serious chronic constipation tends to experience highly erratic menses. Such a woman becomes obese, and would also emit strong body odour.

If a girl, in addition to all the above, consumes abundant calcium-enriched foods and its supplements, may not even have her periods at a stretch even for four or five months.
She tends to develop morbid obesity, with all the negative aspects of health.

If and when the urination and toileting habits are corrected, along with a drastic reduction of calcium-rich foods, a woman's menstrual cycle would return to a norm.

Intake of distilled or rain water, and consumption of acid foods and fruits would help substantially in the recovery of good health.

8. White discharges (Leucorrhoea)
All over-urinating women with good toileting habit get only acid natured, watery-kind of mildly sweat-smelling discharge. If they happen to get any white discharge a day or two before menses, it would only be minimal.

Whereas, all those women, who under-urinate and have chronic constipation, while being in the process of becoming obese, will certainly have awfully-smelling white discharges.

We have already discussed that the brain tries to throw away the unwanted wastes through all the openings in the body, such as the mouth, nostrils, eyes, ear, naval, vagina/ penis, sweat pores (especially at the armpits) and anus. These happen while the person is fast asleep by night.

Such disposals include the plaque formation on the tongue surface, dirty chunks in the nostrils, brown wax in the ears, slimy and smelly wax in the naval, brownish smegma formations under the prepuce in the penis, and white discharges in the vagina.

It forms a sticky substance when it comes through the sweat pores, and slimy faecal matter at the anus.

All these that are due to the accumulation of the excessive calcium within the body would almost disappear if the person concerned starts drinking adequate water, urinating liberally, and avoiding chronic constipation, besides reducing her/his calcium consumptions.

9. Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb):
I have observed this happening only in women who are obese essentially due to calcium accumulation.

I have doubtlessly traced such an obesity to be due, not to plain over-eating alone, but due to under-urination and chronic constipation, coupled with the consumption of calcium-rich foods (e.g., chocolates, anchovies).

Enlarged cells, and thereby the enlarged tissues and blocked passages tend to 'push away' the fertilised egg (zygote) to 'other places' than the womb itself.

This results in the baby developing outside the womb, which may necessitate a surgical removal of the embryo rather than leaving it to develop further.

Such an ectopic pregnancy does not happen in women who urinate liberally and practice good toileting habit.

One interesting observation worthy of remembering is, that if a woman in her early pregnancy emits a very strong body odour (sweat smell), she can be suspected to have an ectopic pregnancy, and should be subjected for a medical examination (while in pregnancy) to eliminate such a possibility.

10. Female sterility:
Excessive calcium accumulation within the body of an under-urinating and constipating female tends to:

(a) swell up the egg cells in the ovary (similar to making the sperms swell up in men),

(b) block the Fallopian tubes,

(c) swell up the cells and tissues in the cervix (that is in- between the vagina and uterus), and

(d) promote excessive thickening of the endometrial (wall) lining of the uterus.

These can prevent the sperms from fertilizing the egg, and thus create infertility in a woman.

11. Hot flushes (profuse sweating, related to menopause)
This refers to spontaneous and profuse sweating that occurs on and off in women during the development of menopause.

Numerous stories are coined to explain this phenomenon. All appear to be mere exaggerations only.Linking it with the female hormone oestrogen and the like too does not seem to make any sense.

I have concluded this to be the result of over-consumption of water and under-urination.

Excessive water (e.g., 3 or 4 litres) taken in will have to be excreted in the form of urine.

If the person does not urinate adequately, then brain re-directs it to be expelled in the form of sweat.

Water taken with food takes a long time to be driven into the urinal bladder for its excretion.

When consumed on an empty stomach (e.g., in the middle of the night) will reach the urinal bladder within a few minutes.

The same holds good to a woman who is in the process of entering into a menopause.

Therefore, it should not be taken to mean that such happenings are related to the cessation of oestrogen*.

If hormonal involvement in erratic flushing is true, then, young and immature girls and men in whom oestrogen hormone does not secrete, should also be having such erratic hot flushes.

In the creation of hot flushes, the calcium accumulation due to under-urination does not seem to have any relationship.

On the contrary, the mere high quantity of water intake and under-urination alone seem to be responsible for such hot flushes.

12. Early menopause
I think, it should be a common knowledge among women that all obese women would menopause at an earlier age compared to thin women.

A woman will have to be healthy (with good blood) to have a regular menses.

If she is anaemic for want of sufficient iron in her body (for the build up of red blood cells), her menstrual cycle would suffer.

The egg development in her body at monthly intervals too will depend upon her healthy (nutrient) status.

An under-urinating and constipating woman's body would reject the iron content of the consumed vegetables (due to the alkaline pH of calcium), and in turn would result in leaving the blood poor. This would hamper the proper development of the egg.

We have already seen that an under-urinating obese woman would not have adequate sex drive. As a result, she would refrain from having regular sex with her husband.

I have already established with reasons (Palaniappan, 2007) that those who do not have frequent sex would develop menopause at an early age of even 40 or so*.

(Those who are thin and hypersexed tend to be hyperactive in their sexual unions. This group of women are seen to get their menopause only in their late fifties - See: Palaniappan, 2007).

PART-10 WILL BE CONTINUATION OF PART-9. Subtopic No.13 onwards will be presented in it.

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